October 22, 2010

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We’re Launching ESPN3 and Streaming ESPN Online On October 25th

Forget about looking at pictures of your exes’ kids on Facebook. Forget about cat videos on YouTube and reruns on Hulu. What we are about to offer our customers under the beard of “TV Everywhere” is the greatest threat to workplace productivity since the three-martini lunch.

As of October 25th, Time Warner Cable customers with ESPN as a part of their video subscription will have access to a live simulcast of ESPN onto their computers as well as access to ESPN3.com.

From the press release:

At launch, the new authenticated service will give Time Warner Cable subscribers the opportunity to watch ESPN’s linear network online. In the near future, access to ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN Goal Line and ESPN Buzzer Beater will also be offered through this same process, as well as on other Internet enabled devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Consumers can access the channels through a centralized web site, ESPNnetworks.com.

ESPN3.com, ESPN’s live sports broadband service, will also be available to Time Warner Cable subscribers who get ESPN through their video subscription. ESPN3.com gives fans a 24/7 online destination that delivers more than 3,500 live, global sports events annually. Fans can toggle between up to 20 events in a main viewing window, and with a single click, jump to another event. Video can be viewed in widescreen (16:9) and normal (4:3) views and can be expanded to full screen or reduced to a compact size. Recently completed events are archived and available for on-demand replay.

Sure, this is added value to our customers. And yes, it brings ESPN to the fan who wants to watch the game on the train ride home, at the airport, or in the other room while their kids watch cartoons on the main TV.

But let’s call this thing what it is. It’s the mother of all value-adds to the biggest audience of all: the screwing-around-at-work network. The entire Internet economy is built on simultaneously enhancing and destroying workplace productivity, and now that’s going to a WHOLE new level.

Now our customers don’t have to sneak out to sports bars during March Madness or pull little radios out of their desks during the World Series. Now our customers can stream all the sports they like all day long — whether they’re at home, at the doctor’s office, or sleepwalking their way through an important conference call.

Every March, the same old stories come out about productivity slipping because people can’t tear themselves away from all the red-hot college basketball action. Some people buy ’em, other people think they’re bogus.

Scientists should have some pretty solid data for sure by March 2012.

In order to register, you ‘ll need a MyServices account, which you can learn more about here: How To Manage Your Account Online With My Services


  1. Brandon's reply

    SWEET!!!!! Thank you so much! Now this is AWESOME!

  2. Warren Z.'s reply

    Uh, the NCAA tournament portion of March Madness (unless you mean the women’s tournament) isn’t on the ESPN family of networks.

  3. Tony's reply

    Are Brighthouse customer’s getting this as well?

  4. Rick's reply

    About time, now you all need to get to work on getting a deal done with the NFL Network.

  5. J. Hastings's reply

    Dear Sir,
    Thank you so much for not letting us Time Warner Cable INTERNET customers have this. We wouldn’t want to have value adds for people who actually use the INTERNET not the video service. I’m glad that I left my former residence, where I had AT&T internet (with ESPN3), to an area where I can have Time Warner Cable, which seems to not value us internet customers. I can assure you that once I have ANY other option available for high-speed internet I will cut my Time Warner subscription.

    With utmost sincerity,

    J. Hastings

  6. Michael's reply

    Ok, I got the email about this and read the post here about this but NO WHERE on the MyServices pages is there a place to “register”. On the TW site there is even a paragraph about espn3 and registering under the section on sports on time warner but there is nothing in MyServices that says anything about this.

  7. gonzo90017's reply

    I’ve been a Time Warner INTERNET ONLY customer for the past 5 years. But i’ll be switching to AT&T as soon as possible. Every other major ISP offers access to ESPN3.com without requiring their customers to subscribe to their video package.

  8. Enrico Poole's reply

    so…. its 3am oct 25th 2010 where is everything at. nothing is up, i mean this is terrible twc. why send the email to me if nothing is working.

  9. Jeff Simmermon's reply


    Just listen to yourself.

  10. AJA's reply

    I’m listening and agree w/ Enrico. Another email about TWC launching something when its not up. How difficult is it to manage expectations? JUST SEND THE EMAIL WHEN ITS UP!!! I went onto the My Services page as well and its a total cluster. You’d think you’d see a button to hit right there that says ‘add ESPN3’, but no. I’m guessing I have to search for it somewhere? More instructions are needed. It looks very sloppy. But again, that’s to be expected.

  11. SportsGuy's reply

    Not seeing anything. Wouldn’t TWC be listed as an ISP on the site??

  12. Jenn3030's reply

    I got an email to set it up but it’s not working. Is it up or not?

  13. TommyNYC's reply

    Hi GUys. I’m also wondering if this is working. I signed up for My Services but cant seem to add ESPN3. Where do I do that? When I do, how do I sign in on ESPN3?


  14. Chris's reply

    I don’t think you need to add ESPN3. You just need a My Services account. Streaming ESPN works but ESPN3 is still not working.

  15. TommyNYC's reply

    I got in. But on each event I get the message ‘Error Accessing Event. Please Select Another One’. Happened with about 20 events, including the live one.

  16. Mike's reply

    Dear Time Warner,

    I’m already paying $55/mo for your broadband service. And now you’re telling me that I will also need to subscribe to your cable service in order to access a website?

    I understand that you’re trying to convert customers with 1 service into customers with 2 services – but also consider that you will be converting some into ex-customers. Why pay $55/mo for incomplete internet service?

  17. Jason's reply

    @ Jeff Simmermon

    Why are you telling this person “listen to yourself”? You guys sent out yet another email telling us it is ready and it’s not ready. When you send out an email telling customers that something is up and functional that is exactly what they expect to get. You should try to listen to yourself and the way you talk to TWC customers. It’s very rude and that is probably the reason why a lot of people tell you that you are bad at your job.

  18. Enrico Poole's reply

    well… i apologize about my last remark. espn is streaming now… but still no access to espn3.com. time warner cable is not even listed in the isp drop down menu. get it together twc.

  19. Ian K's reply

    The ESPN 3 site is not listing TWC as a provider. Send a bug report to ESPN. I already have the myservices regristration completed. Now it is up to ESPN to add the carrier. I am glad they got this. For those who have internet only I can only imagine it was a cost issue

  20. Charles's reply

    Add me to the list that will be dropping ROAD RUNNER as soon as possible for another service since Time Warner has decided to be the only major ISP that’s decided that we cannot view ESPN3 without a cable subscription.

