September 02, 2010

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We Have A Deal with Disney/ESPN and ABC

Attention football fans, princess lovers, and Wife-Swap watchers … It warms the core of my leathery corporate heart to bring you the following announcement:

We’re pleased to announce that we have reached a long-term agreement with ESPN/ABC and Disney to provide for continued carriage of a broad array of Disney/ABC and ESPN networks and services in standard and high-definition, including:

ABC Family, Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Channel on Demand (subscription video on demand), ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Classic, ESPN Deportes, ESPNEWS, ESPNU, ESPN Pay-Per-View, and Toon Disney.

The agreement also allows for the launch of the following networks and services:

  • Disney Junior, a new 24-hour basic channel for preschool-age children, parents and caregivers launching in 2012.
  • – ESPN’s live sports broadband network will be available to all Time Warner Cable subscribers who get ESPN.
  • A new service allowing customers to view ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU through broadband and mobile Internet devices
  • ESPN Goal Line – a college football super-highlight channel will be available only to Time Warner Cable’s Sports Pass customers starting as early as September 4, 2010;
  • ESPN Buzzer Beater: a college basketball service similar to ESPN Goal Line, will be available to Time Warner Cable’s Sports Pass customers for college basketball season;
  • Expanded Video-on-demand services: including ABC On Demand, Disney-branded On Demand offerings for kids, local sports content in select markets, plus the subscription video-on-demand service “Disney Family Movies”
  • Start Over and Look Back features on a variety of Disney Media Networks content.
  • ESPN Deportes: available to a larger Time Warner Cable footprint
  • ESPN 3D.

It looks like sports fans are getting a fair bit of new content through this deal — good for you guys! I know I’ve gotten a lot of questions about ESPN3 over the last year, intensifying in recent weeks. I’m pretty excited to be part of providing our customers the content that they want.

These negotiations are fun for nobody. They mean a lot of long hours, white-collar fire drills and last-minute tension timed to stain the closest holiday. I know that to everyone following this at home, it reads like two enormous corporate giants slugging it out. Before I worked here, I just sort of pictured a gigantic robot mouse slugging this out with a colossal hovering set-top box like Godzilla vs. Mothra or something.

Here’s the reality: most of both teams spent the night in the office last night. They didn’t sleep. Not, like, slept poorly, or got into a bed and tossed and turned, but were literally in the office overnight working. One of our people has a four year-old son who went off to his first day of school today while his dad was in the office sweating this thing out. Some negotiators on both sides have kids who went off to college while their parents were working on this.

The end result is this: both sides put in a tremendous amount of work at no small sacrifice to their personal lives to bring you a lot of great content without interruption.

Thanks again for your patience, and have a great Labor Day weekend.

**Update 9.6.10**

I know that you’re all really excited to get ESPN3. However, I don’t know any more details on ESPN3, as we just signed the agreement Thursday evening before a holiday weekend.

It is going to take some time to work this out operationally, and I’ll share more details when I have them. This blog will likely be the first place that we announce the rollouts — but for right now, I don’t know when that’s going to happen. As soon as I know, I’ll post about it.


  1. Jake's reply


  2. sk's reply

    I wish Disney wouldnt gag us with so much ESPN and make non sports fan subscribers have to pay for those channels…

  3. Adam's reply

    Just curious but is this raising our monthly rates? thanks

  4. traci's reply

    so how much with this hike up the already crappy service?

  5. Jack's reply

    That will be interesting to see how ESPN3 will work and presented on the channels. Isn’t that an Internet service where everyone can go to right now?

    I compliment both the teams of TWC and Disney in getting this thing done. I wish there was some way, any way, that us football fans could get the NFL Network and the Red Zone Channel on TWC as well! That right now is the only big deal channel out there that TWC doesn’t carry, but almost all of the competition does! In fact, I think you guys and Cablevision are the only hold outs. Even small little cable outlets that I have barely heard of have the NFL Network!

