September 28, 2011

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New Updates to the TWCable TV app for iPad

On September 29th, our customers are going to notice some new changes to the free TWCable TV app for the iPad. Again, this is a work in progress, and we’re trying to add features and improvements on a more nimble developmental cycle.

If you’ve already got the app, chances are pretty good that you’ve had sometime to familiarize yourself with its features so far. Here are the new ones:

1) Basic search function.

With this update, you can search for programs by title or episode name within the iPad app. You do this by using the search bar located on the top right of the screen. To activate the keyboard, you’ll need to tap the search bar. Once the search results display, you’ll also have the ability to filter your results based on matching genres like News, Cooking, Travel, Sports, etc. We are working on advanced search (keyword, cast, crew) which should roll out sometime around the end of Q4/ beginning of Q1.

2) You can now view closed captioned content.

To do this, look within the Settings menu of the TWCable TV iPad app and turn the closed captioning switch on. Some programs do not have closed captioning available. Those programs will not display captioning even when the closed captioning is turned on. Look for the closed captioning icon within the program description to determine if captioning is available on any given program.

3) You can now block specific live TV channels from viewing on the app.

Once a channel is blocked it will no longer be displayed in the live TV mini-guide. Please note that you will need to visit MyServices to activate parental controls, and you must exit and re-enter the app for the changes to take effect.

To activate/manage Parental Controls for the app, follow these steps:

  • Visit and log into your MyServices account
  • Click on either the MyAccount or MyTV tab within MyServices, scroll to the “TWCable TV for Devices” module
  • Click on the “Edit blocked channels” link
  • On the Edit TWCable TV Channel Blocking for Devices page, scroll down to the channel(s) you wish to block
  • Click on the lock icon (it will turn red)
  • To complete the parental control activation process, restart the TWCable TV iPad app by pressing the home button or signing out

These settings apply to the TWCable TV iPad app only. To manage parental control settings for your television, you still have to modify the settings on your video set top box using your remote control.

Miscellaneous bug fixes:
I’ve seen a lot of complaints about audio issues in the iPad app – many are saying that there’s no sound. This update should fix that.

Some users were not seeing HD channels in the lineup like they should have – that should also be fixed.

We also have made some minor design tweaks.

As a reminder, you will need all of the following to use the TWCable TV iPad app:

• Apple iPad with iOS 4.3
• Time Warner Cable video package (Standard/Expanded Basic level or higher to access the Live TV feature)
• Wi-Fi connection
• Time Warner Cable Username & Password
• Compatible cable box or DVR is required to access interactive program guide, channel tuning, and DVR management functionalities.

Please remember, too: we do as much testing as we can in our Dev environments, but there is no way of really simulating a live environment at scale without pushing this across our footprint and seeing what happens. We apologize in advance if any new bugs appear – if you see something weird, please let us know in the comments. I’ll be monitoring them and passing them along to the product team. We want to make this great, and we appreciate all your help.


  1. Jason schwartz's reply

    How about an iPhone app already???? Cablevision already has it!!

  2. Bruce Carlson's reply

    You should STOP saying all you need is a Wi-Fi connection. That is not true. I had everything you and the TWC website say is needed to use the TWC iPad app–except that I eventually learned that you must have a TWC Wi-Fi connection. A rep finally figured that out and had a tech install it–but now TWC is trying to charge me for installation and a monthly fee. Of course, I refuse to pay since I wasn’t warned. You should be more honest.

  3. John doe's reply

    Why are posts to this entry not visible.

  4. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    Sorry about that, Bruce-Andrew/John Doe. This has a lot more to do with me being in meetings all day yesterday than trying to quash critical opinion.

  5. David Baroivan's reply

    Finally got new update app on my ipad for requesting closed captioning. Thank you, TWC! but I wish to add local channels on iPad.

  6. Ryan B's reply

    Hi Jeff…. any love coming to us Android users? Just a little wink or ‘nod will do!

  7. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    We’re definitely developing for Android. I can’t share the roadmap, but it’s coming.

  8. David W's reply

    Are there any plans to expand the channel selection? Looking for things like BBC America for example.

  9. eric's reply

    how can i set up my dvr box to connect to the app?

