January 10, 2012

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The Wait Is Over: All Time Warner Cable Customers With HBO Can Now Use HBO GO/MAX GO

Finally, something we have all been waiting for. You have no idea how much it pleases me to be able to say this.

Today, right this minute, after a long negotiation and a brief beta test:


They’re available for download in the Apple app store and Android Market now.

Click here to download HBO GO app in iTunes
Click here to download HBO GO app in the Android Market

Alternately, to see all apps, you can visit our app site here.

Thank you for your patience.


  1. Matt's reply

    Just tried to login on both iPhone and iPad in HBO Go, but Time Warner is not a choice available for cable providers.

  2. Sarah's reply

    I’m in and I love it, every episode of True Blood in full since the beginimg!!

  3. chris's reply

    Not available for my tablet? I have the Asus Transformer which is one of the higher end android tablets available. What gives?

  4. Steve's reply

    You bought a crappy tablet that no one uses. That’s what gives. Higher end crap is still crap. That’s what you chose when you decided to be ABA lol

  5. Susan M.'s reply

    It’s not available for my tablet either – I have the Motorola Xoom. That’s no good.

  6. Mike's reply

    Any plans on allowing TWC customers to access HBO via Roku or other TV devices?

  7. Jimmy Jazz's reply

    No support for Roku? TWC fail, thanks for turning satsifaction into disappointment once again, guys!

  8. Blair's reply

    I figured this meant we’d be able to access HBO GO thru our home receiver (via On Demand) and watch on our actual televisions, what the hell?

  9. CrazyEddy's reply

    I found that twc only appears if you delete out an already existing hbo go app and download a fresh one today. Good luck!

  10. Josh's reply

    Matt ,I had the same issue.I deleted the app, downloaded it again and TWC was on the list.

    This is a really great app!

  11. Diane Dunk's reply

    There isn’t an app for the Kindle Fire in the Amazon App Store, and when I try to activate HBO GO on my Roku device, Time-Warner is not listed yet…

  12. Antony's reply

    What about Roku? Who wants to watch anything on a cell phone? A total joke!

  13. Natesac's reply

    Well this was long overdue. Still not available on Roku. I assume this means it will not be on Xbox when HBO Go launches, much like ESPN. SMH

  14. Casey's reply

    TWC is not supporting HBO GO on Roku?

    If you go to the following link it states:


    “If your TV provider is not listed, access to HBO GO on Roku Streaming Players is not offered as part of your HBO subscription.

    Contact your TV provider and ask for HBO GO on Roku Streaming Players.”

    I’m glad HBO GO is finally available, but why not allow it on Roku? What’s the difference between connecting a computer or iPad via HDMI to a TV?

    Hopefully this will be allowed soon.

    Maybe you should update the headline to “The Wait Continues…”

    It’s always something.

  15. Alejandro's reply

    Thanks! What about Roku? (^_^)

  16. brendan's reply

    Will time warner customers be able to use the HBO GO channel on roku? Currently twc isn’t listed at hbogo.com/activate

  17. Cyssie's reply

    I was very happy to finally be able to log into HBOGO today and activate my account online. Thanks!

    However, I was very unhappy that I could *NOT* activate my account on my Roku. The HBOGO webpage for activating the Roku says: “Contact your TV provider and ask for HBO GO on Roku Streaming Players.”

    Huh? My TV provider is TWC and we’re supposed to be accepted now. Does this mean I *CANNOT* get HBOGO on my Roku? If not, why not?

  18. ks's reply

    i can get it on my ipad and touch but not my mac pro and ideas?

  19. Dave's reply

    Works fine from a PC, but there’s no TimeWarner option when trying to connect using an iPad or Roku box. Any eta for when those options will come online?

  20. Sandy's reply

    I think it is great on my phone and computer, but what about Roku? I am so disappointed that it appears that Roku will not be supported by TWC.

  21. Jared's reply

    So next step is finally getting ESPN 3 working on the xbox right?

  22. oedipamass's reply

    HBOGO.com/activate does not list TWC. How do I activate my Roku for HBO GO?