    So typical of one of the worst companies in existence. We dropped you for satellite because of poor signal quality and even worst customer service and now you do this. No, I am not surprised.

  21. Warren S.'s reply

    Hmm…this quote is funny to me “But let’s call this thing what it is. It’s the mother of all value-adds to the biggest audience of all: the screwing-around-at-work network”
    I can access ESPN3.com at work without having to sign onto anything with Time Warner because we have AT&T lines…without any Video Service!!! What’s that you ask…how is that possible? Well let’s see here, ESPN3.com is a WEBSITE, not a TV Station and accessible through the INTERNET service, not the CABLE TV Service. Not possible you ? Well not for Time Warner because you would rather lose customers rather than actually giving us decent service. I’m headed to AT&T to pay half what I pay now for the same internet speed, and just for kicks, satellite tv because I can get a good rate and still pay no more than what I pay you for internet alone. Congrats on losing another customer!

  22. Upset Customer's reply

    I cannot wait until the day gets here and I can drop TWC as my ISP.

    I don’t want your cable service and now you are telling me I cannot have ESPN3 with out it.

    I will continue to use the remote access feature to bypass your ridiculous authentication and as soon as Verizon FIOS shows up, Im dumping you as my ISP provider

  23. Doug's reply

    @ Jeff Simmermon

    Espn3.com is working fine. It sent me from ESPN3.com to My services to log in and then it went right back and popped up the video. (Disable pop up blocker for ESPN3.com). My question for you is the XBox 360. I have the beta and ESPN is not working for me there yet. Can you tell me anything about when that is going to work? Is there going to be an update to the software allowing log in or is it going to just work, or is there going to be a way to log in via web first then it works? Its on the same IP so I’m itching for some info. I have seen espn on the Xbox and it is VERY COOL. Thanks for any info you could give.

  24. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    Be that as it may, Warren, you can’t stream the ESPN linear channel directly onto your desk at work.

  25. Upset Customer's reply

    Not only does TWC have some of the worst customer service I have ever had the displeasure to work with but the arrogance that Jeff Simmermon has shown on this blog is truly the last straw.

    TWC does not care about its customers

    the only option (paying) broadband only customers to get ESPN3 is by paying for a cable service that they obviously did not want in the 1st place.

    I am not asking to have ESPN3 for free but how about giving your customers who have no choice but to use TWC for high speed internet the choice to pay an additional fee to have ESPN3.

  26. Mike's reply


    I pay TW $55/mo for RoadRunner and I can’t stream either of them.

  27. Pou's reply

    How do I view on my iPad?????????????????

  28. justin's reply

    for those of you who don’t happen to have a statement available: prepare to wait on the phone for 45 minutes to an hour with customer service to get the number, and as you know, TWC has the WORST customer service reps on the phone. I can say that b/c of my call center background. These people are unprofessional and slow. I’ve been holding for 20 minutes now and still no answer. WTF TWC?!

  29. Warren S.'s reply

    @ Jeff Simmermon

    Wanna bet? I’m an IT Guy and I’ve done it quite easily. But the attitude you are showing me and other customers posting comments proves you really do not care for us at all. You are one cocky company, but it only takes 1 Google search to find more pissed off people than happy ones that have your service. Might want to pull your head out from (kept clean for post sake) and actually take note of the comments we are making rather than doing a “nanny nanny boo boo… we screw you.”

  30. Jeff Simmermon's reply


    I’m really sorry for my tone. You’re right, it is really unprofessional for me to behave that way. But please consider this from my perspective: I’m one guy. I try to share product news as transparently as possible, as fast as possible, and do the best job that I can with this blog. And sometimes the constant negativity that flies in from the comments on the posts I work very hard on really gets to me. Some days it feels like no matter what I do or what I say, there’s someone out there who’s ready to tell me that I do a bad job and work for a rotten company and everything I do is worthless. It gets to me after a while — I’m a human being, after all.

    So you’re right, I should consider my responses more carefully. But please consider this from my perspective, too.

  31. Mike's reply


    You’re not doing a bad job, but this ESPN3 rollout does smell rotten. TW is the only ISP that is forcing users to buy both video and broadband services to get ESPN3. ESPN3 is far from a “value-add” when you need to pay for unnecessary services to get it.

    Hopefully the management at TW is actually interested in hearing customer feedback that you can pass along from here.

  32. Jack's reply


    Justin, What I have found with TWC-Customer Service is that it really varies from division to division and it really comes down to the level of the attitudes of the local managers at the offices. There is a division in the Carolina’s that is so good, that the President of that TWC division will actually call customers to make sure everything is OK and is really a helpful person. I have also learned that some areas of Ohio are the worst. Rude, unprofessional people, arrogant, My research with the company, with whom I have been a customer for about 20 years, shows inconsistency from division to division.

    My division in Milwaukee Wisconsin is above average. I have always found them to be very pleasant and friendly and the techs have been nice. My issues a lot of times are more with the poor quality of the Navigator software and the lack of basic features of the guide, rather than customer care. Navigator is getting better slowly. But there is still much work to be done. But in my area, Customer Service has been OK. But I know other divisions that are putrid.


  33. Hobgoblin's reply

    I think if you read many of the forums that the general feeling was that the high end user really does not want add ons just a “dumb pipe”. I have read that many times. If ESPN 3 was activated for Internet only subscribers and that incurred some sort of fee then there would be a the same kind of posts from those who are not sport lovers.
    Its actually a catch 22 situation with Jeff sitting in the middle.

    And as always the internet draws the negative comments, its rare that happy people take the time to post they love it. That’s human nature.

  34. Jason's reply

    @ Jeff

    I don’t think it is at all fair that you are being singled out for complaints directed towards TWC. I think customers should understand that you are giving us information and we probably would not be able to find it anywhere else. I do think TWC could do a much better job at certain things but I do not at all believe this is your fault. You may not know some of the answers we are searching for. You may not be allowed to give us some of these answers. We don’t know what TWC tells you. I appreciate the information you give us and I hope in my last comment that you didn’t think I was saying you are doing a bad job. I was only stating that some people may think that when you make negative comments towards customers. What you do has got to be hard because you do get a lot of hassle for things that you have no control over. I think you are better than lowering yourself to that same level though. 🙂 Cheers for the job you do!

