August 26, 2011

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D is for Dalek and D is for DVR and D is for Dr. Who (on BBC America)

If I could text my DVR to say how much I appreciate the things it does for me I would definitely do that, but since it has neither a phone, nor opposable thumbs, I’m posting an electronic public display of affection — this is for you DVR.

My DVR doesn’t ask for much, just electricity and the occasional dusting – and while it promises convenience it delivers joy.  “Good DVR,” I’ll whisper to it and, “thanks for taking care of things while I was out of town” and “way to record Entourage even though I’m not watching it anymore – you’re so thoughtful!” She (yes, she) has a lot on her mind – she records two shows at once and does that in HD! She keeps a list of my favorite shows and stores up to 80 hours of content. How does she have the time?  She’s as faithful as Gram Parson’s roadie and enables me more than, well, Gram Parson’s roadie, keeping me supplied with enough kick arse content to satisfy my secret and quirky television pleasures.

Over the past few weeks she’s been feeding my current cable TV obsession Doctor Who from BBC America. The updated version of the low-budget BBC classic has its series premier on Saturday, August 27.  To prepare for the arrival of the new Who, my DVR has been nesting. She’s recording last season’s episodes and BBCA specials for my time shifting viewing habits (time shifting a show about time travel?? It’s a geek paradox!).

There’s also BBC America content On Demand – which if you’re a TWC digital customer you can access for free on the Entertainment On Demand channel.  We don’t have Start Over enabled on BBCA yet, but stay tuned.  “Look at me I can play back a show within its broadcast window without using my hard drive.” My DVR is getting super sassy. Caller ID on TV too – in case you want to screen calls during DVR quality time. My DVR is the whole package but she’s taken so get your own by checking with your local TWC cable store.

If you’re not familiar with the new version of the show or think it’s still paper Mache aliens or over-scarfed actors chewing up cheap scenery… you’ll be surprised.  Rebooted in 2005 after more than 40 years on British television (it was rebroadcast forever by PBS affiliates in America) the new show jettisoned the cheap effects and consistently delivers /smart science fiction, creepy horror and thoughtful fantasy.  Special shout out to Stephen Moffett here – those Weeping Angels are crazy creepy.

While slow dancing with my DVR the other night she reminded me that I can customize my series recordings by selecting ‘New’ episodes or ‘All’ episodes. This feature helps me save room on my DVR.  She’s always taking care of me.  I’m going to select “all episodes”, because I want a good refresher on the last season before the premier.  Fans will tell you that some previous knowledge of the Doctor is essential to keep from getting confused by the timey-wimey plot movement and I agree.  Now, quickly go and watch the last season so you won’t get lost or ask too many questions and annoy your faithful DVR.  Please note, your DVR cannot talk directly to you, but we should work on that as a special feature for our Signature Home customers.

The newest season of Doctor Who premiers on BBC America on August 27.  Time Warner Cable customers should check their guide for detail and BBC America On Demand for previous episodes.  Gary Underwood does not plan to attend any Doctor Who conventions but would like to meet Karen Gillan.

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  1. Ben's reply

    This guy must have a Tivo or Moxi or Satellite service, because the current TWC DVR is terrible thanks to Navigator software you have to babysit. His DVR may not ask for much, but mine sure does. Missed recording, recordings cut short, no manual recording… Over 6 years since initial development and the best Time Warner can do is Navigator. Guys, take a look at Dish VIP 922 or Moxi. If you guys can offer a two way Moxi box, I’d upgrade and turn in my Navigator based model!

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