September 23, 2010

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A Presidential Connection: Nebraska Girl Joins Glenn Britt in D.C. to “Change the Equation”

Last Thursday, Time Warner Cable Chairman and CEO Glenn Britt visited Washington D.C. for the launch of Change the Equation (CTEq), a non-profit, CEO-led organization created to address America’s innovation crisis and improve science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education.  Glenn Britt was recognized as a founding member of CTEq and for Time Warner Cable’s commitment to inspire students to pursue learning opportunities and careers in STEM through its Connect a Million Minds initiative.

A wide spectrum of movers and shakers were present for President Obama’s announcement, including CEOs of CTEq member corporations, STEM luminaries, politicians and education officials.  Despite all-star attendance, one guest stood out in the crowd: ten-year-old Mary Pinnell from Lincoln, Nebraska.

Mary Pinnell with her father at The Capitol; with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan

After learning that our CEO was permitted a guest at the CTEq launch, we decided to invite a “young mind” that had benefited from our company’s Connect a Million Minds initiative.  Ann Shrewsbury (VP of Communications for Time Warner Cable in Lincoln, Nebraska) quickly pointed to Mary, who had joined a Time Warner Cable-sponsored FIRST Lego League (FLL) robotics team:

“Mary was the perfect representative.  Her participation and excitement for robotics has fueled her interest in the science and technology fields that Time Warner Cable recognizes as vital to the future of our country.”

There’s something about Mary. She’s smart.  She’s enthusiastic.  She’s the future.

Before joining FLL, Mary wasn’t so keen on math and science. However, after a few team practices, Mary quickly embraced the STEM skills she learned in the context of creating robots and developed a relationship with the Time Warner Cable employee volunteers that coached the team.  Today she’s an enthusiastic representative for her robotics team and an avid supporter of Connect a Million Minds.

During her trip to D.C., Mary’s packed agenda was on par with the President’s.  She attended the launch event for Change the Equation, visited the Smithsonian and met Steve Robinson (Special Assistant with the Domestic Policy Council), Arne Duncan (Secretary of Education), Sally Ride (Astronaut and President of Sally Ride Science) and U.S. senators.

Mary Pinnell with Astronaut Sally Ride

About her experience in Washington D.C., Mary told us:

“The president and the senators were all really friendly.  This opportunity was definitely a life-changing experience for me and I won’t ever forget it.”

The next generation needs more Marys.  Inspire today’s young minds to become tomorrow’s problem-solvers by visiting Connect a Million Minds, where you can Take the Pledge to connect kids to valuable after-school STEM opportunities and resources.


  1. Brown's reply

    time warner keep on inspire students to pursue learning opportunities, Many should visit the web site of Connect a Million Minds.

  2. Tara's reply

    @Brown: We encourage all Untangled users to learn more about Time Warner Cable’s philanthropic commitment to connect kids to science, technology, engineering and math by visiting

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