December 31, 2010

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We Have An Extension With Sinclair Broadcasting

Here’s some cautiously optimistic good news, cable-friends: Sinclair Broadcasting has agreed to an extension of our current deal with them until January 14. That allows our customers to continue to receive all Sinclair Broadcasting stations uninterrupted while we continue to negotiate for a long-term deal. We’re optimistic (and eager) to see this unpleasantness end soon.

Thanks for your patience and support. Sit tight, and we’ll share more news with you as soon as we have it.


  1. Ben's reply

    Extensions are fine, but lets get this settles. Also, I’d like to see these fees itemized on our bills. Suddenlink does this. The list a locals “surcharge” so subs know EXACTLY what they are paying for the local station. In fact, I’d like to see that for ALL stations!

  2. Jennifer's reply

    cable tv is getting to be way to expensive! I’m tired of this crap and I’m switching to Dish Network!

  3. Christine Adams's reply

    I am with Ben. We need to know what you are talking about and what we are paying for. Switching is not the answer. I would just like to know what I am paying for and I do agree with Jennifer, it is all getting to expensive. Maybe I should cut back to basics and just rent what I want, when I want it.

  4. dread pirate roberts's reply

    @Jennifer, you get the same with every provider. Every provider goes through this. It TWC turn. Blame the FCC!!!! Before, content providers would go through this all the time, and it was done behind the scenes. Now the FCC is requiring notice and it’s stirred up a s**t storm for all providers, needlessly in MHO!

    @ Ben, and just what are you going to do with that info? Pour over it line by line and then call up and demand your .21 cents back you can’t account for? I posed several times, the rates the providers are charging, but you don’t know how may subs are being charged for whats being provided. TWC has to pay a fee per sub. Lets say it’s 11 cents. What does that do for you? You don’t know how many subs TWC has in that package or how that cost is distributed throughout the entire 24.5 million customers. So you are just confusing the numbers and it would not satisfy what ever your trying to satisfy here. To see a list of all the providers, and what they charge are available online. I posted it before.

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