    PS – ESPN told me today that TWC customers will not have access to ESPN 3 via Xbox 360. I’m not sure what the deal with that is. Do you have any information on this at all?

  35. Warren S.'s reply

    @ Jeff Simmermon

    I do appreciate the work you have been doing in setting up this blog to keep us informed and I do understand the flak you receive being in the middle. As an IT Guy, I receive similar flak if a system doesn’t work even if it is user error. I do apologize for sounding like I am taking it out on you. But I do hope you are passing along the consensus of us as customers to the higher ups making the decisions. Allowing internet only customers to have ESPN3.com seems like a reasonable request as all other ISPs do so already. I am in the same boat as others when I say let me have a choice to pay a few bucks more to have it so others do not incur the fee if they do not use the service. Not allowing us to have the choice just doesn’t seem right by any means. Why force us to pay an extra 50-100$ a month for TV service when all we want is to have ESPN3.com with our internet service? But for example, an extra 2-3$ a month I would pay to get the site with my service a-la-carte. Please consider what we are asking, not to give us the world on a platter, just a choice to have the site.

  36. Brandon's reply

    I want to know the same thing regarding the Xbox 360. What is going on to where we don’t have access to the ESPN3 part of ESPN on Xbox LIVE?

  37. Parris's reply

    @ Jeff Simmermon

    As a paying customer I harbor no sympathy for you or anyone else at TWC that got their feelings hurt over upset customers expressing their frustrations.

    You are the only ISP blocking ESPN 3 to its broadband only customers and you are the only ISP not giving its broadband only customers an option to obtain ESPN 3 without having to subscribe to an over priced video package.

    Now it looks like Xbox 360 owners who would love to take advantage of having ESPN on Xbox Live cannot use it because of your ridiculous authentication system.

    I truly wish I had another option for high speed internet in my area, because the second I do I will not hesistate to drop TWC.

    You do not care about your customers and your comments on this blog continue to prove it

  38. Jack's reply

    ESPN/ESPN3 on-line working well in our division. (Milwaukee Wisconsin) TWC customers, when you go to ESPN3’s site, you are automatically taken to TWC My Services. Note the following:

    1.) TWC Customers will need their My Services User Name/Password entered at the My Services Site. IF YOU DON’T HAVE A MY SERVICES ACCOUNT FROM TWC, YOU NEED TO REGISTER FOR A MY SERVICES ACCOUNT FIRST, BEFORE YOU CAN ACCESS ESPN/ESPN3 ONLINE. Register for “My Services” at your local division’s website, if you don’t already have a My Services Account. You will need a copy of your billing statement to enter this information, because you will need your account number from it (The ten digits in the middle that you see on your statement.) and your Customer Code Number shown on your statement to register for My Services. Once you have a TWC My Services Account, you should be able to access ESPN/ESPN3 on-line.

    2.) Customers may need to turn off their pop-up blockers in their browsers for the ESPN/ESPN3 on-line player to pop up.

    3.) TWC requires cable access to the streaming on-line channel at this time.

    4.) Once you have the above set up, you should be able to bookmark ESPN3 and use it just like any other website.


  39. dread pirate roberts's reply

    @Jack, works fine for me, Thanks TWC for working hard to resolve this issue!!

  40. dread pirate roberts's reply

    @ Jeff Simmermon

    Jeff, I feel so bad for you! You have to sit and endure the constant barrage of insults from these morons! Keep your chin up!! It’s true you only get the bad, well here is some good…THANKS Jeff for the hard work you do!!

    I understand that the value of this service was wrapped up in the cable contract therefore requiring a customer to have ESPN cable TV service to take advantage of this service. It was how the contract worked out. People can either take it or leave it. It is what it is and for all the people whining, you didn’t LOSE anything nor did your bill go up!! You have the same service you always had w/no change. It’s a fact of life, that we can’t satisfy everyone, and for anyone that’s whining, too dang bad…but the real problem is….the RENT IS JUST TOO DAMN HIGH!!! LOL

  41. Dante's reply

    Any idea on when XBox 360 users will be able to view ESPN on the 360? It’s tied to our ISP, and since TWC now offers espn3.com access we should be able to get it through the 360. Unfortunately TWC’s authentication process still blocks access to it.

  42. Guy Misterioso's reply

    @Dread Pirate Roberta

    I did lose something! I moved from an AT&T internet area to a TWC only internet area. I had ESPN3! I don’t now! LOL!

    Best regards,

    Inigo Montoya

    PS Us commenters are not singling out Jeff. But this website exists for TWC customer usage and information so gripes will have to come with the territory. TWC provides a service to customers. If they want our business then they will have to answer our issues.

  43. dread pirate roberts's reply

    @ Guy Misterioso LOL at your distortion of my user name, VERY clever, insert major eye roll here. **Dread Pirate puts on his girl pirate eye patch, the one with fake eye-lashes**

    But what you said, that you lost because you went from AT&T to RR ONLY area? Really? Apples and oranges my friend. You changed PROVIDERS. I thought AT&T had one those new-fangled do-hickies… A 3G USB plug in card so that you are wireless and don’t need a hard line. It’s called AT&T wireless!! Google it.
    Spare me the drama!! So now that you are “forced” into RR, who is your TV provider now? If it’s true, what you said, then TWC would be the only provider in your apt building, therefore ESPN is available to you. If you have U-verse, then you can have AT&T wireless through the RG they provide. (residential gateway)


    I understand you feel they “have to answer to our issues” but a customer can be nice about it and not all whiney and dramatic about it. (see monoply and forced into comments) I know people who say, who cares that what they get paid to do. OK fine, but do you like getting yelled at, when you are at work, and trying to help people who really don’t want help, they just want to b!tch. If you have a question, bring it, if you need your tears dried, get out a hankie!!

    I’ve seen people screaming at Jeff from the day the contract was announced. It took time and he never got a break and had to lock a thread down because of the foolishness on there. No one likes the way the contract was agreed upon, but again, I say ESPN3 is a benefit, something new, and if a subscriber does not meet the requirments, then they don’t. Period. If want Goal line, you have to subscribe to the sports package, now that is an increase in your bill for a new service. 6.99 I haven’t see anyone complaining about that. Just saying….

