January 19, 2012

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TWC TV™ App Now Available for iPhone

Minutes after we launched the TWC TV™ for iPad® app last March, people began asking for it on Android and on the iPhone. It’s only natural – the universe of handheld devices is expanding fast, and we’re working hard to keep up. We announced that we had a version of the popular app for Android phones and tablets last month and today – we are thrilled to announce that you can now watch live TV, manage your DVR and change channels on your set-top box on your iPhone.

This feature is available at no additional cost to Time Warner Cable video customers that have a broadband connection.

Features on TWC TV™ include:

  • Interactive program guide (IPG) – up to 7 days of listings. View detailed show descriptions including box art. Option to display “HD only” or “favorites only” by creating a favorite channel list.
  • Search – search for programming by title or episode name and filter results by genre
  • Set-top box tuning – tap on a network logo or “watch on TV” button within the program description to tune compatible set-top boxes directly to the channel
  • DVR management – schedule one-time and series recordings on compatible DVRs directly from the IPG. Tap on the “DVR” button to see a list of all upcoming recordings and make changes or cancel recordings

Customers can download TWC TV™ from the App StoreSM, launch it, log in and scroll through the channel lineup to select preferred programming. Interactive program guide, channel tuning and DVR management features require a set-top box or DVR running the “Navigator” interactive program guide.

You can see a complete channel lineup after the jump.

Please note that while all of these channels are available on the TWC TV™ app, channels are only available if they are also distributed at the local system and subscribed to by a given customer.

Network Name
1. A&E HD
2. ABC Family HD
4. Animal Planet HD
5. AYM Sports
6. Bay News 9 HD
7. Biography Channel HD
8. Bloomberg TV
9. Boomerang
10. Boomerang Espanol
11. Bravo HD
12. Canal 24 Horas
13. Canal Sur
14. Caracol
15. Cartoon Network HD
16. CBTV (Mexico Michocanos)
17. Central Florida News 13 HD
18. CentroAmerica TV
19. Chiller
20. CINE Latino
21. Cine Mexicano (Olympusat)
22. CLOO (Sleuth)
24. CNBC World HD
25. CNN HD
26. CNN Espanol
27. CNN Headline News (HLN) HD
28. CNN International
29. Cooking Channel HD
30. Crime and Investigation Network HD
34. Current TV
35. Discovery Channel HD
36. Discovery Channel Fit & Health
37. Discovery Espanol HD
38. Discovery Familia
39. Disney Channel HD
40. Disney XD HD
41. Disney XD Espanol
42. DIY HD
43. E! HD
44. Escuavisa Internacional
45. ESPN Classic
46. ESPNews HD
47. EWTN Espanol
48. EWTN Global Catholic Network (EWTN)
49. Food Network HD
50. Fox Business Network HD
51. Fox News HD
52. FX HD
53. G4 HD
54. Galavision HD
55. GMC – Gospel Music Channel HD
56. Gol TV HD
57. Golf Channel (The) HD
58. Great American Country
59. GSN HD
60. Hallmark HD
61. Hallmark Movie Channel HD
62. Halogen TV
63. Velocity HD
65. History en Espanol
66. History HD
67. HITN Hispanic
68. HSN HD
69. IFC HD
70. INSP
71. Investigation Discovery HD
72. Jewelry TV
73. Jewish Life TV
74. La Familia Cosmovision
75. Latele Novelas (Olympusat)
76. Latinoamerica TV
77. Lifetime HD
78. Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) HD
79. Lifetime Real Women
80. MavTV HD
81. Mexico 22
82. Military Channel
83. Military History Channel
85. Multimedios TV HD
86. mun2
87. Nat Geo Wild HD
88. National Geographic HD
89. News 14 Carolina Charlotte HD
90. News 14 Carolina Greensboro HD
91. News 14 Carolina Raleigh HD
92. News 14 Carolina Wilmington HD
93. NY1 Manhattan HD
94. NY1 Noticias SD
95. Once TV Mexico
96. Outdoor Channel (The) HD
97. Ovation
98. OWN HD
99. Oxygen HD
100. Sprout HD
101. Planet Green HD
102. QVC HD
103. Reelz HD
104. RFD HD
105. Science Channel HD
107. Smithsonian HD
108. SOAPnet
109. Sorpresa
110. Style HD
111. Sundance Channel
112. Sur Mexico (Mexico TV)
113. Sur Peru Channel
114. SyFy HD
115. TBN Enlace
116. TCM HD
117. TeleFórmula Channel
118. Telemicro Channel
119. Tennis Channel HD
120. The Africa Channel
121. The Hub HD
122. The Sportsman Channel
123. The Word Network
124. TLC HD
125. Travel Channel HD
126. TruTV HD
127. TV Chile Olympusat
128. TV Colombia
129. TV Dominicana
130. TV Guide HD
131. TV Guide Network HD West
132. TV One HD
133. TV Venezuela
134. TVE Internacional
135. TVJapan
136. Universal HD
137. USA HD
138. Utilisima
139. Venemovies
140. Video Rola
141. WAPA America
142. WE HD
143. YNN Austin HD
144. YNN Waco HD
145. YNN Albany HD
146. YNN Binghamton SD
147. YNN Buffalo HD
148. YNN Syracuse SD
149. YNN Hudson Valley HD
150. YNN Watertown
151. YNN Jamestown HD
152. YNN Rochester HD
153. H2 HD – (old: History International)
154. Starz Cinema HD
155. Starz Comedy HD
156. Starz Edge HD
157. Starz HD
158. Starz InBlack HD
159. Starz Kids & Family HD
160. Encore HD
161. Encore Action
162. Encore Drama
163. Encore Love
164. Encore Suspense
165. Encore Family
166. Encore Western
167. Arabic TV
168. FearNET HD
169. MGM HD
170. RTTV (Russian Language TV)
171. 5 Star Max HD
172. Action MAX HD
173. AtMax (@Max) HD
174. Cinemax HD
175. HBO 2 HD
176. HBO Comedy HD
177. HBO Family HD
178. HBO HD
179. HBO Latino HD
180. HBO Signature HD
181. HBO Zone HD
182. More MAX HD
183. OuterMAX HD
184. Thriller MAX HD
185. Wmax HD
186. FLIX
187. Showtime Beyond HD
188. Showtime Extreme HD
189. Showtime HD
190. Showtime Next HD
191. Showtime Showcase HD
192. Showtime Too HD
193. Showtime Women HD
194. The Movie Channel Extra HD
195. The Movie Channel HD
196. Showtime Family Zone


