July 07, 2011

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Now Launching the TWCable TV iPad App, Version 2.0

As you may recall, we released a pretty popular iPad app this spring that allows our customers to watch live streaming cable in HD right there at home — balanced on the kitchen counter, cradled in their laps, or balanced on the chest while lying in bed or on the sofa.

We like to let our customers decide what’s best for them.

Starting today, July 7th, we’re releasing a pretty significant update to the TWCable TV iPad App.

Customers with our app will experience the following changes:

1) An expanded channel offering — now our customers can view up to 100 channels

2) An interactive program guide that allows users to see program listings for up to 7 days. Customers can also configure the guide to display only their favorite channels, in order to avoid scrolling through the entire channel line-up.

3) The ability to tune the set-top box from within the new guide in the app. Simply tap on a network logo within the iPad program guide or the “watch on TV” button within the program description to tune directly to the channel.

3) The iPad app will now feature a Remote DVR Manager, allowing customers to schedule and manage upcoming recordings on compatible DVRs.

In order to install this, simply download the update from the Apple store as you would any other app.

As a reminder, you must have an iPad running iOS 4.3 or later, a Time Warner Cable video package at the Standard/Expanded Basic level or higher, a WiFi connection, a Time Warner Cable My Services username and password, and a compatible cable box or DVR.

Furthermore — and this is kind of a big caveat — if you live in the Dallas or LA region and some parts of Texas and have a guide that looks like this:

…the guide, DVR and channel change functionality won’t work for you. It’s much more difficult to create new applications that work with this software — but not impossible. Which, frankly, is kind of a bummer. We are working hard to develop a version of the iPad app that will account for this variation.

Customers that have guides that look like this:

should be just fine.

For more information, visit TimeWarnerCable.com/iPad.

We hope you enjoy this update. Customers may find some bugs throughout the app, as we never know quite how something performs live until it’s actually live. We are working against a list of known issues right now that should be corrected in an update in a week or two. If you experience any bugs, or have any ideas for future updates, please let us know in the comments.


  1. Jeff's reply

    Still doesn’t work all that well. My router is a N band. I have a very fast connection, usually over 10mb/sec. And this app still buffers so often that I consider it unwatchable.

    Funny how Netflix doesn’t do that.

  2. Vincent's reply

    Need to add in the broadcast channels – CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, MY9 and CW – Along with TNT, TBS, Weather Channel – I mean, aren’t they part of the Time Warner Family?

  3. Steven's reply

    Do I still need to be sitting in my house to use the Remote DVR Manager?

  4. Dean's reply

    Why do some markets use Motorola’s iGuide while others use Navigator? Why not bring everyone over to Navigator?

  5. jake's reply

    i cant believe that in a market like LA where all of television and movies are created, you guys still have a programming guide from 1995 and one that isn’t compatible with modern ipad apps..its insane.

  6. Newlin's reply

    What about Hawaii?

  7. Deric's reply

    Really hope to see an Android version soon…

  8. Herb's reply

    Also doesn’t work if you jailbreak your iPad

  9. Jonathan Badeen's reply


    Time Warner Cable essentially cut ties with Time Warner quite a while back. Even though they share the same name, they don’t have the best relations. Those channels, I’m guessing, were asked to be omitted in the app. Another example of the bad blood between Time Warner Cable and Time Warner is with HBO Go. Because of a disagreement between TWC and HBO (owned by Time Warner), HBO subscribers on TWC (and Comcast) cannot use HBO Go. Unfortunately it is the consumer who is hurt in this feud and it’s not like he/she has many choices when it comes to cable.

  10. Richard B's reply

    Very nice changes. Now if y’all only would get things worked out with HBO for HBO Go….

  11. Dawn's reply

    i love the IPad app! But i cant get it to stream to a TV using the Apple AV Composit cable. Any suggestions??

  12. John Hentges's reply

    Clicking the Filter button in the guide to list only favorite channels, or only HD channels, only seems to work the first time.

    On the Settings page, the left column (favorites, Devices, Sign Out) scrolls horizontally for no reason, and in so doing causes the “>” characters to be hidden.

    It wasn’t intuitive that I could not ADD favorites from Settings>Favorites

    I have 3 digital set-top boxes and 1 HD DVR in the house, it only detected 1 digital box and 1 “other”, which was the HD DVR.

