December 08, 2010

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Announcing “Signature Home” from Time Warner Cable

I’ve worked with computers for years, which means that whenever I go home I am seen as free tech support for my extended family. It doesn’t matter what the problem actually is, my folks think I’ll be able to fix it. Now that I use computers all day and work at a cable company, I think my parents think I can shoot a blue laser out of my finger and just network the whole house.

They’ve got a bunch of old lines, some of which have been gnawed on by squirrels, and no Internet in the downstairs part of the house. They don’t know if it’s a computer virus or a line problem or what down there, so they just sort of use the upstairs computer and have been waiting patiently for direction from somebody. Unfortunately they are not in our footprint.

They don’t need my help. They need SignatureHome™ — the new bundle from Time Warner Cable.

SignatureHome™ offers all of our coolest, newest technological services like Whole House DVR, our latest Wideband Internet service, Look Back, and Wireless Home Networking. But the best thing about the package is this:

It comes with dedicated service agents who manage the setup, phone care, online chat, and home networking for you. You get 24-hour personalized quality customer care, and access to a Personal Solutions adviser anytime by phone. That’s any time — 24 hour access to a team of people that can get your problems solved. Admittedly, you don’t get the same guy at 9 AM that you get at 4AM. But you do have a dedicated (and small) support team that knows you and your family’s needs.

From our press release:

In addition to combining customers’ most-valued features, SignatureHome™ caters to a growing residential market segment that places a premium on personalized service, installation and care. SignatureHome™ customers are assigned a specially trained team of SignatureService agents, including both Personal Solutions Advisors (PSA) and Connections Specialists. PSAs, who can be reached via a dedicated SignatureHome™ phone line or priority online chat, will field all SignatureHome™ customer inquiries, work with customers to customize their connectivity needs, and schedule a convenient reservation with a Connections Specialist.

The Connections Specialist will be available to spend the necessary* time to ensure that seamless connectivity is achieved and the customer receives an unparalleled, in-home service experience. For instance, a Connections Specialist is just as concerned with cleanliness as she or he is with connectivity. All Connections Specialists will arrive with a kit that includes a DustBuster for cleaning up dust on wires and sawdust from drilling, as well as shoe covers to further maintain the cleanliness of customer homes.

That’s magnificent. Just magnificent.

I mean, sure, I’d be excited to get Whole House DVR, Wideband, Remote DVR Manager, Look Back, Start OVer, Voice Zone on PC, Wireless Home Networking, Digital Home Phone and Caller ID on my TV/PC. But a dedicated support team that makes it all work together and answers the phone around the clock?

That’s like having a magic blue laser that shoots out of your finger.


  1. E.T.Cook's reply

    By magnificent, you mean, the service that TW should have been providing all along instead of the missed appointments, rude techs, unresponsive support and non-working services we now have available, but at a high premium?

    YAY! Magnificent, indeed.

    Even better…even if I was rich, since I receive my service as a bulk, I’m not eligible to pay the premium for decent service.

    YAY! Magnificent, indeed.

  2. Dirk's reply

    Ok. Great. So when can I order it in Dallas

  3. TWCablePhil's reply

    E.T. Cook– if you’re having problems with your service, bulk or not, we would be happy to help you. Feel free to contact me or our Care team on Twitter @TWCableHelp, or just shoot us an email-

  4. Mike Perry's reply

    TWC SignatureHome???? Don’t get me started……

    OK, I’m started. 🙂

    What a nightmare. I was practically the first to sign up in Union County, NC and NOTHING worked as advertised for the first 2 1/2 months. 28 Mbps down (the ONLY reason I signed up was for the 50). DVR boxes blinked out continuously (still do) and RECYCLED phone numbers. I had TWC change my number FOUR times! No sh*t! People/Bill Collectors/Telemarketer/Etc. call all the time looking for people I don’t even know. And without fail they tell me they got my number from the “phone company”. Finally one of the many SignatureHome “top notch – support” people that came out told me in order to stop getting unwanted calls “just unplug the phone.” NO LIE unplug the phone I’m paying 30 bucks a month for. Well I did and no longer get unwanted calls. (I didn’t want another phone, but TWC won’t let you order these services “ala carte”). Oh and to keep the DVR boxes from blinking TWC told me not to use HDMI. (But I don’t have another component in available).

