April 01, 2011

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Another Little Cupcake For Our iPad App Users – We’re Adding 5 More Channels Tonight

Here’s another little cupcake for you, iPad watchers.

We’re adding even more channels to the iPad app overnight. By tomorrow morning you should be able to see the following channels in addition to the ones we added earlier today:

  • Bloomberg
  • Sprout
  • Hallmark Movie
  • Current
  • TruTV

Go nuts!


  1. Ma's reply

    Yes! TruTv! Thank you so much! I really wanted this channel!

  2. Keith's reply

    Again, HD channels that will be available on my 9 1/2″ iPad screen that aren’t available on my actual cable TV lineup. FIX THIS. You’ve already said that the rationale behind your app is to deliver programming to subscribers on whatever screen they want it — I want this programming on my HDTV, which is why I became a TWC customer in the first place, but you’re denying me that. Why won’t you get your cable TV service offerings up to par before you go running off with this iPad app?

  3. Dakota's reply

    Cablevision just pulled 300 channels out of nowhere. Can we pick up the pace, TWC?

  4. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    Dakota, I really think you should watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8r1CZTLk-Gk

    I’m not privy to Cablevision’s dev schedule and product strategy, but I’m pretty happy with what we’ve offered thus far.

  5. Alec's reply

    Dakota does have a point. All cable companies will eventually be subject to a court ruling so I don’t understand why TWC doesn’t go all in? I’d like to see an option to delete/add channels out of the line-up. (like a favorites menu). I don’t really care to see what’s on cspan 1-20 or the Hallmark network, etc. Cheers

  6. Dakota's reply

    See, I’m just a geek. I’ve discovered enough how the app works that I probably shouldn’t know, but…

    … along with using Akamai HD for iOS, can we have Akamai HD for Flash for Web acccess pretty pwease?

    ///yes, I’ve figured out how the communications within the app work and where it’s talking to like a true geek.
    ///and yes, it’s amazing.
    ///somewhat happy.

  7. Adam Black's reply

    Cablevision one-upped TWC and is taking the battle straight to the content providers with over 300 channels available in their app. Tell the lawyers and the execs to grow some balls and join the battle.

    Oh, and bring DOCSIS 3.0 to the West Valley (Los Angeles) before I go bald… thanks!

  8. Dean's reply

    Haha, I’m a big fan of that Louie CK clip, but you have to admit, the Cablevision app is pretty amazing.

  9. Rick's reply

    When I logged in this afternoon, a lot channels that were there last night and yeasterday, are gone! I only have like 20 channels! What’s up???

  10. Johnny555's reply

    yeah. where are all the channels going? i’m losing good ones (comedy central!) and getting 10 cspans. pls dont add any more cspans!!

  11. Ma's reply

    Wow. I went to Google and learned the tech, also! Geeky me.
    (baby talk mkes me throw up in my mouth a widdle bit.)

  12. D.A.'s reply

    Cablevision iPad app has 300 channels! Time Warner is nowhere close to that. Can’t we get some sports channels like SNY.

  13. AL's reply

    I was counting the days to switch to Verizon FIOS, when the APP first came out. I was like wow nice! I’ll stay with TW especially with all those good channels in the line-up, then they pulled all the good one’s off.. BOOOO. Then they added some very unpopular channels, and to add insult to injury, cablevision crashes the party with a whopping 300 channel APP. Who’s the little giant now?

  14. Tom's reply

    I looked for Sprout today and am not seeing it. Does everyone get Sprout?

  15. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    They should. Have you called in about this?

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