    I was unable to use the DVR section of the app from my house last night. “No compatible devices”. I was able to use the TWC website to configure a recording at that time. I can NOW control the DVR from work…

    Group operations, like “select one or more of these scheduled series recordings” then “Make all “New episodes only” or “New and repeat episodes”, for example, would be nice.

    Allowing the DVR or the app to record “New episodes, from *any* channel”. I don’t care if the episode was on cartoon network or fox, I just want it.

    May all your efforts be easy and fun! I love the app, and I love the direction it is moving. Home automation is important and cool.

  13. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    Hi Steven – just checked on this for you. As it turns out, the Program Guide and Remote DVR management are available from any Internet connection.

  14. Juli's reply

    My menu looks like the third one, but it says my cable box is unsupported. What cable boxes are supported for this new update, and is this a bug? I am in San Diego.

  15. Jason Valenzuela's reply

    Needs support for Program Guide & DVR support for the iPhone

  16. CHRIS's reply

    How about actually getting us some compatibility with the BGOGO app?? I mean come on TWC!

  17. CHRIS's reply

    I mean HBOGO, silly typo!

  18. Steve's reply

    Doesn’t it embarrass you guys that you have to post those stretched pictures because you guys still don’t support a 16:9 guide in the HD era?

  19. Steve's reply

    Or that the so-called ESPN3 on Xbox 360 that was supposed to be here LAST FALL still doesn’t work?

  20. AudioCow's reply

    Any justification for blocking Jailbroken devices?

  21. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    Yes. We have relationships with our partners — in this case, content providers — that we value very highly. As you may recall, we went through no small amount of trouble to be able to stream live television to the iPad within the home as it is. Our relationships with Apple and our programming partners are very important to us. If those are threatened, the whole thing falls apart and there’s no app for anybody.

  22. Jason Schwartz's reply

    How abnout an iPhone app? I know it’s a tiny screen but it would still come in handy!! Also, how about a 16×9 guide on TV? 4×3 is so 1980s!!

  23. Matt's reply

    I loved the app before the update, and I still love it….with a few exceptions:

    1. I noticed that not all of the stations are listed in the program guide. For example, I’m in San Diego and I wanted to record a show on Showtime (I subscribe). However, channel 702 was not listed in the guide on the iPad. If you’re going to allow users to manage their recordings with the app, make it work for all the channels!

    2. You cannot view a program on the iPad app through the guide. It changes your TV set. This needs to be improved. The users want to be able to view the guide, select a program, and watch it on the iPad OR the TV. This caused me to change the channel on my wife who was watching a program on the TV in another room.

    3. In the paragraph above, you state “We like to let our customers decide what’s best for them.” However, you blocked all jailbroken devices. Can you tell me how that is allowing the users to decide what’s best for them? It’s not illegal or unethical to jailbreak an iPad. Don’t punish users that simply want to install themes or simple tweaks on their device. My iPad isn’t jailbroken, but I find this position that TWC has taken with this app to be absurd.

  24. Q's reply

    I just want to know why the LA Region and parts of Texas are unable to get the guide updates. It just doesn’t make sense and it continues to be fucking frustrating as a Time Warner Cable customer in those areas.

    I know El Segundo has the ‘good’ Navigator guide, but 2 miles away in LA we can’t get it.

  25. John's reply

    Thanks for once again treating us Los Angeles subscribers like unwanted step-children. 2nd largest television market in the country and you develop apps that don’t work for us. I imagine we are spending the same if not more than the rest of the country for apparently less services. If you are trying to drive us to AT&T Uverse your doing a GREAT job!

  26. KH's reply

    Q the reason why parts of LA and Texas cannot currently get the Ipad for some settop boxes is that our areas use Iguide from Rovi a third party guide company while the apps on Navigator which are done in house do not have to be made to be compatible with the third party guide they can be customized to fit the in house guide. Also North Texas has Multiroom DVR boxes from Motorola and Samsung that have Navigator that can get the Ipad app its just that most of our boxes are Motorola boxes running Iguide A28 which is okay but lacks features needed for the Ipad app. One good thing is that the guide is already compatible with remote DVR scheduling that just needs to be customized to TWC’s application software for remote DVR.

  27. Casey's reply

    Please have central Maine upgraded to the new guide/boxes! I want to be able to use these upgrades!