  23. Jonathan's reply

    Looks like you have an issue with new hbo subs. I just added hbo and cannot access it and none of your support people know whats going on. Lot of good that beta did.

  24. Jim's reply

    Lack of ROKU support is a deal breaker for me. I guess I’ll be cancelling HBO after all!

  25. Joe's reply

    Please add support for Roku, I subscribed thinking the Roku HBO app would work.

  26. Uncle Xin's reply

    I agree with all the comments here about no ROKU support. With the new year, I’ve been thinking about cancelling HBO. Three things have been making me wait so far: 1) whether LUCK turns out to be worth it; 2) whether REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER quickly improves (it was pretty mediocre last season); and 3) whether I’d be able to watch HBOGO via my ROKU.

    HBO is the only premium channel I subscribe to. It’s the biggest reason I still have TWC. If I drop HBO, I’ll drop TWC.

    You guys have a few more weeks to go before I cancel. Get your act together, folks! There are a whole lot of other options for consumers now.

  27. Joe Siegler's reply

    Whatever happened to the ability to use espn3.com? TWC and espn3’s site have been saying “We’re working, coming soon” for what – over a year now?

  28. brad white's reply

    Please answer the questions about using the Roku.. so the whole family can watch together???

    Is this going to happen or not? Let us know one way or the other.

    Please. We are customers.

  29. 5w30's reply

    How about MSG? That’s a lot easier to get, especially if you have to live with TWC New York’s substandard picture quality, bad lip sync, visible vertical blanking intervals [[especially on NY1 HD< TCM HD, etc. etc.] Crawl before you can walk.

  30. Jack's reply

    I found out a couple of things:

    1.) You have to be an HBO subscriber to get HBO GO.

    2.) You have to be a Cinemax subscriber to get Cinemax go.


    (This is the amount of time that may be needed for billing to synchronize with the system.)

    Much like Caller ID on TV often takes between 12-24 hours to show up, or Remote DVR Manager takes up to 24 hours to work on new or swapped boxes.

  31. Jonathan's reply

    24 hrs after I added HBO and I’m still waiting to access HBO GO. Your support said it may take “up to 24 hrs” after adding HBO to get access. This is after I talked to several people — none of whom really knew what was going on. How is that even possible? If you can show instantly in “My Services” that I have HBO, you should be able to use that information in Single Sign On to indicate to HBO that I should have access.

    Anyways, here’s the message I’m still getting over 24 hrs later:

    Your Time Warner Cable subscription does not currently include access to HBO. To discuss your viewing options please contact your local Time Warner Cable representative. (Message: QE12DCSN01)

    If its not solved by end of the day, I may just jump ship to uverse… This is ridiculous.

  32. Brian Perry's reply

    Yes there are other options. Roku is a great and fun device. I was looking forward to using HBOGO.
    Time Warner Please

  33. Ondemand's reply

    I also getting this message as jonathan. Spoke to 6 customer survice which don’t know what the problem.

    Your Time Warner Cable subscription does not currently include access to HBO. To discuss your viewing options please contact your local Time Warner Cable representative. (Message: QE12DCSN01

  34. Jonathan's reply

    Called back today — the new story is that it may take up to 48 hrs.

    Its pretty easy to query a database or invalidate a cache. There’s no excuse for this not being instant… 1 hr would be understandable.. 24 hrs would be tolerable, but 48 hrs? I have checks that clear faster than that. I can take my car to the DMV for an emissions test and then renew the plates online faster than that. You need to get some better technicians if it takes 48 hrs to propagate my subscription throughout your system.

  35. Evan's reply

    I have the same issue as Jonathan, message QE12DCSN01, I added HBO on 1/10/12 and still don’t have HBO GO. I’ve talked to several people at TWC and nobody can help. TWC has until Monday to resolve or switching to DirectTV.

  36. JMN's reply

    Any answers or updates on espn3 on Xbox? I’ve emailed and asked several times. If you can’t answer just say so. Some information would be appreciated.

  37. Jae's reply

    Need HBO Go access via Roku!! How can this be overlooked?