    RobertA out!!

  44. dread pirate roberts's reply


  45. AJ's reply

    I too will be dropping TWC Internet as soon as another option becomes available in my area. I cannot afford the video service and can barely afford the $45 internet. This conglomerate is a joke; 18 billion dollars in revenue and they make you pay up $80 extra if you want access to merely on website’s content. Way to look out for your customers!

  46. Warren S.'s reply

    @Dred Pirate Roberts

    It’s not that I am mad because I never had it and in this deal I didn’t lose anything. I’m mad because of this…

    My wife’s grandmother came over to visit from accross town so she could spend some time with our daughter. She has tv service only with Time Warner, no internet. I did an experiment and helped her sign up with a My Services account online. I’m an internet only subscriber and cannot access ESPN3.com, however if she signs in with her account, she can access ESPN3.com. What sense does this make that a tv only person can access a website on a Time Warner connection I pay for but I cannot because I don’t have tv service?

  47. Cary Spangler's reply


    I’m assuming your doing this blog as part of your job. If so, then you are doing a bad job. If your skin isn’t thick enough to take complaints then you really shouldn’t be dealing with the customers of a company with a history of lousy customer service as bad as Time Warner’s. Also, I came here for the same reason many others did; to find details on how to access ESPN3. You have provided no information, only personal attacks. I’ll keep looking.

  48. Jeff Simmermon's reply


    Are you still having trouble accessing ESPN3? Is anyone else on this thread?

  49. dread pirate roberts's reply

    @Warren, well it does say you have to have ESPN to access ESPN3. Maybe you found a bug and now it may be fixed.

    @Cary, I would like to hear of the bad customer service you’ve been given. There is info here, including the web site. I posted it myself. Take another look with a positive attitude, not a crappy one. Here you go, I felt sorry for you….http://espn.go.com/espnnetworks
    Make sure you turn off the pop-up blocker, or you’ll be back on here…

    @AJ…”18 billion dollars in revenue and they make you pay up $80 extra if you want access to merely on website’s content. Way to look out for your customers!” WAY TO LOOK OUT FOR YOUR STOCK HOLDERS!! So what do you want? as a stock holder, I’m glad they are an 18 B dollar business. What you suggest is, because of the revune that TWC has, they should GIVE AWAY the service? Is that what you are saying, because I’m confused. What is WRONG with PROFIT in America? DO you think we should “spread the wealth?” Kable TV for EVERYONE…FREE?? 80 dollars for access….what are you talking about?

    But….RENT IS STILL TOO DAMN HIGH!!! What about that???? LOL

  50. Brandon's reply

    I was told by ESPN, that they are going to add TWC to the ESPN Xbox App. I was told no date has been determined. Just so everyone knows and can ease about the Xbox 360.

  51. Brandon's reply

    @Jeff Simmermon

    I am not having any issues with ESPN3. Just so you know. Thanks and keep up the good work on the blog!

  52. Warren S.'s reply

    @Dread Pirate Roberts

    You must have not read my previous post fully. I did not find a bug. I said my wife’s grandmother could access ESPN3.com at my house using her account login because she is subscribed to TV service (and TV service only). I’m not subscribed to TV service and cannot access ESPN3.com using my account login. I was just stating that it sucks when she can be at my house on my computer and can access ESPN3.com when she logs in, but when I’m paying for the internet connection and log in with my credentials I cannot access the site.

  53. dread pirate roberts's reply

    @ Warren S. I read and understood. It appears there MAY be a bug in the verification system they set up, maybe? It lets the TV subscribers sign because it sees the ESPN service to that account, but when a customer w/RR tries to log in, it won’t allow it because it dosen’t see the ESPN service. That’s a great fix for you! Use her log in info and you are golden!! So it begs the question now, IF you are a customer w/TV and Internet, and you are at your buddies house, and they have a different Internet service, will you be able to log in or do you have to be on a RR line???? Interesting!!! I know with my Outlook, if I am not directly plugged into my RR line, it won’t access the SMTP server. example: If I log on when I am using a computer on my router, it won’t send the e mail, but if I bypass the router, it send it right out. Now THAT has bugged me for years. It works OK with Outlook Express, just not with Outlook. I’ve been on line with tier 3 before and they can’t figure it out, saying it’s a microsoft issue and to reload the soft ware. Did it, no diff. So i mostly stick to Yahoo e mail now. Sorry off topic….:-)
    Have a great weekend!!!

  54. Warren S.'s reply

    @Dread Pirate Roberts

    I gotcha now with what you were saying. It is definitely a workaround to be used for me to view the content online. But one day I hope the higher ups get the comments we are making and say “You know, the internet only customers should have access to the website.” (Hey I can dream right?) Anyhow, hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoy some college football!

  55. Hobgoblin's reply

    @Dread Pirate Roberts

    You do not have to be connected through RR to access ESPN3.

  56. Walt's reply

    Here is a question:

    I am a Insight cable and internet customer in Westerville, Ohio who has Road Runner internet through Insight. How do I access ESPN3.com?

  57. T's reply

    Hey everyone,

    I live in an apartment building with business class time warner internet AND time warner cable with ESPN. I can’t set this up because I don’t have an account number. what do i do? I meet all the criteria


  58. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    Hey there — you need to either call customer service or work with online care at @twcablehelp on Twitter or email at twcable.help.com. It may be a hassle at first, but you’ll get it squared away.

  59. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    If you’re an insight customer, your access is determined by your relationship with Insight Communications. Is that what you mean — you have their cable service?

  60. Walt's reply


    I have Insight digital cable and internet. Insight customer service told me that Insight internet is provided via Time Warner’s Road Runner service in my area. (I’m in Westerville, Ohio)

    Do I have access to ESPN 3?

  61. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    I don’t know. I think the easiest thing to do would be to go to ESPN3.com and check — it seems as though you have a deal with Insight — and Insight contracts to us. Do you see Insight as a provider option at ESPN3?

  62. Nick's reply

    Any date on when TW gets added on Xbox LIve??? hopfully Before Nov 6…Come ON!!

