April 01, 2011

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We Have Added a Bunch Of New Channels to Our iPad App

Yesterday, we yanked a bunch of channels from our brand new iPad app. These channels are owned by Fox, Discovery, and Viacom networks. And instead of rowing down the river of history and into the future, these programmers have chosen to sit on the bank and kick rocks. They would do well to refer to Sir Alec Guinness’s words in the greatest film of all time.

We have added 16 national channels and three local channels overnight to our TWCableTV™ app for the iPad™. This is an incredibly diverse array of programming, including sports, news and public affairs networks. Also included are our local news channels in each market where they’re available. Customers will receive all of the available networks that are included in the cable package to which they subscribe.

The new channels are listed below:

  • A&E
  • ABC Family
  • AMC
  • Bravo
  • CNBC
  • CNN
  • CSPAN2
  • CSPAN3
  • Chiller
  • Disney
  • Disney XD
  • E
  • ESPNnews
  • Food
  • G4
  • Gala
  • HGTV
  • HLN
  • Hallmark
  • History
  • HSN
  • IFC
  • Jewelry
  • LMN
  • NY1Noticias*
  • NY1*
  • QVC
  • Sleuth
  • Soap
  • Style
  • Syfy
  • Golf
  • Travel
  • USA
  • We
  • YNN Austin*

(*Available based on user channel entitlements)

We will continue to work to add more channels and make this iPad app the best possible experience for our customers. For more news, check us out here, follow me on Twitter (@jeffTWC), or visit I Want My TWCable TV App.


  1. Marc hirschfield's reply

    Good move, but why no BBC america? You show it in all your advertising, but it’s not on the app. What gives?

  2. Vincent's reply

    Seriously… CSPAN 1, 2 & 3!? Who watches that anyway?

  3. Vincent's reply

    but way to go! ESPNews!!!!

  4. Ma's reply

    So now, these channels that are playing ball have a new viewer, (me), and the caveman channels that don’t understand new tech have lost a viewer- me.

  5. Dave's reply

    I love this thing, but seriously… you’re using BBC-A as a huge push in your images online! That’s my most-watched channel, and I really want to have it!

  6. Tom King's reply

    The app is now a glut of crap channels, most of which are infomercials whenever I go to look at them. MUST MISS programming like QVC, HSN, the Hallmark Channel, and the Jewelery channel (SERIOUSLY?).

    Not to mention the old-guard stupid tiering system that further limits channel options. Put one good channel in a group of 10 and charge another $5 per tier? You guys are still scoundrels and I cant wait to cut the cord.

  7. Jimfromearth's reply

    Those at fox, discovery and viacom are still using phones
    With cords attached to them. So don’t be so harsh with them.
    They are just a bit behind.

  8. kukhuvud's reply

    I’m enjoying your app, keep up the good work!

    I’m especially looking forward to seeing what local channels I’ll have when I get home from work tonight 🙂 (c’mon KTLA 5!)

    Also, n’thing that BBC America would be a good thing.

  9. Jason Schwartz's reply

    ESPNN but no ESPN3,etc? We can already get them on our PCs thanks to your previous agreement.. You would think you REALLY had the rights to the rest of the lineup for iPads.

    How about YES, MSG Networks in NYC?

  10. JDC's reply

    Thank you for NY1.

  11. Tee's reply

    I love C-SPAN for all the available channels – one is mostly the House of Representatives, other is the Senate, another channel for Book Notes and conferences. You can watch house of commons in UK too, and coverage of the US Supreme Court. Overall AWESOME!

    When will this app be able to work for people that want to use their iPad anywhere?

  12. Dolf M's reply

    Jeff, please answer my question… When will Time Warner Cable customers have access to HBO GO??? It’s been out for over a year and I am growing extremely agitated that I still can’t access it. What’s even worse is that your customer service agents have * no idea * what HBO GO is! at least give me a date…. Anything….

    Also, why is this app limited to RoadRunner customers? I have a fast connection. Are there any plans to allow non Road Runner customers in?