    You guys really should present an offer to allow NFL Network on the Digital Variety Package. NFL Network won’t allow the channel on the optional Digital Sports Package. While I agree that NFL Network should be on the optional Digital Sports Package, the NFL Network will not permit that. So negotiate a deal for about 60 to 65 cents for the channel on the Digital Variety Package. If this is not done, football fans will probably NEVER see the NFL Network on TWC. If you add this channel at a very reasonable approximation of 60-65 cents a sub, who’s gonna complain? The compliments would probably out-number the complaints by as much as 500 to 1. This channel is just too popular, too intense, and too important among its fans for TWC to not carry it.

    Everyone should send an E-Mail to the following CEO’s at TWC. It’s OK if you want to use any of my examples above to illustrate why TWC is overdue for this channel. There are millions of fans who have been waiting for the NFL Network on TWC for six years!

    Here are their addresses:

    The time for NFL Network on TWC is now!

  6. Angela Orr's reply

    Excited for Disney Junior, but if kids really started school and others left for college while these negotiations were going on and parents missed it, they need to take a serious look at their priorities. I’m not impressed, I’m rather horrified. Poor kids…

  7. Ryan's reply

    When can we expect to have access to ESPN3?

  8. patricia's reply

    finally it was not nice of disney to torture us like that

  9. James's reply

    See there is ALWAYS somebody crying about it…. Never fails…

  10. DBB's reply

    I want to thank you for getting this done. When will we be able to use ESPN 3?

  11. J R Smith's reply


    At what cost to customers?

  12. C Byars's reply

    I only have Internet access through Time Warner Cable. Does this mean I will not have access to espn 3 since I do not get my tv service through them? It just states that people who subscribe to espn will get espn3. I think the people who subscribe to the broadband service should have some stakes.

  13. Ashley's reply

    Its not fair to anyone involved at the negotiation level what the corporations put you through, thank you so much for doing it. You may have sacrificed much, and I’m sure some people will say “its your job” but you know you really are the ones who protect and serve the consumers. Your work has special meaning not only to your company but to the economy, to our country, and to consumers everywhere. Keep fighting the good fight, and don’t let each other forget that your service extends beyond the walls of your office and into the lives of your friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens. You’re the soldiers who fight wars without guns, and uphold the values of TW which I think most of us believe in. Great work, I hope you all know that. I’d come hug all of you if I could, but I think security would raise an eyebrow at a request for access on that basis 🙂

  14. Ashley's reply

    “It warms the core of my leathery corporate heart”

    Priceless…. 🙂 We love you Jeff

  15. Jaxon's reply

    What did it cost TWC? Did you roll-over or did they? And what will it mean to the average subscriber’s bill?

  16. Rich's reply


  17. Islandguy's reply

    Now how about making the deal for NFL Network like almost every other MSO has in North America.

  18. Chuck Jette's reply

    I guess that it is good to have this done and all the extra “services” available. But like J R Smith above, my question is how much more comes out of my pocket? Hopefully these will be more of the on demand type channels. I don’t need to shell out oodles more $$$ for channels I care nothing about. And a 24 hour kid’s network………………….????

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  20. DC's reply

    I also want to know…When can we access ESPN 3?

  21. chris's reply

    It is still fuzzy on how much espn 3 will cost to the stand-a-lone internet subscribers with no video service. I hope you are not planning to leave us on the curb with no option of getting in besides ordering tv service we do not want.

  22. ga's reply

    they are beating around the bush and not telling how much this will cost us!!!!

  23. Diane's reply

    How much is this going to raise our already enormous bill? We all seemed to have noticed that you left that part out. (As fro the hours you put in, isn’t that what you get the big bucks for?) With that build up, only sounds like you’re getting ready to tell us the bill will be outrageous.

  24. Ron C.'s reply

    Good job, TWC, in landing ESPN3. But dittoes to the question – when will we actually have ESPN3 availability? My question in this regard to TWC has not been answered. ESPN got right back indicating it would take some time to get the wires all connected to give us ESPN3. Of course, the college football season starts tomorrow. So ESPN3 delays will cost us opportunity in the near term to see games broadcast in that format. Please get busy TWC and get that service up and running for us.

  25. Tim's reply

    WHEN will ESPN3 be available????

  26. Max DiOrio's reply

    When can we expect ESPN3 access? I’d like to be able to watch the Syracuse v Akron game Saturday.

