April 05, 2012

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TWC TV With Live Video Coming To Android Devices Soon

We launched our TWC TV product for Android devices in late 2011 — minus the live video portion. I said at the time that we’d have to wait for Ice Cream Sandwich to deploy on Android devices in order to offer live video like you’d see in our iOS video product.

Well, that time is here. In a few weeks – definitely by Memorial Day – Android devices running Ice Cream Sandwich will be able to stream our live video product in the home.

There’s a caveat, though: not that many devices have Ice Cream Sandwich yet. It’s currently the only version of the Android OS that allows us the security and stability necessary to distribute video over our private network. But it’s up to the device manufacturer and the sometimes the data carrier when or if ICS will be deployed to a particular device.

For example, if you happen to have a Motorola-made device and a Verizon data plan, you may receive ICS at one time, where a Samsung tablet owner with an AT&T data plan may get ICS at an entirely different time.

Please bear in mind that these are hypothetical examples. I have no idea what the release schedules are like for any of these carriers or manufacturers.

I did find this post on a Motorola forum that explains the process from their end.

Developing an iOS live video product for Apple devices is much easier. There’s only one OS, made by the same company that also manufactures its own devices.

Developing our video product for Android is not unlike tweezing one’s eyebrows while using a disco ball for a mirror. We’re going to get there, but it’s going to happen one facet at a time.

As I understand it right now, TWC TV for Android should be in the Android Market by Memorial Day, if not before. And once your device runs Ice Cream Sandwich, you’ll be able to watch live video in the home with no problem at all.


  1. Ryan B's reply

    Sweeet! Thanks for the update guys. My Acer tablet will be getting it’s ICS update this month, so this is a double-helping of awesome!

  2. RM's reply

    What about hybrid devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note? It’s due to get ICS in 2Q, but it’s not a tablet, per se. It’s a phone, but it has a 5.3″ screen and in many ways is just a smaller tablet. Given it’s also one of the higher end devices out there at present, I would hope that the mere distinction of it being a “phone” would not exclude it, especially given the 1280×800 pixel display.

  3. Bob's reply

    Will there be any restrictions for rooted devices like there is for jailbroken Ipads? There is a huge custom rom community for android

  4. vito's reply

    will there be any restrictions for rooted devices or custom roms?

  5. TWCableJim's reply

    RM- As long as your devices has ICS you should be able to access this feature.

  6. C.'s reply

    What about HBO GO access on XBOX 360?

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