August 10, 2010

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We’re Developing an iPad App: A Conversation With Glenn Britt and Mike LaJoie

We’re always interested in the ways that new technologies can enhance a customer’s experience with our products. Naturally, we’re developing an iPad app.

It’s not ready for the marketplace just yet, but we do have a working prototype. I was able to convince our CEO Glenn Britt, our CTO Mike LaJoie, and VP of Web Services Jason Gaedtke to sit down with me (and a video camera operator) and demonstrate the iPad app as it exists now.

While the app itself is pretty cool, it’s really more indicative of where our company is going in the future — something I find pretty exciting. You can see the video embedded below, but you can see it much larger here.

This video is just one part of a much larger conversation that I had to chop into bits to post on Youtube. I’ll post the remaining videos throughout the week, so please do check back in to see more.

Do you have an iPad? Would you use this app? What would you like to see in a Time Warner Cable iPad app? As always, please let us know in the comments.

(You can see part 2 of this discussion here.


  1. Craig Kuehne's reply

    Yes, I have an iPad – and more and more people I know are getting them…

    Yes, I would use it!!!

  2. Joe Siegler's reply

    I have an iPad, and would probably use it, but without seeing a full feature list and whether or not it’s free or not would determine that.

    Hard to know if I’d use an app w/o knowing what the full deal with it is. Yeah, we have the videos, but I’d prefer to make that decision once I have the full scope of all of it is.

  3. Dan's reply

    I won’t mind paying for a small fee if it steam all contents from my programs. This is exciting news, what’s the ETA?

  4. Daniel Well's reply

    Pretty much all the apps out there, capable to communicate with set-top boxes have the basic such as scheduling, control of the device. If you want to attract more subscribers, put your money on streaming and make it work on all contents. Live sport would be the real deal.

  5. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    Hey Dan — glad you’re excited! We don’t have an ETA just yet, I’m afraid.

  6. Dave's reply

    I have an iPad and would definitely use this with my TWC!

  7. Matthew Lieberman's reply

    I have 2 iPads and bought my folks one. We would all use this app in a heartbeat. Very much looking forward to it.

  8. Dave's reply

    Anything for us Android user out here? Throw us a bone. I see Android as the future universal platform, not Apple OS. Android is open source and more flexible for development. This will allow for better innovation and more widespread use and consumers flexibility.

  9. Brandon's reply

    Great idea… but you are months behind Uverse, Dish Network, Fios, and DirecTV. All those providers have apps already to schedule DVR and look up show times. Now, if you can crack the streaming ability to watch on an iPhone or iPad… that will blow people away and you’ll see people switch to TWC.

  10. Wayne's reply

    I agree with Dave – you should definitely look at Android and others as well (and this coming from an iOS user). However, I think there should also be an iPhone compatible app – especially considering it runs the same chip and OS as the iPad

  11. Dave's reply

    The sooner the better! Can’t wait! I spend hours looking for the remote, but I always know where the iPad is. Being able to set shows to record while away would be great. Also intrigued by the “share” feature.

  12. Jim's reply

    iphone and iPad user here and I’d like to be able to use either as a remote and to schedule recordings. I would love to stream sports especially when I’m on the road.

  13. Terry's reply

    Who cares about Ipod apps?? I wouldn’t use one if you gave it to me

  14. Ray's reply

    Amazing and right on time. Another first mover advantage for iOS users. Great support for your customers TWC.

  15. Jeff's reply

    Awesome I can’t wait for the app!

  16. Neal P's reply

    Bring it on. Sooner the better!

  17. Bob's reply


    You’ve wetted our appetite 4 months ago … still no ETA?

  18. Don's reply

    2nd version of the iPad is out. no comment from TW that I can find on the app status since 12/2010. news?

  19. brian's reply

    So is there an android app in development for the xoom or are you only drinking from the cup of Jobs?

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