July 13, 2010

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Roll Over or Get Tough

You’ve probably heard about the unpleasant disagreements between cable companies and broadcast networks. It’s an ugly situation that puts customers right in the middle, and we don’t like it any more than you do.

From Ars Technica, referring to our submission to the FCC on March 9th, 2010:

“As broadcasters now demand significant cash for carriage of their signals, consumers are held hostage as MVPDs must choose between a rock and a hard place: pay spiraling carriage fees and raise consumer rates, or be forced by broadcasters to drop local signals,” TWC wrote to the FCC in March.

“The recurring threats of blackouts, high-stakes public ‘showdown’ negotiations, and recent economic analyses have all confirmed what programming distributors have known for years: the retransmission consent regime is broken.”

What’s notable about this plea is that it’s supported by several public interest groups that are often at odds with Time Warner on issues like net neutrality: Public Knowledge and the New America Foundation. Verizon, DirecTV, and the American Cable Association also signed the letter.

This isn’t just something specific to Time Warner Cable. AT&T’s having their own trouble, and Cablevision had problems during this year’s Oscars.

We’re relaunching our Roll Over or Get Tough website today in order to keep cable customers informed about retransmission consent issues. We want you to understand the situation and know what’s going on behind the scenes. And we want to be as transparent as possible about how the TV business works.

But most of all, we want to hear from you. Late last year, we launched this website and asked for your input. In just six weeks, the website had over one million unique visitors. Commenters on our website overwhelmingly told us to “get tough” in a particularly difficult round of negotiations.

We listened and we got tough. And together, we were able to reach far better agreements than would have otherwise been possible. Thank you for making sure your voice was heard.

This site is for you — our customers. We are working hard to understand your concerns. The content on this site is meant to answer your questions, and let you know what’s really going on behind the scenes in the television business.

Education is the best solution to this problem. We’re confident that once you really understand how this business works and see what’s at stake, you’ll understand our point of view.

You can join the discussion yourself and let us know what’s on your mind this time around, too. We’re not afraid to take a little heat when we’ve earned it, so let it loose. And as always, you can leave your comments in our comments section, too. We’ll be listening.


  1. Luke's reply

    I want NFL Network and ESPN, i don’t give a #$#$# about 90% of the crappy channels you actually do carry.. Get nfl this year or i’m gone

  2. Jim's reply

    To be honest, I don’t want these channels at the cost they represent. If it means my cable bill rises in order to get these channels, I can live happily without!

  3. JEC's reply

    Customers aren’t caught between Broadcasters and cable – the problem is cable is in between customers and providers. Give us the choice! Stop the channel bundles – let us the customers decide. Quit telling us you have no choice. We know different. This current business model has no future – and neither will cableTV.

  4. Sam P's reply

    I don’t watch Disney, ESPN, NFL or more than a dozen other channels I have to receive in order to watch the few that I want in a particular bundle. Time to bring on custom packaging of channels that I can pick and choose to receive. For example, keep the basic broadcast channels and then allow me to bundle an additional 10, 20 or 30 etc channels to create a custom package. Don’t watch Disney? Then don’t pay for it. The pricing would reflect the number of channels I have in a bundle. The pricing of the channels could reflect their costs. HBO etc the most expensive, HGTV etc would be the least. Sports, somewhere in between.

    Manage it on the internet to keep it simpler for the cable company to implement. If you don’t have internet access, then pick from a traditional bundle of channels.

  5. Cody's reply

    Consumers are held hostage anyway, and the cable companies like Time Warner are part of the problem. I should be able to order the exact channels I care about, and nothing else. Maybe all I want is Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, FX, and HBO. Why should I have to pay for all these sports channels I’ll never watch, food network, HGTV, MTV, etc?

    If it works this way, then let the broadcasters charge however much they want and I’ll make the choice myself which channels are worth the money and which aren’t. Then Time Warner doesn’t need to even worry about it. Furthermore, every cable customer would find that their cable bills would go down SIGNIFICANTLY!

    We should all be demanding this from Time Warner right now.

  6. Cheryl Farmer's reply

    Corporations like Disney need to remember that I am their boss, consumer, and marketing rep.