    Well after talking to numerous “PERSONAL SOLUTIONS ADVISORS – LOL!!” and SO CALLED PSA SUPERVISORS and being given a “GIFT FOR MY TROUBLES” – of 99 cents off of a 6.99 or more movie rental, again, NO LIE, I guess to finally shut me up they removed the first $440.00 off of my bill. TWC’s billing dept. knows less than their Tech(less) group, but that’s another even longer story.

    TWC is and has always been A JOKE. But alas, it’s the only game in town for me.

    I know this won’t make it on this site (for obvious reasons, the biggest being the TWC fanboi that wrote it). But it makes me feel better to type it! LOL

    I now have 50/5 internet though.

  5. Michael's reply

    So do the DVR’s run as slow as the current ones do with Navigator? Why would ANYONE pay TW to setup a wireless network in their home? They can go buy a wireless router for $50 and have the neighborhood 12 year old do it for free. Phone service? Who has a home phone anymore? Only thing remotely interesting is the whole home dvr (if it works as advertised which I doubt) and the much faster internet (which should be available without a stupid way too expensive package).

    I can already schedule recordings remotely through iphone and web site, I can already do look back and start over (never do though, can’t fast forward so whats the point?), don’t need a voip phone nor do I need caller id on my tv (commercials/guide slowness/crashes are already intrusive enough).

    TW should already be using DOCIS 3.0 in all their areas to speed up access.

  6. Jack's reply

    Personally, I have only one TV and DVR, and am happy with my current TWC “All The Best” Package. As a general rule, I would give a minimum of three months of Signature Home out in any respected division’s field before subscribing, just to make sure that bugs and issues are worked out.

    I heard that some divisions will be offering a two-year price lock structure, or a one-year structure with an opt-out clause. My questions would be, are current Price Lock Users voided from the Signature Home Intro Price? What are the terms and conditions in signing up for the new services? Have the negatives reported by the above user been improved, and how? What specific training do the “White Glove” techs have that other TWC’s do not? I heard TWC will have about 5-7 Signature Home techs in each division.

    Unfortunately, there still seems to be a lot of PR campaigning about the service, which understand, TWC and Jeff have to do to promote the new services, But I’m not popping the champagne cork on this, until I have studied feedback for a good three months from customers in different divisions. Let’s see what happens.


  7. Jack's reply


    Mike, I agree with your concerns about this new service. I appreciate TWC for trying. A good effort. But unless those new Multi-Room DVR’s show a dramatic and I mean dramatic turn around from Navigator’s poor speed and functionality, a lot of people aren’t going to be happy at all.

    Seriously, TWC, you would almost have to spend outside revenue, which I know sucks in this hideous economy, to get Tivo or Moxi, or some third-party vendor involved for a quality program guide for Signature Home. Navigator can’t do it. That evidence has been proven for five years!

    That unpredictable Navigator guide is often on a wing and a prayer for many users as a stand-alone system. How are you going to deal with customers who are supposed to get this top of the line fast service with such a slow guide? You better make sure by reviewing, and re-reviewing, and re-re-reviewing the speed and functionality of Navigator on those new boxes! If the lab tests are showing that Navigator runs like it does on the current HDC boxes, you’ve got a difficult problem to solve.

    A good effort and considerate to offer the 24×7 “White Glove Tech” treatment. But I would also agree, why should customers have to pay extra to get professional and courteous service? What about the concerns of other customers and divisions who have had poor service, slow response times, incompetence among techs, and especially the contractors! The goal should be to give “White Glove Treatment and respect to ALL your customers at all service levels, not just the subscribers of the Signature Home Package!


