March 28, 2011

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Television Is Melting and I Want My TWCable TV App

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re pretty excited about our free app for the Apple iPad. As of right now, more than 300,000 people have downloaded the thing, and the numbers are climbing by the minute.

Right now you can stream 32 live channels in HD, but we’re going to add more soon. Also, in the coming months we’ll be adding remote control functionality and the ability to order and watch VOD content.

Customers, media, and self-appointed Twitter pundits have been asking us all kinds of questions since we launched the app. Specifically, we’re being asked if we plan to allow customers to leave their homes while watching cable television on their iPads, too. It’s a natural question to ask.

We’ve just launched a website that will hopefully address a lot of the questions we’ve been getting from the public at large: I Want My TWCable TV App.

We’ll be updating it pretty frequently, and as always, I’ll have the latest news I can share right here, too.

I can say that we currently deliver content to your iPad in the same way we deliver it to your TV set, over our own managed network. You pay for the right to view this content in your home already and we want you to be able to do it on your iPad too.

The entire concept of television is melting right now. It’s oozing off of the credenza and into any number of other rectangular forms. Google TV has a full browser now, the iPad has spectacular HD video, and Samsung and other manufacturers offer product that doesn’t need a set-top box.

We’ve got broad rights to provide television programming to every screen in your home.We have some agreements that allow for viewing outside the home, and we’re likely to add more of those eventually, but this will take some time. Our goal is to make watching any content, any time, on any device anywhere simple and easy for our customers.

Our customers expect this of us. They already pay billions of dollars a year for television programming, and they should be able to watch it on any screen that they choose. Technology should work to make content easier to work, not harder.

Starting today, we’ve launched a specialized website to let the public know our perspective on our iPad app — what we think it should do, what we were thinking when we developed it, and why we think it’s important that our customers should be able to see what they’ve already paid for on their own devices inside their own homes.


  1. Al's reply

    Bravo. This is the kind of innovation we are looking for…thing is, can you deliver? Xbox users still cannot access ESPN3’s live sports app on Xbox Live even though it has been promised since 2010 and our neighbors with Comcast have had it since last year.

    So the proof will be in the pudding, so to speak. There are devices out there light years ahead of the hardware currently available from TWC, and i would rather pay $200 up front for a Boxee that can access my Time Warner channels/network content/Youtube/Netflix/Amazon than pay $10 a month for my entire life for an anemic DVR.

    I love to hear that TWC sees the writing on the wall, that people have many ways to view content, and want to be free of the rigid status quo.

    The future is in an App environment, if Time Warner isn’t going to get on board, people will go over the top for their content.

  2. Keith's reply

    It’s great that there’s all this content online, but I do pay a lot of money every year for Time Warner’s cable TV service and therefore, according to this post, should be able to see it on any screen I want. So how come if I want to watch HD channels like MTV HD, Lifetime Movie Network HD, Comedy Central HD, Nickelodeon HD, VH1 HD or Spike HD, I have to watch them on my iPad’s 9 1/2″ screen rather than my 55″ HDTV because Time Warner Cable doesn’t offer any of these HD channels on my lineup? I’m giving serious thought to jumping to Dish Network simply because I’m sick of waiting for TWC to add these HD channels to my lineup. TWC customers a mile away have at least two dozen more HD channels than I do (and have had them for over a year), but whenever I call to ask when we’re getting them, I get noncommittal responses about how customer service reps are never told anything about programming changes until they happen.

    Stop working so hard on mediocre service across multiple platforms. You guys are first and foremost a cable TV company, make sure your service on your primary platform is the best you can offer before you try to be everything to everyone.

  3. Scott's reply

    I haven’t purchased my iPad 2 yet since I am away from home currently but have already downloaded this app on my computer and looking forward to using it.

    This is exactly the kind of app that I am looking for when it comes to my iPhone 4 and soon my iPad 2. Something that allows me to use my iPhone or iPad to enjoy the TV entertainment that I have already paid for. I don’t understand why it is a big deal with the TV Networks if I watch it on my iPad or on my TV in the other room. I have 4 TVs in my house and usually only use 2. I would love to be able to use my iPad as a small TV in bed with my headphones on while my wife watches something else on the TV (we have different likes in shows). I can watch Fringe while she watches Jersey Shore.

    It shouldn’t matter if I am viewing on a iPad or not. I paid for the channels to view in any room of my house. Besides, a lot of the stuff you can view with minimum commercials on the TV Networks websites like Fox or USA or TNT for free. So is the next thing they are going to do is take that stuff off? It is pretty much no different.

  4. JR's reply

    The Ipad APP is a great leap and one that will change the way many view TV but it left many in the dark and upset that nothing was released for laptop users, I would rather use my laptop with a 17″ screen than a Ipad, Sorry but neglecting the PC world for apple just does not look right

  5. Alaura's reply

    I saw live TV on my mother’s iPad and thought it was great. Wish I could watch it on my iPhone4.

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