  1. Enmanuel's reply

    How about Tv for Android tables and phones.?

  2. Greg's reply

    I love the app but I’m not seeing as many channels as are listed here. No ESPN or Encore channels to name a couple. Also it says it can’t communicate with my cable box. AFAIK I have the latest HD box.

  3. TWCablePhil's reply

    Greg, where are you located? We can look into any problems you are having. Would you please email our online care group at twcable.help@twcable.com? Thanks!

  4. TWCablePhil's reply

    Enamuel if you’re talking about streaming live TV on Android devices, that is coming soon. We’ll let you know when it’s ready. Thanks!

  5. Peggy's reply

    Do you have to have TWC as your ISP as well as your TV provider or will any broadband service qualify?

  6. Greg's reply

    Phil, I’m in Euless, TX. I will email for help at the address you provided. Thanks!

  7. Elaine's reply

    I just downloaded TWC TV app to my iPhone 4. It is asking me to login? I have TWC and roadrunner as my ISP. How do I find out what my login would be.

  8. Flod Durden's reply

    Are there instructions anywhere on how to use this if you have a non-RoadRunner broadband service? My connection is fast enough. But it’s not Road Runner.

  9. John's reply

    So what set top boxes work this app? Mine fails to be recognised

  10. TRACEY's reply


  11. John's reply

    Good app to watch tv, but big fail on the guide ( refuses to load as cannot find cable box … Even though DVR works) plus cannot control the cable box channel.

  12. Mark Citron's reply

    I was told by TW that I had to have their whole house service in order for the app to work at least to view the guide and have the DVR features like record and see a list of what is already recorded.
    No mention of that anywhere in the article. Is that true? I have a motorola 3400 now.

  13. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    @TRACEY – You have to register for a MyServices username and password. You’ll want to have a copy of your bill handy. It takes about 5 minutes, and then you never have to fool with it again.

  14. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    You have to register for a MyServices account – have a copy of your bill handy, takes about 5 minutes.

  15. greg's reply

    Will this app also work on an I touch

  16. brittany's reply

    it says that my box cannot be found

  17. Bryan's reply

    The app keeps saying that I’m not on my home network, yet I’m at home on wifi. Do I need road runner for this to work?