    If I didnt offer them the chance to ADVERTISE via my tv, my children wouldnt have wanted all of the Disney merchandise, trips to Disney or to watch Disney programs…

    Corporations like Disney work for us…period! What would happen if I marched into my boss’s office TOLD him I was getting a raise and that he had no choice? I’d be given a pink slip and an escort to the door.

    I have plenty of pink paper and crayons for those corporations….

  7. Gary Fenton's reply

    I personally don’t care about Disney. I do however want the other ABC stations, USA , etc. My problem is your HD- DVR. It continually makes me reboot it to fix it. It’s a pain. You need to scrap the old models and get the newest equipment. We are paying for this and deserve the best.

  8. Eric H.'s reply

    I want NFL network and ESPN3…give me the choice to see these. Rollover for your customers.

  9. Jack's reply

    I think TWC and the companies in question should do their best job to renegotiate a reasonable deal. But if a deadline passes and no agreement is reached, I don’t think it’s fair that the channels should be taken away from paying customers. Both sides, if no agreement is reached, should go to arbitration. The arbitrator would be a last resort person who would work with both sides to reach an agreement. And within this provision, their should be a bi-law that says the channels must stay on during the negotiation phase.

    If you drop channels, you run the risk of losing customers to U-Verse, Dish, or Direct TV. Neither side wants that to happen. Seriously consider this during any and ALL future negotiation processes.

  10. Amber R.'s reply

    Cancel some of the never watched channels. If less than 5% of viewers watch it. Cancel it and pay for Disney/ABC. Take 5% off anyone that makes over 75k and add that to the programming budget. The internet has already been a major issue, as well as a DVR that acts up until someone looks at it. If Disney or ABC go away. Satellite or hulu will be my next best friend.

  11. Joseph's reply

    How about instead of constantly complaining and trying to get our sympathy for you poor business model do us a favor and offer NFL network. If you lose ESPN I’m gone, if you don’t get nfl network soon I’m also gone. I watch about 70% sports so ESPN gone is deal breaker. I don’t care where your money goes.

  12. Michael Plath's reply

    TW has 2 B creating a great story about Disney & others asking for a price increase. Why don’t you charge them more for the AD’S they run in their programs available over Time-Warner’s system.
    Disney & The others CLAIM SO MANY TIME-WARNER CUSTOMERS when they go out and sell time/ads. It’s around 500,000 viewers in the the Capitol area alone + what you have elsewhere in NY and countrywide. That makes for some pretty impressive numbers for Disney to present to their advertisers. I have a few close relatives that work for The Mouse and it is not the wonderful company you might get the impression it is. WTF?
    Where has your sanity gone. Compared to what it cost 20 years ago to distribute cable throughout the area, the cost has had to go way down, so is this an excuse to continue to raise your monthly cost. Time-Warner has become a little nasty monopoly and me thinks it needs some looking into.
    Please stop insulting my intelligence with this cost raising crap.

  13. John Huber's reply

    Until Time Warner Cable stops forcing us to buy access to channels we don’t want, I will cosider Time Warner the biggest roadblock to affordable cable TV viewing.

  14. Dave's reply

    Another publicity stunt, first Fox with a so-called 300% increase that was only $1 more per month, per subscriber.
    A cost you could have easily swallowed considering the rate increase that closely followed that move.

    Now this
    What the story this time ?
    Are we going to lose channels that we paid for without replacement, just like last time ?

    Are you going to take some of those channels, like you did with Fox Movie channel, which were already part of our charge & expect us to subscribe to them now ?

    It’s fairly obvious you are not going to lower our bills, even if you remove Espn, Disney, Abc Family etc.

    A little bit of honesty here would be nice, instead of the same old spin.
    But honesty is not something you like to practice.
    If it was you wouldn’t falsely advertise Free Hd when a monthly charge for a required box is in place.

    Certainly doesnt sound free to me.

  15. Greg Young's reply

    The ONLY channels I have ever watched on your cable are the ESPN channels. Without those I have no reason whatsoever to even have cable. So, do the deal with Disney and don’t leave us hanging until the 11th hour. If your negotiators aren’t up to the task of making a deal, fire them and replace them with more competent people.
    There are alot of talented businesspeople looking for work these days.

