March 09, 2010

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Time Warner Cable’s New Online Care Team

This is really exciting stuff — I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve got a new Online Customer Care Team.

Led by Online Customer Care Manager Phil Blum, the team uses Twitter, Facebook, and other forms of social media to get customers help anytime, anywhere, and on any device. It’s just time that we did this – civil (and uncivil) society is migrating online, and we’ve got to meet our customers where they live, play, and talk.

Online Care Team

According to Phil, “We’ve had approximately a ten percent increase in volume each day since we went live, and we’re expecting that to pick up significantly as awareness increases. We stand ready to handle as many of our customers as would like to reach us. So far, our customers seem to enjoy the personalized service that we’re offering.”

Before launching the Online Customer Care Team, Blum spent six years managing a Time Warner Cable call center. He managed a team of Tier 1 tech support agents, and has extensive experience working with billing, tech support, and care issues.

The team is available for live, realtime care discussions 24/7. To contact the Online Customer Care Team, all one needs to do is tweet an issue to @TWC_Help. The Online Customer Care Team also actively monitors TWC’s official Facebook page and TWC’s community forums, so we encourage you to post feedback there as well.



  1. Joe's reply

    The Frustration With Customers Caught in The Middle With Channel Contract Negotiations:

    Greetings Everyone,

    I am sure that many of you are aware of the frustration and political pressures that often happens from time to time as TV service provider companies (all cable companies, Satellite systems, U-verse) and their host stations work out renegotiation contracts. I would say that based on research I have done, about 90% of the time, agreements are able to be reached. But there is always great concern and anxiety with the battles and challenges associated with trying to keep costs down against dealing with everything costing more because of inflation.

    I hate the political blame game and bickering that goes on down to the wire when stations have trouble negotiating and customers are caught in the crossfire. Earlier it was TWC and Fox and more recently it was Comcast and Food Network. I understand that TWC’s current contract with ABC is up for renewal at the end of August.

    What can be done to allow some sort of mediation or automatic arbitration agreement to stop the possibility of quality-channels being lost? Is there any way that the Cable Act of 1992 could somehow be revised to allow some sort of arbitration so that fair deals can be reached on both sides? This system of arbitration would only be used if the cable company, for example TWC, could not reach an agreement with the host provider?

    Are subscribers going to face another blame game accusation between ABC and TWC at the end of August? What can be done to prevent this? It just seems that there should be a better system in place so that customers don’t have to be involved in a dispute between multi-million dollar companies. What do all of you think could be done to assist in this issue?

  2. Jack's reply

    Updates: Latest Bug Reports For TWC-Navigator on SA-8300 MDN (no C box) Please note that I am from the Milwaukee Wisconsin area.

    This seems to be an issue with the guide, not my box.

    There are Titles of Channels in the Guide that have no station or channel assigned to them at all! (If users are in Milwaukee Wisconsin, or the Metro-Milwaukee area, try this:)

    Example#1 Go under “Theme” now select the “Lifestyles” category and select “Cooking” or key in “Game Time Dine” using the keyboard. You will be taken to times for a show who’s channel number does not exist! It showed up the other day when I pressed Select as a “Comcast” station! (At least according to the channel banner!)

    Example#2: Select “Theme” and Select “Sports” and select “Boxing” Going through the list it shows some 8:00 future match with no channel number indicated. I get the name of the fight, but no channel identifying information

    The second issue:

    The “Sports Now” Category only shows the same 3-4 channels listed regardless of how many sports may be showing now. Most of the time, only RFDTV, ESPN2, Showtime if it’s a Sports Movie, and HBO if it’s a Sports Movie ever show in the guide. No local sports on ABC, CBS, NBC, or Fox ever show up in the Sports Now Category. It has been this way for a year. The other “Now” categories, such as “News and Weather”, “Kids Now” are fully populated. If one of those four channels is not showing sports at the current time, even when there are sports on the networks, “Sports Now” shows “None.” The truncated “Sports Now” programs on the Access Menu have existed for me for at least a year. TWC-Milwaukee runs MDN-Navigator 2.4.6_19

  3. Jack's reply

    Dear TWC,

    In Milwaukee-Wisconsin, note that HBO Signature-HD and HBO Comedy-HD have been added! (Channels 1605 and 1607 respectively.) I am REALLY hoping for our division’s acquisition of HBO On Demand-HD! As TWC has ownership with HBO, I was surprised to see that this channel has not been added yet in Milwaukee.

    A wonderful plus is that we now have at least 100 HD channels in our Milwaukee Wisconsin system and I want to thank TWC for their diligence in adding more HD content. You should be very proud of this. Thank you!

  4. Jack's reply

    Dear TWC,

    Multiple Problems With Incomplete Guide Data in several instances indicated below in the Milwaukee Wisconsin area on Navigator boxes:

    Several neighbors and friends informed me that they could not do a search for the Mayweather-Mosley fight tonight on PPV when searching by Category or using the Keyboard on the Navigator Guide. When pressing “B” to Find Shows, and going to “Theme”, than “Sports”, than “Boxing” all that showed for them and me in the Search list was “No Upcoming Shows Are Available For This Title.” I can confirm that the fight showed up in Search listings about two days before, (with the price of the PPV and description intact.) As noted previously, for some strange reason, it takes about two days from the time a PPV event appears in the program listing for the price to show in the guide when pressing info on a search. When the price does not show, all you get in the program description of the event where the price is supposed to be is a dollar sign. ($)

    I don’t know when the above started, but when we get that “No upcoming shows are available for this title” in the program list, the ONLY way to order is to scroll through the TIME GRID until the day and program shows up.