    Thanks for making this happen TW. Although I’d still say that family should have been a priority over this deal. Streatch the deadline an extra day to make sure that you don’t miss important things in your family life.

  27. Jose's reply

    I too want to know when we can start using espn3. Also, will espn deportes hd be available to all areas or just major markets? Thanks.

  28. Joe's reply

    I travel a lot for business but am a Time Warner customer. Will I be able to use ESPN3 from another network?

  29. Thomas's reply

    As a Roadrunner only subscriber, will I get access to If not, I know of a similarly-priced ISP in my area that will provide me access.

    And if you are not providing service to Roadrunner Only subscribers, I hope members of the media will start reading through your cleverly-written press release and realize that NOT ALL Time Warner Cable Customers will get access to

    Hey media, take notice!

  30. Joni's reply

    Yeah, service is not great and programming schedule is always off. They have a certain program scheduled and something else is on instead. The old Adelphia was right on with their scheduling!

  31. lynn's reply

    Call 1 800-342- 3377 to complain about Time Warner ripping off New Yorker’s. We are paying for unwanted channels this is another excuse to raise our already high bill. I know for a fact Time Warner will edit this go to Facebook for the real deal

  32. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    Lynn: How do you “know for a fact Time Warner will edit this?” I just posted the comment, unedited like I do all the others. Do you have evidence here?

  33. Ruth Conone's reply

    I get a basic Time Warner Cable package and am a road runner only computer subscriber. Will I be able to get ESPN 3 to see the football games?

  34. Nancy in NYC's reply

    Like other commenters, I’m also eager for more details about availability of ESPN3. Also, someone mentioned ESPN Deportes HD. Is there a plan to make ESPN Deportes available in HD?

  35. Thomas's reply

    Hi Jeff,

    Can you answer my question above? “As a Roadrunner only subscriber, will I get access to”

  36. Mark's reply

    When will these new services rollout? Especially ESPN3?

  37. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    Hi — thanks for all your comments here. I know that you’re all really excited to get ESPN3. However, I don’t know any more details on ESPN3, as we just signed the agreement yesterday.

    It is going to take some time to work this out operationally, and I’ll share more details when I have them. This blog will likely be among the first places that we announce the rollouts — but for right now, I don’t know when that’s going to happen.

  38. Vic's reply

    This is just great! (NOT!) More sports channels I will never watch. How much is this going to cost me in increased rates? Rates are too high already. I’d be happy to give up the Disney and ESPN channels I have now if I could lower my rates. I am tired of subsidizing the sports nuts as it is. I’m sure this means it is only going to get worse.

  39. Donna Chralowicz's reply

    How much is this going to cost?!?! I don’t watch ESPN or Disney and now I’m going to be forced to pay for this extra crap that I won’t ever use? That sucks. This kind of enhanced specialty programming for kids and sports fans should come in packages that are optional to purchase.

  40. Jake's reply

    I am a Road runner only subscriber, will I have access to ESPN3? I actually called AT&T yesterday before I saw the press release to compare prices because I didn’t have ESPN3 access. If Road runner doesn’t get it I am gone…

  41. Kelly's reply

    Nice post, Jeff. thanks for laying it out in relatable terms. Please thank your team for their hard work!

  42. Kate's reply

    I, too, want to know how much my bill is going to go up. I don’t want these channels and would like to see them become “on demand”. It seems like the only ones you’re getting “tough” with is your customers. If my bill goes up yet again, I’ll have to consider cutting back. How about giving your average non-sports fan, non-mommie subscribers a break?

  43. Robert's reply

    I don’t care about any of Disney stuff why should I have them period.

  44. Gerard's reply

    As a senior citizen, I would like to know why you keep removing movie channels, like fmc, and why do I have sooo many foreign channels.
    I don’t watch Disney

  45. Vadim's reply

    Finaly, that’s a great news I missed espn3. I wish it came earlier for world cup.

    anyway thank you.

  46. brandon's reply

    now that we are going to be able to get espn3 does that also mean that we will be able to get espn3 over are xbox 360 when it comes out in november?