  8. Ben's reply

    What sucks in our division is that I can’t get Whole Home DVR unless I take the FULL Signature Home package. I’m happy with my service (other than Navigator) and just want to swap out my current 8640 and 4640 for an 8642 and 4642 so I can view DVR content on the bedroom TV and they won’t allow it. I was really hoping that by going to the new hardware with preloaded (not downloaded) versions of Navigator that it would solve my many issues, but I guess I won’t be able to find out. Why are you making Whole Home DVR some top shelf feature instead of a mainstream feature? DirecTV doesn’t make you sub to a special package with tons of stuff you don’t want to get their Whole Home DVR. It’s bad enough that it cost over $200 in our division!

    Whole Home should be a self install. I should be able to swap my boxes and get a MoCa filter to put on my line. Why is this so difficult?

  9. dread pirate roberts's reply


    Bet you a buck she never calls but still complains!! LOL

  10. Linda's reply

    Can you provide a link to the press release?

  11. TWCablePhil's reply

    @Dirk, Thanks for your interest– SignatureHome will be available in Dallas in 2011, but I don’t have a firm date at this time.

  12. Mike Perry's reply


    You asked if and how the negatives reported by the above user (I’m guessing that’s me, but if not, n/m) have been corrected:

    THEY HAVEN’T BEEN – well the internet speeds are now correct. After I suggested to the head engineer of the entire DOCIS 3.0 roll out program for TWC to please update the CTMS equipment from ARRIS to CISCO (I was only getting 2 bonded download channels) it worked. As far as the DVRs, they still blink out and if I’m to believe the numerous “WHITE GLOVE – LOL again” technicains, the new and improved DVR boxes (8642/4642) don’t operate properly with HDMI out. They’ve seen this before and using component output seems to help. BUT I WANT MY HDMI dadburnit!! Plus as I stated, I have no component INs left open in either TV.

    I was told two different stories about the phone numbers from four different “PERSONAL SOLUTIONS ADVISORS – can we say another LOL!”. Two stated they don’t have any “new, never been used before numbers” and two stated “you most definately will get an unused phone number.” After four different phone numbers and continuous unwanted calls, I guess the first two were correct. AH but it doesn’t matter, I’ve taken the advice of one of the “WHITE GLOVE – LOL technicians” and unplugged the 30 dollars/month phone.

    Oh, I forgot about having to put up with the cable running accross my yard for 3 weeks during the heart of lawn mowing season. It was only after the third week when another “PERSONAL SOLUTIONS ADVISOR – you got it, LOL” said “Oh yeah, we need to put in a W.O. for that.”

    It’s more than apparent that everyone at the TWC SignatureHome division has been selected/trained for two traits, Courtesy and Articulation. They speak/promise well and are very nice as they go about it. It’s ashame that SH is not “ready for prime time.” BY ANY MEANS.

    LETS ALL POINT OUR !!magnificent!! BLUE LASER SHOOTING FINGERS at each other and bow down to the almighty TIME WARNER CABLE!

    Whatcha say?

  13. Dirk's reply


    It is so funny that this “Signature Home” package was rolled out nation wide but the person that I spoke to had no idea what I was talking about. Also, if these ” Connections Specialist ” are current TWC employees I doubt if they are going to be able to sovle new technology issues if they can not even solve current issues.

    After last night on the phone for about 2 hours and four different people I am no longer interested in staying with TWC. Everybody said they want to help but when it came to produce they ALL failed. If this is what I can look forward too I am sorry but this is not for me.

    I even had one person tell me that I should not trust the information on some of the TWC web pages. Does this mean that when the bill comes I should not trust that too and just pay what I think is correct.

  14. Jack's reply


    Was wondering, what was/were the specific issuee(s) that you spent two hours with TWC on, over the phone and got no resolution? Was it Signature Home questions? General TWC service questions/issues? Or both?