  38. Todd's reply

    Hello TWC? Anyone home? You’d figure that you would dedicate one of your 8 billion employees to answer your blog posts. Why bother having us comment if you’re going to ignore us?

    Everyone is asking about HBO Go on Roku!! Can we get an answer sometime this decade?

  39. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    As of now we only have support for iOS and Android devices, as well as PC/Mac support. As we work with partners to develop access to applications for other devices we will let our subscribers know.

  40. Bryan's reply

    TWC – why not support Roku? It’s ridiculous that we pay almost $3000 per year for your service, and you continue to miss customers expectations!

    Its bad enough that you made us all wait almost 1 year to get HBOGo, when the other more progressive providers were out in-front. Now, you make us connect our mobile devices via a cable to our TV to watch instead of supporting the existing TV Connected device (Roku).

    Why do you always seem to come up short, and make us feel like we’re getting robbed? Get ready for the mass exodus! As soon as there are additional options for streaming media, i will dump your over-priced service for the content I WANT TO BUY. You continue to piss-off your savvy, progressive, forward looking customers…and it will cost you!

  41. oedipamass's reply

    This is really disappointing. I will be planning on switching to a cable provider that supports HBO Go on Roku ASAP.

  42. Ray Boutin's reply

    Will there be an email blast when the hbogo goes live with Roku?

    Also is there an ETA on when hbogo will be available on Roku?

    When I spoke to customer service about a week ago they indicated that it would be available between the 12th and 14th.


  43. Paul's reply

    That’s a ridiculous response, that you are working on supporting other devices. Time Warner cable has made a decision to limit how their customers can access HBO Go, it’s as simple as that. It would be nice if you could at least be honest with us, but not surprising that you’re not.

  44. Rebecca's reply

    Jeff (Director, Digital Communications, TWC) thanks for responding to all the posts about Roku compatibility. I spent 40 minutes on the phone with various TWC CS reps last night, but none could give me any information about connecting HBO GO to my “RUKU” as one rep put it.
    However, your response above actually tells us nothing we don’t already know. “As we work with partners to develop access to applications for other devices we will let our subscribers know.” What does that even mean? Are we to wait days, weeks, months, or forever? Is Roku (and XBox, etc.) compatibility even ON TWC’s to do list? Is this a software problem? Are you implying this is Roku’s fault? They manage to work with a dozen other cable companies, why not TWC? Why couldn’t or wouldn’t you roll it out with the iOS and Android capability? I’m close to just taking up the Verizon FiOs reps, who keep showing up at my door, on their offers, and dropping TWC.
    We have just reached the “middle” of January, so I imagine these requests for Roku functionality will only grow in the coming days. Could you give us a clearer, more fact-filled answer about Roku activation in the near future? Please don’t just string us along. It’s rude, and a bad way to treat customers.

  45. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    @Ray – We will certainly make customers aware when we have Roku support for HBO GO via this blog, our Facebook page, and Twitter feeds. We have no ETA for that right now.

  46. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    @Rebecca – I’m sorry that my answer doesn’t satisfy you, but it’s the only answer that I can give you. I’m not privy to the negotiation process or the to-do list for our engineering team. In the absence of that, all I can tell you is that we are working to expand access to our products and we have a blog, Facebook page and Twitter feed specifically so that we can tell our customers when we have new announcements. In this case, I’m not being obtuse: I’m not giving you an answer because there is no answer that I can give you.

  47. Jared's reply

    Jeff since your now responding to comments, update on espn3 via xbox? Or should we expect HBO Go for the Roku to turn out the same way, always a promise and no update a year later…

  48. Al's reply

    The reality is that TWC views any device attached to your TV that isn’t their ancient DVR box as a direct competitor and a threat to their business. Roku, Xbox360, Boxee Box, and Media Center HTPCs are portals for content that you do not have to pay Time Warner to access.

    Roku is a competitor, whether they admit it or not. they don’t want to support a competitor, and we all lose.

  49. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    @Jared – I have no update on ESPN360 for Xbox. The reason I haven’t given an update is because I have no answer.