  16. Ken H.'s reply

    Why are we being bothered for our opinions? TWc will roll over like it has always done, and we will foot the bill, like we always do. Cable has fallen way behind satellite pricing for the services I want. I will take a serious look at satellite.

  17. Kareem Ben Amor's reply

    Let people choose which channels are worth paying for and maybe it will force companies to provide better, more concise programming schedules.

    There are too many terrible channels that one is forced to pay to receive the few channels that one actually cares to watch.

    If Disney, or any other network, wants to charge high amounts of money to watch their channel then people should have the right to drop them, and their high cost, from our bill.

    I would never let a network like ABC or Disney brain wash our family’s children, keep them physically inactive, ruin their eyesight, and also make us pay for it to happen!

    Sports are free to watch at any social place– where sports should be enjoyed. Bye ESPN, we do not need your high bill.

    On the internet, there are great alternatives. Do not forget this, whether the networks like it or not. Pirating will become ever more popular if you push people into doing so.

    As the value of each dollar declines, one has to focus on quality over quantity.

  18. Dave's reply

    You pulled my last comment, I challenge you to post this one.
    You say you can take the heat, let loose.

    Last time you pled with Roll over – Get Tough you used a scare tactic of 300 % increase.
    Actually 8 channels for $1 more a month.

    You declared victory, but your customers, at least in Kansas City lost 2 channels that were not replaced.
    Fox Reality and Fox Movie Channel.

    Fox Movie is still available, for an additional $2.95 a month, it was part of the digital tier.

    I’m aware that ESPN is always looking for more $ that they may not deserve.
    All I’m looking for is a little honesty as to what the customer is in for.
    Not the same 300 % spin tactics that people will buy into without clearly understanding.

    We were already denied access to the NFL Network

    There are other options here that don’t include satellite.

  19. K. Ben's reply

    Wow you did not approve my post. Now I know this whole roll over or get tough is a fraud and I will no longer ever support Time Warner.

  20. Jack's reply

    Time Warner Cable is to blame. TWC needs to cut the number of executives it has throughout the United States. Furthermore, stop paying these executives extremely high salaries and compensation packages and bonuses. Anything over one hundred fifty thousand dollars ($150,000.00) is extreme. TWC needs to blame itself!!!!

  21. Jack's reply

    My belief is that Disney Channel, and so much of the Disney tradition of quality program for children, would be a DEVASTATING loss to children and families if the Disney stations were taken away from TWC systems!. How do you explain to young children, especially very young children why and how a channel was lost? Little kids don’t understand business negotiation strategies and I don’t know how my relatives would be able to explain to them about the loss of Disney services. This would be my concern at the board meetings, and why it is so important for Disney and TWC to come to an agreement on those stations. The little ones would feel like they were being punished for something, that they would have no control over if the Disney Channel was taken away.

    Moving toward the older demographic, those ESPN stations are a cable sports traditional landmark. Families throughout the United States depend on ESPN for cable sports entertainment. The loss of college and pro football games, Tennis matches, such as the US Open, representing such a great variety of sports entertainment that extends back about 30 years, would be a devastating blow to both TWC and Disney if the ESPN stations were lost as well.

    Disney represents family and TWC is about family, quality programing, and the diversity of entertainment for children and adults. This isn’t like the NFL Network demanding unreasonable prices for showing only eight live games a year. Disney and ESPN consolidate sports and family entertainment that have a positive reflection on the cable landscape for decades with 24×7 multi-dimensional entertainment.


  22. Tony M's reply

    I would love to say get tough with these providers, but TWC will continue to raise rates anyways. My rates have increased 20% for cable programming in the last year…with no new channels.

    I dropped premium channels and will drop all of TW when AT&T is available in our area this fall.

  23. DW's reply

    I feel that Disney and others should only continue getting whatever royalties that they already receive. They already dominate a large part of the market share of feature films, in my view. In addition, my understanding is that they also continue to make profits when the films come out on DVD. In light of this, many cable subscribers (me included) use cable primarily to minimally receive reception to the major networks, as well as access to C-Span, HLN, and E, etc.