    Additionally, listings are truncated. I talked about for the past year how the Sports Now categories of channels only repeat the same four to six channels even when sports are available on local channels that the Access Menu Sports Now feature doesn’t pick up. Using my channel guide line up as a reference, this is what I know about the channels that show and don’t show in the Access Menu for Sports Now: (Milwaukee Wisconsin division)

    301: ESPN: Sometimes Shows
    302: ESPN2: Sometimes Shows
    303: ESPN U: Sometimes Shows
    304: ESPN Classic: Never Shows
    305: ESPN News: Never Shows
    307: TWC-Sports (Local): Never Shows
    309: Fox Sports: WI: Always Shows
    316: Golf Channel: Never Shows
    317: Speed Channel: Sometimes Shows
    318: Fox Soccer: Sometimes Shows
    319-321: Fox College Sports Stations: Sometimes Shows
    323: Verses: Sometimes Shows
    324: NFL Network: Never Shows
    325: NBA TV: Never Shows
    326:MLB Network: Never Shows
    327: Tennis Channel: Never Shows
    328: Fuel TV: Sometimes Shows
    329:G4: Sometimes Shows
    330: Outdoor Channel: Always Shows
    331: Sportsmen’s Channel: Always Shows
    333: Big Ten Network: Sometimes Shows
    334-337 Big Ten Network Alternates: Sometimes Shows
    603: HBO: Sometimes Shows When Sports Movie is Playing
    645: Showtime Extreame: Always Shows when a Sports Movie Plays
    229: RFD TV: Always Shows (This isn’t really a sports channel)

    Because of the inconsistency of the Sports Now Menu shows in the Access Menu showing at any point in time, (and so few of them,) it makes this feature for TWC Milwaukee subs virtually useless.

    Most of the time Guide Data, where it shows Information for Movies and for example Page 1 of 2 when you press Info and use the Page+/- button to go to Page 2, the Guide Data is cut off. The only time where multiple pages of information seem to be complete is for PPV and On-Demand Movies.

    Obviously, rebooting the box has no effect on these issues. There are so many other things relating to incomplete guide data. Series often don’t list episodes especially older ones. I cannot count the number of times I have scrolled to shows like The Bob Newhart Show to find the description: “Psychologist Bob Hartley counsels patients in Chicago.” or for The Odd Couple-” “A slob and a neat-freak share a Manhattan Apartment.” I mean, The word knows that! This tells me zilch about the name of the episode that is playing. This means I have to set up a recording to watch the show to see what episode it is because the guide didn’t say? AWFUL!

    Your system’s head-end in Milwaukee Wisconsin needs an overhaul to get more accurate guide data. Please work to get MDN 2.5 (currently, Milwaukee Wisconsin is on MDN 2.4.6_19 rolled out to Milwaukee and Metro-Milwaukee Wisconsin subscribers. As stated, MDN 2.5 has:

    1.) Searches beginning on the show being watched
    2.) Show categories/listing titles no longer repeat
    3.) The DVR has a jump-back compensation feature when rewinding
    4.) Taking future action on a show in the Time Grid has an “All Showings” prompt..

    You need to inform your Milwaukee Wisconsin engineers that Navigator’s guide data and listings are incomplete. Other people have the same issue, so I know it is NOT my box!

  5. Jack's reply

    Dear TWC,

    Thanks again for this wonderful blog and the reaching out to help the community! I have asked a general composite of friends, neighbors, and technology people, what would be a “Wish List” for updates to the Navigator Guide software. The responses that people shared were the following:

    They just want Navigator to bring back what Passport used to have. My own top priorities for Navigator remain as they have been for four years:

    1.) Descriptive Keyword Searching- (Like they have on DVR Manager, now give us this on the boxes!) I want to compliment TWC for the roll-out of DVR Manager to your North Carolina Divisions! I have friends there, and they are just thrilled with this innovation! I eagerly await the roll-out of this feature nationally!

    2.) Longer show descriptions, that include things like Actors, Directors, Airdates, and Category of program type when the Info button is pressed. Program information that is not truncated or cut-off.

    3.) Manual Recording-The ability to over-ride the Time Grid for instances where customers may only want to record part of a show. This will conserve DVR space for customers should this feature be added, allowing them to record specifically the portions of the shows they want to see.

    4.) Please add either a “Crime” Category or a “Classics” category to your Movie List Choices when browsing by Theme! (or both!) The Godfather was on today on one of my local channels and I could not find it by doing ANY of the theme searches for movies! (I had to use the Keyboard to type in the title.) This is where a “Classics” Movie Theme Category could be used. Such a category could allow the customer to browse by Movie Theme in Search of Classic films that Navigator could define as four-star movies. Classic four-star films could be all in one place! I am confident that everyone would LOVE THIS!

    Thanks for listening and the opportunity to provide this feedback.


  6. Jack's reply

    Hey All,

    As most of you know with Navigator, the guide organizes or I should say DISORGANIZES all keyboard content by Title Name. I cannot wait for an update that reduces all search results to an easier format, especially for sports searches! Looking a Baseball game to watch was such a nightmare! The following remains one of Navigator’s most potent shortcomings in searching. Sorry if this repeats for some of you, but as newbies are getting converted, this is important to say:

    1.) When Searching For Sports in Navigator, there is currently no way to search by names of games or teams. Want to watch a Baseball game? Go to B “Find Shows” and Select Theme (Sports) and scroll to “baseball.”:

    2.) What follows is NOT the names of games and teams, but a listing of baseball titles! You cannot currently type on the keyboard the name of your favorite sports team and get listings related to that team. If you want to watch a baseball game, you can’t even type in the word “baseball” on the keyboard, but must type the first letter of the description of the show name, which happens to be “M.” M????? Yes, that’s not a typo, you have to type “M” on the Keyboard for Major League Baseball. Fortunately, you can still type “MLB” to get to Major League Baseball listings, but wouldn’t it be easier of you could just go to the keyboard, “Find Shows,” and do a Keyword Search for your favorite baseball team?

    2.) You now have a list of “MLB Baseball Titles” using the above example. But your not even CLOSE to finding what you want. Using this example, you will find approximately 10-20 “MLB” baseball listings in the screen and have to open up each one in a tier by pressing the Select Key to see what team it is.

    3.) Navigator users have to endure something like this:

    MLB Baseball
    MLB Baseball
    MLB Baseball
    MLB Baseball
    MLB Baseball
    MLB Baseball
    MLB Baseball

    4.)The dates are not even logically arranged! A listing when pressing Select might say, “No upcoming shows are available for this title.” The next listing might say the same thing. The third listing might show a game four days from now! The fifth listing might show a game on now. Even worse, when you scroll through the pages by pressing the Page +/- button it looks like, because you have 20 listings that look the same, that the list doesn’t move.

