October 31, 2011

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We Are Creating A TWCable TV App For Android Tablets

Back in March of 2011, we launched our hugely successful TWCable TV for iPad app. So far, people seem to love it — even people that don’t own iPads. Ever since that launch, we’ve had a steady stream of customers asking us some variation of the following three questions:

1) When do you plan to create a similar app for Android?
2) How soon can I use my Android tablet to do the same thing?
3) Why don’t you have an app for Android already?

This is a great problem for us to have – and we’re happy to announce our first foray into an Android-friendly TWCable TV app.  After Android’s release of Ice Cream Sandwich in the first few months of 2012, we will be able to offer a live streaming TV experience.

As a side note: Who at Google is in charge of naming upcoming OS releases? Whoever it is, you just KNOW that guy commutes on a unicycle. Or a Razr scooter at least.

I digress. For our first release, the following features will be available:

  • Interactive Program Guide (IPG) – a complete IPG experience, with 7 days of program listings including full program description
  • Remote Control of STB –the ability to use the Android tablet as a set-top box remote control, choosing a program from the grid guide and tuning the MDN or ODN STB to the selected channel.
  • DVR Manager – the ability to remotely program MDN or ODN DVRs with capabilities similar to the current web & mobile Remote DVR Manager product

The image of the guide in Android below is from the latest dev version, and may change by the release date – but I just thought you might want to see a screencap as it stands right now.

We hope to have this available to launch in late November. However, we have a lot of exciting new products in the pipeline, and release dates may get shuffled and pushed back. This is the way of the world now. Either way, I’ll announce the releases on this blog and on Twitter on the day that they are live.


  1. Deanna's reply

    This is great news! One question: will people who just have basic cable and not digital be able to use the app? Obviously not the remote control and DVR parts, but watching TV?

  2. Andrew's reply

    Ice Cream Sandwich should be coming out in November 2011, not the first few months of 2012.

  3. Levi's reply

    This is nice, but when will we be able to watch TV on our Android tablets? iPad owning customers have been able to do this for almost a year now

  4. Jason schwartz's reply

    What about the iPhone???? If cablevision can do it the. TWC should too!!

  5. Edward Sugimoto's reply

    Great news! 🙂

  6. Craig M's reply

    I have used the iPAD app, but find it useless since you have to be on your home internet connection for it to work.

    Will we be able to use the Android App when we are away from home over 3G/4G/LTE or a WiFi connection?

  7. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    Craig – does the iPad app work when you are at home, using your home internet connection? If the answer is yes, then it’s actually not useless.

  8. xzombiex66's reply

    About time can’t wait…

  9. Tom Parkison's reply

    How about an app for Android phones to manage the DVR?

    That’s what I feel is really missing on Android phones at the moment, yes… video would be nice but for phones, I think the screen may be too small.

  10. Greg D.'s reply

    Especailly since it was intended to be an extension of the home experience.

    And next I would expect IPhone to be next.

  11. Rick's reply

    Will this be available for Android Phones?

  12. Ryan C's reply

    Jeff, are we to assume that the feature list you are calling out is in addition to live streaming the same as the ipad?

  13. Rich Iwanski's reply

    It’s about time ! The quicker the better. Now the little people can have the same cable tv as the iPad people. Thank You, Leona Helmsley !

  14. rdweiler's reply

    So, does this mean it will only run on ICS or Honeycomb?

  15. Anthony's reply

    im very excited due to the fact that i hate apple products this will definitly open up a greater customer base for TWC!!!!.. AWSOME AWSOME

  16. Gadgetman's reply

    Wonderful, very glad Android is getting love:)

  17. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    Hi, Tom – I don’t know the dev schedule, or what the priorities are, but I do know that we intend to offer this eventually. I have NO idea when, though.

  18. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    Eventually, yes, but I’m not sure when.

  19. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    No – see this sentence from my post: “After Android’s release of Ice Cream Sandwich in the first few months of 2012, we will be able to offer a live streaming TV experience.”

  20. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    That’s a good question. I would assume that from reading this, but I’ll have to ask to find out for sure.

  21. Lee Short's reply

    Hey, Sling Box will now with Androids, so you really don’t have to wait if you have a sling box and there are other benefits like working to PDAs, other wireless computers. Comes in high def and work w/ DVR, letting you use a virtual remote. cool stuff!

  22. JerryGPena's reply

    Great, the iPad app was the only reason I regretted getting the Galaxy Tab, but now I regret nothing. Now if you could only work on better integrating your service with Google TV.

  23. Ken's reply

    Awww, you got me excited for a moment. Who even has an Android tablet? Far more customers want an Android phone app than a tablet app.

  24. James's reply

    If ICS supports the app, why not Honeycomb, as ICS is virtually the same system, just with a cross over for phone support as well. So far many tablets have not announced a move to ICS, or may be sticking with Honeycomb since the systems are so similar. It seems we’re missing out on a lot of customer without building for Honeycomb too.

  25. Chris Williams's reply

    Without live steaming I do not see the point… that is what we all want anyway.

  26. Wil's reply

    So will it be horribly broken like ESPN for XBox? Will it actually work with the antique STBs you hand out in Indiana?

  27. Ryan's reply

    What about Honeycomb support?

  28. Jean Rajski's reply

    Can’t wait for the Android TV app for TWC!!
    Please hurry!

  29. Ryan B's reply

    Great news! Glad to see us Android users finally getting some love 🙂

  30. Mike McEachin's reply

    I am excited about this. I have been waiting since I have a Galaxy Tablet. Still waiting on the full screen fix for WatchESPN on there as well.

  31. Mike Leonard's reply

    I have the Motorola XOOM – I am looking forward to seeing this work on that Android platform device.

  32. ViLe's reply

    TWCs days our numbered

    internally they are falling apart & have been for quite some time

    they dont care about there customers or there employees

    its all about Sales/Money

    im glad to know that technology will soon put them out of business as far as there cable services go

  33. Bryan's reply

    And what of the Windows Phone?

  34. Ron Arnau's reply

    I almost sold my galaxy tab 10.1 for an ipad simply for apps…this app being on the top of the List!

  35. ishmil pair's reply

    This is great news. Many people have multiple andriod devices (like myself) and have been asking about this since the ipad app rolled out.

  36. Mitchell's reply

    Downloaded this app last night and it looks great but the channel changing feature is no where to be found.

  37. Larry Evans's reply

    You’ve probably figured it out by now, but to change channels do a long press on either the channel number or show you wanna watch from the guide then an option will come up to either record or tune to that channel.

  38. Karen's reply

    I have an HP Touchpad; will this app work on that?

  39. Jim C's reply

    Yes, I installed the twcable app for Android on my Samsung Galaxy 8.9 running Honeycomb a few days ago. Everything worked flawless on both my SA8300HDC set tops, DVR Manager and Remote. Now a few days later the DVR manager still works correctly, but the remote control feature fails to change channels on either set top. Both set tops have been sent initializing hits and rebooted and working in two way mode. The app does control and read the DVR listings fine just no longer has the remote feature working. I rebooted everything including my router and MTA modem.

  40. Robert's reply

    Would be great if it worked in North Texas

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