    In my view, what Disney is asking is highly inequitable, esp. considering they would be directly penalizing their loyal fan base whom pays both to see films in the theaters, as well as purchase the DVD s retrospectively.

    I feel that if Disney is seeking additional monies, then in turn, TWC would do well not to carry their work on their channels. This would serve as a strong protest of Disney’s request, and in turn would serve as a political statement to potentially influence TWC subscribers against remaining loyal to Disney. If so, this could be a relatively large business mistake on the part of Disney, undermining this seemingly greedy endeavor.

    Dawn Waggoner
    Withamsville, OH

  24. Sheila's reply

    In truth, I’m getting fed up with all of the greed. That and corruption is what’s ruining our world. We can only watch one station at a time. Too many choices only adds more stress to our lives. Stress KILLS. Greed and Corruption is prevailing and I’m getting to the point of saving money by dropping all of the techno gadgets and get back to basics. By simply simplifying our lives we save energy costs and tell the big companies we’ve had enough of their greed.
    Special Interests: Are you listening to the people or only your pocketbooks?

  25. JRF's reply

    Get tough or rollover is another TWC’s tactic to raise fees. As it is, there’s hardly anything to watch on TWC, which makes TWC cable watching quite expensive.

  26. william bills's reply

    who is afraid of progress – we are -TWC -we are the champs of Reruns

  27. pdog's reply

    I’ve had Time-Warner cable since it was forced upon Comcast customers in the Los Angeles area. I hated Comcast-now I wish I had them back. TWC is the most horrifically dysfunctional company I’ve ever dealt with in any area, period. Their profits are up,yet they continually degrade their service and cry poverty. It’s all BS resulting from greed. If it walks like a duck it probably is a duck.

  28. dread pirate roberts's reply

    I want TWC to get NFL network. I’ve been waiting 7 years now. C’mon MAN!!!!! I don’t think it’s greed on TWC part, the NFL network is making unreasonable demands. They need to get a clue and know that we can watch NFL games on local TV and really don’t need them to watch a game, BUT, it would be nice for all the extras we fans like.

  29. Jack's reply

    Jack@Dread Pirate Roberts,

    I agree with you basically because every other provider seems to offer this channel. The dispute as I understand it remains the following:

    1.) TWC wants to put the channel on its optional Digital Sports Package, which people pay $5 extra/month to get.

    2.) The NFL is objecting to #1. They want the channel on Standard Service (2-99 in most TWC divisions) They think that there aren’t enough people who subscribe to the optional Digital Sports Package where it would be recognizable if it would to go there.

    3.) TWC believes that by putting NFL Network on the optional sports tier, those who don’t want the channel would not have to pay for it, AND they could get the channel at a more reasonable cost than on a mainstream package. But the NFL remains headstrong. They don’t want the channel on ANY optional package.

    4.) TWC at last negotiations with NFL Network got into a possible lower price. The NFL Network wanted TWC subs to pay something like $1.10 per subscriber. I heard that their last negotiation was around 75 cents a sub. The problem is that TWC does not see the value in NFL Network because they show only eight live games a year. That would leave them with monthly costs when football season ends needed to keep that channel going.

    5.) The addition of the Red Zone Channel might help resume negotiations. My guess is that TWC might be looking at comparable prices for Sports programing on the Digital Sports Tier, at like closer to a 50 cents per sub maximum.

    Currently, TWC still believes the asking price that NFL Network wants is too high for only eight games a season. But I still think that with the addition of the Red Zone Channel, and the continued increased vested interest in the network that if TWC and the NFL network could reach a deal at something like 60 cents per sub, they should get this done so the channel would than be available on TWC.