  18. Ben's reply

    Junk – doesn’t work on Jailbroken phones and I’m not giving up my docking and screen tweaks for this app. Another massive FAIL by TWC!

  19. ScottM's reply

    Neither the Guide or DVR functions work for me. Both say they can’t communicate with box. I have both TV and broadband service through TWC.

  20. Jim McCoy's reply

    @Greg, yes the app works fine with the iPod Touch.

  21. Jerry's reply

    I downloaded the TWC TV app for iPhone and successfully connected and can view
    TV on my iPhone. However, I do not have access to the TV Guide and/or DVR
    application, I get a ‘DVR Management Unavailable’ message. Looking on the web,
    it says that the DVR needs to be running the ‘Navigator Interactive Guide’.

    My DVR is a Motorola DCX3400 DVR. How do I get the ‘Navigator Interactive
    Guide’ to run on the DVR? Is that service available within my area (Simi
    Valley, CA, 93065)? Do I exchange the DVR? Please help.

    Thanks in Advance

  22. Agenda 21's reply

    I gave up on watching COMMERCIALS TV years ago… The commercials were so long, I forgot what show I was watching!! Thanks but no thanks. My TV is used for Roku and Netflix (only)

  23. Chris's reply

    Couple of suggestions:
    1) Have the app start up on the guide instead of live TV
    2) The current way to try to find a channel on live TV is cumbersome. Just have an option in the guide to “watch on this device” if the channel is available to stream and junk the current alphabetical scroll. You could then add a filter in the guide for channels available to stream to the device to make it easier.

  24. Eric's reply

    I have the same issue as Jerry. I downloaded the TWC TV app for my iPhone 4S, successfully connected and can view TV on my iPhone. However, it shows the wrong time zone.

    Like Jerry mentioned, I also do not have access to the TV Guide and DVR application, and get a ‘DVR Management Unavailable’ message in the app, rendering it useless.

    My DVR is a Motorola DCX3400 DVR and I am in Los Angeles, CA 90049.

    When I contacted TWC online support via chat about this, I was told that I needed to upgrade my DVR Box to a compatible “Whole House” DVR Box with a professional installation fee of $50.00 and a monthly fee of $9.00.

    So this “free” app would really cost me an extra $50.00 up front and an extra $9.00 per month from here on out?

    Please tell me that this isn’t so.

  25. Josh Jones's reply

    Thank You!!! I love this app! Please make one for Mac & PC now! It would be great to watch my shows online!

  26. Sofia madrigal's reply

    I like to install tv Mobil. Because is more important to be in contact with the rest to the world

  27. ryan's reply

    TWCPhil…any time frame on the streaming for Android? I have a Xoom that has ICS (which is the pre-req for streaming for TWC on Android if I am not mistaken). I am eager to be able to watch my own TV shows since my wife has 3-4 shows recorded every night from 7-midnight.


  28. TWCableJim's reply

    @Mark Citron- Normally our Motorola cable boxes run the igude for software which at this time only allows you to view live TV through the TWC app, If you could please email some account information to twcable.help@twcable.com I would be happy to investigate further?

  29. TWCableJim's reply

    @Brittany- If you are still receiving the error message try resetting the cable box by unplugging the power and plugging it back in this should re-establish the communication between the box and the application.

  30. TWCableJim's reply

    @Bryan- You would need a Road Runner IP address. If you do not have Time Warner as an ISP provider we do offer a wireless gateway router which we do install free of charge. If you could please email some account information to twcable.help@twcable.com I would be happy to take a further look?

  31. TWCableJim's reply

    @ScottM- There may be a communication issue between the box and the application, normally a reset of the equipment will re-establish that link. If you would like to email some account information to twcable.help@twcable.com I could reset that cable box for you?

  32. John's reply

    Just an update on the tv guide issue with the app. The twc people on the board have done everything they can to try and resolve the issue, and even scheduled a replacement DVR now to try and solve the issue…we will see what happens Friday.

  33. james's reply

    I also can not get the guide to work. Ihave a Cisco 4652HD STB and can view live tv, just not the guide. on the app when i go to devices it says I have no devices avaliable for this account. On my services all my devices are listed.

  34. james's reply

    oops cisco 4642HD

  35. TWCableBrienH's reply

    @James – We can look into this. Mind emailing us with your account info? – TWCable.Help@twcable.com

  36. Rock's reply

    I am thinking of getting Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone. Are there any plans to develope app for Windows based Mobile OS?