  47. Jim_Bob's reply

    It’s great that we are going to have access to ESPN3.

    To all those lamenting that we are going to receive this and more Disney access, grow up.

    The idea is to have a variety of channels, and enough of them so that everyone’s tastes in programming can be satisfied.

    You say you don’t want sports?
    Well, the main reason that I have cable TV at all IS for the sports.

    I don’t particularly enjoy paying for all of the channels you like, but I don’t complain about it.

    If we all share the load, we can all be happy.

  48. Jon's reply

    So you have to subscribe to cable television in order to get Not cool. I don’t subscribe to cable TV but have enjoyed using the on-line service in another market in the past – and it was great.
    This will not get me to order cable TV service.

    Another less-than-satisfied customer…

  49. Richard's reply

    I just got an email back from brighthouse customer care.. no ESPN 3 for Roadrunner only… Wow that is lame
    here is the reply

    Thank you for your email regarding your Bright House Networks service.

    We are pleased to announce that with a recent carriage agreement with ESPN. Bright House Networks cable and digital cable subscribers will not have access to

    ESPN’s live sports broadband network, which will be available to all Bright House Networks subscribers who get ESPN. gives Bright House Networks fans a 24/7 online destination that delivers more than 3,500 live, global sports events annually as part of the TV Everywhere application for sports.

    You do need to subscribe to our basic/standard or digital cable service to qualify for the access as both compliment each other.

    If you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us by replying to this email. Or, if you prefer, call us anytime at 877-892-EASY (3279) or chat with us online using Live CHAT. Thank you for being a customer of Bright House Networks.

  50. Zach's reply

    Thanks for the hard work to Jeff and the rest of the team. However, Jeff you did respond but didnot answer the question besides “I dont know when ESPN3 will be ready”. But we wont have it for this Saturday? I am really, really frustrated its not available today! Jeff, how about a real time frame?

  51. Sam's reply

    Please answer the question about ESPN3 availability to Roadrunner only customers.

    It’s like only selling sandwiches to people who already have them, while kicking those who are hungry out to the curb.

    If this is true, y’all better get some sleeping bags ready for the office.

  52. Robert's reply

    There will always be cable channels that some people don’t use. That’s the same with satellite and any other cable provider. They offer tons of channels in order to give you a nice variety. You won’t use them all. So what? As noted above, I am helping to subsidize some of the channels you like, even though I don’t watch them at all. You do the same for me. That’s how this system works. It would be great if we could all pick and choose only the channels we wanted, but what a nightmare of a mess that would be from TWC’s side of things.

    Glad we are getting ESPN3 at some point. Sadly, I’ll miss the Vandy game tonight, but the deal just happened, so I understand. Just glad I’ll get to watch such games at some point. Thanks!

  53. Brandon's reply

    To me, just to hear that we are getting ESPN3 and these other services we never received before is enough to make me happy. I’m glad that you guys have an agreement. Thank you! Now, i’m excited.

  54. Gwen's reply

    Whatever, we’re cancelling as soon as our 2nd promotional period is up. We only want certain channels and every time we call for a rate adjustment, they try to push the digital crap on us. We only watch a handful of channels that are in the standard basic channels and they took two of those away. Screw it. I’ll just get a season pass from my tivo and/or iTunes.

  55. Rob's reply

    When is ESPN3 going to be unblocked by Disney? It’s been three days now since the deal was inked.

  56. JJ's reply

    Jeff –

    Will this be flash based or html? Just asking as I use an iPad and iPhone and well ya know….no flash. I’ve seen the html based US Open tennis, etc, and it looks great. Really hoping you go that route as everybody will be using tablets in the nxt few months!

  57. keoki's reply

    when will access be available because i still cant get access to the site. i know the new agreement gives us access but i just want to know when exactly it will start b/c it has not started yet

  58. Jack's reply

    What’s up with ESPN3 unavailability? Why no updates? It’s football season Time Warner!!! We want it yesterday.

  59. Marlene's reply

    All my husband wants to know if will be able to get the Browns games…also why does fox8cleveland get blocked at 8pm every evening…very annoying and possible reason to ck into other options!

