May 17, 2012

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Our Customers Can Use HBO Go on Roku, Xbox, and Samsung Smart TVs

It’s a big week for us here at Time Warner Cable. Believe it or not, we really, really do want our customers to enjoy the content they love on as many devices as possible. We take the “any content, any device” mantra seriously, and we’re delivering on it this week in spades. First, we were able to announce that we are adding Viacom’s programming to the TWC TV app for iPad and Android devices as well as personal computers.

And now, it thrills me to announce that Time Warner Cable customers can use the HBO Go app on the Roku, Xbox, and Samsung smart TVs. We’ve lit up access, though it may be a few hours as the commands propagate across servers nationwide. If you don’t see anything by tonight, please let us know in the comments.

We’re looking forward to bringing our customers as much content as we can on as many devices as we can in the future. Stay tuned.


  1. Josh's reply

    so this will work now on the iPad for NYC customers?

  2. Dave's reply

    Great…how about about ESPN3 on the Xbox?

  3. Casey's reply

    This is great news. Thanks, Jeff!

  4. Jared's reply

    I agree with Dave, when will we be getting ESPN3?

  5. stan's reply

    AppleTV? Anything?

  6. riktuin's reply

    Thanks, Jeff and TWC!!!!

  7. steve b's reply

    That’s great news, but how about ESPN3 on Xbox?

  8. Michael's reply

    Great news! I was thinking of cancelling HBO and TWC before this!
    Will the PS3 get HBO go?

  9. Matt's reply

    This is seriously great, but Dave is right – where is our ESPN on Xbox? It’s been available longer.

  10. Sal's reply

    Please start working on ESPN3! To justify the multiple rate increases that happened recently. Thanks!

  11. Marty's reply

    +1 on ESPN3

  12. Jrod512atx's reply

    Oh thank goodness, been waiting for this…

  13. sara's reply

    Yes. ESPN3 on the Xbox. Please.

  14. Matthew's reply

    Yes, get espn3 on the xbox. Then the mantra will be serious.

  15. mph's reply

    That is awesome news! Thanks for the update. Can’t wait to try it.

  16. Alex's reply

    While this is excellent news… What about ESPN3 on Xbox 360. We have been waiting for months/years.

  17. TWCableJim's reply

    Josh- HBO GO has been available for the ipad since January 10 of this year.

  18. Don's reply

    ESPN3 100000x over please. I cant believe Ive stayed with TWC this long in the first place…

  19. Tim's reply

    Awesome news! I’ve been dying to try this out! Yes, also really excited to get some news on ESPN3 on the Xbox 360; any thoughts on that?

  20. Kevin's reply

    Jeff, now that the HBOgo cat is out of the bag, can you say anything about why it took 5 months to get access to the application on Roku and Xbox after initial availability on mobile devices?

  21. Jon's reply

    Echoing others’ hopes of ESPN3 but this is a fantastic start.

  22. Jose Jimenez's reply

    Great News. Shows how TWC is up to date on the technology that people have available to them.

  23. Dave's reply

    Jared…funny how they just ignore that question…after all they’ve been “working hard” on it since December 2010.

  24. Jason's reply

    When will we get espn3 on xbox

  25. Awesome!'s reply

    Awesome! Honestly, I was just about to cancel cable, but I’m keeping it now!

  26. Jonathan's reply

    Exciting stuff. Long time coming but better late than never. Can’t wait to try it out!

  27. Jesse's reply

    When I try to sync my Time Warner account on the HBO Go Roku activation page, I’m getting the following message in the Time Warner pop up window:

    We are unable to complete your request at this time due to a system error. Please try again later.

  28. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    Sorry, I can’t.

  29. TWCableJim's reply

    Jesse- If you could please email some account information to I would be happy to take a look?

  30. TJ's reply

    Any news on former Insight customers? Will this have to be postponed for us?

  31. Trevor's reply

    Whenever I try and activate my ROKU I get the following message-

    We are unable to complete your request at this time due to a system error. Please try again later.

  32. Em's reply

    We’re in brooklyn and don’t see it on our roku yet. Is it working for anyone?