  50. Greg's reply

    Wow. Wish I’d come across this website before signing up with TW earlier today. I specifically signed up to get HBO GO on my Roku players – I didn’t realize TW had already taken a corporate/business decision not to support them. That’s probably the reason it took so long to negotiate with HBO. Uverse will apparently be in my area soon, and I’ll dump TW at that point. Would advise anyone else frustrated by TW’s lack of 3rd party device support for HBO GO to create a stink about it – really filthy decision by TW and provides a glimpse of their opinion of their customers. Disappointed that HBO allowed them to do this. Shame on you TW.

  51. Gisele's reply

    Are you kidding me? We wait all this time and it’s not available on Roku? Yet another TWC fail (after fail, after fail, after fail, etc.). Pathetic.

  52. Derek Chin's reply

    Until those of you with the XBOX problem began a large or loud enough segment, nothing will be done. That’s how businesses work – they have limited resources and prioritize. There are always more problems than time.

  53. Tom Burka's reply

    Since Time Warner owns HBO, I presume the delay was because Time Warner started negotiations with HBO by making ridiculous demands on itself.

  54. Ray Boutin's reply

    Is it True that Time Warner has taken a business stance not to allow Roku and other third party devices as stated by other posters?

    Are we waiting for TimeWarner to work out contractual or business related details?

    Or are we just waiting for engineering/technical/setup issues to be resolved before HBOGo becomes available for the Roku?

    I think a solid answer here would help relieve some of the negative conjecture.



  55. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    Tom, we separated from Time Warner Inc. back in 2009.

  56. Paul's reply

    I am removing my hbo subscription until such time as you can provide hbo go for roku. I am not going to sit and watch GoT on a 4 inch android screen when I could have it on my tv. If you are not going to offer this service, at least expand the quality and selection of your hbo on demand channel.

  57. Michael H's reply

    I hope that TWC will really try and get roku/xbox/ps3 support for HBO Go. It would go a long way in showing that they actually do care about their customers. I suppose that there are many in my situation, which is TWC or nothing. That means that TWC can do what it wants, and ignore the desires of it’s customer base. I’ve been a loyal TWC subscriber, even when I had other options, and can’t believe that the $150+ a month most of us spend for cable/internet is not enough.

    At this point, in order to have HBO Go at all, we need to subscribe to HBO from TWC in order to view it. It’s things like this that make me dream of the day I no longer need TWC for my TV services.

    Come on TWC! Give something back for a change.

  58. Chris's reply

    This is an opportunity for the other Providers to fill that gap. I have been considering Verizon TV Services. Their 7-12 MB DSL is attractive. And they seem to be more open than Time Warner in offering services.

  59. Ray Boutin's reply

    Still no word on when or if TWC will be offering HBOGo on the Roku? Just a crumb to string us along at this point would be nice lol

  60. TWCableJim's reply

    Jonathan, I apologize for the delayed response regarding your post from the 13th. I see you have spoken to customer service has the issues been resolved? There may be a few things that may cause this error if you could please email some account information to twcable.help@twcable.com I would be happy to take a further look?

  61. TWCableJim's reply

    Joe Siegler, You are able to access ESPN 3 content here http://espn.go.com/watchespn/index/_/id/398863/barcelona-vs-real-madrid&addata=2012_watchespn_com as well as the watch ESPN app. You will need to create an ESPN ID if you do not have one already, you than have to select Time Warner as your provider. It will than prompt you to login using you’re my services account to verify the subscription, once done you can than enjoy ESPN’s content.

  62. TWCableJim's reply

    Ondemand, I’m sorry for the late response to you January 12th post if you could please email some account information to twcable.help@twcable.com I would be more than happy to look into the issue?

  63. Adam's reply

    According to your headline “All Time Warner Cable Customers With HBO Can Now Use HBO GO/MAX GO” – so if I’m an HBO subscriber I can also use the MAX GO app? Or do I need to subscribe to Cinemax as well? If the later, you might want to edit the title of this since it’s a bit misleading…

  64. Santeno's reply

    This article is innacurate. I am a TWC customer and have both HBO and Cinemax (as well as Stars and Showtime). I also have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and an Asus Transformer Prime, both running Android 4.0. Neither the HBO Go or the Max Go, or any of the TWC apps show up as being compatible with any of my devices. I can only assume that none of them are made to run on Android 4.0. So no, not all TWC customers can run these apps.