  15. MacSamurai's reply

    Is this package available in NYC yet? (specifically Brooklyn zip 11201). I already have Docsis (aka Time Warner 50Megabit Wideband), the DVR as well as cable cards for our TiVo and I am paying considerably more for all that a la carte than the Signature Home package, Would love to have a newer 4-tuner DVR to supplement our 2-tuner TiVo.

    I called customer service and they, of course, had no idea what I was talking about, but since they also don’t know what a “cable card” is whenever i call, I don’t take their ignorance to be a sign as to whether or not this package is actually available.

  16. Ben's reply


    They don’t have a “4-tuner DVR”, the package is (2) two tuner DVR’s. In fact, until they comply with the new CableCard rules set by the FCC – most divisions won’t even support a four tuner unit. So, if you were waiting on a Ceton card for an HTPC or want a 3 tuner Moxi, you’ll probably be waiting until next year when they are required to support 4 tuners.

  17. Dirk's reply


    I spent the whole time trying to get the “My TV” tab corrected on the “My Services” page. It appears that the information on the “My TV” tab is in reality the “Signature Home” product. Thanks for telling people that. Customer support does not even know that.

    The one thing that is very obvious from all my dealings with TWC is that there are so many departments and none of them communicate with each other.

    Fortunately U-Verse is an option now in my area.

  18. MacSamurai's reply


    Thanks for that info. At first read, it sounded like a single box with 4 tuners (I believe U-verse offers one of these?). A 2nd TWC DVR would be a bad idea for me since I don’t really have the room for yet another box on the Plasma stand. As it stands, I have my beloved TiVo (2 tuners via single Multistream card) + the TWC DVR, which also has 2 tuners, giving me 4 total already (plus the Blu-ray and the stupid tuning adapter that the TiVo needs now). I hate the TWC DVR so much and 99% of our TV viewing and recording is on the TiVo. The TWC DVR is really just a backup for us and for those rare occasions that there are more than 2 things on at the exact same time that we want to record (Thursday nights… I’m talking to you!) or for rare On Demand needs. Still, if I had a single DVR with 4 tuners, I know I would find some use for it, in addition to the TiVo. Let’s see what next year has in store!

    @CCG Bobby

    Thanks for the link.

  19. Mike's reply

    How come I can’t get just the Multi room dvr? I am in Queens, NY 11416.

  20. Al's reply

    I have always had great service from the guys that show up. One even suggested a total re-wire with drop off issues ( I had cable from the orignal 2 coax set up in the 80’s).
    That said, I know the whole house DVR has been in testing for years and you can get with UVerse now (not in my neighborhood.
    I do not want the Signature set up.
    Another vote for whole house on its own.

  21. bugatti's reply

    I would have to say that I agree with most of the negative comments on here about TWC. I have done business with the local cable company for over thirty years as both a commercial and residential user. I have also used every form of C-Band and digital satellite. Our local service became TWC some years ago. I have always disliked them, but hate the local phone company more. I just had this signature service installed about four days ago and I have to say it rocks. I had all of their services before so I was already paying a fortune. I was able to drop a couple of movie channels I did not watch often and kept the price the same. The service has been amazing. They scheduled me the next day after I called at 1pm. The appointment was the day before Christmas Eve so I was really surprised. The tech called me about twenty minutes before to confirm and I ended up the one that was late for the appointment! I was stuck in holiday traffic. Then three other techs showed up and they knocked it out pretty quickly. I guess my install was the last one before the holiday. They ran all new cable for the two TVs, phone, and internet. I was leary about using their wireless router. I have a nice N D-Link and was not too sure about using a Ubee. I am not very familiar with it, but plan on researching it later. But I have to say it is really good. My laptop would always connect at 130Mbps and then would slowly drop to about 40 on the D-Link. The one TWC gave me must have more power because I am always at 130Mbps now. And the internet is smoking. It was great before, but it is incredible now. My market maxes out at 30Mbps right now (Killeen, TX), but I am still able to download a 100MB file in less then ten seconds. The new DVRs are made by Cisco and are much faster than the old Scientific Atlantas. The software is still not as good as Tivo, but it is ok. My tech left his drill battery here and I was getting a tiny bit of pixelation on ABC HD, so I called the support number on Christmas eve. He said it looked ok on his end but he would have someone come out on Sunday. I was really surprised they would come out on the weekend, but he scheduled me for 5pm. The tech called me earlier and said he was in the area. So he checked it out and did not find anything. So I am really happy with everything so far. The 150 hours of HD storage is great and the service has been phenomenal so far. Hopefully TWC is turning a new corner for the better now.

