July 06, 2010

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Launching the IntelliGo – New Mobile Hotspot from Time Warner Cable

This week Time Warner Cable launched IntelliGo, a mobile hotspot which provides 4G and 3G network access to up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously. The device costs $49.99 after a $50.00 mail in rebate with a two year contract. Monthly service fee varies by region. The device is available in Time Warner Cable markets that have launched Road Runner Mobile (Texas, North Carolina, Hawaii and Kansas City).

As someone who spends four hours commuting to and from work each day, I am always looking to stay “connected” either on my iPad, laptop, or my PSP. My bag weighs about 20 pounds, but I like having options handy.

IntelliGo is made for people in the same boat as I am, who either need to be or just love the feeling of always being connected. It is easy to use, lightweight, compact, and can be carried in my shirt pocket. Which is good, because there’s no more room in my bag.

IntelliGo looks for the 4G network first, and if I am not in a 4G market, it connects to the 3G network. It has a LCD screen that keeps me informed of the battery life and connection status and has built-in GPS. Furthermore, it has a MicroSD slot that I can plug in a memory card into and get up to 16GB of shared storage on all those connected Wi-Fi enabled devices.

This is a great device for someone who commutes a lot like me, someone who works on the road, someone who likes to play with their favorite Wi-Fi devices outside the home or a family of five who plans to be traveling together this summer in the family car. It’s fast, portable and shareable – the IntelliGo gives me a hotspot wherever I go. For more information visit your local Time Warner Cable website.

The IntelliGo is available in:
North Carolina
Kansas City

If you’ve got one, we’d love to know how you like it. Let us know your thoughts in the comments…


  1. Jermel Monroe's reply

    This is great!! I can not wait for this to launch in cali. We can really use this product in Los Angeles/ Palmdale markert our Twc customers would love this option. i no i will.

  2. Kathy's reply

    In my experience, since Time Warner launched IntelliGo in Kansas City our cable abd internet service has sucked – significantly more than usual!

    Internet has slowed or often unavailable, and regularly getting pixel-ated video, dropped audio and/or ‘black screen” on cable TV. Now – since yesterday – when select a cable channel get the message “This station temporarily unavailable. Please try later.” Excuse me – but I’m paying for 24×7 availability of both internet and cable and getting screwed by Time Warner.

    Curiously, this same scenario of poor-to-no service occurred when TW launched its digital phone in Kansas City.

    What’s up? In my opinion it appears that TW launches new/additional crap without FIRST upgrading its infrastructure to support the new crap. As a result, its exiting customers get shafted while TW reaps large $$ from sales of new crap.

  3. Kaleb's reply

    I got the RR Mobile service in December with the Hotspot device and I live it. I commute two hours a day and on many weekends we take a 2 hour drive to see the in laws. To top it all off, I have it bundled with my other TWC services. Love it.

  4. Brandon's reply

    We bought this device living in Columbus, OH for the purpose of traveling and having internet access. What we’ve discovered is that in Columbus we get 4G. In every other city we only get 3G. So, when we go up to Toledo, OH, which is supposed to be 4G we get 3G and a VERY slow, sometimes un-responsive 3G.

    I’m currently traveling and in Scottsdale, AZ and again am having the same issues. I’m only getting 3G service while my Verizon HTC Thunderbolt Droid phone is running 4G just fine.

    I would recommend going with either Verizon’s wifi service or just adding it to your phone if you have a droid.

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