  60. Chris's reply

    I wouldn’t expect ESPN3 until 2011 at the earliest. After all Time Warner is the company that screwed up a changeover from adelphia to roadrunner internet so bad that I was without internet for three days. I wouldn’t expect them to know what to do to get ESPN3 turned on.

  61. dread pirate roberts's reply

    All you whiney, *itchy people, complain, complain and complain!! This is America! if you don’t like your service, SWITCH!!! Go to DTV/Dish/U-Verse/Comcrap whatever!! Don’t make it about “when my special expires” All you people do is whine. The new ESPN deal is done, some guy wants it YESTERDAY, some douch whining it’s been 3 days where is ESPN3. One guy wants it the very second it was available, not knowing you have to prepare the network and launch the dang thing!! I want to say thanks to TWC for making a good deal for we, your customers and not caving in to ESPN’s demands. Good job!! I like my service. I like my lineup. My phone works, my internet works and when I have issues, they fix it the next day at the latest. Keep up the good work!! BUT I want NFL Network!!!!!! 🙂 And NO I’m not switching just to get one network. Again, if you don’t like your service QUIT it and move on!! If you have LEGIT gripes, call and get your service fixed. If it’s just to complain, although everything works OK, I just don’t like to pay my bill….move on!

  62. Sam's reply

    Mariene, I think Time Warner is doing your husband a favor blocking Browns games.

  63. Kaylee's reply

    I’ve been a customer for a long time and whenever I have a problem it is addressed immediately, for that I am happy, along with building an even more diverse lineup makes me glad to be a loyal customer, it’s enough that they keep us up to date on these sort of happenings, so thank you 😀 while I don’t watch sports, its good to know it is available if we change our minds—lol Sam I’m not even going there about the Browns because their fans are hardcore D: but I will say

  64. Kaylee's reply


    Well Put dear sir/madam

  65. Jack's reply

    Agree with Dread Pirate Roberts regarding his Sept 7, comment. BTW, I am NOT the “Jack” above that said “Where is ESPN3, we want it yesterday.” It is going to take time to get the new services up and running. At least TWC has a long-term deal with Disney and ESPN services and that’s what’s important.

    We have also been very happy with the service received from TWC. The Navigator Guide has some things that can be improved upon, but you can read my previous posts about them. Yes, the NFL Network would be cool to have, but at a reasonable price. Personally, I would not switch for one channel. Note that if you contemplate switching, there are long-term contract REQUIREMENTS that you must sign, so if you are unhappy with the service, you either have to stay with them for 1-2 years or pay a huge disconnect fee for early service termination.

    It also may not be easy to get discounted rates with another provider after your promotional deal expires. This is an area where TWC outshines any and all competition. They are very happy to continue to give special packages and discounted rates for extended periods of time.

    Do you have a lot of trees in your area? Good luck with Direct TV or Dish, you’re going to need it! Are your phone lines about 50 years old or more? You might have problems with U-Verse.

    All the companies have the same negotiation for retransmission consent that TWC does. I like the “Roll Over or Get Tough” option because it keeps the customers informed about the negotiation process. Maybe TWC could look at the phrase, “Roll Over or Get Tough” in a future study, because both choices seam to be like asking a customer, “Would you rather have an arm or a leg cut off?” Meaning, that they both have the potential to produce unsatisfactory outcomes. Maybe a simple phrase that says something like:

    “TWC is currently negotiating retransmission consent contracts with the following channels: (channel A, channel B, channel C, and channel D.) We are working very hard to reach an agreement that represents both the value of these channels for our customers and a reasonable fee to carry the programing.

    In other words, maybe the verbiage of having to take channels away should only be used as a last resort. The current system places too much anxiety in the minds of the customers who often have to wait, holding their breathe, while retransmission deals are completed.

    The FCC really needs to look at this and I must applaud TWC’s idea to work privately to reach these agreements so that the customer does not feel trapped in the middle of negotiations. He/she should never have to feel this kind of pressure. Some stipulation needs to be proposed and passed, where if the TV provider and host company cannot come to agreeable terms, a mediator would than come in and equally distribute the terms and conditions to the best interest of what both companies are seeking. That’s better than the anxiety of telling a customer that their channels may be taken away.