    It seems I just can’t win with you guys.

    Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi!

  13. Brandon's reply

    Woohoo! Getting SyFy easily makes up for the lost of Comedy Central :).

  14. Jimfromearth's reply

    This is silly! Is anyone complaining about sling media?
    Slinging all the channels to phones,pc etc. Anywhere in the world.
    Twc is just slinging indoors on a receiving device just not a boob tube.
    It just allows us users to view our paid for content with a little
    More felixibilty. We pay for it!! We are not getting it for free!!

  15. yo's reply

    nba league pass should be in here

    for free, no subscription

  16. Gil Barrett's reply

    How about droping CNN anf substitute with Fox Newa? The ratings speak for themselves.

  17. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    Gil – The issue here is ownership. Fox News is owned by Fox, and Fox has declined to participate.

  18. Bob's reply

    Are ther some twc service areas not yet receiving all the new channels for the iPad? There are about 10 channels that were just added that I am not receiving even though they are included in my channel lineup.

  19. Chuck Cheeld's reply

    Jeff – You have got many of the channels I like. But really would also like Cartoon Channel (Adult Swim) and Logo. TWC will prevail because of Customer Demand.

  20. Dan Hill's reply

    Where is fox. Business you liberal weenies!

  21. Steve Rider's reply

    I was so sad to see the False News Network is gone, wait, no I wasn’t. Like many others here I’d love to see BBC America added.

  22. Lynn's reply

    Sad. I’ve been a very avid Fox News watcher on my tv. Will be getting used to CNN now. Fox will have to wake up to the reality of it’s users’ wishes, or just accept it will loose viewership.

  23. Peter's reply

    Since the service is online based, can a ‘cable’ contract be booked from viewsers willing to pay Europe? If not, why is that? (besides from reasons and regulations made before internet was here)

  24. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    No, it can’t. While it appears to be online, this service only travels over our network, not the open internet. This is to preserve the rights agreements that we believe we have – we are not making these channels available to people that aren’t able to get them under our current contracts.

  25. Tom Schaefer's reply

    Why doesn’t TWC offer NASA TV in its markets? Talk about supporting science, engineering, and education. It’s a free feed, for pete’s sake. Put NASA TV on the iPad app.

  26. Dolf Muccillo's reply


    Any news for us on HBO GO?

    And whether *non Road Runner* users will be able to use this app??


  27. James's reply

    Keep adding channels. Loving the iPad a app access. Thank you TWC.

  28. N. Bertolli's reply

    The channels that pulled programming advertiser’s should threaten them. Customers actually have to watch all the commercials with the App, vs DVR where someone can fast forward the commercials. Someone at those networks didn’t think it through.

  29. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    I have no word for you on HBO Go. Who is your Internet provider? If it’s not us, it’s not likely to work.

  30. Bob's reply

    There are about 10 of the new channels added that are included in my tier of service that I am not getting on my iPad. Why?

  31. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    Bob – This sounds like an issue with entitlement/billing. Reach out to @twcablehelp [twcable.help@twcable.com] and they should be able to put you on the right track.

  32. Alec's reply

    Jeff…why do you have to have Fox agree if you feel this is a legal way of using the cable that we pay for? Seems like all other cable companies have gone all in and are awaiting a court opinion. Stand by what you believe in, or kill the app man. No comedy central. no hbo. no espn (the one that has sports). no NBC no abc. no CBS. no fox. what is the point??

  33. Geoff's reply

    How about SNY and YES??? I would really like to watch baseball games while the TVs are occupied with other stuff.

  34. JTMarlin's reply

    Please add some good channels and feel free to remove the following:

    ABC Family
    Disney XD
    YNN Austin*

    Please tell me you get my point.

  35. Jay's reply

    Can someone please explain to me why we don’t get ABC, CBS, and NBC, plus PBS? Are we likely to start getting them?

  36. Robert's reply

    Any chance we can get some networks (would prefer my local affiliates). Since they come into my house free, and you rebroadcast them over cable, there shouldn’t be any licensing issues …

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