  63. Brandon's reply

    @Nick: Read my comment above.

  64. James Gomis's reply

    I’m having alot of trouble rapping my head over the fact that Espn3 works flawlessly for roadrunner only subscribers via PC, but not via the Xbox 360.

    Any comment on this? Free the internet!

  65. Jason's reply

    @ Mr. Simmermon

    Could you please give us any information you may have on the ESPN3 via Xbox Live issue? I’ve checked the ESPN3 website and TWC is listed under their Xbox Live section as being apart of this but none of us are getting this feature. I use TWC for my ISP, cable provider, and telephone provider so I know there isn’t a problem with my service plan. My guess is that TWC is working through some technical issues but it would be great to see this from someone who has more knowledge on the subject than just us customers. Thank you for your time.

  66. Brian's reply

    This is ridiculous. Time Warner finally gets ESPN3, and they don’t have it on Xbox? I’m nearing done with this company.

  67. Jason's reply

    This is directly from ESPN.

    “Time Warner has asked that we authenticate their subscribers differently than we have done in the past for ESPN3 users. As a result, we are not able to offer ESPN3 to XBox Live users yet. We hope to be able to provide the service by the end of the year.”

  68. James Gomis's reply

    Will road runner only users who currently enjoy espn3 on the pc receive it on the 360 when the app is updated?

    This still doesn’t explain what will happen to road runner only users. We currently get espn3 “powered by time warner” via the PC. I can confirm that there are a bunch of RR only users with no time warner cable service history (via dslreports forums) all around the country enjoying ESPN3 after creating a myservices acct.

    Weather this is a huge glitch or intentional will determine if we get it for the xbox360 when the app is updated.

  69. Caleb W's reply

    Just an assumption here, but I would imagine that the XBOX authentication simply checks for the ISP and doesn’t verify that they are a cable subscriber as well.

    ESPN probably doesn’t care whether you are a cable subscriber or not for access to ESPN3. I would think that it is all about the per subscriber fee for ESPN3 (which might have been negotiated down by saying that everyone who has access to ESPN3 is also an ESPN subscriber).

    Whoever is at fault (ESPN, TWC, or both) should be ashamed of the way they are doing business. I looked on ESPN’s website which said that they had TWC as a provider and I purchased an XBOX and a gold subscription because I wanted to use the ESPN3 replays on my TV.

    I personally believe that this is an issue with TWC and not ESPN since TWC seems to have forced a different contract and different stipulations with ESPN because they are scared of their customers going over the top.

    Of course neither company will be straight and give any kind of a true explanation on why this deal has been done in the manner that it has been done. ESPN is also in a much better position than TWC since there is pretty much no way to get cable without ESPN. There are plenty of ways to get cable without TWC. I can do without ESPN3, but I was excited to have it as an addon. Now that they’ve enticed me to purchase items (I needed a new XBOX and a gold subscription) and basically yanked that rug out of under me has actually made me have less than I had before since the website doesn’t interest me much.

    Tomorrow I’m going to start searching for a new ISP and cable company. This isn’t the first time that they’ve been horrible to me as a customer and I’m going to vote with my dollars.

    I know individually that I won’t make a difference, but hopefully there’s enough people that feel similarly to me that TWC gets their act together and changes the way they treat their customers.

  70. dread pirate roberts's reply


    For all you X box whiners!!! Give me a break…I’M DONE BECAUSE IT DOESN’T WORK ON X BOX…..WAAA WAAAA see the video and discover you are one of them!!

  71. Brandon's reply

    For Everyone Complaining About ESPN on Xbox LIVE.

    GO to the link i have provided. ESPN has an answer regarding TWC’s access to ESPN3 on Xbox LIVE.


  72. Maestro's reply

    The ESPN streaming is the fig leaf to justify screwing the RR only customers … that’s pretty clear.

    “Oh, we just did it this way because we’re doing MORE than just providing ESPN3 to OUR customers.”

    Nice try.

  73. Zaid's reply

    If I already got Espn on my tv, why would I care if I got it on my computer? Espn3 was designed for people whose only interest in television is sports. You say you want to stay away from net neutrality issues. How about allowing me to simply pay TWC for a sports package and nothing else?
    Look at the trend in all media forms, whether it is television, music, or print. They are moving toward episode/content specific purchases. That is, buy an individual song, not an album, rent an episode, buy an individual article. But you guys cling for dear life to an archaic system. I want two channels on my television, espn, and espn2. If you gave me that option, I’d pay for it in a heart beat. Is it worth $80 a month? Not even close.
    You are right that espn3 is a pay service. The question however, is why you feel that that fee should be assessed to your television subscribers rather than your internet subscribers. A person with television only from TWC can’t access espn3 without a participating ISP (TWC or other). An internet subscriber can at least access it, and whether they chose to or not is a different argument. So when you say it’s unfair to charge for the service many people will not use, why do you turn around and charge television providers for a service that many CAN’T use even if they wanted to?

    I will say that blame does not entirely rest on TWC. ESPN has taken a dangerous stance requiring ISPs pay them for a pay site instead of individual customers. Ideal solution would be for espn to offer individual subscriptions to espn3, though I’m sure TWC would find a way to block that “extension of their video service.”

  74. Real's reply

    And begins the exodus from RR to U-Verse and Fios.

  75. Joe's reply

    So is Verizon Fios coming to Rochester? If so, does anyone know when?I hope to ditch TW as soon as a viable alternative is available. Earthlink seems like a TW subsidiary in disguise and DSL is not the same product.

    I’m tired of monopolistic cable companies that over charge because the consumer has no real choice other than to forsake modern living. They increase the internet fee’s to cover their losses in the video market but don’t compensate us internet subscribers by giving us some added features, like ESPN3. I don’t subscribe to cable TV (other than the basic and that’s only because it’s included in my rent and why else would I when broadcast HD TV is free, better quality and has the channels I would watch anyway) because I don’t watch TV very often. However, I was hoping to use my XBOX to stream soccer games. That’s the only thing I would watch via ESPN3 and I wouldn’t pay for a bunch of junk cable stations I would never watch simply to get FSC or ESPN (which doesn’t broadcast many soccer games anyway). I’m sure that fee increase would have easily covered the increased cost of giving RR customers access to ESPN3 and I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually is paying for the ESPN3 deal. Anyways, end rant. If anyone can answer my fios question above I’d be glad for the answer.