  66. Doug's reply

    Ok Dread – but when the only viable ISP is a cable monopoly, which they all are, I think it is OK to be frustrated. It is complete BS on the part of both Time Warner and ESPN. ESPN for taking program that might otherwise have been on satelite or other TV and shoving it into this ESPN 3 crap. Maybe its *itching, but I would say its warranted. They are greedy M-fers and that’s the bottom line.

  67. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    Doug — I’d like to take issue with your “cable monopoly” statement. We’re not a monopoly. I hear this from customers all the time, who say “I’m fed up with your monopoly practices, so I’m switching to DISH/FiOS/U-Verse.” If we were a monopoly there wouldn’t be anything to switch to. It’s certainly OK to be frustrated, that’s a valid feeling. But when you have competition, you’re not a monopoly.

  68. dread pirate roberts's reply

    Doug, one issue sir. monopoly is a market in which there are many buyers but only one seller. There are MANY ISP’s in the world, from large companies to local “clear” providers. Your comment about greed. You have to consider that this is an entertainment business. It entertains YOU but is a business to the stock holders of the company. They have a responsibility to them. If your 401K manager has TWC in the bundle, then you may be a stock holder and are unaware, like those who have stocks in oil companies, then complain when they make a profit. TWC makes money, if they didn’t, then they would be out of business and some other company back-fills the void and then they are the bad guys/monopoly. Hey, no one likes to pay a bill. I don’t but I have to IF I want to have the service, or I’ll have to climb up and put a roof attenna and get OTA programming. That is an option. There are many. If anyone is not happy, switch! There are no contracts. Bottom line…this IS a business, not a charity. If you have problems. get them fixed, they will do it for free. If you don’t have service issues and just don’t like paying the bill, then you have other issues cable TV won’t solve.

  69. dread pirate roberts's reply

    @Sam…”Mariene, I think Time Warner is doing your husband a favor blocking Browns games.” LMAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Brian P's reply

    thanks for getting ESPN3. You made me a happy man and my wife a lonely mother…just kidding she likes the fact we are getting it too! We are both big soccer fans and are excited to be able to watch games through our XBOX.

    Thanks again

  71. JJ's reply

    not that I care to switch over, bc I’m fine w/ TWC, but FIOS is not expanding in NYC (Manhattan) – they’ve pulled their rollout. Also, most ppl don’t choose to get dish network bc they live b/t buildings where the signal is weak – its not a fair substitue. I think the only point that needs to be made, with a company like TWC, is that things are changing fast. If the company doesn’t respond quickly there will be an entirely new outlet for cable very soon and customers will jump ship if the new services offered are easy for the user in set-up and competitive (not the case w/ fios or dish now – but when things move to internet based cable, it will be. ie skype style TV via the net). they just want to make sure they treated customers right. this clearly isn’t done w/ their customer service (twc cable depots, calling groups) = the worst in the business. but all the credit to Jeff for making this site available. it’s a great help. But again, my question is, do we know anything about espn/espn2/espn3 being offered in html5 so everybody w/ an Apple product can use? I saw there are companies out there the convert flash to HTML5 realtime and I wanted to see if that was going to be used so we can watch on iphones/ipads? or is that entirely in the hands of espn?

  72. Thomas's reply


    Please stop ignoring the questions regarding the availability of ESPN3 for Roadrunner-only customers. Will you please address it?

    My service has been great with TWC/Roadrunner, but was planning on switching to Verizon DSL this fall to acquire ESPN3 access. However, I put those plans on hold as it sounded (via news reports) like ESPN3 would be coming to Roadrunner.

    Please clear things up for us Roadrunner-only customers.

    Thank you.

  73. John's reply

    Well, I have Direct TV because I got fed up with Time Warner Cable’s ever breaking equipment. Love the NFL network, by the way. But, the internet was working fine and I was holding out hope that the new contract would include ESPN3. So, now I hear that I’m going to be shut out of receiving the service, even though my rates are going up $5 per month? If that really happens, it will be the last straw, and I will be completely severing all ties with TWC. An all in one, if you will…..