  10. Ryan's reply

    Why isn’t a similar service available for laptop users with TWC cable + internet service? I don’t understand why IPAD users have special services that aren’t available to others with computers.

    I feel like I’m subsidizing special features for a select few owners that own 1 specific device, instead of having something for everyone.

  11. Randy Graham's reply

    Why is Hawaii always left out in the cold?
    Is there a good reason why we can’t use this app?

  12. Kenny's reply

    Is an iPhone app in the works, Jeff? That would be awesome. I don’t need to see tv on it, though that would be a plus. I would love to control the DVR functions on my iPhone. Thanks.

  13. Annoyed's reply

    TBS app? Can’t access it. HBO Go? Can’t access it. ESPN 3 on XBOX 360? Can’t access it. BBC America in HD? Can’t access it. QVC on my iPad? Works great!

  14. Jeremy's reply

    This is crap.

    Why do Ipad user get preferential treatment over other users? This type of service should have been available to PC users first and foremost then made it’s way to specialty devices.

    This is a free app too, meaning, I, a regular cable+net customer pays for people to get use of this specialty app while receiving no benefit.

    How about charging for this or giving non users a discount on their cable bill…

  15. Kirk's reply

    Hey Bruce Carlson – you *don’t* need a “TWC” WiFi connection. I’ve set up two different home brew systems w/WiFi and the TWC iPad app works just fine…

  16. Jeff's reply

    Annoyed forgot the TNT app. TWC getting on board to provide access to these apps is on pace with the 2nd Ave subway line getting completed by 2016. Epic failure w/ particular regards to HBO Go.

  17. Frustrated's reply

    When i try to watch live TV on my ipad2, why do I get an error message that I must be connected to my home network? I am able to change channels and schedule recordings on my DVR using my ipad2 but cannot watch TV. Please help! This would be so convenient!

  18. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    Hey there – I’m sorry to hear that this is happening. I’ve forwarded your comment on to our online care team at — they should be in touch soon.

  19. Jen's reply

    I too am getting the home network error message. I just spent the past hour dealing with time warner support. The chat feature let me speak to someone who, after I explained twice that I didn’t need to reset my “My Services” password, told me to reinstall, and after I completed that, had nothing else to offer except to tell me to call the customer support #. I called customer support, and the guy on the other end of the line did try to be helpful, but also could not offer any solutions. I would love to use the app, but it is very frustrating trying to get help.

  20. Eric's reply

    I’m actually on the TWC support chat at this very moment here is what the analyst just told me:

    “Daemon Carter>

    You need to have High-Speed Online service ( Internet service) from Time Warner cable only.”

  21. Rodney D Young's reply

    Since the upgrade, only 17 channel options are available to me. Used to be more. Has selection changed or this a technical issue? If technical, any suggestions how to resolve?


  22. TWCablePhil's reply

    Eric– you need to subscribe to our video services in order to access the iPad app content, but you do not not need to have our internet service– we have an option available for customers with a different ISP. I’m sorry for any confusion we may have caused.

  23. TWCablePhil's reply

    Rodney that sounds like a technical problem. We’d like to look into this for you. Would you please email us your contact info to Thanks!- Phil

  24. Kathleen's reply

    who do we contact for the option available for those of us with a different ISP?

  25. alan's reply

    I’ve been using this app since it came out and it’s been working mostly fine the whole time for me. I can’t yet control my cable boxes from my iPad, but that is due to my boxes being not compatible I’m assuming. My iPad finds the boxes and they both are recognized in the app, but I can’t change the channel using the app. I am going to take my boxes to a Time Warner store soon and switch them both out and get newer, compatible boxes.

    I also noticed that there is one feature in the app which has been removed, a feature which I actually found useful. Previously, on the upper right hand corner, the last few viewed channels would be available and that is now gone.

    Sometimes when scrolling through the channel list on the left hand side, a new channel will get chosen by mistake, and the previous feature made it very easy to return to the original channel that somebody was watching, instead of having to find the original channel again from the list.

