September 22, 2010

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‘Prep Sports Night Live’ Comes to SoCal on Friday Nights

Time Warner Cable Sports in Southern California has expanded its line-up by introducing Prep Sports Night Live, a live call-in sports show hosted by Rich Estrella (former host of the Pac-10 Report), Friday nights at 10:30 PST on SoCal Channel 101.

Prep Sports Night Live provides extensive coverage of local prep sports action throughout Southern California, including live reports from local high school games, post-game interviews and appearances from in-studio guests . Viewers of Prep Sports Night Live are encouraged to call into the show and voice their thoughts on the hottest sports topics of the week.

With the addition of Prep Sports Night Live, Time Warner Cable Sports in Southern California now features distinct high school sports programming like High School Sports Rewind, a weekly show recapping game highlights, scores and student athletes and Game of the Week, a weekly broadcast of noteworthy games between rival football teams.

So, when the last play is made, the final whistle is blown, the clock has run out and the players exchange post-game handshakes, it’s not quite over yet because Prep Sports Night Live is on the air and the phone lines are open.

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