    5.) I gave up trying to find the game. And note that doing a Theme Sports search for Baseball just brings up the same 10-20 Title show list. This has been Navigator’s biggest hindrance for the last five years.

    6.) Title Searches are fine for names of movies, or when you have one or two instances when you know the name of a show you want to watch. However, for Sports, you want to quickly find the team and the game you want to see in a well, organized format. Navigator needs Keyword Search for these reasons on all the boxes ASAP. Any easier way to find sports teams is better than how Navigator is now.


  7. Gas Electric Supplier's reply


  8. Jack's reply

    TWC needs better Communications with Customers During Service Outages!

    We had routine maintenance in our whole head-end go horribly wrong last night where everyone was out of cable service. (TWC-Milwaukee Wisconsin division and all surrounding areas.) For many hours, there was no way to reach TWC because at the call center, all customers were getting was busy signals.

    TWC needs to implement a system at the local level informing customers of when scheduled maintenance is done, and and an estimated time of when the maintenance is scheduled to be completed with this information easy to obtain at their local website. Customers need to know is it maintenance related to a service problem, or a software update, and an estimate length of time that they will be out of service.

    TWC needs to put local service outages on their website with information that the customer can understand. For us it started last night about 3am when our cable box was slow to respond to commands after being booted up. Approximately, 5am or 6am all of cable TV went down. The guide was no longer coming up, only channels 2-99 could be accessed by using the channel up/down buttons. I had to try to unplug and reboot my box, trying to see what the problem was. But had TWC-Milwaukee told customers ahead of time that service maintenance and/or updates were being performed, we would not have had to go through all of this for about five hours.

    Service was restored according to many people around 8am. In the future, please provide to your local divisions, the courtesy of knowing when there is an outage in the area by posting this information on the local company web-page where it is easy to see and everyone would see that it’s not there boxes or TV’s that caused the problem.

    We had this same problem back in January with Road Runner and busy signals to the call centers, because no one at TWC-Milwaukee was kind enough to give customers a heads up about Road-Runner Maintenance being done back in January or last-night into the early morning hours with everyone’s cable TV being out.

    I would also ask the techs at the corporate blog to please respond with an article in the future about what customers should do if any part(s) of their TWC service are out and the call service centers have busy signals for several hours? They could than use this information for reference, especially what to do for service interruptions in an after- hours situation through website help, if service goes out after local business hours have closed.

    Thanks for understanding


  9. Chris's reply

    live support is the best choice.

  10. Jack's reply

    Dear TWC Tech Team,

    Thanks for working so hard on this blog to help out your customers! However, I was dismayed today to find out that a customer in Raleigh North Carolina has escalated an inquiry about Keyword Search coming to the Navigator program guide and was told by a higher-up that, “TWC does not see a need to add this feature because so few customers use it.”

    I could not disagree more! Keyword search is offered by all of your competitors as a quick and easy way to find program information. It was a proven quick program finder of information in all the years of the Passport Software, and has been a foundation on many program guide systems for a decade. A feature that could make Navigator great, by having it restored, now just makes Navigator slightly above average. I have waited five years for the restoration of Keyword Search to the boxes and now find out, there aren’t any plans to add it. What a shame! I simply thought all this time, it was being worked on in the labs.

    Is there anything customers can do to get TWC interested in re-adding this feature? Is there anything that TWC plans to do to make the keyboard easier to use? Title searches are just not enough or fast enough to get to program information quickly. This is especially true when a sports title, for example MLB (Major League Baseball) has 15 instances of the same title. TWC needs to find a way to narrow down the results when using the keyboard. I really thought and hoped that Keyword Search would help do that. I guess we will never see it.

    In light of the above, I would ask a request of the support team to approximately every 3-5 months to please publish a blog concerning what new features are being worked on for Navigator. Please reconsider your refusal to add Keyword Search. I know that Keyword Search is available on Remote DVR Manager, but that is only available in Charlotte North Carolina at this time. When customers see that they CAN do Keyword Search on the My Services website when DVR Manager comes to their division, but CAN’T get Keyword Search on the boxes, it will be very upsetting to them.

    Navigator is and always will be an inferior product until Keyword Search is added. Keyword Search is assumed to be a part of the technology associated with a 2010 and beyond cable guide. What ever happened to giving customers what they want? A program guide without keyword search in this technology era is like a car without air conditioning.

  11. Jack's reply

    I believe the Navigator Guide should continue to grow and expand its features for both MDN/ODN boxes. I remain optimistic about this. I’ve asked people throughout the cable community what they would like to see added to improve the Navigator experience. The results were very interesting, diverse, and exciting!

    I think that the program guide should be as easy and fun to use as possible. Information should be simple to find, easy to understand, and complete. In order of preference, this is my list of most desired Navigator features to improve the customers’ experiences with the on-screen guide.

    Here’s my list:

    1. Keyword Search
    2. More Detailed Program Descriptions (especially for MDN boxes)
    3. Guide Filtering
    4. Manual Recording
    5. Remote DVR Scheduling
    6. Multi-Room DVR

    Again, a special thank you to the wonderful TWC tech team for providing this blog for your customers!

  12. Jack's reply

    A special thank you to the Tech team for updating the MDN Navigator boxes to version 2.5! Got it today. (Milwaukee Wisconsin, Division) (Tuesday, August 4, 2010) Some cool new additions:

    1.) Guide searches now begin on the show being watched or program that you have highlighted in the guide when you press “B” (Find Shows.)

    2.) DVR Compensation: Allows customers to set the amount of FF and RR jump back speed on the DVD. Options are Normal, More, Less, or Off.

    3.) Show listings are better organized. Duplicate titles in the guide seem to be greatly reduced, if not eliminated!

    4.) Someone told me that the DVR in this version now has 4x FF speed. COOL!

    A great job! TWC! Seriously, if you guys can add Keyword Search for the keyboard to the boxes in the next upgrade, I think that would be great!

