April 07, 2011

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We’re Adding Seven More Channels to our iPad Lineup

If you happen to use our brand-new (and mildly controversial) iPad app, you’ll be tickled to see that we’re adding a few more new channels. These should be live as of 3PM:

  • Oxygen
  • Lifetime
  • History International
  • Biography
  • History en Espanol
  • Crime and Investigation  Network
  • Reelz


  1. Keith's reply

    How many times do I have to protest before someone actually answers me? Again, I want these HD channels on my actual cable TV lineup before they appear on my iPad, especially considering TWCable’s whole argument against the channel providers is that “consumers pay for these channels, they should be able to watch them on whatever screen they want.” I would much rather watch them on my big HDTV than my tiny iPad screen, which is why I bought the HDTV in the first place, but Time Warner Cable doesn’t offer these channels in HD in my area. Why can’t TWC get its act together and provide this service first and foremost on the medium that its business is based on (and is in its name) — cable TV — before it rushes to put HD programming online for a limited audience?

  2. Ma's reply


  3. JTMarlin's reply

    Please add an option to settings that let’s us select the channels that appear on the left hand side. The reality is that there are only a few channels I’d like to see and the recent history feature doesn’t accomplish this. Thanks

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