November 29, 2011

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Our TWC TV App For Android Tablets Is Now Available For Download

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that we are developing a TWCable TV app for the Android tablet. I said that it would be available sometime in late November — and sure enough it is.

You can go download the TWC TV™ app for Android tablets in the Android marketplace right this minute if you like at this link:

TWC TV™ App in Android Marketplace.

Here are the relevant features from our press release:

This free feature gives Digital TV customers the ability to program their DVR, add favorite channels and even use their Android tablet as a remote control. The app is available to all customers with set-top boxes or DVRs running the Time Warner Cable “Navigator” interactive program guide.

Features on TWCTV™ 1.0 for the Android tablet include:
• Interactive Program Guide (IPG) – a complete IPG experience, with 7 days of program listings including full program description
• Search – search TV listings by title or episode name
• Remote Control of STB – the ability to use the Android tablet as a set-top box remote control, choosing a program from the grid guide and tuning the DVR or set-top box to the selected channel.
• DVR Manager – the ability to remotely schedule or change upcoming DVR recordings

The app has been certified to run on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 or Motorola Xoom, but is designed to run on any Honeycomb (Android 3.x) tablet. Customers can download TWC TV™ 1.0 from the Android Market, launch it, log in and scroll through the interactive program guide to select preferred programming.

We’ll be making more improvements and adding features in the coming months. And, as always, please let us know your thoughts in the comments.


  1. Eric's reply

    Looks great.

    When will there be an iPhone Application to support this functionality as well?


  2. Jason Schwartza's reply

    Eric – I agree 100%!!! It’s too long to wait when it should have been out with the iPad app. Remote control and live streaming!! C’mon guys.. get with it!!

  3. Miller's reply

    Looks great, but how can I label my DVR’s kind of hard to remember which is which by mac address?

  4. Dave's reply

    Bummer… looks like it’s only for tablets… be cool if it’ll run on my Droid X…

  5. rigs's reply

    Anyway to get a list of compatible cable boxes? Model # and or make

  6. Jeff's reply

    Hbo go. Still waiting on your tv anywhere strategy to ink a deal on hbo go. 2 yrs and counting = ridiculous. Twc fail.

  7. Mark's reply

    So, apparently my HD set-top boxes aren’t supported by the app. It’s too bad that we can’t at least get the TV listing with unsupported boxes.

  8. Justin's reply

    Ya know there’s a lot more people out there with Android phones than there are with Android tablets….

  9. Brien H's reply

    @Miller – If you log in to, you can change the names of your DVRs. Click on the “My TV” tab, then the “Go to DVR Manager” button, then click “Edit Name” in the upper right.

    Brien H
    Social Media Customer Care Representative – Time Warner Cable

  10. Pete's reply

    No love for non-honeycomb tablets like the ECO View?

  11. Eric's reply

    When will remote DVR functionality through a native TWC iPhone App be compatible with the Motorola HD-DVR boxes?

  12. Hawaii Tom's reply

    I have a custom Honeycomb 3.1 ROM on my Viewsonic G Tablet, but Android Market will not let me install it because it is a not a Galaxy or Xoom. Is there a way to download the .apk file and then sideload it?

  13. Samm's reply

    1.I have an Ipod touch which runs Netflix wonderfully. If they can write programming which runs on practically anything, why can’t TW?

    2.In March, almost everyone I know was able to use HBO Go except the people who received their cable services through HBO’s parent company, Time Warner. It really looks like TW doesn’t want its subscribers to get HBO Go.

    3.Will the Android app run on a Kindle Fire?

  14. John J.'s reply

    I cannot seem to get the guide info to load, i can change channels and see future recordings, but no current guide info

  15. Miller's reply

    @Brien H – Thanks for the response, but unfortunatly the “Go To DVR Manager” button has disappered, it was there in the past, and none of my equipment has changed since I last used it, at which time the names of the boxes were correct.

  16. Ryan B's reply

    Thanks guys! A solid first-step. I’m looking forward to the additional features and polish on this great idea (live TV, *hint hint*). Keep up the good work

    The downside? Now having the guide in my hands I realize how disorganized the channel lineup is here in San Antonio. Movie channels, HD channels, adult channels, networks, broadcasters, etc all seem to have been assigned whatever number was available. It’s impossible to browse for shows… you have to search.