    Thanks again TWC for these helpful Navigator Guide updates!

  13. Jack's reply

    Ever since we had new cable lines put it, I was getting maybe three months without a reboot on Navigator MDN 2.4.6-19. As of today, maybe about eight hours apart, MDN 2.5.0-49 has rebooted twice. Has anyone else gotten a greater frequency of reboots with the new software?


  14. Mike Canestaro's reply

    – The Senerio: You wonder what’s good on at 8 PM?
    – My Navigator guide lists 533 chanels.
    – I don’t subscribe to 533 chanels.
    – That’s 130 pages of guide!
    – I like only 55 chanels.
    – Tell me folks: how do you wade you way thru that mess and find your 55?

    Thanks Mike

  15. Jack's reply

    Greetings TWC,

    My SA-8300 (MDN) DVR died today when it spent several hours stuck in a reboot following an update. (It never got past the third fill in square on the Mystro Boot screen.)

    The tech brought out a newer box, the SA-8300HDC and there are some nice new cool features about it, such as longer show descriptions, original air-date for series, search begins on show being watched or selected in the guide. Nearest Tune when activated is nice, because, when turned on, the guide turns to the nearest valid channel number if you select an incorrect channel number instead of the flashing question marks (???) that are on MDN.

    My only complaint is that the SA/Cisco HDC boxes are a couple of notes slower than the legacy MDN boxes and there really needs to be a software update applied to SA/Cisco boxes to at least get the guide speed up to that of the old MDN boxes and the new Samsungs.

    While Keyword Search remains my most requested feature for all of the Navigator Guides and boxes, the speed of browsing on the SA/Cisco HDC models running Navigator needs a “shot in the arm.”

    I love the added details in the Program Listings! DVR Compensation, currently only available on Navigator MDN 2.5 or higher, should be added to ODN Navigator boxes. Good job TWC!


  16. Jack's reply

    Dear TWC Tech Team,

    Suggestion: Provide Navigator Guide Feature Updates on the Blog.

    Could you provide, on this blog, information updates for the Navigator Guide as they are about to be released to the divisions? For instance, when will TWC subs begin to see Remote DVR Management, Guide Filtering, and Keyword Search on the boxes?

    I understand that it is up to the local divisions to release the updates in a timely manner. But can the tech team post on the blog what the next big features for Navigator will be and narrow it down as to when we might see them? (i.e DVR Management 4th Quarter of 2010, Guide Filtering 1st Quarter of 2011.)

    Any news on adding Manual Recordings or Keyword Search?


  17. Brendaj Jamieson's reply

    Please restore manual recording. It will give customers a workaround for about a dozen Navigator problems. Such as: The grids are often wrong. Navigator often records a different episode of a show on a different day instead of the show the user indicated. Sporting events are often rescheduled. Users may want to pick up sporting events or other shows in progress after the first of two simultaneous recordings ends.

    Or better yet, just bring Passport back. I know TWC won’t do that and it has left this customer very unhappy.

  18. Jack's reply


    I totally agree about Manual Recording being brought back to Navigator! In addition to all the things you mentioned that I believe are 100% accurate, customers may be away from home, and suppose they only want to record part of a show to save DVR space. Currently, Navigator has no option to automatically do that.

    My other feature that I have been waiting on for many years is Keyword Search. This is the ability to “key” (type in) a word or phrase on the keyboard and have search results returned to the customer based on that word or phrase. The old Passport software had both Manual Recording and Keyword Search. Because Navigator does not, I miss those features immensely and long for them to come back to the Navigator guide.


  19. Brenda's reply

    Thanks Jack. Here’s another reason for manual recording. The grids only go seven days ahead. What if you are going on vacation and want to record something more than seven days ahead? I miss Passport so

  20. dread pirate roberts's reply

    Giude heads up!! Anyone who is recording the new season this wek, had better check your list. The Parent title is being dropped out of the meat data from the guide provider. This means….Parenthood scheduled new episode for tonight, is not being picked up because the actual program name “Parenthood” is not in the title. It’s the same was with BB12, Masterchef, Survivor and a few more. heads up!! I had to set a manual recording on each. I am glad because I would not want to miss the end off BB12 or the start of Survivor. Parenthood is on the HD OD channel.

  21. dread pirate roberts's reply

    Is everyone’s search feature not available? My guide will not show more than the current day now. If I go two days out, there is no data. The new Navigator was OK when it was rolled out, but now it’s SOOOOO S L O WWWWW! Anyone else?

  22. Jack's reply

    Jack@Dread Pirate Roberts,

    Assuming this is not a new box, TWC could be updating the data if it does not populate past the first or second day. Note that new boxes may take 24-48 hours to populate with new guide data 7-days out.


  23. dread pirate roberts's reply

    @Jack, thanks for the tip! It’s not a new box, so I don’t know what the reason is. Tribune updates TWC guide in a data dump every night and it downloads to the boxes over night or early in the morning. I think Tribune is having issues with the metadata. Based on the loss of parent title in the description, and now, I can see 2 days out but that is all. I had an issue a few months ago where BBCHD had the SCIHD lineup, and that lasted for weeks before I could get a CSR supervisor to actually go and check the guide in the call center and it got fixed the next day. Maybe someone who manages the data could check out the description issue? Thanks!!

  24. dread pirate roberts's reply

    Guide issues again last night. The new season is starting and some premiers are 61 min 63 min and my DVR has cut off the last 3 min, the last one minute ect. C’mon MAN!! Get it together!! Hawaii 5-O didn’t even record because of the title name thing I reported last week for MasterChef finaly. I usually have no issues with my guide. Is there a change in managment or the minions who run the guide at TWC?

  25. dread pirate roberts's reply

    Anyone know how to turn off the clock on the display when the power is turned off? It was on the old box, but seems to have gone away with the new navigator. Thanks

  26. Jack's reply

    Jack@Dread Pirate Roberts,

    What model box do you have with the clock display issues? Under Settings, there should be several options for Clock Settings, what are yours?

    From what I remember on my SA-8300HDC, I have:

    Display Off: (Shows nothing when box is off.)
    Show Time of Day Always
    Show Channel Number When Tuning (Default)
    Show Channel Number Always.

