March 16, 2012

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We’ve Just Launched 26 Local Channels for Our iOS/ Apps in NYC

We launched our iPad app roughly one year ago, to great acclaim. You guys seem to love this thing, and we’re glad for it. But the one of the biggest questions we’ve heard is “Why can’t I get local channels on this thing?”

I’ve got some good news here — even better news if you’re a TWC TV user in the New York City area:

As of today, we are launching 26 new local channels for the TWC TV for iPad/iPhone app and in New York City. Here’s a list:

  3. NBC NY Nonstop
  4. WNYW HD (Fox)
  6. Live Well HD
  7. WABC News Now
  8. WWOR HD (My9)
  9. WPIX-HD (PIX11)
  10. WPXN HD (ION)
  11. WXTV HD (Univision)
  12. WFUT HD (Telefutura)
  13. WNJU HD (Telemundo)
  14. WFME
  15. WLIW (PBS)
  16. World
  17. WLNY (TV 10/55)
  18. WMBC
  19. WNJN HD (or WNJB or NJN1) – PBS
  20. WNYE (NYC TV Life)
  21. WRNN
  22. WNET (Thirteen HD)
  23. V-ME
  24. Create
  25. Kids13
  26. Rise (Al Jazeera)

We are working to bring local channels to a few more of our markets by the end of the year — unfortunately, I don’t have anything more specific than that. Once I know channels, markets, and time frame, I’ll let everyone know right here.


  1. Jason Schwartz's reply

    Now this is good news!! Too bad we can’t “take it to go” (a la or stream our DVR’ed content.

  2. Josh Jones's reply

    Please bring local channels to the Piedmont/Triad area of North Carolina! I saw the PDF file a couple of days ago that listed the new channels and was disappointed to find our that it was only for New York!

  3. Joe Siegler's reply

    I have TWC, but phone a Internet. Not tv. Will I be able to access the local channels as well?

  4. Christopher Hudsob's reply

    Looks like I have to move back to NYC–first Aereo–now TWC allows local TV streams —NYC is becoming the new tech capital.

  5. Staten Island customer.'s reply

    Can TWC customers with only Basic Cable be able to access this new feature? Unemployment has forced me to scale back to Basic.

  6. Dan's reply

    When will analog cable be shut down in NYC and when will the free QAM converter boxes be available in the NYC systems? IIRC you have started this in Maine and some other places.

  7. Staten Island customer's reply

    TWC TV is not available for those of us with Basic service. I’m currently unemployed and had to cut by service back to the Basic Service only, but would like to have TWC TV.

  8. TWCableJim's reply

    Joe- you must have a TV subscription of at least our standard service or higher to us the app or

  9. Frankie's reply

    I love it!
    When can we expect this in Los Angeles?

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