  65. Megan's reply

    I’m also very disappointed that Time Warner has not made HBO Go available on Roku. The other cable companies are set up for it, why not you, Time Warner? Get with it!

  66. Michael Welsh's reply

    When, if ever, will TWC offer HBOGO on the roku? It was 1 of only 2 reasons I got the Roku! I am so mad and disappointed with TWC right now. I want an answer within a week or I’m cancelling my cable.

  67. Troy's reply

    Same issue as Ondemand and Jonathon and ???
    Added HBO on friday, jan. 27.
    3 days, 4 calls, and 7+ bewildered TW reps later, i get a rep who says it may take 7-10 days before i can access HBO GO!

    Seriously? Truly pathetic.
    But then, what was i really expecting considering it’s time warner.

  68. TWCableJim's reply

    @Adam- To receive MAX GO you do need to subscribe to Cinemax.

  69. David's reply

    Add me to the list of people very disappointed that Time Warner Cable does not support ROKU for HBO GO.

  70. Sarah90045's reply

    Why is the Motorola Xoom not supported by this app? I could watch TV on my tiny Htc Incredible but not a 10″ tablet it would be perfect for?

  71. James's reply

    Another voice calling for HBO GO on the Roku

  72. TWCableJim's reply

    @Sarah90045- At this time HBO GO does support Honeycomb or 3.0 or higher, HBO would need to update their application.

  73. AmishWannaBe's reply

    I got my Roku so that I could use Netflix on it. When I saw that HBO GO could be accessed, I immediately added HBO to my TWC package. I was greatly disappointed when I found out that HBO GO is not available through TWC on my Roku. I will give TWC until the end of March to offer it, or I will cancel my HBO, and possibly my entire TWC package.

  74. Bob's reply

    HBO Go should be available on Roku. Time to switch cable providers!

  75. jake's reply

    hbo go

    when i signed up for hbo a couple weeks ago they told me it would be on the roku by mid feb. march at the latest.

    i dont know if anyone can confirm this. but i talked to them righ through the online chat option.

  76. Unhappy's reply

    Time Warner, please!!!! Add Roku. I wait all this time for nothing.

  77. Adam's reply

    I am also waiting for Time Warner to bring HBO Go to Roku. I guess I am willing to give them a little time, since they just got on board with HBO Go in January. Still, they need to get the Roku support up and running soon.

  78. Jason in Greensboro, NC's reply

    I’m so angry with Time-warner cable about not allowing access to HBO-GO on Roku. Really?!? We’re paying you for it.. please provide access on roku.

  79. Matt's reply

    I’ll also take this opportunity to say that i’m extremely unimpressed with twc’s failure to support hbo go on roku. And, for that matter, with twc’s pricing, customer service, and reliability. If twc wants to improve its terrible reputation, may I suggest that not supporting hbo go at all for months, then offering only partial support is not the way to do it.

  80. Jules's reply

    Add me to to the list of disgruntled TWC subscribers wanting HBOGo on Roku. Has TWC confirmed that it will be available starting mid-Feb or March as posting from Jake on 2/11 says?

  81. Mike's reply

    I’m also very unhappy that after this long wait to get HBO Go it’s not on Roku. TWC never seems to put the customer first.
    Since the stated purpose of this site is to have another line of communication with customers would someone with TWC please comment. Is it going to be on Roku? If so when?
    All of these comments from customers and nobody from TWC has addressed this issue.

  82. D's reply

    Im just another TWC customer that can’t believe HBO Go is not on the Roku. Im going to dish network. Hope more follow.

  83. Neil's reply

    TWC please comment. No responses have been posted by a TWC employee since February 9th. TWC really needs to take customers satisfaction more seriously.

  84. JG's reply

    I will be canceling Time Warner. Horrible HD picture quality.

    No HBO GO on Roku is unacceptable. I don’t think I have ever been more unsatisfied by a company.

    Pleae TWC add HBO Go for ROKU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For a company that sgould be all about the customer, TWC drops the ball again and again and again.

