December 09, 2011

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TWC WiFi Finder App, Now in Android Marketplace

Here’s some decent news for our customers in Southern California – and eventually, the rest of the country: today, RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE, we launched an app that will allow you to locate and log into any Time Warner Cable WiFi hotspot. You can go off and download it here:

Time Warner Cable WiFi Finder in Android Marketplace

We’ll have an iOS version out in a few weeks.

Let’s be honest here: this is a great, convenient little app, but it’s also table-stakes in an increasingly wireless, authenticated world. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Automatic authentication to TWC WiFi network. The app defaults your device to TWC WiFi connections where available and auto-authenticates and auto-connects when in range with a “remember me” feature. It’s an easy to use and reliable way to find and use TWC WiFi connections with no need to launch and login to the application after the first time.
  • Online Hotspot Map with Available TWC WiFi Hotspots. There will be an easy-t- use visual icon that quickly gives TWC hotspot location using a variety of search methods.
  • Offline Hotspot Listing – available TWC WiFi hot spots listed when not connected to any network
  • Distinct Indoor and Outdoor TWC WiFi Hotspot Markers
  • Turn-by-Turn Directions to TWC WiFi Hotspots
  • Basic session usage
  • Reporting capabilities

For the time being, this app will only work in Android. But iOS will be along very shortly. We’re also going to expand it to our customers in other parts of the country. Given that Southern California has both the largest and densest concentration of our WiFi hotspots, it just makes sense for us to start there for now. And remember, TWC WiFi is a free service to all our home Internet customers, but anyone can log in using an Access Pass.

All of us – service providers, customers, armchair tech pundits – want the same thing: to be able to go more and more places and transition from network to network, WiFi zone to WiFi zone with as little friction as possible. This app is a first, important step to getting us there.


  1. Alley's reply

    i have no idea where there are twc hotspots in my area at all. Every hotspot I have seen is either att or some local private hotspot, like at a coffeeshop or bookstore. My phone already connects to wifi with my twc at home. So im not sure how this app would be any different?

  2. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    @Alley – this app might be exactly what you need. It exists to help you find those TWC hotspots – hence the map function.

  3. Egbert Oostburg's reply

    Jeff, as a new employee to the TWC family, I’m excited to see this android app launch in SoCal. Not only is innovation one of our core values, but it also demonstrates leadership’s commitment to provide services that our customers (both present and potential)want and need. As an iPhone user, I’ll be on the look out for the release of the app in the Apple store!

  4. Jeff's reply

    So i already get hspa+ and now im gonna pull up an app on my phone to see if theres a spot where i can get slightly better speeds miles away? Not sure i follow. Maybe its time to ask the customer what they really want rather than create things that will truly get limited use.

    Hbo Go
    NFL Network
    Further Verizon Fios buildout so i can switch

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