    You would want to select the “Display Off” option where nothing is shown when the box is off.


  27. Jack's reply

    I don’t know if this counts as a DVR tip or a bug, but I have been recording some of the TV Land 50 Days of The Andy Griffith Show Episode Marathons. Because TV Land NEVER starts shows on schedule I had to pad extra time to the first episode I recorded. The second episode I also wanted to record immediately followed the first so I recorded that too. But my padded time from the first episode I had programed into episode two, so it went something like this:

    TV Land: 5:58-6:33: The Andy Griffith Show (Original Start Time was 6:00-6:30) for episode 1.

    TV Land:6:28-7:03 The Andy Griffith Show (Original Start Time Was 6:30 to 7:00) for episode 2.

    On the MDN box I used to have, (SA-8300,) you would get a warning message that you could not pad time to an episode and than record the next episode that immediately followed it on the same channel if padded time was added by you to episode 1. On my ODN SA-8300 C box, I got no warning message,

    The workaround for recording two episodes coming up one right after the other on the same channel is to set the time for the first episode, and than extend the option for the first episode (i.e Record Show With Options) so that it just adds the time needed to record the next episode. Navigator thinks that the first episode is just extended by 30 minutes or an hour, but in reality, when the time is extended by Recording the show with options, it will pick up the second show.

    Anyway, because I did not get a warning message, my first episode of Any Griffith that I had scheduled to record stopped at 6:27, because I had instructed the second Andy Griffith episode to be recorded to also begin at 6:27.

    The trick is for recording episodes one after the other if you add time to them, add time to the first episode (Record Show With Options) allowing enough time for the second show right after it to record. The Show List will show only 1 show with the extended time and only one slot in the time grid filled in, but you should get both shows recorded.

    This is why Manual Recording should be added to Navigator! Without it, Navigator totally depends on the pre-programed grid information and you have to use little tricks like I describe above to work around these types of conflicts the way Navigator is now set up.


  28. Jack's reply

    The techs need to spend more time getting in sync with modern technology for the Navigator Program Guide. An outstanding Internet Service in Road Runner has been established. An outstanding Telephone Service has been established with Digital Phone. However, the on-screen Navigator program guide still leaves so much left to be done after five years in development.

    So many issues ranging from HDMI handshaking, incomplete program data, the lack of Keyword Search and Manual Recording, freezing, missed recordings totally due to the weak software, the list goes on and on regardless of box and model number. Sure, users can reboot the box, but this provides only a temporary fix for Navigator’s problems.. It could be a few days later, a week, a month, but the problems will come back. You can swap out a box, and issues still persist.

    You can trade a box with a set of problems and get the same make or a different model box with a new set of problems. This crap with the software has been going on for five years, and this HDMI handshake is something that should have been resolved several builds ago. That’s the frustration for Navigator users. We have to get so far down the road in getting Navigator up to a C+ level, and there are still very basic essential issues that need to be addressed now. Not next month, not in three months. NOW! A corporate footprint that finally gets basic issues resolved meaning that:

    1.) Customers should be able to turn on any Navigator box, regardless of model or type and get a good picture and sound. If I have HDMI, I should not have to guess if I am going to get a “Mode Not Supported” error. That is a bug that should have been exterminated by TWC with Navigator AT LEAST two years ago.

    2.) Customers should be able to turn on any Navigator box, regardless of make or model and be able to browse to the shows they want to watch with reasonable speed and conveyance. Customers should have a box that has competency standards close to the competition in their area.

    3.) Customers should be able to turn on the Navigator box and have the essential features intact and reasonably expected of what is now going into 2011 technology. The basics, Manual Recording, Guide Filtering, Keyword Search, should be there now. Not something we should have to wait to see if they come and have TWC offer to play little guessing games as to “What comes next?”

    4.) I have a relative who is a computer engineer and while he LOVES TWC Roadrunner and Digital Phone, he says, “TWC Video service for reliability with cable and their current program guide are so far behind the times.” He is thinking of a way to switch to Direct TV, but still wants to keep his Road Runner and Digital Phone.

    Work to make Navigator more like the features of TWC’s new DVR Remote Manager! By adding the essential elements like Keyword Search, Manual Recording, and Guide Filtering, which are a part of every other competitor’s On Screen Guide today, Navigator can be a great cable TV guide, instead of what it is now, just average.


  29. dread pirate roberts's reply

    @ Jack, thanks for the answer. It used to be, you could get those options on the old system. Since we got the new guide, that option is no longer there, or it isn’t where it used to be. I’ll have to check again, maybe it was downloaded later after the initial Dl of the new guide. Thanks Jack, have a good day!!

  30. Jack's reply

    Why can’t TWC Main Offices Provide Local Phone Numbers to the local TWC outlet stores?

    I have talked to so many customers who share in this frustration! Currently, if a customer wants to swap a box, but does not want to do a truck roll, their experience has been to call the Main Customer Service Center, tell the rep that they would like to swap their box for a specific model and they ask the rep, could they please call the local store and get a box reserved for the customer, so that the customer is guaranteed to have the box they want when they come to the service center to exchange it?

    The reps says, (sometimes very rudely) “We don’t do that. We can’t call up your local store to reserve a box for you? You have to drive to your local store to get one.”

    My questions are, Why are the reps not able to call local stores in advance to reserve boxes for customers at a customers’ request? Currently, many customers who may be elderly or disabled have to drive out to a service center to get a box and than, when they get to the local store, they are told, they don’t have the box model that the customer wants!

    A simple method of solving this: (example only)

    CSR: “Thank you for calling TWC, this is Bill how may I help you?”

    Customer: “Yes, I’d like to swap out my SA-8000 for a new Cisco box at your Southside location instead of having a truck roll. Can I do that?”

    CSR: No problem. I have your account number right here. Let me call our Southside office to see if they have that Cisco box for you. Could you hold for 5 minutes?”

    Customer: “Sure”

    (After about 5 minutes, CSR comes back.)

