October 07, 2010

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“That Color Looks Great on You!” – Our Brand Identity Refresh

You may have noticed that our web site looks a little different. Or, actually, a lot different. It’s brighter, lighter — roomy, even. I feel like my eyes can stretch out and just breathe a little in there.

This is not an accident. We’ve been working for over a year with a team led by Wally Krantz at The Brand Union to update our logo and change the way we present ourselves with a total brand identity refresh — from our Web site to our trucks and the commercials we run on television.

Here’s a video that I shot of Marissa Freeman — our SVP of Marketing Communications — talking about the project:

Here’s one of the ads she’s referring to:

You can see some others here and here.

Advertising Age wrote a pretty nice article about this brand identity refresh this week too. From Advertising Age (italics mine):

The campaign’s flexible tagline is “Moving technology forward to bring you back” and is Time Warner Cable’s way of positioning itself as a lifestyle brand that happens to have innovative technology, especially when compared to the tech-heavy ads favored by its competitors. Kim Bates, Time Warner Cable’s VP-brand strategy, cited Target, Google and Apple as some of the aspirational brands she’d like to see the company associated with one day. “Target’s logo is this icon that’s taken on another life. We want to make our eye/ear a part of the culture,” she said. “Google’s logo changes all the time. We need a brand that can change and feel fresh.”

That flexibility will also soon apply to Time Warner Cable’s products themselves. Mr. Howe (Chief Marketing Officer) said the company will debut a “different pricing architecture” early next year that will give customers more options in creating their subscriptions, while customer service will also get an upgrade. The company’s DVR products will be expanding in a big way next spring with the debut of products like Look Back, which will allow customers to watch programs they missed for up to three [days] past their initial airdates.

We’re going to be redesigning this very blog in the coming months, too. These videos are way too small and some of those modules over there on the right aren’t pulling their weight. When we designed this thing before launch, the idea was to just pack it with really interesting stuff.

But in hindsight, that approach is fine for a designer’s apartment in downtown Tokyo — but I really want room for people to be able to enjoy photos and video without squinting.

That’s just the way of the world, though. You do what you do, then you outgrow it and it’s time for something different. You lose a little weight, get a new suit, maybe a snappier haircut and a more daring necktie. And the next thing you know, people are paying attention to the you that’s been there all along.

Take from that what you will.


  1. Soccer Kits's reply

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. WRCFanatic's reply

    Will the new logo be applied to the Navigator program guide, or I should say when it will be the logo on the Navigator guide?

  3. Steve-O's reply

    Why waste money on a rebranding? Why not improve your service instead? And lower your charges? No wonder more and more people are dumping cable and watching what they want — not the hundreds of channels they don’t want but come with one of your packages — on the web. Your business model needs rethinking, not your logo.

    And WHY would you retain that hideous swirl symbol thingie? It looks like some sort of I.U.D.

    Finally, do you think your customers are idiots? Do you really think anyone believes that article in Advertising Age is not entirely based on a press release fed to the magazine by Time Warner Cable?

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