  37. Greg's reply


    I sent an email to that address and never got a response.

  38. Stan's reply

    Uh Ben, why is it a massive fail if it’s not compatible with jailbroken devices? It runs on the supported OS. Probably won’t run on a rooted android either.

  39. Frank's reply

    What happened to the Military Channel for the iPad app???? I have had it for MONTHS and now all I have is a bunch of HBO, Encore, Starz, and other premium channel crap! I don’t care a thing about these channels!!! Where’s my Military Channel? WHAT has TWC done to my channel lineup?

  40. @Christopher's reply

    DVR Management and TV Guide will only work with the select DVRs which includes the “Navigator Guide”, such their “Whole House HD-DVR”

  41. Ken's reply

    I have noticed some missing channels today (notably Cooking Channel). What’s amiss?

  42. John's reply

    I had a tech come out last Friday to try and fix the tv guide not working on the app (and also replace the cable box). It is clear the techs have not had much exposure to the app and very limited knowledge on it …. However since the cable box swap I have now also lost the ability to schedule the DVR online or through the app. I think I need to quit before I lose anything else. The app tv guide and online DVR things are a nice to have but obviously not ready for prime time.

  43. TWCableBrienH's reply

    @Rock – no firm plans that we’re aware of, but any updates will be here at Untangled

    @Greg – Looks like we replied on 1/20. It may have ended up in your spam/junk folder. In any case, we need a bit more info. Could you email us again with the account number or name and address on the account?

  44. Rita Bikel's reply

    MSNBC and USA have disappeared and now we have six Encore Channels. No guide. No set top controls. What’s happening? Seems like app is shrinking.

  45. Joey's reply

    I too am curious if I was given the correct information by time warner chat support.

    Referencing Eric’s post above ( http://twcableuntangled.com/2012/01/twc-tv%e2%84%a2-app-now-available-for-iphone/comment-page-1/#comment-22465 )

    I received the same explanation. I was initially told by support that I would need to upgrade my Motorola box (had an older silver mode, forget the number). I swapped for a Motorola DCX3400. This seemed to make sense at the time referencing this article on TW’s site: http://www.timewarnercable.com/northeast/site.faqs/DigitalCab/TWCTVApp/What-cable-boxes-are-supported stating that this box would be capable of running the Mystro Navigator guide.

    Like Eric, I was told I’d need to upgrade to Whole House DVR with a $9 a month increase and a $50 install fee. I was told that this box can run the Navigator guide… but not in my market (90025). Is this information correct?

  46. Krista's reply

    My app lists both of my DVRs. It only allows me to choose one of them for recording. How can I choose the other one?

  47. TWCableJim's reply

    @Rita- If you could please email some account information to twcable.help@twcable.com I would be happy to look into the issue?

  48. Joe's reply

    This app is complete fail. Won’t let me access any of my devices. Says I’m not connected to my home network which I am and it is roadrunner. After reading the comments y’all at Time Warner can kiss my ass goodbye. This big heap of fail and your ever increasing crappy price for lackluster service have lost a customer to Verizon FIOS.

  49. TWCableJim's reply

    @Joe- I apologize for the app issues if you could please email some account information to twcable.help@twcable.com I would be happy to investigate?

  50. Peggy's reply

    I had the free modem installed yesterday since RR is not my ISP and it’s working fine except that I only get premium channels like all the HBO’s and Showtime and such. How do I get all the regular channels to show up?

  51. TWCableJim's reply

    @Peggy- If there could be an issue with provisioning if you could please email some account information to twcable.help@twcable.com I would be happy to take a look?

  52. Ben's reply

    Ok, so I got the app working only to relize even more FAIL! What’s the point of a mobile app if I HAVE TO BE ON MY HOME NETWORK!!! If I’m at home, I’ll watch on my TV. Ugh, does anyone think these things through?

  53. Gareth's reply

    Can you use this while traveling abroad?

  54. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    No – you have to be at home, on your own wireless gateway/network.

  55. Peggy's reply

    You said someone would call me.
    No one has called.


  56. TWCableJim's reply

    Peggy- I apologize, have you received a call as of yet?

  57. Peggy's reply


  58. orion's reply

    Is HBO HD on demand not available?

