April 15, 2011

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We Are Adding Fox Channels to the iPad App

We’ve got some more good news for a Friday, iPad app fans.

We will be adding the following channels from Fox to our iPad lineup:

  • National Geographic Channel
  • FX
  • Fox News Channel


  1. JTMarlin's reply

    FOX Soccer Channel and FOX itself please. Or are you not allowed to broadcast network channels? Would like to be able to only see my list of channels to on the left side. Too many to finger thru now!

  2. JTMarlin's reply

    Also…I’d like to ask, as this app can only be used within the home, is the quality of the video going to improve in the near future? I understand you are probably using a low bit rate to get this app off the ground but with amazing HD being pumped out thru my 40 inch HD tv, I truly would only use this app in my home if something happened to my tv….or unless the quality of video improved on the app as it looks a ways off from HD. Whatever CBS did with the Masters (html5?) seems way ahead in terms of quality. I like where you’re going…but this truly needs to be portable outside of a home with a near HD picture before I would seriously use.

  3. Dame's reply

    I Want channel 12 univision on the iPad app!

  4. SteveJobs's reply

    Shouldn’t the app be called TV On your IPad in your home if your tv doesn’t work and you are ok with standard definition?

  5. Love2Run's reply

    I absolutely LOVE this app!!!! I bring my iPad from room to room while I get things done around the house. I could never justify sitting on the couch to watch t.v. Now I have the best of both worlds. I get excited each time you add more channels! Could you add the actual channel number to the list of shows? Sometimes I can not finish watching and would like to dvr it without having to search for the actual channel number. Good Luck Time Warner…I appreciate all you’re doing to make this possible in our homes!

  6. Craig Kramer's reply

    THANKS FOR BRINGING Fox News back.

  7. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    “Steve” – It streams in HD. And if you don’t like it, don’t use it.

  8. Ma's reply

    I’m with Love2run, this app is great for people who don’t want to sit all night to watch TV. I appreciate the work it took for them to get the channes back!

  9. SteveJobs's reply

    Jeff. I dont use it. Hence the suggestion. Don’t like suggestions for improvement? Then don’t blog about it. Jobs done here

  10. Tommy's reply

    Gorgeous app. Love the seamless load time. I do agree that with person above about customizing channel selection on left side. Keep it up.

  11. Jason's reply

    how about an iPHONE app isntead of just iPAD… There are times a little screen will do just fine!! Show us some love TWC!!!

  12. Jimfromearth's reply

    All I say is. TWC you must have broadband. Cable vision
    You do not. Hence TWC feels another reason customers
    Will keep bb service.

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