    CSR: “Sir, they have that Cisco box for you and I have reserved one for you at the Southside Office service desk. Just present a copy of your statement or account number for verification so we can make sure you get your box when you come in. I talked to “Susan” at the counter desk, and she’s got everything all set up for you.”

    Customer: “Thanks, I’ll be in tomorrow.”

    CSR: “No problem, can I help with anything else?”

    Customer: “No, you were a great help thank you!”

    CSR: “You’re welcome, and thanks for choosing TWC Have a great evening.”

    Now this is a proper and great CSR experience! Better than having a customer drive around 10 miles out of their way to get a box!


  31. Hank Trolio's reply

    I recently got a new Panasonic plasma TV. The cable box (Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD) is connected to the TV via an HDMI cable. Each time I turn the TV on I get the following message:
    “Your TV does not allow display of this program through the DVI input source. Please choose another TV input source”
    I press “A” on the remote and the message goes away and things seem to work okay although I’m not sure the picture quality is as good as I expected. I’ve searched various internet forums and many people have experienced this problem with several indicating that their service provider has told them it is a know problem with the particular cable box. Can you tell me if I need to get the box replaced or the firmware upgraded to resolve this issue? I tried a second HDMI cable and also upgraded the TV’s firmware to the latest available.

  32. dread pirate roberts's reply

    @Jack….because the CSR’s do not know the local office inventory, nor are the privy to that information. The local office do not have public ph numbers for a reason. The rep is standing at the counter can’t tell the customer standing in front of them to hold a sec while I take a call. Make sense? That is the same reason the reps don’t call a local service center, they do not answer the phones, you have to leave a message. Your other comment, you can’t ask for a specific box, hey I want to trade boxes because I don’t like the one I have, they will tell you no. You have to have a reason to swap it out and the local service center may not have the recent ones, only the warehouse may. Elderly people are better off gettng a truck roll and letting the tech install it, set up the remote ect. Elderly cannot do that with ease.

  33. dread pirate roberts's reply

    @ Jack….TWC in their infinate wisdom, did not want to contract the on-screen Navigator program out to a 3rd party, so it’s an in-house development, hence the late arrival to the market and the bugs. The recording issue is more of a meta-data EPG failure and not a DVR or navigator issue. I caught quite a few parent title problems and that is why some shows are not being recorded properly. Tribune does the TWC guide. They are not always accurate, You can check thier web site for more lineups.

  34. dread pirate roberts's reply

    @ Hank Trolio check your settings. It may be a setting issue. Took me a few times to get it OK with the new navigator.

  35. Jack's reply

    Thanks DPR for the responses,

    I know about Tribune Media and their sometimes incorrect guide data, which goes out to SEVERAL media outlets. I’ve also contacted them to fix program guide data errors. What do you mean by “Parent Title Problems?” How has this affected your recordings? And do you know if this is a issue or a head-end issue?


  36. dread pirate roberts's reply

    @ Jack. The parent title may be the name of the show, like The Amazing Race 17. Then you have an episode title, In Phil We Trust (Ghana). Your DVR looks for the parent title, and then figures out if it’s a new/repeate. What happend for a week was the partent title was missing and replaced with the episode title, so the DVR did not know it was a sceduled recording because the parent tilte was missing from the description. It was the first week of the new season, a few weeks ago. Parent titles were missing from a lot of shows. It’s been fixed. Like the finally of MasterChef on FOX, had “Masterchef” missing, so my DVR did not record it as part of my series, I had to schedule it individually. But it’s all good now. Last night, on a side note, watching the NE/Miami game, recording Hawii 5-O, my dang DVR rebooted in the middle of the show!! Missed about 5 min of it while it rebooted and then it dumped the first recording into a “null” recording. ARRRRR that got ME Pirate blood boiling!! LOL I think it will replay on Sat…:-)

  37. dread pirate roberts's reply

    Jeff, TWC Chat has issues I believe. I was on line with them, and one guy, Turk, like that is a real name, relied on his script too much. You have to be open to different conversations and not copy-paste stupid replies!! LOL I disconnected and went back in a had a great expierence with another rep, she was very helpful. A little feedback for you. I filled in the survey.

  38. Jack's reply


    I totally agree. The on-line chat people need better training and that means learning to help beyond a script. I would like to see TWC have annual or bi-annual proficiency tests about their equipment and services so that the CSR’s can better understand and communicate their information to customers.

    Now some divisions do a great job, but others are awful! And I think that training evaluations might help. There should be at least a “C+” level of knowledge as a proficiency requirement for CSR understanding of services.

    There are CSR’s working in TWC offices that don’t even know what Navigator is! And that is alarming. On one hand, I can certainly understand in today’s economy how anyone should be happy to just have a job. But the questions have to be asked. What can be done to get on-line chat’s and Customer Service Reps, knowledge, and the ability to maintain a positive attitude in dealing with TWC Customer reps across the country? There should not be this current fluctuation of TWC service, support, and competence, based on where you live, or the regional office you visit. Quality attitude and customer service should be seen in all TWC divisions!


  39. Hobgoblin's reply


    Actually Jack I believe a C+ is probably a little low. as a professional Customer Care manager I would prefer maybe a B+ or something in the A’s. I can give you a personal guarantee that every customer facing person in Western New York knows exactly what Navigator is. Now do they all know as much as you? Probably not because I have seen your posts on a number of forums and you do indeed have a comprehensive knowledge of both MDN and ODN. I think a number of the representatives would be at a disadvantage in a discussion with you on the subject. You however are not a typical customer and the average customer service person has to know or know where to find an enormous amount of information. They are responsible for troubleshooting repair issues, answering billing questions, upgrading services, dealing with upset and irate customers, the list is endless. A call center representative in this area has a 9 week training course, that is a considerable investment in customer care. They are constantly evaluated, coached and there is an ongoing training program. In any industry there are fluctuations in services. For example the Tim Hortons (google it if you have never heard of them) I frequent at 7 am every morning has great customer service. The staff are friendly, the service is quick and the coffee hot. I was talking to my boss and mentioned this, she said that she goes there after work and she didn’t have the same experience. I swung by there after work to see. It was like chalk and cheese. Different shift, completely different mindset. Does that make Tim Hortons a bad company, No, possibly not as an experienced manager, less experienced staff.. it relies on individuals. In every division that I have visited I have met committed people that bust their ass to give great service. Unfortunately there are bad apples in every barrel and those are the ones that are remembered. The old adage where you get great service you tell 2 people…bad service you tell 10.