  28. Bp's reply

    I just stumbled upon this while on hold with customer service. The rep had no clue how to help with the iPad app. I was on hold for 20 min. I asked why I couldn’t see my guide, she said I need to visit apple.com to diagnose my error.

    I am in Dallas and this page probably explains the issue on accessing my box. The watch tv seems to work much better, but it is very disappointing that some areas can access their box, but my area cannot. When do you expect this to be resolved?

  29. SA's reply

    Version 1 was a fantastic start, and I’m pumped to try out v2. Broadcast channels would absolutely be the icing on the cake (NFL games in the backyard!). Oh, and ESPN too, since this app works so well. To all you naysayers posting, I say don’t blame TWC for what they haven’t done yet, commend them for what they have. They’re showing some real leadership and guts on this. Well done TWC! (And no, I’m not a TWC employee or PR plant, actually I’m an occasionally-disgruntled customer. But I’m happy to give credit where it’s due.)

  30. Floyd's reply

    The app works great except it will not change the cable box channel from the guide tab. DVR functionality works fine. It would be nice to save your filter setting on exit or have a starting channel in settings.

  31. Vernon Harrison's reply

    I have the type of guide that should work fine. I’m running os 4.3.1. I have hd channels and dvr, so i know i have at least the basic package. I have not had any trouble programming my dvr via the internet using “my services” in the past. However, when I tap watch on tv button, nothing happens. Channel doesn’t change on the set top box.

  32. Mel's reply

    Wow. Not a single thing to be happy about. First, I live in L.A., second, there’s STILL no Comedy Central, and last, they have yet to allow us to access HBOgo. Lame.

  33. Rob's reply

    I would love to have the ability to enter a channel numbr on the guide and jump to it. Going from channel 4 to 704 takes some scrolling!

  34. Rich H's reply

    Jeff, do you have any answer for us re: HBO GO? Please spare us the company line “we are actively in negotiations” BS that we’ve heard for the past two months. Note my frustration is not directly towards you, but TW. Thanks for any input you can provide.

  35. DC's reply

    Hm. It’s saying it can’t communicate to either of my boxes. Not cool, and I’m not going through the motions of customer service to get it working…

    //in a Navigator market – Northern / Central NY.

  36. wb's reply

    I am still getting the message about how I have to be connected to my home network, even though I am sitting on my couch and connected to my home network. I have gone through support and even talked to someone at the local office who said they would call me back the next day with an update. That was 3 days ago.

    As an aside, why is this app only available for the ipad? I am pretty sure HBO Go doesn’t suffer from this limitation.

    I am also very upset about no HBO Go and still no ESPN3 after all this time. I thought, MAYBE, the TWC app would make it tolerable that you guys cannot get your act together with content providers, but you cannot even get that straight.

    Honestly I’m seriously considering dumping TWC and getting a satellite dish at this point. Then I can have HBO Go, ESPN3, a DVR that actually works, and even a working iPad app.

  37. Harry's reply

    Hawaii????? WTF

  38. SCREW YOU TWC's reply

    TWC dosent get it by dissing the jail break community i deiced to cancel me subscription and i went to COMCAST. thanks TWC for taking my money and giving me the finGER.

  39. SCREW YOU TWC's reply

    also there are plenty of companys that welcome the Jailbreak community. HULU, COMCAST, HBOGO,
    you lost my and many other peoples support and money.

  40. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    If you read between the lines here, this is actually good news — we are constantly accused of being a monopoly. It’s nice to see that healthy competition exists and the free market has provided you a competitive option that meets your needs.

  41. JH's reply

    Updated to 2.0 channel changing and DVR functionality seem to work ok. But where are my 100+ live channels? I still have the same ~15 or so from the 1.0 version on the live TV tab

  42. Don F's reply

    Excessive buffering makes watching TV impossible on my Ipad2.

