December 13, 2011

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Time Warner Cable’s Yule Log is Keeping Digital TV Customers ‘Toasty’ Warm This Holiday!

No need to split wood for this fireplace!  With the click of your remote control, Time Warner Cable Digital TV customers can start a cozy fire in their home or office this holiday season.  You could call it one of the best-kept secrets on your cable dial:  Once again this year, Virtual Yule Logs are heating up Time Warner Cable’s Local on Demand, Movies on Demand and Free Movies on Demand channels.  Check your local listings for channel placements.

At a time when the price of gas and groceries is going up, the Virtual Yule Log is still free on Time Warner Cable, into the New Year.  It’s a great way to class up a holiday cocktail party or enjoy a peaceful night at home, without starting an actual fire.  It’s also convenient if you have young children around and need to leave the room.  Even better?  The Virtual Yule Log is set to holiday music.

We recently asked our customers how they like to used the Yule Log. Here’s what a couple folks said:

College student Trent Carlson said:  “Being a college student, I have no fireplace.  Thankfully your Yule Log allows me to still have some classy parties.”

Milwaukee native Tim Cigelske said:  “Totally using my Yule Log for our ugly sweater party.  Perfect.”

Archit Patel in Kansas City said:  “I like to use the virtual fireplace as relaxation time, entertaining while friends are over and while listening to music.”

So go ahead and spread the holiday cheer this season!  Tell our customers, your co-workers, friends and family about this free service on Time Warner Cable Digital TV.  There’s nothing like some eggnog or hot cocoa by the fire, even if it’s a virtual one!

Sample the warmth for yourself:

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  1. John A. Figliozzi's reply

    That’s nice, but I would much rather TW add BBC World News channel to its digital/HD line-up. TW’s offerings are far too light on impartial coverage of international events and issues and the BBC’s coverage has the added advantage of providing a more objective and dispassionate “outside” perspective on American events and issues. This channel costs TW only pennies a sub per month (as opposed to the exhorbitant demands of MSG). If TW can add a series of porn on-demand channels for viewers who like that, it should be able to add the BBC World News channel for viewers looking for added perspective on international events.

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