  22. BGinNC's reply

    I too had less than helpful service from the “dedicated support team”. First iteration of trying to get more information of SignatureHome service in my area (Raleigh, NC), the chat live online support person ran me around in circles for 15-20 minutes before finally suggesting to call the 800 number. The first person I spoke with put me on hold to get more information. After 15 minutes on hold, I re-dialed. The next person effectively told me that for an **additional $40/month than we already pay**, we would receive additional DVR storage (albeit on a second box), whole-home DVR (which is really all we want), wireless network setup (I will reiterate some sentiment in other comments that I would not want TWC performing this service for us). The Internet speeds have not been upgraded to DOCSIS 3.0 locally (although there was much confusion on when/if this will happen), and the support person suggested that we should order the service now as “they were sure the price would increase another $10 or $15 per month when wideband was available”. When I started questioning these things deeper, we were “disconnected” and I did not receive a call back from that support person who had our phone number “in case we got disconnected”. I will say that I sent feedback online to these events, and someone did call back to discuss. While courteous in our discussion, the end result is that we cannot justify spending an additional $40 or more per month for whole home DVR, a possibility of wideband Internet, and access to support personnel that have already proven to be not up to our quality standard.

  23. SteveE's reply

    Frustrating. TWC has started airing advertisements for this service in the RDU area. No mention of it on the TWCNC website. I have gone to the corporate site looking for info and sure enough for my address I am eligible. The messed up thing about this “service” is that it actually offers me LESS for more money. Here is how I am seeing this: my current service is full digital tier and all of the movie channels, 7mb RR, hd extended, hd dvr and 2 boxes all running 190 with taxes. Add in my Vonage and the total approaches 220. So for 250 I get all of the same services, no additional increase in bandwidth and I get a “dedicated rep.” Lucky me. Someone PLEASE explain this fuzzy math to me. Seems like another way for TWCNC to bilk more money from their already captive and frustrated customer base. I have seen the fiber for uverse coming. TWCNC GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER.

  24. Eric's reply

    @SteveE – You’ve nailed it. The only thing that would make this thing somewhat of a deal would be the Wideband Internet. Honestly, I’d just want the Wideband internet by itself, but apparently they’re not going to offer that a la carte in the beginning which I think would score them more customers if they did…

    @TWCablePhil – Is there any projected date on when RDU will get the 50/5?

  25. Altoid666's reply

    I think it is illegal to require a tie-in service to get another. I think it comes under the Smoot-Hawley Bill rearding restraint of trade practices.
    All I want is to upgrade my existing cable boxes to the new (8642) multi room DVR’s. I DO NOT WANT DIGITAL PHONE!!!
    I think that TWC dosen’t want everyont turning their old low capacity DVR’s for the new ones all at once.

  26. dread pirate roberts's reply

    @Altoid666….The Tariff Act of 1930, otherwise known as the Smoot–Hawley Tariff or Hawley–Smoot Tariff (P.L. 71-361)[1] was an act, sponsored by United States Senator Reed Smoot and Representative Willis C. Hawley, and signed into law on June 17, 1930, that raised U.S. tariffs on over 20,000 imported goods to record levels.