  43. TOMMY's reply

    whats the competitive option? I want it!! i’m in nyc. here, its a ~monopoly. i would go w/ verizon fios but they aren’t expanding (i’ve asked and asked – must not be cost effective as they’re more interested in milking their newly tiered data phone plans) i think EVERYONE would switch if FIOS was still offered 🙁 my nxt option is DISH/DirecTV which i cant get based on the placing of apt. TWC is making things nicer though w/ their ‘app’ offerings but as mentioned earlier, the delays we see in things like HBO GO…the wait we had for ESPN3, etc are just too much! they seem very reactive, and not proactive. the game is changing, and they are trying to adapt, but they will lose in the long run bc they are matching others offerings and not innovating on their own. it is what it is. sure its great we now have 100 junk channels to watch on a tablet w/in our home, but this is NOT TV Anywhere. its now just a messy app w/ the worst channels being off’d (no network tv) The game will change to where things are offered online thru your tv, w/ several non-local providers in the game, and TWC will be a case study in lagging adaption and fickle infighting (from their relationship w/ TWC) resulting in an ultimate demise. this will happen very quickly in my humble opinion – 2 yrs max.

  44. Rodney D Young's reply

    love it and nice work. i’m sure you’ll continue to add/improve feautures and functionality.

    now go get us HBOGO!

  45. K's reply

    I live in a studio apartment, meaning this app is basically worthless since there are very few places in my apartment in which I can’t already see the TV. I suppose if I’m desperate to watch stations I don’t watch anyway while I’m taking a shower, I’d be psyched.

    When you get over yourselves and support HBO GO, you’ll have a service worth paying for.

  46. Rich H's reply

    No one here has called your company a monopoly. Stupid, arrogant, yes, but not a monopoly. End of month, no HBO GO/ ESPN 3, no TWC. Buh bye

  47. Penny.For.A.Name's reply

    So when are you going to realize there are other platforms then iOS? Such as Android, why is there no app for those users? Or even Blackberry?

  48. Ashley O's reply

    I am unable to display my favorites. When I choose Filter By: Favorites, nothing appears. I have many favorites saved on my set top box. Is it possible to add Favorites from this app?

    Also, the previous version showed the last 2 channels accessed, allowing you to flip back and forth between shows. This version doesn’t have a “last channel” setting. Will that be returning- I really like that feature.

    Otherwise, excellent app!

  49. Brian's reply


    I’m just curious as to the reason why there is different guide software being used both here in LA, as well as in the Dallas area. On the outside it seems rather counterproductive and counterintuitive, so I was just hoping for a little color. Also, since there are these differences in guide software, will TWC eventually make all cable boxes in every region run the same guide software at some point in the future?

    Thanks for your input.

  50. TX's reply

    Before deregulation started happening TWC was a monopoly in most places. For many apartment dwellers it might as well be since you usually are not allowed a choice in cable. Yeah I know you could always choose sat but then you have to deal with hd lite because they overcompress to save on bandwidth.

    I do appreciate that you have posted screenshots of the dvr’s and areas that are known to have problems. I happen to be in one of those areas. So while I wished it worked for me I am not going to whine about that here.

    HBOGO needs to happen sooner than later in my opinion. Please get it done!

  51. TK's reply

    Love the app since day 1. However, it is frequently “loading” which messes with the flow of the show you are watching.
    This needs work. I have tried 6 different wifi routers-same problem. Please fix this!

    Would love to be able to watch what has been recorded via the DVR on my iPad. Also, please add local tv stations so we can watch local news and programming.

  52. Cathi Thomas's reply

    OK, this worked until I upgraded this morning. Now, nothing. Just keeps closing out and going to the ipad home screen. Suggestions?

  53. Alonzo's reply

    Icant change the channel from my iPad whyy you need Tao fix this

  54. Jack's reply

    I agree that TWC should develop an i-pad applet to work with the older software guides of SARA and I-Guide.

    The medium to long term plan would be to get those systems updated to Navigator so that the i-Pad application could be accessible regardless of the area in which a TWC subscriber resides.

    Kudos to the tech team for working with outside vendors (Apple) to develop and implement this technology! Good job!

  55. Natesac's reply

    The 2.0 update brought some really nice touches. It’s too bad I cannot enjoy them because

    A. I live in the greater Dallas area where our boxes are not not compatible with DVR management.
    B. I decided to jailbreak my iPad 2, which is my choice to do whatever I want with my property. And jail breaking is no threat to TWC.

    TWC should really get with the program. Looking at these comment threads, message boards, and especially twitter, TWC customers are literally screaming for HBO Go. All TWC has to offer as a response is. “We are in negotiations” We have been getting this response since April when the app launched. All the while we are subjected to HBO GO ads on our TWC cable tv.