    Bottom line I think your statement was way too general, Quality care exists everywhere and unfortunately so does mediocre. Your piece in this is at the time you receive bad customer service you should find someone LOCAL at the time and tell them. Making a post on a blog probably does not do a lot, however reporting both good and bad at the time does.

    For the record I am a Customer Care manager for TWC in WNY.


  40. Jack's reply


    Great post! You pointed out some excellent examples! Also thanks to the services that you provide to TWC!!!! You certainly know your stuff!!!!


  41. Dino's reply

    I have a Scientific Atlanta (Cisco) – 8000 and I would like to transfer some recorded shows on to a 16 gig flash drive. How do I do it?

  42. Critico's reply

    All of a sudden at the bottom of my tv screen a 2.5.0-49 blue screen appeared. What does this mean? How could I get rid of it?

  43. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    Try tweeting @twcablehelp, or emailing

  44. dread pirate roberts's reply

    @Dino, the last I heard, you cannot transfer recordings off the box.

  45. James Fowler's reply

    I have the same issue as the comment on 11/11/2010 – “All of a sudden at the bottom of my tv screen a 2.5.0-49 blue screen appeared. What does this mean? How could I get rid of it?”

    Any suggestions?

  46. donald perrell's reply

    I don’t know where to start the time you wait on the phone 30min. or one person tell you one thing and another tell you something else one tell you they can’t help you when your watching a movie and it stops in the middle and you wait on the phone for 30 min. then they tell you they will have to send a tec in2 days to fix it and all they can say is you won’t be charged for that movie. forget about the trouble you have just went thru. or they cut your internet off when they cut your cable off when you have had enought then they say it will be 2 days before they reconnect. I could go on but my fingers are tired. no one listens to our complaints so you force us to join DIRECT TV if I were to score twc on a scale of 1 to 10 I would give you a -5 I know this will fall on deaf ears too

  47. Jeff Simmermon's reply


    Have you actually tried using our online care team? I think you’ll find the experience to be really different.

  48. Michael's reply

    Dec 18 Mr Fowler,
    I had the same issue with the 2.5.0-49 on screen. I found in another forum advice to unplug the cable box. When it re starts it will be gone. This worked for me.

  49. Steve's reply

    I have had the worst customer service experience imaginable with TWC. In late June, I ordered my cable TV and internet service online through your website, entering my bank account info and selecting a tech appointment time. Several days later, when I had no response, I called to confirm. No one at your phone support center, despite three different calls, could find any record of my order. They suggested I set up new service by phone through them. I did, despite my hesitation to give out bank information again, asking for HBO, 2 whole house DVRs and the fastest internet speed available. When my tech finally came out, on July 5, he instead brought regular DVRs, not whole house, and I would only later find out, no HBO and the SLOWEST modem TWC offered. I called to complain. I was asked to wait for a second tech appointment. This visit corrected the DVR issue and set me up — allegedly — with Turbo Plus internet. Only after using it for a week and noticing it remained slow, I called tech support yet again, only to find out that my settings were still at the equivalent of dial-up speed. I was told I needed to schedule a THIRD tech appointment. This after spending 90 minutes on the phone with tech support. So countless phone calls, hours of waiting for a tech and rude service by one person I spoke to and I STILL did not have what I asked for and paid for. I also learned I was being overcharged. The third tech visit finally happened and now I’ve noticed that the DVR in our bedroom freezes up every time I pause a program that’s being recorded, forcing me to turn the entire box on and off. But I don’t have the energy to wait for a FOURTH tech visit, even though I’ve only had the service for one month. Furthermore, I also find that many of the channels I like to watch in HD — Lifetime and all versions of HBO (Zone, HBO2, etc.) are not available on TWC in HD, even tho your competitors offer all of them in HD. To make it worse, you will not allow me to access HBOGO, even tho your competitors will. What’s more, a good deal of the time when I want to watch a particular channel (IFC or one of the HBOs, I get a message that it is “temporarily unavailable”). I’ve e-mailed and called to complain and the only response I get is that you’ll give me a small credit and that you’re so sorry but maybe it’s my TV, or my computer. Excuses and apologies that do nothing to compensate me for my time and frustration. I pay for your services as an escape from the hassles of everyday life and, instead, you create more headaches. And you charge dearly for your horrible, ineptly-run service. I am outraged by the way I’ve been treated. I could not feel more like a small person lost in a huge corporate culture that could care less about me. Why don’t I switch providers? Because my building is only wired for TWC. As soon as another provider makes themselves available to my area, I will not hesitate to leave TWC. This is without question the WORST service I have ever received and I will not hesitate to tell friends, colleagues and your competitors about how dissatisfied and aggravated I have been. Maybe you can change my mind — I’d like this to be read by Chief Communications Officer Ellen East, but you choose not to list her e-mail address anywhere online.

  50. Bob's reply

    Dear TWC,

    Thanks for the private e mail and the call from the local office. A supervisor left his name and number. I called back, and he was fired that day! 🙂 It’s all good. No need to call back again. Thanks for the 20 bucks!

  51. Michael's reply

    I have had the “worst ever” customer service experience with TWC. When I signed up for the triple play, I was promised a $200 gift card. I was told to fill out a form on line and send in my last Verizon bill, and I would wait 90 days to receive the gift card. I did all that and have waited 8 months instead of 90 days. I have called to complain many times and “every time” they tell me someone will contact you within 48 hours. Don’t believe it! They think you have short memory or something. No one calls you back. I hate this service.

  52. TWCablePhil's reply

    Michael, sorry for the delayed response here. If you could email us your contact info to, we can follow up on this.