    377 BBC America HD
    378 VH1 HD
    379 Encore HD E
    389 5 StarMAX HD E
    390 Playboy TV
    391 Starz Edge HD E
    394 Lifetime HD

  17. TWCablePhil's reply

    @Miller not sure why that would have happened– we’d like to take a closer look if we could. Would you please email us some contact info and a summary of the problem to Thanks!

  18. vito's reply

    Why did the remote funtions stop working? Anyone else have that problem?

  19. sean's reply

    OK app if I can’t find my remote. Can’t access my playlist from non dvr receivers that are connected to the whole home dvr. Also,is there an eta for when we can watch TV on the tablets? Toshiba Thrive and android phones too.

  20. jesika's reply

    Really really want this on my DROIDX……

  21. bhalilov's reply

    Great, now add support for Kindle Fire

  22. Smcinturf's reply

    So I downloaded the app to my Galaxy Tab 10.1 and when I use the exact credentials I use to login to My Services I get … Registration Failed. I’ve been registered for a long time… I use it every month to pay bill. Any reasons why I can’t login to the app?

  23. cco's reply

    I got all excited about this being a Xoom user just to find out my dvrs run iGuide which is not compatible. I will call on Monday to see if I can get boxes that run Navigator. Really want to watch on Xoom like iPad user can already.

    “Go To DVR Manager” gone
    Can’t even control dvr through website bummer.

  24. Rock's reply

    Please work on App for BlackBerry Playbook. They are selling lot hotcakes since they reduced prices on them. I have one and I would love to have TWC app on it.

  25. paul's reply






  26. Scott's reply

    When will TWC TV app be available for iPhone?

  27. Nick's reply

    CableCard customers are second class customers to TWC. If you’re a cablecard user, TWC locks down ALL channels except for the “over the air” channels when other providers like Verizon only lock down the pay channels. This sucks because while you can record the rest of the channels, you can’t stream them anywhere except within your home.
    Now, it seems the TWC app will be useless to those of us with cablecards, and the thing that orques me off, is that except for the pay channels, NONE of the broadcasters flag their programming “copy once”, they flag as “copy freely”. This is TWC forcing customers to rent their boxes for functionality.

    I can’t wait to move and dump TWC. Unfortunately, TWC owns the lines where I live and can’t change providers.

  28. Nick's reply


    I have contacted my congressman and senators, state and US. TWC, has been quite rude about the disparity between DVR/STB subscribers and CableCard subscribers, and basically have said they will control the DRM settings for any channels they broadcast, except for the over the air channels.

    This is unfair at the least, and Congress should look into this and pass legislation to stop TWC’s unfair practices towars CableCard users.

  29. Wig's reply

    “Wah, I own an iPod and wants app too!”

    Tough. Get an Android.

  30. Deon's reply

    I have the TWC app on my IPAD2. It works great. I’m able use my Ipad as a remote, go through the guide and I can even watch the channels that I subscribe to on my IPAD. Now I can sit in the room with my wife and watch the game while she watches Food Networl.Awesome app!!

  31. Silverbullet27's reply

    Please update to support Android 4.0 and Galaxy Nexus device! Works great on Android 2.X.

  32. nathaniel's reply

    Are you going to develop this app for the Kindle Fire?

  33. CatInAlbany's reply

    I second (or third) the request for this app to be developed for the Kindle Fire. I was thrilled to get HBO Go on my Fire (at last) but this would be nice too. What’s the deal?

  34. missy's reply

    Is it possible to set the dvr from the kindle fire hdx time warner app? I don’t see the option to do this

  35. Chris's reply

    The TWC Android app does work… kind of. Even though the app says you can use it as a remote… that feature does NOT work. Also, it’s kind of buggy. If you are watching TV on your device and your WiFi happens to disconnect or lose a signal for a split second… or you happen to walk out of range of your wifi… You will get an error message on the app saying it only works via Wifi… and the app will NOT reconnect at all. After using it for few months the only way is to restart your device so the app will reset itself. That is a bug that should be addressed.

    Another thing I noticed is… if you use a phone to watch TV, you will only have a small handful of channels to choose from. However, if you are using a tablet, then more channels will unlock. I have no idea why that was done….

    Another bad thing is scrolling thru the listings to find something to watch. When you swipe your screen up or down… sometimes it will initiate a channel change… There should be a vertical scroll bar on the side that allows you to sroll channels without accidentally changing.

  36. collen longe's reply

    Is this going to cost me any thing?

  37. Andrew Russell's reply

    Hi Collen – the TWC TV App is available at no additional charge.

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