  59. hwci's reply

    I have this app working for the most part. Live TV works with the exception of the Travel Channel. It is part of my Variety Tier that I subscribe to, but is not available in my channel list for Live TV. I e-mailed TW support and a representative left a message saying that I needed a compatible set top box to get that channel. To be clear, I’m not referring to the Guide part of the app, just being able to see the Travel Channel in the Live TV part of the app. Can you confirm that a compatible STB is required for this? If so, why does every other channel appear to work?

  60. Harry's reply

    I am unable to watch live TV using this app without switching my internet provider to TWC. Is this correct – that is what I was told by a not very knowledgeable service representative at the 23rd street location? I have heard of “video-only” modems being provided to TWC subscribers who have a different ISP. I have all the other elements (login, standard+ service etc). Please confirm if one is required o switch to TWC internet.

  61. Jeremy's reply

    Few days ago, maybe a week, the app stopped showing my scheduled recordings. I have many things scheduled, and my DVRs record everything. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app — no luck. I reset my two DVRs — no luck. Anyone had this problem? Anyone know of a fix?

  62. Elaine's reply

    Emailed several times at TWC for help on this app and still no help. It always stalls or replays a scence a few times. Not continous streaming. Have excellent wifi signal, as several other wireless devices are working at the same time. Tech seems to believe that uninstalling and reinstalling app helps. Duh…tried that several times, along with hard boot, back up to computer, or even installing it straight from computer. Nope. Your app doesn’t work.

  63. Elaine's reply

    To top it off, all the good channels are gone now. No more food network, Disney, USA, etc.

  64. Dez's reply

    The app has worked flawlessly for me since I downloaded a month ago. Its nice to have a small portable TV (iPhone) to carry with me into other rooms without the hassles of wires. Makes washing dishes go by faster..:-) and its fun to change the channel on the kids when your in another room.
    The question I have, is the cable box required to use the app? Will the app work if I have just basic TWC cable?

  65. Anthony's reply

    App does not even ‘see’ either one of my two hd dvr’s and hence will not allow programming of said dvr(s), nor will it allow to even view guide. And, yes, this is when connected via wifi to the home nework. Utter garbage. How this passed dev is beyond me.

  66. Kerry Kimmey's reply

    Won’t work on my new iphone4s. I log in and it tells me I must be connected to my home network. I’m connected properly. Please fix it. I love this app when it’s working right

  67. Adam Stachowiak's reply

    y wont my dvr connect to the app. Streaming live tv works but it will not connect to my dvr. How do i connect it.

  68. Chad's reply

    I thought this would be really cool but there are only limited channels you can watch live and you must be connected to your wifi at home. This would have been perfect yesterday when I was watching the baseball game on YES and had to leave my house for a few minutes. But YES isn’t a channel you can watch live and you can’t leave your house. So I don’t have much use for this app.

  69. Jerry Coleman's reply

    For more than one year we have been able to use the Feee TWC TV on our
    iPad, and then, using the Apple Digital Dongle and an HDMI Cable, send
    that video to a TV in my wife’s craft room.  Now, that is no longer
    working and we get an error message saying “TWC TV does not currently
    support HDMI video out from this device.”. Has TWC blocked the ability
    of the signal to be sent from the iPad to a TV?

  70. Fran's reply

    From what I’m gathering, I can’t even record a show from work – right. I understand not watching live TV – but through my account name and password, I SHOULD be able to record to my DVR. If this is something I have to be in my network to do, it makes no sense at all. What good is the app. I should be able to send a signal through time warner to record a show….shouldn’t I?

  71. Chris's reply

    App is not a value add. Ok, so I now have an extra small screen TV for which I can only watch select programming. TWC is to big of a company not to make their app competitive with other tv channel provider? I expect more from TWC.

    To many draw backs stopping this app from being decent. Come on TWC fix this.

    Maybe ya need to look at DISH’s app. Not perfect either but so much closer what customer’s need/want?

  72. Travis Hunter's reply

    U should b able to use it anywhere unless u make twc on-the-go wheru can use any wireless connection because if u look at it u have twc at home y not on the go its not rite that u have to have twc internet wat if u already have a internet service at home that u like. I think yall should make a twc on-the-go for people that travel like soldiers and business people. lets make it happen

  73. Ed decal's reply

    My TWC I-phone app is no longer working. I get a request has timed out. I tried calling TWC today and was put on hold for 30 minutes. They had transferred me to their national help desk, where I a was on hold and no one came back.

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