  85. Jonathan's reply

    I’m a Signature Service customer, and I agree that it is a bummer that Roku support isn’t provided. I’m HOPING it will be soon, but I have serious doubts. Offering it only makes me more beholden to keeping my HBO subscription, and I certainly won’t be cutting the cord … so I’m not sure what the business rationale would be to prohibit it from such a popular device. It only augments TWC’s service, not replaces it. 🙁

  86. PeteD's reply

    add another to the list of those upset HBO GO not supported by TWC on the Roku … not to mention the ongoing billing and customer service failures, patience wearing thin

  87. bhomatude's reply

    Yet another TWC fail. This is what happens when there is a monopoly of services. I am unfortunately locked into TW in the Echo Park area of LA. I would switch to Direct TV in a heart beat if it weren’t for the need to have broadband internet… And Verizon Fios is not available at all.

  88. Casey's reply

    I check this post a few times a week to see if any developments have been made with TWC allowing HBO Go via Roku.

    I recently dropped HBO because HBO’s price increased a few months ago and then once HBO Go was announced, Roku access was blocked. I would add HBO again to my TWC service if HBO Go was made available via Roku.

    Since TWC won’t respond, here’s an article that I found and thought I would share it.

    “Are you a Roku user that has been blocked out of using HBO Go on your set top box? It seems it isn’t HBO’s fault, but instead the onus falls to your cable provider.”

    “Melinda Witmer, Time Warner Cable’s chief video and content officer , said of the situation, ‘Our video customers have an expectation that we will deliver a flawless experience in the home. Right now we can’t guarantee that experience via HBO’s Roku app.’”


    So is TWC saying that right now, without HBO GO available via Roku, they are guaranteeing a flawless in home experience???

    Why do AT&T U-verse, Charter, Cox, Dish and Verizon allow HBO GO access via Roku? It must be working, at lease somewhat.

    This post has the most comments, by far, than any other recent post on this site with most of the comments asking for TWC to allow HBO Go via Roku.

    Time Warner Cable, are you listening to your customers’ requests?

    Come on TWC, make your customers happy!

  89. Sue W's reply

    I am another disgruntled customer who is disappointed about not being able to access HBO GO on my Roku. Verizon FIOS is starting to look better and better.

  90. Manhattan UWSider's reply

    Here too, HBOGo should be added to the Roku. This should have been done when they FINALLY made it available to their customers for online viewing. We pay way toooo much not to be heard and not to have this service. Unfortunately cable nowadays isn’t such a monopoly business there are other providers out there… I don’t want to mention them since Time Warner Cable should be aware of possible exodus if it continues to lag behind competitors at offering their customers the BEST service

  91. Al Ridgewood's reply

    The reason I added HBO was ROKU.

    I don’t know how much TW cares about us or not, but for $150 I expect a lot more.

    The very second that FIOS comes to Ridgewood NY, I will drop TW in a heartbeat and we all know it will cost less too.

    I hope engineers and decision makers get their facts straight and forget TWX 2007 stock prices.

    Baby boomers are dead or no $ to pay for TW, it is .Com Babies now and we want streaming or TW will be another WorldCom

  92. AmishWannaBe's reply

    I see 2 more of TWC’s competitors have added Roku support for HBO GO. TWC, thanks for being lame.

  93. drewjj's reply

    agreed… not offering HBOGO on roku is ridiculous! And also agree, yet another reason to pray to the cable gods for an alternative to TWC to become available in my area so i can finally say good day to this uncaring company and the horrible service they provide.

  94. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    @Hing – We actually spun off from Time Warner, Inc. back in 2009.

  95. AmishWannaBe's reply

    Jeff, good non-answer to our concerns. It’s not too late to win the GOP nomination. IS TWC even trying to negotiate a deal?

  96. Paul's reply

    Jeff, thanks for againg telling us when Time Warner Cable was spun off. Any chance you or anyone from Time Warner is going to answer the question that everyone on this thread is looking for? Cablevision just launched last week with Roku access. Pretty sad when Cablevision is treating it’s customers better than you are.

