February 11, 2011

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I Like Big Buttons and I Can Not Lie

Meet the Time Warner Cable Easy Clicker Remote. It’s got big buttons.

For each cable box we install in your home, you’ll receive one standard remote —   the silver guy you see here.  However, we also make big button remotes which are handy for the elderly, the sight-impaired or anyone that appreciates a user-friendly zapper.

Take my father, for instance.  He’s a fan of any household gadget with super-sized buttons.  Before I got him the Easy Clicker, he’d mash his fingers into the standard remote keys, producing seemingly impossible permutations of channel changes and TV settings.  A bit like king-sized Homer and his dialing wand.

If you’re an existing customer with a standard remote and you’d like to make the switch, it’s simple. Bring your standard remote to a Time Warner Cable payment center near you and request a swap. I did it, and it was easy.

When I arrived at my local payment center,  I told the store greeter what I was looking for.  He retrieved a big button remote from a box behind the security desk and confiscated my old one. Total time spent: 3 minutes (I timed it).

If you’re a new customer and you’re looking to go big button, make your request to the customer service agent you speak with when you set up your installation appointment.   Our technician will bring you the remote when he or she comes to your house.

And now, a remote control face-off.

Standard (left) vs. Easy Clicker (right)

DVR Buttons

Volume & Channel Controls


Easy clicker takes all.

If you do switch to the Easy Clicker, you’ll notice that the button architecture is a bit different from the standard remote.  To get acquainted with this new clicker terrain, check out the Easy Clicker Operating Manual (PDF).


  1. Greg D.'s reply

    Finally it has arrived. Just knew it was coming, it was one of our diversity objectives that made the books in 2010 and expected in 2011.

  2. Greg D.'s reply

    Now for step 2, when can we expect ones with braille etched on all the buttons?

  3. Cheryl F.'s reply

    This would be great to have the big button remote in Wisconsin. Not available here and we really need one. Even if we could get one it might not work with the current HD boxes. So much for helping the handicap.

  4. Lynn Turner's reply

    Are these available in SC???? My mom is 91 and desperately needs a easy remote to work.

  5. Gregory will's reply

    With all the wonderful channels available, I am having trouble “bundling” say favorites, Channels I never watch, etc. I do not know how to put together some kind of hierarchy so I can focus and not miss something I really was looking forward to. Something like packets with different color coding….

    ALSO …Unlike Satellite, I can only record 2 channels
    Simultaneously. Is this in the upgrade cycle at this point.
    Thanks for listening,
    Dr. Gregory R. Woll

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