  30. Hilary's reply

    Personally, I hate Time Warner and believe it has become a disgusting monopoly that rules our households through our televisions. I am so tired of this rolloverorgettough campaign, first with Fox and their affiliates and now with ABC and theirs. Enough is enough already. I think the real problem isn’t that the broadcasters want more money, its that Time Warner is completely greedy and spoiled.
    For me unlike the men above I could care less about adding another sports channel to my television and it sickens me that I have to pay for them in order to get other channels. Enough of these bundle programs. I, as well as it seems, all of your customers want to pay per channel. If I watch the food network than I’ll pay for it and if I watch espn then I’ll pay for that. I’m sick of those cable quides with the color coding bundle packages. Thanks to Time Warner my cable bill is outrageous!! Plus it sickens me that I have to pay per dvr every month in my house. I have 4 of them which definitely adds up. Also I’m tired of Time Warner having all sorts of outages and updates every ten minutes it seems now. If I’m paying for cable than I want it to be available when I want to watch it.
    But honestly none of this matters. We can say whatever we want, but TWC will do whatever they want. They don’t actually represent the public opinion. They do whatever lines their pockets with more cash. I’m completely sick of it.

  31. George's reply

    Put the NFL channel in the recycle bin along with MLB and the other
    in house networks. Fox sports, the ESPN group and the networks provide more than enough sports.

  32. Chris's reply

    Do what I did. Get rid of Time Warner. We had nothing but problems with them for two years, so as soon as we moved, we switched to DirecTV. We’re paying less, we’re loving the new service, and we’re so happy not to have to deal with this ABC/ESPN crap. The Time Warner family has always been bloated and inefficient, and they’re never going to be able to compete. It’s time for everyone to ditch them.

  33. Cincybearcatfan's reply

    Dear TWC,
    If you lose ESPN/ABC you will lose me. I know my $186/mo is chump change to you but if we as customers “get tough” with you maybe 1 million $186/mo will get your attention. This is the WORST time for you to lose sports channels with the NFL season beginning. It’s bad enough that you don’t carry the NFL network. Offer choice, not bundles, your revenue’s will climb and your dissatisfied customers will decline. I’d take 1/3 of the channels that I currently have at NEAR the same price I pay now if they were the channels that I get to choose and watch.

    Jeff in Cincinnati

  34. dread pirate roberts's reply

    Jack, thanks! IMHO, I think the NFL network is asking too much. They should be happy on a sports tier. No WAY TWC is going to put them on the Std lineup. Too bad for them. I think they loose customers over this.

  35. J. Mack's reply

    Here is the deal: If you lose ESPN and don’t get NFL Network, I’m done with Time Warner. This is BS and I’m tired of it.

  36. J Pad's reply

    No espn no me. Period

  37. Enough is Enough's reply

    TWC = Talking without commitment — Time Warner cares nothing for their customers. They are more focused on advertised their mythical fight for us. Regardless how this turns out, our bills will increase, another “fight” with the another network will begin, and yet again will see TWC start another “rolloverorgettough” to talk highly on themselves to brainwash people who don’t do the research… Fact is my wife and I don’t watch a lot of cable and of that 80% is either ABC or ESPN. TWC is the only cable provider in my area offered, and the day these channels go dark will be the day I call dish network. Not only do they offer more, but for less – plus it has the NFL network so many of you desire. I have a new website for Time Warner -> Give us channel choices or get out.

  38. dread pirate roberts's reply

    People settle down. the whole ESPN thing is a non issue. TWC will sign the contract. It’s an FCC regulation, NOW, they have to announce when new contract negoations are going on, 30 days by law, so other providers, like DTV/DISH will use that opportunity and spam the air waves with, TWC is losing ect ect ect. Rainbow media recently did this with U-Verse over TMC. It raised a LOT of issues and inthe end, the contract was signed and it was a non issue. TWC has to defend the other’s ads, by saying, we are fighting for you….blah blah blah. Now if we can only get NFL network!!!

  39. dread pirate roberts's reply

    @Hilary…..I hate to see people post: ‘Personally, I hate Time Warner and believe it has become a disgusting monopoly that rules our households through our televisions” How ridicilous is this statement!? First, It’s NOT a monopoly, “that rules our households through our televisions” what does that even mean??? This is America, and you do not have a contract, so GO ELSEWHERE to a different provider that, does not “rules our households through our televisions” DTV/DISH/U-Verse ect there are lots of options, don’t let the door hit ya on the way out! Quit your moaning and move on if you don’t like us!