  26. Nat's reply

    I use a different ISP for my wifi and can’t get access to live tv can someone please help

  27. Bruce Carlson's reply

    I have to chime in again about whether the iPad app works on any Wi-Fi (another ISP) or if you must have TWC Internet. Not sure if it makes a difference where you are, but in NYC, both the rep on the phone (after a long wait to get info from tech) and installer said the app won’t work unless you have TWC Wi-Fi, which they were willing to install with limited functionality just to get the app to work. Problem is, they didn’t say they were going to charge for it. It still doesn’t recognize either of my boxes, though, and it would have been great to be able to change channels with the app.

  28. TWCablePhil's reply

    Kathleen and Nat, your local customer service center should be able to set you up if you have our video service and a different ISP for internet. If you have any issues, you can contact the online care team at Thanks! -Phil

  29. TWCablePhil's reply

    Bruce we can help clear up any confusion. We do have a solution for customers who do not use TWC’s internet service. Feel free to contact us at Thanks! -Phil

  30. Betsy H's reply

    I don’t understand why I cannot get basic channels such as ABC, CBS or NBC. WHat gives?

  31. Bob Jenkins's reply

    I don’t care about this. Until you get HBO-Go and ESPN3 on Xbox Live, I’ll remain a U-verse customer.

  32. BB's reply

    Unlike most here, I’ve had nothing but great success wi this app. Thank you! What I don’t have are any of the NYC sports channels like YES, MSG, SNY,etc. Any idea when these might be added? The wife only somewhat tolerates my sports addiction, so it would be nice to have the option!

  33. Kathleen's reply

    Phil, thanks for your help. I have sent an email to that address because no one seemed to know about this. I look forward to hear g back from someone soon.


  34. Greg's reply

    The app worked fine until my iOS 5 update ( I think this is the issue, but I wanted to confirm). Specifically, CNBC HD+ is way out of sync with audio and video.

  35. Dean fisher's reply

    Unwatchable in Huntersville, nc since the new update. Every channel time-out or buffers every 15-60sec making it worthless. I used it daily in sept with little issues

  36. Keith Bright's reply

    I love this App!

    Wish list:

    – It would be nice to be able to play DVR recorded shows on iPad at the house or better yet load them on the iPad to watch on the road later.
    – Air play built into app even though Airplay mirroring in IOS 5 works, it just would be nice to get full screen without menu bar at the top.
    – access to all entitled channels like ABC, NBC, CBS, etc. This is just a wireless version of another TV added to the house.

    My only issue right now:

    The ability to change live channels from iPad on DVR or “playback only boxes” has quit working for me. It might be due to IOS 5 not sure. All other recording management functions work fine from the iPads. I called today and have an open ticket on it, we shall see.

    Also regarding a previous post, I use an Apple Time Capsule for wifi not TW supplied wifi. TW is my ISP however.

    Folks the reason most likely why this is not available on a MAC or PC yet is the security that pleases the network is harder on those more open platforms. That would be my guess. Yes it would be nice.

    Finally the only reason I ordered DVR service from TW just a few weeks ago was the free iPad app and DVR manager from the web. I travel a lot and like to be outside on the patio when I am home.

    Keep the features coming. Sitting on the patio with a cigar and cold drink with iPad watching Time Warner content is great. Having to be inside to enjoy TV shows or movies is so old school. Especially when the weather is nice here in Austin 🙂

  37. Susan Kasper's reply

    The difficulty I’m experiencing with the TWCable TV app for iPad is very bizarre, to say the least! Yesterday I was able to schedule two different program recordings using the app’s RECORD function, and those two shows correctly showed up on the DVR listing within the app, displaying scheduled recordings. Today, however, the app’s list of pending recordings no longer shows anything, in spite of the fact that I can see on my DVR Box (by using Navigator while watching my television) that those recordings are STILL scheduled! Worse still, when I go to the TV program schedule grid within the app, and if I tap upon the particular show for which I have already scheduled a future recording, the information box which pops up, offers me a RECORD button — instead of displaying a “cancel this recording” button option. What’s going on?

  38. Glenda's reply

    I am a TWC subscriber and having same problems as others. Can access my DVR boxes, but get the “must be connected to your home network.” message. I didn’t have this problem prior to the update. Please advice.

