October 28, 2011

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How Remote DVR For iPad Saves My Life

Actually, forgetting to set the DVR to record my favorite show(s) isn’t life or death. It’s a problem, but it’s a textbook first-world problem

Let’s take a few steps back and talk about what Remote DVR is. In fact, maybe I should moonwalk a little further and talk about what DVR itself is because, believe it or not, I still get asked this question regularly.

DVR, which stands for Digital Video Recorder, is the greatest thing since sliced bread. And I’m not just saying that because I work for the company. It’s basically a smarter, “nu skool”-ier version of the beloved VHS recorder. Instead of using tapes like the VHS, it uses an internal hard drive (like a computer). And instead of relying on you and your fading memory (let’s face it, we’re getting old) to check the guide in the daily paper and set your recordings manually, the DVR automatically syncs to the on-screen guide through which you can set all of your recordings. You can even set it to record a whole series of shows, adjust start and end times, and much more!

Remote DVR, which was recently launched here in the Hawaii market, takes this convenience to the next level. You can now log in to http://dvr.timewarnercable.com (using TimeWarnerCable.com’s MyServices portal) from any Internet connected device, and manage your DVR recordings even when you aren’t home.

How Remote DVR Saved My Life

For Apple iPad users, you can leverage the power of our uber popular TWCable TV iPad App to similarly manage your DVR recordings. As a new father, I’ve found this service particularly useful & convenient because once baby goes to bed, the wife mandates that the TV be off. Not a problem. If I forgot to set a recording, I’ll just whip out my trusty iPad…

How Remote DVR Saved My Life
TWCable TV App on the iPad

fire up the TWCable TV app…

How Remote DVR Saved My Life
TWCable TV app launching

go into the DVR screen, and record away.

On this particular occasion, I forgot to set all of my UFC 137 related recordings. As a HUGE UFC and MMA fan in general, this event is of particular interest to me – as well as the rest of the state – because our local boy BJ Penn is headlining the card. (Read an interview I did with BJ Penn back in 2009.)

Since the “no TV when baby is sleeping” rule was in full effect, I simply did a search for “UFC” in the TWCable TV app and found all shows in the next 7 days with “UFC” in the title.

How Remote DVR Saved My Life
Searching for “UFC” in the TWCable TV app

From there, I simply selected the shows I wanted to record and, bingo-bango, they were all automagically set to record without even having to turn on my TV. Sweet right? Here’s what one sequence looked like when I scheduled a show (UFC 137 Prelims) to record on Spike HD.

How Remote DVR Saved My Life
Selecting UFC 137 Prelims in the search results brought up this options window

How Remote DVR Saved My Life
Selecting the HD version brought up this window that displayed additional show info and the Record button.

How Remote DVR Saved My Life
Pressing the Record button brought up the options screen where you could adjust the Save Time (“Until space needed” or “Do not delete”) and the Start and End times.

How Remote DVR Saved My Life
Pressing the Confirm Changes button set my recording

Not exactly life saving, but definitely time saving. Now, with all this extra time, I can concentrate on preparing for my UFC 137 BBQ/Party! 8) Goooooo BJ!

How Remote DVR Saved My Life
UFC 137 Poster (Poster Art Courtesy: UFC)

For Oceanic Time Warner Cable customers here in Hawaii, you can follow along through our UFC Video Content page. For more information on how to order, click here.


  1. Ben's reply

    Where is this app for iPhone? How can Time Warner NOT have this app for iPhone is a better question.

  2. Steve's reply

    seems like the screen on the iphone would be too small for it

  3. Ben's reply

    The other providers have apps for Remote DVR? The screen isn’t too small for them. TWC currently makes us use the Mobile Web Browser. I see no reason why a Remote DVR App couldn’t be done.

  4. Ben's reply

    There are far more iPhones deployed than iPads. Every other provider has a Remote DVR app and TWC still does not. It should be a priority. However, I am willing to forego the app for then to concentrate on fixing the God awful Navigator software. I really wish we had a direct line to communicate issues, bugs, and enhancements with the dev team. I’m on the brink of switching due to the piss poor DVR. Even as a Signature Home customer with the supposed “Advanced DVR” I miss recordings, have them cut short or get unresolved conflicts. It’s bad enough I was left on my own to solve my Wideband Internet problems which resulted in having to disable the router and wireless Time Warner is supposed to provide me by using my own networking equipment because theirs is faulty. Think I would get a discount for my trouble or for using MY gear to provide the service they can’t? Nope!

  5. Edward Sugimoto's reply

    Aloha Ben. Sorry for the delayed response (I do not get email notifications for these). Are you on Twitter? I know the corporate folks managing the Time Warner Cable Help Twitter account (http://twitter.com/TWCableHelp ) are really on it. You can also try them at their after hours help email address: TWCable.Help@twcable.com. Perhaps those might be great places to start. I will also try to contact you at the email address you provided in your profile to see if I can get further information on your issues and forward them to my counterpart in your TWC region. Mahalo!

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