    This act caused the great depression to get worse and go on much longer, but off topic sorry.

    Pretty sure they didn’t have digital phone, cable TV or internet in 1930

    In 2010, the bill was amended by the Currency Reform for Fair Trade Act that sought to punish countries with tariffs should they partake in currency manipulation.

    Dude, really? Tell them you are having DVR problems and want to swap it out. take it to your local TWC center and….swap it out.


  27. WRCFanatic's reply

    MR-DVR is coming eventually, at an extra fee. It will also require professional installation as they have to add a filter on your line to prevent the MR-DVR to enter back into the cable system.

  28. Happy cable viewer's reply

    I will leave you all with 2 words…. VERIZON FIOS

  29. Rat's reply

    I have been researching and talking to TWC Signature cust. serv. reps for the past 2 days about the Signature Home package. I have now spoken with 4 people (3 cust. serv. reps and 1 local installer) and have received 2 people telling me that it is available in Dallas area and 2 that tell me it is not available here. Can anyone define as to if it is or is not available now in the Dallas area? The local installer said it absolutely was so I am completely unsure about these services now.

  30. Robert's reply

    I moved down to Wilmington North Carolina about six years ago from Waterbury Connecticut. For the longest time I thought that the cable company in Waterbury was the worse cable company in the world. I was happy to hear I didn’t have to deal with Adelphia or the number of names changes the cable company in Waterbury had go through. Then I signed up for Time Warner of Eastern Carolina… all I could say is becareful what you wish for because you just might get it. The service here is ten time worse than Waterbury, at least in Waterbury the were not rude and they had public access. The service here leaves alot to be desired and the reps are rude and the technician give you answers like…”ahhh I do not know what is going on…” I wish they would get their asct together.

  31. charles's reply

    Really? Fios? I work for fios and let me tell you… all of these complaints are interchangeable among any cable company. You have most people who have no problems, some that do, and a few with lots. You also have a few people like me who have a clue how this works and don’t have any problems at all because we’re not idiots.

    Everyone needs to realize… telecoms aren’t humanitarians. They’re out to make money. The less you depend on them for, the better.

    Oh, and don’t have a single.point of failure, then act like it’s the end of the world when your ONLY phone or ONLY internet provider goes down.

    That’s it for now. This is a laughable website. If you read it, I’m sorry that you can’t get that much of your life back.

    Having said that, I’m a happy twc customer in Columbus Ohio. I have a cable box I dont use, a phone I don’t use, and an internet whose master I am. If only i didn’t have an idiot lock me into this 2-year contact. Come December though, this guy is.going to business class internet only. Will static ip’s still be around then?

  32. Maggie's reply

    Well, This has been fun! No really! I chuckled out loud at Mike’s post (thank you-I hope you write more!), appreciated the history lesson from Dread, and despite not getting “that much of (my) life back” by reading this blog, Charles, I have found it interesting!

    I am someone who has no idea what DOCSIS is or any other tech-speak. I am someone, though, who would like to watch a movie when I want.. w/o having to wait 15 minutes for the reboot so the signal can get through–or worse, having to call and go through VM ****; would like the fastest internet service available (since I THOUGHT that’s what we were getting–e.g.”turbo”) and would appreciate NOT having our calls dropped-oh, say, at least 2x/week!)

    Also, I am someone who has wanted to throw my current DVR boxes (OCAP I believe–that’s the extent of my tech-speak knowledge) out the window–rebooting over and over; calling (main support line)over and over, etc., etc.; I want to scream.

    I am the one who talked my spouse into the bundled package several years ago (a suggestion from a “friend”)–switching from DirecTV/BellSouth/DSL. What a challenge (ok-nightmare) it has been AND having to watch said spouse gloat! I’m not joking–I will bet I have 20 business cards from different tech support folks who have come out to our house. FINALLY, I have been very lucky in getting a personal number (much to his dismay, I’m sure) with a tech manager “Michael” in the RDU area–Always responsive, courteous, helpful AND knowledgeable. That being said–i still want to scream and throw out the window our current dvr boxes.