  76. Bill B's reply

    I’m through with Time Warner. I’ll take my chances with Clear before I’ll give another dime such a greedy company.

    NONE of the other providers who have been offering their customers ESPN3 for months require video service as well as internet. TWC is just sticking it to the people that had the good sense to get a dish.

    It’s bad enough that TWC gouges me and charges $55 for a slow internet connection, but I put up with it because they are the only game in town.

  77. Frustrated in Columbus's reply

    When will TWC get it’s act together and support the Xbox 360? This is freaking ridiculous. C’mon TW. Support the 360!!!

  78. dread pirate roberts's reply

    C’mon MAN why do you NEED to run your service through a stupid X-Box?? My DVR has more HD space than an x box, so why??? Just to be “cool” and show off to your buddies….YO look at what I can do!! LOL

  79. dread pirate roberts's reply

    Joe, TWC in NOT a monopolistic cable company!! LOL DO you even KNOW what a monoploy is?

  80. Dante's reply

    @Dread Pirate Roberts

    It’s abundantly apparent that you have no clue as to what the ESPN app does on the XBox. It would be a great feature to have, letting people view content from ESPN3.com on their tv, and in many cases in HD.

    Jeff gets paid to cheerlead for TWC, what’s your excuse?

  81. J. Cole's reply

    @Dread Pirate Roberts

    No, the problem is that TWC is being unfair to its RR only and cable only customers. Every other Internet/TV provider only requires you to have their internet services to access a site designed for the Internet. Some companies even allow you to use espn3 if you have any account with them. By only allowing subscribers of both internet and TV they are isolated a large user base, who i bet will leave TWC as quick as possible. We are not asking for it to be free, but we don’t want to be cheated either.

  82. dread pirate roberts's reply

    @Dante, you mean the same way you can connect a lap top via an HDMI connection and watch it? Is that how the xbox works? How does it determine if it’s in HD?

  83. dread pirate roberts's reply

    @ J. Cole. IMHO, I don’t think it’s unfair to non video subscribers. The $$ portion of that contract is wrapped up on the video side, not the voice or internet side although it’s an internet app. The other providers have a different contract with different rules. I don’t thnk a lot of people are leaving TWC becasue of this. The percentage will not make a difference in the bottom line. In your last line: “We are not asking for it to be free, but we don’t want to be cheated either.” if you don’t contribute towards the cost via the video side, then you are asking something for free, so I don’t know how you feel cheated when you contribute no $$ towards the product. We subs on the video side, have to pay for it, use it or not, so in essense we have to pay for you or any other internet only customer. Right now, ESPN contract is ~ 4.32 per subscriber on the video side. The most of all content providers. You don’t contribute to that cost. Simple.

  84. dread pirate roberts's reply

    @ Dante: “Jeff gets paid to cheerlead for TWC, what’s your excuse?” I have no excuse. I won’t sit and read Jeff get ripped over something I don’t agree with. Call me a “cheerleader” if you wish. I am not high on drama and over the top rhetoric I read on here. 1) TWC is a monopoly-please OTTDAR (over the top drama and rhetoric) 2) ESPN3 and TWC is blocking access to a portion of the internet OTTDAR 3) The Xbox “free the internet” comment = OTTDAR 4) The DAY AFTER ESPN3 was announced, Jeff got called a lot of names because it was not up and running yet, people screaming they were not getting what they were pating for. OTTDAR. Just a few examples. America is free, and freedom allows you to make a choice. That choice was TWC. If you don’t like it, make another choice. I don’t have NFL Network, and I want it, but it’s my CHOICE not to switch to Uverse/DTV/DISH/Grande/COX/Brighthouse ect….

  85. dread pirate roberts's reply


    Check this link. My mistake- ESPN is 4.08 per subscriber.

  86. Doug's reply

    What a joke this is. TW continues to raise rates on broadband and yet provides not a single extra benefit. Why the heck would I care about ESPN3 as a TWC subscriber?

    I’m moving to UVerse.

  87. macedon23's reply

    Does anyone here agree that we have been waiting too long for ESPN 3d? The last time I posted this question it was censored and deleted. What is going on with this website? No freedom of speech?

  88. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    I fundamentally disagree on both fronts. You left the same comment in two different places. I published it in one and deleted it in the other. That’s not censorship, it’s community management. As for ESPN 3D — we are working towards launching the channel. When we have information we can share, you’ll see it here.

  89. dread pirate roberts's reply

    @ macedon23

    What kind of 3D TV do you have?

  90. dread pirate roberts's reply

    @ Doug, I’ve never had my RR rates increased. I’m at the max for my package. How much do you pay? Are you on a promotion? You may be on a promotion and are seeing 5.00 increases every 6 months as it expires and goes to normal pricing. That happens a lot when a subscriber gets RR for 29.95 for 6 months, they always forget it’s a special and it goes up 5.00 per month every 6 months. Then the tears flow and the b!tching starts!! LOL

  91. macedon23's reply

    Mitsubishi wd73c9. Great tv, ESPN 3D would look great on it. TWC has about 12 or so free 3d on demand movies that work perfectly so the technical capability is clearly there. I just don’t understand why it isn’t available yet. I don’t mean to sound whiney but for real what is the hold up? We missed all the college football season including several Ohio state (my alma mater) 3d games. Please just get it too the fans! The bcs championship game is coming as well as college basketball! Give sports fans what we want!!!

  92. Andrew's reply

    @dread pirate roberts

    If you don’t have a choice what else can you call it? many people in new york city have no choice.

    we don’t have another cable operator, we don’t have access to fios in many places in manhattan, we can’t place dishes because we are blocked from tall buildings or aren’t facing the correct direction.

    Also concerning the xbox, its not about being cool. there’s plenty of content on espn3 that you don’t get on regular espn on cable. such as various international soccer games. Thats what I call over the top dramatic rhetoric. It would be nice to watch this stuff without having to connect my macbook to my projector.

  93. dread pirate roberts's reply

    @Andrew. They have U-Verse in NYC. Is that not available where you live in NYC? i thought “The City” had everything?