    If you look at the twitter stream for @HBO GO it is literally jammed with people asking when it will be available for TWC customers. HBO’s response is “call your provider and tell them you want HBO GO” if you look at @TWCableHelp their stream is also filled with questions about HBO GO their response is “we are in negotiations”

    If I have anything to glean from my continued prodding into the subject it is this: I believe HBO wants us to have access, but TWC does not like something about the delivery. Be it the out of house access or the lack of TWC advertising. Or perhaps TWC would rather funnel the HBO GO content into the 3.0 version of their own app. Whichever it is, months of “in negotiations” is total bull.

    The customers are screaming, TWC is obviously not listening. And then you have Jeff Simmermon come into this comment thread and basically dare people to jump ship. He must have hella job security, because most corporations would not tolerate their customers being talked to that way. I understand he’s probably sick of his twitter feed and email box being filled with unhappy customers screaming for HBO GO. But if your are getting that frustrated then perhaps it’s time to effect change. The screaming will stop once you cave in to your unreasonable stipulations and give us access to what EVERY OTHER CABLE PROVIDER SEEMS TO BE ABLE TO.

  56. juli's reply

    Can I please get a straight answer on whether or not this app is functioning in San Diego?

    I contacted customer support because the app isn’t working right and that’s the answer I got, but I know someone in San Diego who has a functioning app (I’m talking program guide and dvr settings).

  57. Brad's reply

    If the app is crashing try deleting and reinstalling the app, if this does not work hold the lock and home button on your iPad until it ask you to power off, then wait until it turns off then hold the same buttons to turn it back on.

  58. Chad Puska's reply

    Android please

  59. D.Warren's reply

    I have no sound and none of the features work. It says ” Cable box not responding, unable to communicate with your box…”

  60. J stoppard's reply

    Like D Warren, I have no sound and none of the features work (Nice picture though). Understand I can’t have some of the features because I live in LA but without sound the app is pretty useless….any ideas or suggestions how to help?

  61. Mark's reply

    when is available for iPhone4?

  62. michael uman's reply

    it logs in but wont let me swicth to the channels to watch anything.it worked fine before the upgrade.come on.we all pay enough for your service to get an app from you that functions,The other cable providers apps work.I have had this app since day 1 and it has consistently had more problems than ANY other app i own.

  63. Amit's reply

    I m not having any problem with the live TV option
    but i cant access the tv guide and the dvr options…..its says cannot communicate with the cable box…..Help!

  64. Emma's reply

    I cannot watch live tv. It keeps saying I need to be connected to my home network. Well, I’m typing this from my iPad whilst on my home network so I think you need another update. I can use all other functions of the app (DVR manager, tuner, etc) but not the one function I truly care about: watching tv on my iPad.

    Please help:)

  65. Jayson's reply

    Can I please get a straight answer on whether or not this app is functioning in San Diego?

    I contacted customer support because the app isn’t working right and that’s the answer I got, but I know someone in San Diego who has a functioning app (I’m talking program guide and dvr settings).

  66. Rick's reply

    Will there ever be a DRIOD APP?

  67. Maruschka's reply

    If I can see my upcoming scheduled recordings on my DVR, why can’t I see – and watch – what I have recorded already?

  68. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    Rick – there will be a Droid app. I’m not privy to specific schedules, but I’ve seen a loose roadmap for 2012 and it’s on there.

  69. Josh Moore's reply

    Nice app, but my channel change function doesn’t work. I live in NC and I have the newest tv guide set up. Please fix…

  70. Charles Taylor's reply

    Not a seamless boot and play app at all. Netflix is. Use it in my opinion.

  71. Debbie R's reply

    App does not work. It plays for a few minutes and then the message on the screen is “loading”. It never resumes play. I live in NYC. So frustrating. It used to work well when I first got my iPad in Dec 2010. But after a few months it stopped working.

  72. Vanessa's reply

    I really wish I could watch local stations or at least my DVR!

  73. Jim Hayden's reply

    I just downloaded this app, and every thing works, except for channel changing and record DVD function. I get an error message for both of these functions.

  74. Will pollard's reply

    So when will remote dvr be available in Kentucky?

  75. Frank's reply

    This was posted in July and I’m in Dallas. I really like this app. There’s no lag or buffering but would SERIOUSLY LOVE IT if you got the dvr functioning up to speed. It’s March now. How much longer???

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