  97. William's reply

    I cant wait until another cable provider offers service in my area. Most cable companies have it but STILL no HBO GO on Roku via Time Warner? Enjoy your captive audience in my area while you can, you’ve proven that TWC is one of the worst cable companies around. Down with monopolies.

  98. Ben's reply

    “Our video customers have an expectation that we will deliver a flawless experience in the home,” Melinda Witmer, Time Warner Cable’s chief video and content officer, said in an emailed statement. “Right now we can’t guarantee that experience via HBO’s Roku app.”

    Ugh. This is the worst excuse. My experience in the home is fundamentally flawed RIGHT NOW because I can’t watch TV on my Roku.

  99. Michael's reply

    Add me to the list. I am a Signature Home customer with TWC and between them not supporting HBO Go on the Roku and no NFL Network, I am moving to U verse.

  100. riktuin's reply

    I was actually considering upgrading our TWC service to Signature Home but this whole debacle with HBO GO (Roku, Xbox) has changed my mind.

  101. Daniel's reply

    Add Xbox to the list of devices TWC is refusing to allow HBO GO access through.

  102. AmishWannaBe's reply

    Now you get HBO GO on your Xbox360 from everyone except guess who – Time Warner Cable. No big surprise there. Keep up the lousy service.

  103. OwlGrrrrl's reply

    The first quarter of 2012 is over and still no HBO GO for ROKU? What the heck is the matter with you people? TWC is still rockin’ the 20th century!

  104. Brad White's reply

    I too am very disappointed with lack of response to the Roku HBO Go issue. TW reps have dodged each question with either nothing or a non sequitur reply.

    This is getting insulting.

  105. AmishWannaBe's reply

    Dropping HBO package this month. Back to Netflix which gets all movies before HBO. I can wait for HBO shows to come out on disc. Not too many of them are any good anyway.

  106. AmishWannaBe's reply

    HBO GO is a ripoff. Any movie they have is available at my local library, or through Netflix. Also, they do not have all of their series available, only those that are currently showing on air. You can’t watch Sopranos, The Wire, OZ, any of the old ones. Netflix is better than HBO GO. Considering that I can get new movies from Netflix before HBO shows them, if they show them and they aren’t on Showtime instead, HBO overall is not a good value.

  107. Sarah's reply

    Why is this not working with my Roku? Pointless to watch it on an iPhone. Please add the roku right now!

  108. mrobertson's reply

    When will Showtime Anytime have an app for Roku? Right now there is a SHO app for Roku and it only allows the viewing of the 1st episode of the season and sneak peaks at next weeks episode. Would like to have Showtime Anytime app for Roku. I travel alot and I have a hotspot on my phone and I can connect my roku to any tv and watch while I’m traveling. There is HBO Go on Roku and I love it. I would also like to see an app for MAX Go as well. This doesn’t sound difficult technically but I think is very difficult legally. Please work it out and provide me (The Consumer) what I really want. I can guarentee that the Roku sale will go through the roof.

  109. Greg Q's reply

    Dropping tech also after waiting for Roku support with hbo go. Clearly the folks in charge are out of touch.

  110. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    You’re entitled to your opinion about Netflix, but I watched the Sopranos on HBO Go just a few days ago.

  111. Jeff Brunner's reply

    I’m considering an HBO subscription, but I absolutely won’t do it if HBO GO is not supported on the 360 from Time Warner.

  112. Ray Boutin's reply

    Any word yet on when HBO Go will be available on the Roku?

    Waiting ever so patiently….

  113. Mike L's reply

    Jeff, I’ll bet you didn’t watch the Sopranos on HBO Go on your TV did you? I can watch Netflix content on any TV in my home. This thread goes back 5 months and in that time TWC employees have not even had the common courtesy to address our complaints. Pathetic.

  114. Casey's reply

    When will HBO GO will be allowed via Roku and the XBOX 360 for your customers?

  115. Ray's reply

    woo hooo!!! HBO on my roku!!! Thanks TWC!!!

  116. Mark jaeger's reply

    I can’t log into hbo go even though I have hbo since last week. I get error message qe12dcsn01

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