    While I’m ranting….We also bought 2 new desktops last year thinking it was the older PCs that were the reason for slow internet–not so!!! So now I would love to have the wide band service and the new boxes–already have the phone service–don’t get me started on that one, Mike (from above).

    I’m not sure now, though, if I want to explore the Signature Home and incur different issues! At least we know how to reboot the old boxes and have someone personally to call. I’m more confused than ever. Maybe by now…March..some issues have been resolved???

  33. Bryan Massey's reply

    I’m a current Time Warner cable customer Springboro, Ohio since September 2010. I am new to this area, but not to Time Warner cable. My services include premium channels (HBO,Cinemax,Showtime,Stars), sports tier package, two DVR set-top boxes (Samsung,Cisco) RoadRunner Turbo, and Digital phone all @ $181.77 per month.

    Here is my experience – September 10, 2010 my services will were installed. During the installation the so-called install expert could not get my digital box to work in my family room so he recommended that I use an analog connection to my TV (Brand-new Samsung 55″ 3-D LED TV). As you can imagine I was not very happy with his response. Needless to say I insisted that he fix this.

    After a week or so of trying to get my old DVR set-top box that they installed (the silver box don’t know what it’s called). I was advised to go pick up two new Cisco boxes which I did at my “local” 25 min. away TWC office. At first it appeared that this had solved my problem, but within two weeks. I was right back to pixelation and freezing.

    After several months now of having TWC technicians make changes to everything from the lines in my house, signal amplifier, outside lines, and everything in between to no avail. I was given a Samsung box that seems to be working in my living room. But the Cisco box still freezes in my master bedroom. Go figure! In addition to this, for the first month and a half. I had absolutely no phone service. I was told that there was a noise issue in my area and that it was sporadic and they couldn’t where the problem was coming from, but assured me it would be fixed as soon as possible. Turns out my problem was not just in the line but my modem was apparently bad as well.

    After a month and a half They changed my modem and that seemed to help My phone service. Now it worked most of the time but because of the noise issue in my area. It was still in and out. In addition to this, my RoadRunner service was on again off again just like my phone.

    Last week I had the technicians out again for about the sixth or seventh time since we have lived here to fix the box in the living room again. This time the same technician that had been out here on two or three occasions recommended that I get Time Warner cable signature service. He said for what I’m paying I could get signature service, and it would fix a lot of my issues. So naturally, being that I have had my fill of their horrible service.

    I asked what will this fix and was told. First, I will not have to wait on the phone for 20 to 45 min. on service calls, which was a problem Being that as I was calling weekly, sometimes daily. Second, I was told that the equipment was better. Third, I was told there is guaranteed appointments. Fourth, I was told he was a certified signature technician and could magically make everything work better. Fifth, I was told it would eliminate the need for my own wireless router, and my DVR is would work all house. Last, I was told that I was eligible for 50Mb download speeds and 5Mb upload speeds.

    My first response to the technician was you guys can’t seem to get my service working now and your solution to this problem is to make my equipment even more technically complicating. Although I like the sound of not having to wait for extended times on the phone with service calls and I like the sound of faster download speeds and up. I find it really hard to believe that they have the nerve to try and sell me service when they can’t get my service to currently work. It’s a direct slap in the face and an insult.

    In conclusion – I would suggest to anyone who is looking into this service to be cautious if you are upgrading because of all existing problems.

    I would also caution you against jumping in and paying even more inflated costs to a company who clearly puts customer service last, unless you call a $10 credit for constant sporadic issues throughout a month’s time customer caring.

    I didn’t plan on coming here to vent my frustration with Time Warner cable but after reading some of these responses. I can see that, like others I am not the only one who feels duped. If I conducted my business this way I wouldn’t have any customers.