  53. Sammie's reply

    I’ve been a loyal TWC subscriber for over 15 years and it’s time to move on. There is no customer service – our home modem isn’t working (no Internet) and exasperated, my son went out to buy one at BestBuy. But you need a provisional number to hook up – and I’m now holding 57 minutes to try and get one this time around (second day of trying). On Twitter I noticed someone’s hash tag for TWC as #uselessthingsipayfor and I agree. Even the customer response to the comment above by Michael, on a public blog, took EIGHT days for TW to respond.

  54. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    Sammie – I am sorry that you are having a bad customer experience. Have you tried to contact our online care team directly, in the ways mentioned in this post? They are highly responsive on Twitter, Facebook, and via e-mail — but although they drop in here from time to time, monitoring our blog is not a core part of their job. Try reaching them at and you should be in good hands.


  55. Matt Miller's reply

    I have been without service since last Wednesday (11/30/11). The earliest someone could get to my home was today (12/07/11). First off, that is a ridiculous amount of time to wait. 

    Secondly, we scheduled the appointment for today between 1:00 and 5:00. My wife took a half day off of work. That cost us $ we don’t have. 

    Thirdly, an automated machine called me yesterday to remind me of my appointment and asked me to respond that someone over the age of 18 would be home. I responded yes.

    Today, before noon, a rep from TW attempted to call me three times to make sure that someone would still be at home. I do not answer my personal cell phone at work. I was NEVER told that you would call me the day of or I would have certainly given you my wife’s number. At break, I called TW at 3:00. The rep apologized and said that she would ask if the tech could come back or  if another tech could come to the house. She said someone would call me back. They never did.

    I called back at 5:20. Erica (1055) was not helpful at all. She had absolutely no authority to do anything. She couldn’t tell me when or if someone was coming. I asked for a supervisor three times before she tried to get someone. Then she said they were all unavailable. Total disrespect for the customer. I’m still waiting at 6:15 for a “supervisor” to call me back. I doubt they ever will.

    Since you have clearly violated the terms of the contract, I consider it null and void. The contract has clearly been violated on several levels. I also demand to be compensated for the lost wages incurred by my wife since she had to take a day off of work. 

  56. Mike Palmiotto's reply

    I am really having a bad experience with Time Warner. Missing/blank channels and pixels on the channels is what I get. HD channels don’t come in sometimes. I have a DVR and a regular cable box…both have issues. We just changed the boxes and our experience is worse. Now the DVR, after rebooting, is flashing strange numbers on it….the last time it did this it flashed these numbers for over 2 hours and then came up. When we had issues years ago, Time Warner adding a booster in our house…does that sound right? Could it be that booster is shot and needs to be replaced? Please help.

  57. Catherine's reply

    I was promised a $100 dollar VISA card by TWC cable and now 4 months later I’m told I can’t get it because I did not follow the appropriate steps. I called agents 3 times in December to make sure I did all that was required and was never told that I needed to specifically register at some website. Now I don’t have the VISA card but guess what? I don’t have a contract so AT&T here I come. So glad we have competition so companies like TWC can’t keep screwing their customers. If you want loyal customers you have to try hard and help them.

  58. yvonne's reply

    My phone line is down not working at all can u fix it

  59. Angie's reply

    I hoe you can help us. We have been customers forever and in the last two months, it has been aweful. Take last night. Our box was not working because it was not authorized. A tech rebooted 4 times, then it fixed. But he said that if we did not use our tv in 24 hours, it would do this. When it does this, the DVR will not record. We lost 5 days of recording. Being a computer programmer, this explanation is totally illogical. I really need to speak to someone that cares at TwC that will get us back into service bliss and not continually lie and break down. Can you help PLEASE? This is my last plea

  60. Maryam's reply

    Three months ago my we signed up with time warner under false pretenses. I was told that we would get the HBO, Showtime and the variety tear for a year for free. On top of that we were promised the Turbo internet for free for a year along with a DVR for a year free of charge. However last month after having many problems with the DVR box and having changed it twice and still having problems with the box and the internet we were informed that our account is not what was promised to us. We were told that the HBO and Showtime is only free for three months and the internet is the basic and not turbo like promised. When I called the customer care they were rude to me and patronized me. They told me because I don’t have in writing it is not going to be honored, the deals I got were over the phone from a time warner representative, however the customer care people very rudely told me off.
    We have all our services through time warner and as a customer I do not accept being talked down to! I am a PhD student in Electrical Engineering and I do not take it kindly when people speak to me as if I am stupid or ignorant!!!
    This is my last attempt to fix this before I take it to the I was told they are very good at taking care of these types of situation. So my question is, is there a way for time warner cable to make it up to me for being rude to me and lying to me and selling me a product that is not delivered and I’m being charged for??? Or will I have to cancel my account and seek council another place to deal with this huge disrespect and mistreatment?

  61. Binh's reply

    I called in for services because I had problems with the cable box. The Service Rep made a mistake and wiped out the “Surf’n View Turbo package Guaranty Price” for $113.99 per month, guaranty until July 2013 on my account. I was told that you could not put my account back for the same services at the same price. I was given two choices: 1) pay higher price at $162.94 per month for your mistake. 2)discontinue the service. I am very disappointed at how you handle the situation and feel like you do not even care to keep me as your customer.
    I spent endless hours in the last 3 months and the issue has not been resolved, so far I have been over charged for $173.77 for 3 months, I am about to cancel my services with Time Warner Cable, but I need to clear up the over charge on my bill before closing my account and will never look back at Time Warner Cable…I am so frustrated!

  62. zaida romero's reply

    Since TWC installed new software on the DVR players, the service is atrocious.. Very slow response to commands to switch channels ; and interminable delays in loading the data for a program search.. Often is just “loading data” and the date never comes up…so I can’t search for programs.. Switch back to the old software…it worked satisfactorily and was reliable.. Yes, I’ve rebooted the system several times without success.

  63. Monika Phillips's reply

    Some channels are off since 6:44 PM. It’s the Olympic Channel, too. I am very mad about. The games come only every 4 years, and I cannot see it.

  64. Tom Tadsen's reply

    Channel currently unavailable …. This is becoming such an annoyance that I am looking into other sources of Internet TV. It NEVER happened before the TWC “update.”

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