  74. Thomas's reply


    Great point. My service two months ago was $24.99 and this month it was raised to $29.95. So let’s get this right….a 20 percent increase in price and nothing in return?!?!?!

    Jeff….we are still waiting for your answer!


  75. Jack's reply


    ESPN 3 is definitely coming and is a long term part of the deal with Disney. It might take some time to get everyone synchronized with the ESPN3 service and Road Runner to get it up and running. One thing I am not sure about was that the Digital Sports Package ($4.95/mo). will be required to get ESPN 3 I am sure that Jeff, or one of the other blog techs will let us know when it is up and running.

    Unfortunately, since you said you have Direct TV, you might be out of luck for ESPN3 with Time Warner. Glad you like NFL Network on Direct TV though!


    Thomas, what TWC service or services do you know have? You should call about that $5.00 increase and see what that’s about. See if they can offer you a deal, or put you back at the old rate. If you get a runaround from a level 1 CSR, call back and ask to be transferred to the “Customer Retention Department.” Often, they can look into even better deals than the regular CSR’s. But hopefully, the regular CSR, will be able to help you out.


  76. Lee's reply

    It seems most people who are interested in espn3 are interested in it because of football season just starting.

    I thought that by this weekend I would have espn3 and be able to watch the Ohio State Miami game.

    It looks like TWC won’t have it by this weekend.

    Should I switch to AT&T or wait for TWC to give an answer as to when espn3 will be available?

    Some kind of time line is needed.


  77. Horris's reply

    I do not have any problem in the terms of technical service with TWC. However, they have the worst customer service I’ve ever seen. Also, they cannot resolve problem at once. I have to call them more than twice to get it done. It is easy to say that “change your service”! Unfortunately, TWC is the only one in my area(Manhattan) which meet my requirements. If there was a FIOS service, I would have already changed it!
    There is nothing to do, if there is no other cable service in my area. Anyway, I am so happy that I will have ESPN3 on Broadband network. One more thing, TWC is not the monopoly. There are many other cable companies which they are close each other. If people want they can switch! I will wait until move out!

  78. dread pirate roberts's reply


    Great point. My service two months ago was $24.99 and this month it was raised to $29.95. So let’s get this right….a 20 percent increase in price and nothing in return?!?!?!

    JOHN, you have Road Runner at an introductory price! RR is normally 44.95/mo. You must be on the 24.95 special and your special is running out, so it increases 5.00 per month back up to the regular price. It is a 20% increase, but you received almost a 50% DECREASE when you first got it. Get it? It’s NOT because of the new deal. Many customers FORGET they are on a special and 24.95 is not the regular price for RR unless you are buldled up then it’s 10 bucks cheaper in the bundle. Hope this helps

  79. dread pirate roberts's reply

    @Lee, I think you shoud go brother!! Don’t wait….a week or so….switch now!! I think U-Verse/AT&T installs are out 4-6 weeks, so you better call!!

  80. John's reply

    What are you guys, professional customers? LOL. hey, the $5 doesn’t mean much to me either way, but it’s not just new customers receiving the increase. Check your bill. Mine went from $49.95 to $54.95, and I’ve been a customer for 10 years. Other internet companies manage to offer ESPN3 without a cable service, there is no reason why TWC can’t do the same thing. But don’t worry about me. I’m all set with my free Sunday ticket 9/12, and when I get around to it, I’ll gladly do whatever it takes to get ESPN3, one way or the other. Like you said, we all have options. I’m just letting TWC know I’m not afraid to use mine.

  81. Tyler Handsome's reply

    @ dread pirate roberts…..i’m hoping to god you’re a cable guy bc if you research this information for fun you have to be the biggest loser ever

  82. dread pirate roberts's reply

    Why would that make me the BIGGEST loser EVER if I wasn’t a cable guy? LOL How about a well informed customer?

  83. Dave's reply

    So,for the privilege of getting ESPN3 — a channel I’ve never even I heard of — I now have to pay extra for DisneyOnDemand, a channel we regularly watch.

    I especially like the way this was handled — no news until you try to tune to the channel and find out you have to pay for what was free only yesterday.