  40. Jack's reply

    Jack@Dread Pirate Roberts,

    DPR has made some good points. But I want to point out that some people don’t have other options. For instance U-Verse is only available in limited neighborhoods where I live and our phone lines are like 50 years old. We could NEVER sacrifice Road Runner to go back to DSL!. Dish or Direct TV doesn’t work for us either because we have about a zillion trees in our neighborhood. For us, it has to be TWC or an antenna, there really are no other options.

    However, we have had TWC for about 25 years and have been very happy with it. Amazingly, only about 5 or 6 service calls during that time, which is a great track record! We LOVE our Digital Phone and Road Runner. The TWC Navigator Guide? Just OK at this point. Our family feels that it is laking some basic features that are essential for 2010 technology, such as Keyword Search for the keyboard and Manual Recording capability. In addition to this, all models of the Samsung/HDC boxes in terms of speed are too slow.

    But at least the guide has come light years ahead of those awful days back in 2006-2007 when there were problems with it in droves!

    If I had to grade each area of TWC Services, it would be the following:

    Road Runner High Speed Internet B+: Sometimes there are bumps in the road where the system might go down and they don’t tell you when it’s down. But overall, Road Runner has been a great product.

    Digital Phone: A-: The best value for the money of any phone service anywhere. Free long distance included, no calling cards or confusing number codes to remember. The clarity is brilliant. Very modern and top of the line. Caller ID on TV is AWESOME! The only reason I have to give Digital Phone an A- is because there is no battery backup for the modems or routers, so you will NOT be able to use 9-1-1 for TWC Digital Phone in the event of a power failure. I heard that some divisions in Nevada have battery powered back up modems/routers and TWC needs to look into this across divisions. Please have a back-up phone, such as your cell in the event of an emergency due to this issue.

    Digital Cable: B. A great selection of channels and interactive services that would be an “A” if the guide was faster and had the features talked about above. Navigator needs work in this area.

    However, if the ESPN/Disney channels get dropped, TWC, you will go down to a “C-” for Digital Cable Value. There is too much value and tradition in those channels for families and sports fans for those networks to be taken away. The loss of the ESPN/Disney channels would be a devastating business disaster for BOTH TWC and Disney, because of the cultural expectations for reliability to millions of customers to have access to those stations, as well as the loss of revenue from advertising if those channels are taken away from TWC systems. This is an issue where a carriage deal MUST be made, especially when ESPN stations are so crucial during football season!

    Kudos to TWC for local support and service. The reps and techs have always been very friendly and helpful, and all service calls are free for equipment related issues. U-Verse and the Dish companies can’t say that. When the competition’s warranty expires you have to pay for all service calls. And the competition does NOT have the ability to extend Price lock contracts like TWC has been willing to do. With Dish and U-Verse, it is almost impossible to get any kind of discount deals after the promotional rates expire.


  41. Jack's reply

    Correction from above,

    I need to correct one thing about the post above. In terms of the Navigator speed, it are the SA/CISCO boxes running HDC that have the slower speeds. The SAMSUNG units, running the latest version of ODN Navigator are very fast. The HDC boxes made by SA/Cisco running Navigator need the speed boost. The Samsungs have very quick, slick guide searching.

    Sorry for the confusion!


  42. George P.'s reply

    TWC is mediocre at best. There is really nothing special about the service and 95% of the customer service reps SUCK. I had TWC for 13 months of my 2 year agreement and I rushed to my local office to drop off all the eq, canel and gladly paid my early temination fee.

    The porblem for me was whenever I actually needed TWC do something for me regarding service issues. The reps tell you what ever they can to get you off the phone and if they can spin the answer in their favor they transfer the call. I can go on for paragraphs about specific issues but it all boils down to horrible customer service.

    The receivers they use are old technology, no qhole-home dvr, they are just now getting mobile app schedulers in certain locations and there is no interactive on screen features like online games that other companies offer.

    The phone service was ok but seemed to cut out alot ( maybe just my area)

    The internet is there best feature but upload speeds are extremely lacking, ecspoecially for intense online gamming.

    Overall all the companies offer the same product its just how they market it. Speaking of marketing how about there spokesperson for all the TWC commercials. They use Mike O’Malley the has been actor from “Yes Dear” They cant even afford a real actor, I guess its an extension of their service.