  94. Todd's reply

    @ Dread Pirate Roberts

    Guess not, why would he lie. I don’t understand why your constantly defending Time Warner when his customers are upset about not getting ESPN3 on their xbox or having a cable package to get access to it on their PC. Someone must be getting a paycheck from TW as much as you defend it. Unless it’s Jeff’s alias…

  95. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    Not my alias – I have no idea who that guy is.

  96. dread pirate roberts's reply

    @ Todd, NO I haven’t got my check yet, or my set of steak knives!! Maybe it’s in the mail? I defend TWC because I am a customer. Have been for MANY years. I am a man of action, LOL and if I have issues, I take care of them, and stick with it until it’s resolved. When I hear someone complaining about this and that, I wonder why take time to complain on here. call your local office and get the issues resolved or move on to another provider. Simple. I think a fourm like this is good for communication and discussions about services and packages or helpful information. It does no good to flame Jeff because TWC is a monopoly, evil empire ect. No one ever explained WHY an x-box is such a big deal. Andrew explained why. he can get ESPN3 over the x-box on to his TV. Good info!!!! but I know U-verse is avaliable in NYC, per their web site, so Andrew may not have known. ESPN3 thing was explained and TWC is not going to change it’s postion on it. It makes sense from a business POV.
    I am not happy with everything TWC, and I make any issue I have known to someone who can or in the case with NFL network, cannot do squat about it.
    I have an issue this weekend and it took tier 3 to assist me, and some time on the phone with a great rep. She figured out what the problem was.
    This blog is to communicate issues to the people in charge, hoping to get some help. Not scream at those trying to help out. You don’t like what I have to say? I am not Jeff and wouldn’t want his job!! he can’t tell the posters to back off. He has to close threads and go to the gym to work out the frustration he must feel. I do not have to do that. Like I said many times, if you don’t like your service, move on, it’s America and there are choices. You may not like the other choices and feel like you are stuck. If that’s the situation, then accept your situation and make the best of it. I want stuff, I want free stuff, I don’t want to make that 180 payment every month. But I do, and I don’t complain about it. Get in a PLG plan. Some people don’t understand the promotions they are in and blame TWC for raising the rates when they don’t bother to call billing and ask. It’s about being civil to eachother. We sit behind a computer screen saying things we would never say in person, so call a person if you have problems. I’ve never had TWC say they just can’t figure out why an issue is happening.

  97. Brandon's reply

    @Jeff Simmermon

    Are there any updates as on ESPN3 on Xbox LIVE?

  98. John's reply

    I just wanted to thank TWC again for making the decision to block ESPN3 from your internet service package for those who do not also subscribe to your cable tv service. It was the last remaining push I needed to completely block TWC from my household. My Verizon installer was here today and I’ll be watching my first game on the ESPN3 service in the next hour. It’s a great complement to the Direct TV I had installed a few months ago with NFL Sunday Ticket.

    I was putting up with TWC’s broken equipment and rude technicians for well over 10 years. Not even the price gouging was enough to convince me to switch ($54.95 per month for internet only service). But when I can get Verizon for the same price plus have ESPN3 content and all of the rest of the content that I can get with TWC, I’d be a fool NOT to switch. So, once again, thank you.

  99. Mike's reply


    Nice. Glad you’re all set with ESPN3 now. I’m in the same boat as you were (DirecTV + stand-alone Road Runner for $55/mo) and am about to cut the TWC cord as well.

  100. someone's reply

    So are you liars ever going to get your stuff together and get espn3 working with the xbox 360?

  101. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    Nice work. Nothing motivates people like a bit of anonymous name-calling.

  102. Brandon's reply

    I would just like to know if we are going to have access to ESPN3 on the Xbox. Thats all i would like to know for right now. I can wait to hear when exactly it will come, but i just want to know if we are going to soon get access.

  103. brian's reply

    I like how you respond to the name calling but never answer the question when espn3 is going to be working with the xbox 360. Please Jeff, any response to this matter would be greatly appreciated.

  104. sue's reply

    i agree – i switched to twc because new xbox dasgboard said i could get live sports and twc was listed as an affiliate provider or whatever. then find out my area twc doesn’t allow it. Bummer. might as well go back to direct tv.

  105. Dante's reply

    Time to bump this. I ask Microsoft and they say it’s an issue on TWC’s side, I call my local TWC office and they’re clueless. The girl on the phone didn’t even know TWC offers espn3.com, she thought it was a tv station that we already got.

    So I ask TWCSupport via twitter, they have no idea either. It’s been 5 months since ESPN launched on the XBox and still no access to it. It would seem that everyone needs to get their act together, Microsoft AND Time Warner.

  106. irritated's reply

    I have contacted TWC many times. Before the start of the year I was promised many times that it would be working by January. Typical corporate BS. Doesn’t help that our ol buddy jeff can’t even say one truthful word, except about his precious feelings.

    $$$$$$$ = the only thing that matters to time warner

  107. Dante's reply

    So I’m wondering why we still can’t get an answer from TWC as to why we can’t access ESPN via the XBox.

    Anything would be nice, well anything except we’re working on it because that’s what we’ve been told since the service launch… in November.

  108. Mahbub's reply

    So let me get this straight. You need to have both cable internet AND cable television with Time Warner Cable to access Espn3/Espn360 online? I only have cable internet with TWC (road runner), so I cannot access ESPN3. That seems unfair to me especially because I know for a fact other internet providers such as Charter and Verizon allows access to Espn3/Espn360 with just their INTERNET service.

  109. Sev's reply

    @Mahbub, even with a TWC cable subscription espn3/360/watchespn doesn’t work. this was the main reason i went with TWC when our neighborhood contracted provider went under… just to get espn3 access everywhere. i have yet to deal with a customer service rep who can help with anything, let alone get espn streaming to work. the best answer i have received so far was “i have been told this is a temporary issue,” which is hardly an acceptable answer… especially seeing this has been ongoing since this ‘feature’ was announced back in October. seriously considering dropping TV service for good this time.

  110. Brian's reply

    Jeff, I agree with the frustration that others are voicing here – especially since up to last week I was able to watch ESPN3 online WITHOUT having cable TV service through Time Warner! The only thing I can figure is TWC screwed up when they originally configured my account, and it was only when I upgraded to Road Runner with power boost that the “problem” was “corrected.” Very frustrating that those of us with no interest in cable tv who do want access to other content online are being thwarted by the company they pay their $60 every month. Please reconsider this decision to require me to have cable TV service to access online content.

