December 14, 2011

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Launching the My TWC™ App for Android Phones, Tablets

We’re releasing Android-based apps thick and fast this holiday season. Following the release of our WiFi Finder last week, we are pleased to offer the My TWC™ app available this Thursday in the Android marketplace. Again, this kind of a thing is really table-stakes in an increasingly app-driven world, but it’s got to be nice to have all the same.

The My TWC™ app is available for use on Android OS devices (smart phones, tablets) and allows customers to manage their services. Features include

  • My Account – allows customer to view and manage their services remotely

a. Check your full list of services and subscriptions
b. Check your bill summary and amount due
c. Pay your bill with a credit card, debit card or electronic transfer

  • Easy access to your Digital Home Phone features:

a. View your incoming call logs
b. Use call forwarding to set home phone calls to be forwarded to any number, like your own cell phone
Listen to and manage DHP voicemail
View outgoing and missed call logs (in addition to Incoming)

  • Road Runner headlines – Check recent news headlines from Road Runner to stay on top of the news.
  • TWC TV ™ – tap on the TWC TV icon to launch the app and manage your DVR scheduled recordings and view TV listings from your mobile device

You can find the app in the Android marketplace – once it’s live, I’ll update it with a link here, too. You have to use the same username/password combo that you use to log into My Services or the TWC TV™ application.

And in case you were wondering: this thing is completely free.

We’re hard at work developing a comparable app for the iPhone and iPad that should be along in early 2012, too. And we hope you’re able to get some good use out of this one. The mobile product team will be following this post pretty closely, so please let us know your thoughts in the comments.


  1. Chad's reply

    This app is broken on the Galaxy Nexus with Ice Cream Sandwich, It force closes when opened.

  2. Luis's reply

    This app installed just fine for me (Sidekick 4G) but apparently you have to have a compatible DVR (Motorola or boxes using iGuide do NOT work) I will be calling my local office to see which box I can get that will work with this!

  3. rdweiler's reply

    still doesnt work. will not let me log in. tv app for phone works great with same myservices id. but tablet app does not. seen many of the same comments in the android market.

  4. AMiller's reply

    Can login to tv app but myservices app won’t let me login.

  5. Josh Jones's reply

    Awesome! I would love to use this app on my iPhone and on my iPad!

  6. Toolman's reply

    Need access to DVR from iPhone. Thanks !

  7. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    @Toolman – We’re working on that one right now.

  8. Josh Jones's reply

    An iPhone app is very important to me! I would love to be able to schedule my DVR from my iPhone and I really am looking forward to being able to change the channels from my iPhone! The live streaming can come later as long as I get the DVR manager and channel tuning soon!

  9. Santeno's reply

    So when is TWC planning on releasing an Update to the TWC TV app for Android, that allows users to watch streaming TV like they can on the iPad version of the same app?

  10. Timmy's reply

    I’m looking to add rr radio to android app listing.

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