  34. hattie's reply

    boy can I feel your pain its like if the cable works one night with no problems you are very lucky. Why does TWC think we need one more bill with less service

  35. Josh's reply

    Wow, I was thinking of subscribing to this service in lieu of my MythTV setup but was nervous about the marketing from the start (“dedicated signature home team”, right, like they have a dedicated team for each address they service – can someone say “Truth In Advertising”! Seriously, look up “dedicated”). Based on the reviews and concerns stated here, I’m going to stick with MythTV despite it’s being analogue only. I’m very happy being the admin for my own service and not having to educate help desk staff in order to solve any given issue. This appears to be the same crap offering from Time Warner as usual, just renamed for marketing purposes. @TWC – When you get your act together and offer *even* decent service/prices, we’ll talk. Till then, see ya later.

    Disgruntled in WI

  36. SteveF's reply

    Never one to sign up for the latest+greatest I will be waiting for the bugs to get worked out of the Signature Home offering. Let others pay the roll-out premium and suffer as “beta testers”. I am happy with my current TWC. We have cable and internet. The iPod app that allows me to watch channels anywhere in the house works great and Netflix streams like a dream. BTW, I have never been disappointed by customer service. Just thought that I would throw in a satisfied 2 cents from Northern Ohio.

  37. Ben's reply

    STAY AWAY FROM SIG HOME in CENTRAL NEW YORK! I had perfectly reliable service with my old Triple Play for over 5 years (other than the garbage Navigator software). I wanted to add Whole Home DVR and it made more sense to pay an extra $10 bucks to go into the Signature package and pick up all the extras as well. BIG MISTAKE! My service has gone completely to hell. Constant modem issues, dropouts, connectivity issues with no resolutions coming. Have had a second drop running across my yard for a month now to verify that the other drop (which was cut by a TWC tech and replaced unnecessarily) was an issue. I called a PSA tonight with a simple question: “How many clients is my modem set for?” He barely spoke English and had no clue what I was talking about. I had to walk him through it and explain how I’m on my 4th modem and want to make sure enough connections are available for the 12-15 devices that need it at any given time.

    My big question is this: Why did TWC roll out a high end package aimed at tech-savvy power users without proper testing? This has been disaster. I’m guess most people don’t know or care and just accept the fact that they must re-boot and reset their adapters everyday?!?!?

  38. Robin's reply

    Our Signature Home service is also choppy, but what makes me want to take TWC to court is the fact that I was sold on the service by someone who assured me over the phone it would cost only a few bucks more than our current (normal ) TW service. WRONG. It comes to $25/month more, which feels particularly painful because we recently had to go from regular to broadband just to get our phone to work. When someone called to offer us Signature home for just a couple dollars more I was skeptical, and the person kept assuring me that the total price, with taxes, etc, would be just a few dollars more. How I wish I had a tape of that conversation.

    Unfortunately, the person I spoke to also quoted me an accurate price for the service (without taxes) and I was just too frazzled/confused to compare prices myself–I took his word for it that it was about what we were already paying. (I was really confused, in truth, because we’d gone quickly from adding phone service to adding broadband and every bill had weird, pro-rated charges.) In any case, I was a dupe, the bill is too high, and all they can say is “oh, sorry.” So, I will be searching for another provider, altogether. And encouraging friends not to fall for this crap.

  39. Dave's reply

    I’ve had Signature Service for a week now and I’m underwhelmed, to say the least. Took nearly a week to get an installer to the house after numerous “we’ll get right back to you about your appointment” promises that were never returned. Twenty minutes after the installer left the house my broadband was turned off by TWC, requiring another phone call to get my Internet turned back on, and a day after that, TWC disabled every email address on my account. Should have left well enough alone; Signature Service is little more than another pile of unfulfilled promises by TWC. You’d think I’d learn…

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