  111. Eric's reply

    Bump again.

    I’m tired of waiting for these liars to get their act together. It’s now mid-May and not a word about when this will be resolved.

    And Jeff, you know what does motivate people? Unkept promises.

  112. Alex's reply

    Let’s keep making noise. Love TWC internet but want to have ESPN3 access without video subscription.

  113. Joe's reply

    Just started my internet service today with TWC and soon I’ll drop it for not providing ESPN3. I can get it with other ISP.

  114. Chris's reply

    I’ve got a kid that is going to be playing college baseball next year. I have to switching since some of his game will be on ESPN3. It is a shame TWC has taken this approach. The truth is, they have always been chicken sh#*. That’s why I went to DTV 10 years ago. This kind of stuff guarantees I’ll never change back.

  115. Mike's reply

    OK, I’m checking in too. I’m a SignatureHome customer, and I’ve been waiting on ESPN3/TWC/Xbox Live too. Can’t you tell us anything on when this might get resolved? Football season is about to start and I really want to watch some of those games on ESPN3

  116. Rico's reply

    Get Uverse. ESPN3 all day long.

  117. Dave's reply

    This especially sucks since TWC has a monopoly on internet in Cleveland. Boooooooo, TWC. you suck.

  118. Aaron's reply

    As soon as another broadband provider is available in my area, I’m gone. TWC has provided one horrible experience after another, and this restriction for ESPN3 is just another example. TWC should be embarrassed that they’re the only ESPN3-supported ISP that requires subscribers to pay for both internet and cable services.

    What an over-priced joke.

  119. someone's reply

    More months have gone still, still no communication on ESPN3 on Xbox. Has anyone reported them to the FCC for false advertising yet?

  120. KrautMcfriend's reply

    It effin’ sucks that I can’t get ESPN3 on XBOX Live just because I don’t have TW Cable (which is horrible and WAY’s over priced), even though I pay you rats $50/month for you to be my ISP.

    My friends who have ATT for a ISP (and the list goes on…) get it – no problem at all.

    I just have never understood the “business” practices of TW. I had cable for one year – after the price was $39/month for 12 months, they raised it to like $60, so I cancelled. Then, 1 month later, some retard called Mike calls me and offers me the SAME price, before they raised my monthly fee? Hello, you could have KEPT me as a customer….

    Amazes me – it just proves that the status quo white men who run some large companies Just. Don’t. GET IT.

  121. Eff TWC's reply

    I cancelled and went with a slower ISP provider to get ESPN3 through XBOX Live. TWC has THE WORST customer service I have ever dealt with. I will never return to TWC (was with them for 10 years)The only ISP to require you to have cable through them to get ESPN3. You are already paying $40-$60 a month and still have restricted access! BS TWC is an absolute effing JOKE! Way to alienate your subscribers and ensure customers will never return. If I was a stock holder I would be furious at these ridiculous business practices!

  122. Derek Chin's reply

    Didn’t find out I couldn’t use ESPN3 with Time Warner Cable if I only had internet despite the fact that the text says everywhere that it’s the ISP that matters. As far as I know, no other ESPN3 affiliate has this restriction.

  123. Derek Chin's reply


    I don’t see that anyone has directed complaints at you personally, so I believe your tone and attitude are unfounded. If this blog is part of your job, then dealing with the direct feedback on news you post is also your job. Suggesting we should excuse you for being unprofessional in a customer facing situation seems odd at best, and completely ludicrous under scrutiny.

    In any case, since this is still the case with TWC, it seems like you haven’t lost enough customers over this issue to care to change the policy (which I’ve always wondered about whether ESPN3 access actually has a quantifiable effect for ISPs anyway and apparently, at least for TWC, it’s a no).

  124. adam's reply

    You bums are the only ISP that doesn’t give ESPN3 access unless you have cable. TW sucks.

  125. Damon's reply

    Still as confused as everyone else with your lack of answers on when ESPN3 is going to be ready for Xbox 360 users. Any word? Going on 3 years now…

  126. Fed Up's reply

    If restricting the usage of ESPN 3 online without a cable prescription, to protect the monopoly on cable in an area, isn’t an example of a monopoly that warrants the direct attention of federal regulators.. then I don’t know what is.
    If cable providers are going to take the protection afforded to them by this same federal regulatory system to invoke a monopolistic approach and restriction of content through online means.. then they should be fined, punished, or disbanded.
    ESPN claims that Time Warner is the only cable company that restricts access to ESPN 3.
    I switched from ATT U-Verse.. and let me tell you without hesitation, this is a legitimate reason to cancel service and file a claim with federal regulators.

  127. Tired of this level of GREED's reply

    I am wondering if anyone out has started an online petition on this matter, if not then I will start one.

    If Time Warner Cable does not change this “business tactic” there will be a mass exodus of paying customers.

  128. jason's reply

    Twc is a joke. And by the way people. If they told you all you have to do is have cable Tv, which has espn and espn2 they lied. Even with cable Tv service it still says you aren’t paying them enough( you don’t have the required service to access espn3). So let me get this right. $100 a month isn’t enough to keep you from blocking access to the site. This is the reason these incompetent fools cant get a deal with nfl network. Nfl network will not strike a deal with any company trying to charge more for its channel and time warner refuses to add it without making you pay more. We can all hope that twc eventually gets what it deserves and goes under. Then maybe we can all get a company that actually listens and cares what its customers think

  129. jah desc's reply

    I just moved from Atlanta – Comcast – to the Raleigh-Durham area -TWC only. I went from no problem ESPN3 viewing, to this BS. Can we have some competition up here so I can leave these bastards? TWC suxxxxxx!!!! I hate that greedy, short-sighted sh!t.

  130. Steven's reply

    I moved into an area where TWC is the only choice for high speed internet. Now I can’t watch ESPN3 on XBox360 without buying a way-overpriced cable TV subscription. NO WAY, you greedy jerks! At my old address I had AT&T U-Verse, which worked great for ESPN3. I am HATING TWC because of this and will switch from them the very instant another option becomes available at my address.

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