    One step closer to a complete Roku/Hulu/Netflix world….

  84. chris's reply

    Well I dont really use the other services but ESPN3 aka espn360 is was my choice for live sports viewing as use my laptop to watch tv/sports from my room, I watched the world cup on EPSN3 in quality definition well about half of the world cup ,because they pulled the plug from TWC, I can either subscribe to an on demand website or change provider which i think many are thinking of doing but I think ill wait see what happens with this deal now that 2 weeks have past since the deal struck….

  85. dread pirate roberts's reply

    @Dave, I thought Disney OD was a pay channel?? It was when my son first found it, a few months ago…..

  86. Jen's reply

    @ Dave

    I agree, my daughter turned to Disney on Demand one day, then the very next day, they want $4. What is up with that? It was free until the “deal” was made.

  87. Jack's reply


    No. Disney on Demand has always been a pay channel that usually runs $3.95 a month. There are ordering instructions that give the cost of the On-Demand channels when subscribers turn to them if they choose to order.

    The Disney Channel (NOT On-Demand) is included as a part of most standard/digital service packages. Subs, remember to review pricing information carefully when tuning to Pay-Per-View and On-Demand Channels before ordering! Jen, assuming you did not want Disney on Demand, I hope you got the charge off your bill!

    Users or Parents with children should visit the Free Answers on Demand Channel, which provides helpful tutorials on how to set up and use your cable equipment and box settings. Within Answers on Demand, users can set up Parental Controls, (i.e block programs by Title, Content, Time, Rating) or Purchase Protection (Control the purchase of PPV and VOD channels with a special Pin Number before purchases can be made. When setting up a Pin number for the first time for Parental Control or Purchase Protection, the default pin is usually “0000.”

    Pin Numbers can be the same or different for Parental Control or Purchase Protection. Consult the Answers on Demand Channel for more information, your local TWC website, or call Customer Care, and they will show you how to set up Parental Control or Purchase Protection pin numbers for your box.


  88. Rick's reply

    I’m reading this right: If you only have Road Runner Service you won’t have access to ESPN3? You need to have cable service? If that’s right I’m moving DSL

  89. Colin's reply


    Your right and I just made the move to dsl…

    This is an example of Time Warner trying to keep cable tv and streaming media from competing. They’re losing this fight and leaving a wake of a lot of unhappy customers.

    I hope they change their business model otherwise they’ll be right there with blockbuster.

  90. J's reply

    I definitely think TWC is a “monopoly”, as in my area the only option i have is RoadRunner for ISP. I would like to get ESPN3 but because of this crappy deal between TWC and ESPN i can’t. It’s just frustrating to see all the people with other ISPs able to watch ESPN3, while i can’t.

  91. Roger's reply

    So, it’s now Oct 3rd and I missed seeing my beloved Tar Heels sinking the ECU Pirates yesterday as ESPN3 is still a no show a month after an agreement was reached.
    If only I had gone to my weekend house where little old Blue Ridge Cable offers this service and at a lower monthly fee.
    So just when will ESPN3 be available here???

  92. Phil's reply

    I just got off the chat with a TW sales rep and she said “ESPN3 is not yet available at this time. Notification will be sent to all our customers when this accessible”

  93. TW Underwhelms's reply

    When are you morons going to get this up and running?

    How many people does it take to run a search on your customer database and then to submit the list of qualified customers to ESPN3?

    TW underwhelms once again.

  94. Jay Will's reply

    @ Simmermon

    In your September 15th post regarding this issue (which has since been closed to comments), you state “I can’t even imagine what would happen if you had to start paying for web sites you don’t use.”

    But in making ESPN3 available only to customers that subscribe to ESPN as part of their mandatory packages, aren’t you are doing just that. It would seem that the customer cost for accessing ESPN3 is included in what is paid for the ESPN video services (ESPN, ESPN2, etc.) The fact of the matter is that not everybody that pays for ESPN via TW’s video service will use ESPN3, but they’ll apparently be paying for it.

    I would greatly appreciate an answer and thank you for the customer outreach that you’re providing; it is helpful.

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