December 21, 2011

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“DIY” the Cable Way: How to Self-Install Cable, Phone and Internet

Nowadays there are resources to empower people to do almost all repairs, installations, etc. in their homes on their own. If you want to install a ceiling fan there are books that teach you how. If you bought a new gas dryer and want to save money by installing it yourself you can find instructions online.

It only makes sense then that you should be able to install your home phone, digital cable box and internet modem from Time Warner Cable – and you can. Take note, you must be already be a Time Warner Cable customer to self-install any new or upgraded service. There are two options to get a self-installation kit, complete with all the equipment and instructions you’ll need.

First, you can pick up a kit at your local cable store or front counter, or you can call Time Warner Cable’s customer support and request that one be mailed to you.

Why is self-installing services a good idea? For starters, it saves you money on the installation cost you’d otherwise have to pay if a professional technician from Time Warner Cable were to come to your home or apartment and install it.

It is also earth-friendly by not having a TWC truck drive to you. Last but certainly not least, it saves you time. You are free to get the self-install kit in the manner that suits you and you don’t have to wait for an appointment that interrupts a few hours of your life to set the services up. Win, win, win!

If you’d like to take a quick look at what’s involved in installing any of Time Warner Cable’s services, or you’d like to download any of the installation instructions, visit the Equipment Instruction Manuals online.

Still have some fears or trepidation about installing your own equipment? If you’re worried that it’ll be too complicated because along with your digital box you need to hook up a DVD player, stereo system, or gaming system, don’t worry, there are instructions for that as well.

If all else fails and you do need help with any of your installs Time Warner Cable has a dedicated customer care and online support teams that are just a call or click away.

In the immortal words of the 1998 classic film Waterboy, (starring Adam Sandler, whom I think is one of the funniest actors alive) “You can do it!” Or, if you need another cheesy catch phrase to get you motivated, Time Warner Cable is “The Power of You.”


  1. David Barry's reply

    Why does TWC NYS and HV still require a truck roll for a DOCSIS 3 modem?

  2. Kyle's reply

    Although at first this sounds like a great idea, but when you really think about it customers self installing their boxes is more costly than having a installation tech roll to the house. First reason being, if the outlet is bad we still have to roll out on a tc to replace it. But what if we get there and we find a lot more problems there causing issue? No the hour we had for the tc takes 2 and the next timeframe is missed for a real troublecall like medical em. phone out. I also feel this would cause so many system issues with customers not tightening the fittings and using non twc splitters. This would also put our service log out a few more days making customers angry. The only time I see this working is in apartments, but even then not all outlets are activated. Which would really frustrate the customer because they were told they could just go home and plug everything up and it would work.

  3. Annoymous's reply

    @ Kyle…U have a good point. I didn’t take that into consideration.

  4. Dan Bejma's reply

    Does this include Cable-cards? That would be excellent.

    And Kyle, there’s two sides to this story. I know there’s your tech side and those people you can’t even walk through plugging in a toaster (I KNOW, I was an IT support tech for 8 years and have to support family and friends and WOW they drive me nuts). HOWEVER, there are also plenty of intelligent people who need to simply add a modem which involves steps that are so easy, my 10 year old can and HAS done it. We’re not talking rocket science here in MOST cases. Seriously. You have to believe that probably 95% of the people who know what “self install” even means, or that have the intelligence to look it up online (using a pc and web browser to search for such a kit is a good start), probably have what it takes to self install a cable modem.

    My Dad for example. Mr. “what’s a Google? is that on my confuzer?? or in my airport?” is NOT a good candidate.

    Then there’s me, who can’t stand waiting in a 4-hr window for someone to simply plug in a cable-card, call in the numbers and then spend 30min going back and forth with other tech and support people talking about everything from what’s up this weekend to how’s your day going. I don’t need that. I have the numbers I need, the codes from Tivo, it syncs, I’m done.

    As a customer who CAN do it, I say allow us to do it. If I screw it up, or it’s just not working right… you were doing to go there for a call anyway right?.., so what’s the big deal? You have to make the call, unscrew their mess and unwrap the cables they tied too tight, unplug the COAX that they looped from the wall, back to the same wall. 😉 If the outlet is bad.. it’s bad.. and you’ll be there anyway. It’s all good. You keep working the tough tech issues, and I get to do things myself without wasting your time, and most important to me, my time. 🙂

    (BTW, I DO respect you techs and all you guys have to put up with and do. It’s not fun at times, I’ve been there. I’m just giving my perspective that’s all)

  5. cableTech's reply

    First of all, bad idea no matter what!!!! These calls are setup basically as Upgrade/Downgrade type of work orders which usually ends up being a major undertaking of a rewire/bad drop/non-twc splitters(take note of the WalMart T-Splitter in the picture of the 5 steps which is NOT compatible with any TWC equipment). Even experienced In-House/Contractor installers have a hard time with some of these Upgrade jobs, how can a customer with no experience have a chance tackling this? Customers do NOT have any knowledge of how RF works and that it needs to be in passing Range per company Spec, customers do NOT own DSAM or 860 Signal meters to check the levels!! Handing out 2way splitters with jumpers is a very bad idea which will only lead to a major jump in service calls and costs for truck rolls.
    TWC: do NOT Launch the Self Install Campaign! You will regret it.
    Have a nice day.:)

  6. Curtis Finnell's reply

    How about the liability side of sending out a self install kit for DHP and the customer has an active alarm that has line seizure provided by another carrier. Once the install our DHP, they will inevitably cancel their current phone carrier thus not having a portal for their Home Alarm to effectively dial out if triggered. Who is liable should someone break into their home and their alram service isn’t working? Do we have disclaimers in place and is the customer aware of the fact that their alram will in effect be inactive unless a tech comes out and ties the arlam into a TWC NID and gives them proper line seizure? Just soem food for thought.

  7. Service Tech's reply

    Well self installs are in full swing. Havent run on to many Digital phone self install fails, but i have run on a few Trouble Calls for “i got this box in the mail now what” Calls. Well 2 hours later after the Self install by technican was completed, there was now working rr service or cable box or dvr box service.

    Self installs are really saving the company money. As a Tech, Hooking and Booking, will get you fired for not following Company QC standards. But if your a customer and do it you get a free service call.

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