  43. DC's reply

    I got TWC for movies and sports (mainly football and basketball) I have be a longtime customer of TWC and I hate the fact that when I host NFL parties at my home, I don’t have the flexibility to watch multiple games. If they offered NFL network I would pay for it. I want it! Others have it why can’t TWC get it? Especially for the monthly money that I pay for the service.

  44. BobWelch's reply

    FIRE THEM !!!

    Whining about Disney/ESPN threatening to “pull the plug” if we don’t pay more is not feel like “getting tough.” Threatening to pull THEIR plug would be the way to do that. Time Warner could them actually demonstrate its stated commitment to keeps its customers’ cost down by reducing prices for “bundles” that have dropped those channels.

    Stop whining, Time Warner, drop them and charge us less after dropping them. Better yet, let us purchase the channels we want individually rather than packaged as blocks of channels, most of which we do not want.

    But, please stop whining and get tough.

  45. Rita Francis's reply

    I want to pick what channels I want to pay for. Quit the bundling. Maybe if it is left up to the consumer to pick what they want the big conglomerates like Disney would have to work harder at getting our business.

  46. Bette Anderson's reply

    I don’t consider you as whining. I hope your looking out for us who can’t afford these high cable bills. I agree with Bob Welsh, let us choose the channels we want. Right now we have a lot of buying channels I have no interest in. Bette

  47. Bruce's reply

    Any time warner subscribers looking for clear information on directv feel free to contact me. I have had time warner for the past two years while living in an apartment with that as my only option. The csr acctually laughed at me when I called to ask if I could get a reduced rate before looking into other options for tv service. But I have been working with directv now for the past 5 months and made sure I could get it at my new residence. If you are looking for new equipment that doesn’t reset because of the awful mystro programming, or even little things like the nfl network look into other options for your area. Otherwise stick with time warner and get tough.


  48. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    Bruce, if people want to switch, we can’t stop them. But the bigger issue here is one that TV customers can’t escape. Disney is going to pull this with DirecTV whether or not you hear about it, as are many other television programmers. We’re choosing to let people know, but other providers are dealing with the same issues. Some go dark, some make a stink, others quietly jack up prices.

  49. Mike's reply

    Roll over already!!! I want the NFL network and a NFL package. I don’t care if you increase the price. Just offer a package. I would switch to Direct TV if I could but I can’t so I am stuck with TWC.

  50. Jonathan's reply

    If it wasn’t because I have a huge line of trees behind my apt (ruling out DirecTV) and ATT U-verse is not offered in my area (yet) I wouldn’t even be with TWC. Customer Service sucks, the receiver freezes way more than any I’ve seen and they are the only major provider without the NFL Network and more importantly NFL RedZone. Plus I was pretty mad to find out Time Warner cable is just about the only provider in the country in which you can’t get ESPN3.

  51. Steve's reply

    Time Warner needs to get a deal with the NFL Network so that we aren’t the only cable viewers in the country that don’t get this network.

    I’m this close to bailing on these fools and going with DirecTV

  52. Scott's reply

    Time warner waited too long. Im switching over tomorrow. In the end it turns out i will save $ plus get the nfl network. Why did i wait so long?

  53. cedric moore's reply

    We need the NFL network!! I will pay for it, please!!! Stop arguig, the NFL is the US’s biggest sporting org., you can’t win!

  54. Morris's reply

    I love the NFL and would like it on Time Warner. However, I am not willing to pay a higher cable bill. I work for my family not for higher cable bills to watch football, I can always go to espn to get football news.

  55. Marcus's reply

    Please give us NFL Network before the Jets Thanksgiving game.

  56. dread pirate roberts's reply

    Red Zone Red Zone Red Zone!!!!

  57. Ryan's reply

    Unreal, How can this cable station, that just posted a huge profit, and charges outrageous monthly rates not have NFL. network. I can not wait for the day when the monopoly of TWC ends in my area so I can get rid of this ridiculous “provider”..

