March 03, 2011

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Register Now For MyServices — Also, iPad App

If you’re the sort of person who reads David Pogue’s technology column in the New York Times and also reads multi-page articles online (shame on you on both counts if you don’t), you probably saw something pretty interesting about our iPad app this morning. If you’re the sort of person who like to think he’s informed but can’t be bothered actually reading for yourself, here’s the relevant paragraph:

TIME WARNER: New iPad app later this month. It will deliver that amazing live-TV-on-the-tablet thing. No remote-control or DVR-programming features yet, and it will offer only about 36 channels in the first version.

He’s not kidding. We’re working on it pretty hard, and it should be out in a few weeks. You’ll hear about it here.

In the meantime, we have an online portal called My Services that lets you view and manage any number of things involving your account. Right now the most exciting thing that you can do is use our Remote DVR Manager to record shows and movies from your phone or computer. However, we have a lot more services and features coming out this year, and nearly all of them will require you to have a MyServices login and password.

Frankly, registering for MyServices is a little painful right now. You have to have a paper copy of your bill in front of you while you do it, and not everyone loves the UI. We know this, and we’re working to improve the experience.

On the other hand, if signing up for MyServices is actually the hardest thing that you do today, you’re in pretty good shape. If you want to complain about it between now and the time we release our streamlined registration workflow, tell it to this guy. He’ll set you straight.

Look on the bright side: you only have to register for MyServices once, ever, and then you never have to do it again. If you want to enjoy a lot of the products and services that we’ve got coming out this year, I’d recommend that you do this now.

I’ve pulled together a little walk-through of how it’s done here, too.

First, get a copy of your bill. You’ll need this.

Then, register for MyServices by visiting and clicking on “Register for MyServices.”

When prompted, enter your email address and zip code. Using the copy of the bill that you have handy, enter your account number and customer code.

After creating an account, you’ll be prompted to sign in — go ahead and enter your MyServices username and password.

Go ahead and check it out if you haven’t already. Like I said, our Remote DVR Manager is pretty cool — go ahead and play with it if you like.

Trust me – this is a weird little step now, but once you do it, it’s done. And it’s going to pay off later.


  1. John's reply

    This Remote DVR Manager thing doesn’t seem to work for me. There’s no record button when I look at a program listing in MyServices. I live in Los Angeles. Perhaps it hasn’t been rolled out in LA. I can’t tell from the story above, or from the MyServices website, or from the FAQ. A bit odd, really.

  2. Dean's reply

    This is great news! Can’t wait to get this for my iPad.

    What I would love in addition though, is an iPhone/iPad app that’s just for scheduling recordings remotely. I know the mobile site is there and all, but it would be easier to just pop up the app, select a show, and be done in 30-seconds.

  3. Joe Siegler's reply

    If I have a TiVo, will this do anything for me? Is there any point in this app if you’re not using a TWC provided box?

  4. Al's reply

    At what point will “My Services” include ESPN3 on Xbox Live? It has been promised for months, other providers have been offering it since 2010, and “Coming Soon” is the best you give us.

  5. Jose's reply

    Remote DVR is also not available in my area in deep South Texas. Having the ability to set a program to record when I’m away from home is one of the few things I miss from leaving DirecTV for Time Warner Cable. Hopefully we’ll get it shortly.

  6. Jack's reply

    My confusion is with My Services and Pay Express. Recently, our division (Milwaukee WI.) changed My Services, so that you could use Pay Express without having to have two different log-in names and Passwords. For this example, note that I do not have a Pay Express account.

    I know several people that are confused about Pay Express. What are the requirements for Pay Express? What screenshots do you see when you register for PayExpress on line? For divisions that have now updated, where PayExpress is now a part of the log-in for My Services, does that make their older Pay Express login information invalid?

    I agree that Remote DVR Manager is the best thing right now! I wish there was a way in My Services for your DVR recordings and settings to be stored in Remote DVR Manager AFTER the need for a box swap. Users could than transfer their old recordings from My Services/Remote DVR Manager, to the new box via download. This would make Remote DVR even more amazing! Think about it. No more recordings and scheduled shows wiped out when DVR’s go bad!

  7. Max's reply

    Glad to see that the app is coming. Hopefully OnDemand on iPad will be next!

  8. Julie's reply

    I think the PayXpress part is the difficult one to get to. Even if you click it from the homepage, you still have to dig for the link on the MyServices page. It should take you directly to PayXpress without having to seek out a very nonintuitive, unobtrusive link that says “click here”.

  9. Lora Chambers's reply

    I like my service

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