  39. Joseph Pecori's reply

    I too have experienced the problem others here have spoken to. I’m able to utilize the app for everything except watching live tv. I receive the error message that I must be connected to my home network…even though I clearly am connected! been on the phone at least three different times, always with no resolution and always followed by a promise that someone would be contacting me soon. No one ever contacts me, and this has been ongoing now for several weeks! this is very frustrating.

  40. Jessica's reply

    Hello! I have a similar problem as others. I can access the live TV on my app, but I can’t control my DVR or access the guide from my iPad. I have HD DVR cable and Internet with TW, and I have a wifi connection in my home. I just traded my box in for one that is compatible with the app. Any suggestions?

  41. Jen's reply

    I emailed the help address and this is what I received. Everything I read here says a twc Internet connection is not necessary. Is there another piece to this I am not aware of? I need a wireless gateway?

    The fact that you’re not using a Time Warner Cable Internet connection is the problem here, but I
    think we may have a solution. I know that some parts of the country will set up a wireless gateway
    so you can use the iPad app, but I’d need your account information to find out if that would be an
    available option to you. Please reply with your full street address, account or phone number please.
    I may need to contact your local office on your behalf but we’ll gladly look into this potential
    option for you.

    Mike G
    Social Media Representative – Time Warner Cable
    Twitter – TWCableHelp

  42. Bob N's reply

    I have the IPAD app. Sometimes I’m able to change the channel through the app and sometimes not! Am I doing something wrong?

  43. Rob's reply

    It sounds like the twc Internet connection is required, either directly through twc broadband or via a twc wireless gateway that piggybacks twc access through your third party ISP. If so that could really be painful, why oh why does twc insist on making life difficult for it’s customers

  44. Anita's reply

    I cannot receive nbc, abc, or cbs local channels. How do i set those uo?

  45. Jon's reply

    this is a useless app, what is the use of this app if you can use when you are far from house, at the airport to say? I think at home is more convenient to watch A big tv,

  46. Steve's reply

    The instructions say, “• Compatible cable box or DVR is required to access interactive program guide, channel tuning, and DVR management functionalities.”

    Does this mean that one cannot watch any channels on an iPod Touch (new update now enables those devices to work) if one has the Time Warner cable going directly into one’s TV (i.e. no cable box)?

    Currently, when trying to access channels, I receive this message: “Live TV Unavailable–to watch live TV, you must be connected to your home network.”

    Should it be useful, we do have Time Warner cable TV and Time Warner internet. We have no cable box, but we do have a “Time Warner” router.

  47. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    @Steve – Please forgive this, as it could sound snarky without tone of voice. But the quote you posted says it very clearly – you have to have a compatible DVR or cable box.

  48. Steve's reply

    Thank you very much . . . no snarkiness detected 🙂 What made me wonder was the fact that the statement said more than just “Compatible cable box or DVR is required.” The fact that it added the addition features (Compatible cable box or DVR is required to access interactive program guide, channel tuning, and DVR management functionalities) made me think, “Hmm, what else is there for the app to do?” In other words, the fact that there were three specific things that required a cable box made me think that perhaps there were other functionalities that did NOT require the cable box, and then that gave me a sliver of hope 🙂

    Again, thanks very much for your clear and helpful response.

  49. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    AH – I see. I think we are cross-communicating. Now that it is after 5, the person I would ask has left. I think the best thing to do here is just load up the app and see if it works. If it does, great. If not, my apologies, but at least the app is free and you’re not out money.

  50. Steve Rowe's reply

    I started reading comments to see if there were any answers to my problem.. Kinda. I can’t view live TV – I get the “must be on your home network” error dialog. Well, I am on my home network – and how does the app know the difference? I don’t use Roadrunner (TWC ISP). I have another ISP. It seems that is likely the problem. As another user commented – the FAQs only mention a Wi-Fi connection is needed. No mention that it must be a TWC connection… So I see that there may be a solution, using some kind of gateway? Where can I get more information about that?

  51. Diana's reply

    To Jeff Simmerman:
    Several times people have asked why we cannot get the local basic channels (ABC, NBC, CBS etc) and you have not addressed this.

    Is there something we are not doing?

  52. Erika's reply

    I have timewarner digital cable and timewarner roadrunner, yet I still get the “To watch Live TV you must be connected to your home network” when I am at home and connected via wifi to roadrunner. What can I do to fix this issue?


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