  58. dread pirate roberts's reply

    @Ryan, I am so tired of poeple saying it’s a monopoly! There are multiple options, so quit your whining, call /DISH/DTV/UVERSE, set up an appointment and MOVE ON! I too want NFL Network. The NFL wants the channel in the Std lineup and TWC won’t give up one of those spots, they raise revunes and are already mandated by contracts. I WANT TWC to add NFL Network in the sports package!! I WISH they would get that done this season, but I think NFL Network won’t budge on this. Although, TWC moved Style to digital which opens up a stream, so it’s doable, but won’t get done…again…!! I could switch, but I’m not going to just for one channel.

  59. dread pirate roberts's reply

    @Ryan, what does posting a profit have to do with anything? You against an american company making money or are you the kind to think they need to redistribute the profits to the customers, like customer profit sharing??? It’s GOOD we make $$!! Good for the economy, the country as a whole and any 401K fund that YOU may have that has TWC stock.

  60. Kyle's reply

    We NEED NFL NETWORK. Please football is my favorite game to watch and I am going to miss all the Thursday games. Can you guys not come to some agreement you have had like 7 years or something like that.

  61. dread pirate roberts's reply

    Thanks for letting me see the game last night!! That’s what I told my neighbor who has U-Verse when I left his house last night after the game!! Thanks TWC!!! 🙁

  62. Todd's reply

    just charge the people that want it. I will pay an extra $2 a month for it and I am sure more will too. That way the non football who don’t want it don’t pay for it. Once football is over I can cancel it, but who am I kidding. A chance to watch football all year for $2 a month. Sounds like a good ida

  63. dread pirate roberts's reply

    @Todd, it’s the Red Zone that we need!! I’d pay a monthly subscription fee of 6.99/mo for this channel!!

  64. Carol Etterling's reply

    I think it is a shame that WE, the customers, pay the amount that we are required to pay for the services of Cable T.V., and are still going to lose two of the most watched channels with our service!! It’s appalling that Time Warner cannot come to an agreement to pay the small amount it is required to pay, to keep these channels for their customers. Especially since we are constantly out of service for days (at times) while they are trying to figure out where to fix the service “first”…or we get disconnected! Also~between the Customer Service Dept., the technicians, and the pay locations..they can’t seem to be on the same page when it comes to a customer being “safe” from disconnection, when they have to make a partial payment (in these tough times), yet, it happens anyway. At times..the VERY NEXT DAY! And get charged, once it is brought to TW attention of the miscommunication, for their service to be turned on by the click of a button! And T.W. decides to not pay the small fee to keep us happy!?!?! For THIS customer…Dish Network is looking better & better for MY CHOICE..for 2011. I’m just saying. 😉

  65. dread pirate roberts's reply

    You haven’t lost your channels. Why don’t you hold your whine until then?

  66. Jack's reply

    Remember that Dish and U-Verse are NOT immune from Retransmission Consent Contracts! Even if you switch, you could face the same issues over channels when they are up for renewal.

    Keep in mind the U-Verse relies on the quality of the phone lines for service. Dish needs clear reception, obstructed from trees. Oh, and after your promotional rates expire, unlike TWC, where it is very easy to negotiate a new deal for another 1-2 years, it is very difficult to get new discount rates with Dish or U-Verse, once the promotional rates expire. We have never had a problem getting discounted rates from TWC.

    The companies, whether it be cable, Dish, or U-Verse, will negotiate successfully for hundreds of stations at a fair price. It is only in isolated instances that stations are dropped, in which case you can still use an OTA antenna or get most content on-line.

    Carol, what stations are up for retransmission consent in your area? I wouldn’t be too concerned about it unless there is no deal come New Years Day.. If you are unhappy with your service, you have the right to switch, BUT there is absolutely no certainty that things will be better (or worse) with another provider. Every second party TV vendor has to go through Retransmission consent, unfortunately.

    However, I agree with you that Customers should not be pawns in the political game between the feuding companies. Stations should be allowed to stay on while the parties involved work out a new deal.


  67. Robert Cuffney's reply

    Keep Fox Rochester local broadcasting!

  68. Marc's reply

    TWC absolutely sucks compared to it’s competitiion. If cable companies didn’t have monopolies on certain areas, they would be out of business–it’s that simple.

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