  33. Jim's reply

    Jeff any chance TWC will be the 1st to offer HBOGO as a standalone service? I am still a TWC customer for internet & phone. I cut TV service after 6 rate increases last year during the 2nd year of a “price lock” and then when HBOGO wasn’t available on Roku was the last straw for me. I am enjoying saving over $100 a month by cutting the cable cord.

  34. Russ's reply

    Where is ESPN on Xbox??? Why does AT&T u-verse offer this, but Time Warner does not??? And what about NFL NETWORK???????




  35. Insight Customer's reply

    How about us Insight drones you bought and havent said word one about anything to.

  36. Angela Rutherford's reply

    That’s great news. Now get it to work! I cannot complete activation because the Time Warner pop up never loads. Can this be fixed?

  37. Annoyed's reply

    You guys should be patient, huh.. One thing at a time, theres a lot going on at the back of the scene, that you don’t even have to work in twc to be able to imagine, geez, to say: ”thanks, but…” is not looking grateful to me at all… What about watching ESPN3 on that flat square box called TV??? I mean because watching on Xbox makes it ALL better… ugh

  38. Mitch's reply

    Playstation 3? Please, soon? I’d like to be able to watch HBO Go on my tv, and I don’t want to buy a Roku box just for that. This is very frustrating for me.

  39. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    @Jim – I’m not privy to any programming decisions or discussions, but I highly doubt it. The whole point of HBO Go is to add value to an existing cable/HBO subscription, as I understand it. There may be factors I’m not aware of or complexities nobody’s told me yet, but that’s what I’ve got for now.

  40. TWCableJim's reply

    @Trevor- If you would like to email some account info to we would be happy to investigate this login issue?

  41. Jeff's reply

    Airplay off the ipad to apple tv?

  42. cp's reply

    Had HBO added to my service yesterday for this feature. 24 hours later and HBO GO still doesn’t work. I’m told it will take up to 72 hours until I have access to it. Classic Time Warner move.

  43. CJ's reply

    Was wondering if you could access hbo go on multiple consoles? Like how netflix allows you to have 8 users on one account.

  44. Susan's reply

    What about for android users? Just downloaded HBO Go on the kindle fire only to find out that time warner is not listed.

  45. Adam's reply

    TWC bought Insight Communications, but they seem to be keeping this a secret. How about you let us poor Insight customers have things like HBO Go? I’ll gladly be a Time Warner customer again, just as long as you keep your crappy tuning adapters away from my TiVo. Maybe you should, I don’t know, tell your customers that they are your customers?

  46. John's reply

    How about the Kindle Fire? There was a HBO to GO feature on the Kindle app page but it does not have TWC as a supported provider. The comments are rather abusive toward TWC. I wanted to post a comment as well but wanted to get more information.

  47. Debora's reply

    I’ve been getting this message ALL DAY! [We are unable to complete your request at this time due to a system error. Please try again later.] Why!!!! I have a roku box and it won’t let me sign into TWC site, is this a problem multiple people are having?

  48. Rob's reply

    It is utterly ridiculous that the company that owns HBO and Time Warner Cable can’t seem to provide its own customers with access to HBOGO on the Kindle Fire “provider” lineup, which somehow includes just about every other major cable provider in the universe. You guys run your “business” like amateurs. No wonder your customer base is so ready to LEAVE CABLE!

  49. Rob's reply

    why cant hbo go be used on kindle!

  50. Brad's reply

    Got a Kindle Fire as a Father’s Day gift only to find out that the TWC TV and HBO GO apps that I have on my phone don’t have comparable working apps for the Kindle, despite seeing the ads on HBO that claim it is available for Kindle Fire. Sure there is a microscopic disclaimer saying that it is available through participating providers. So why is TWC NOT participating? I mean you participate on the phones why not the Fire?

  51. Brad's reply

    I think I will offer to pay my employer to add premium channel lineup on their Xfinity Business Serivce through Comcast and then distribute the login information to my coworkers. This way I and others can utilize our TWC Internet connections to watch the programming on our devices while at the same time dropping TWC Premium Services. It is good living so close to the border.

  52. Megan's reply

    This would be great if it actually worked. I can’t get passed the activation along with many other people commenting, disappointed.

  53. MILT's reply

    I’m a Dishnetwork customer with a samsung smart tv. Having problems with hbogo setup. Seems simplicit, But PROBLEMATIC!. Like MEG, Disappointing,

  54. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    I’m sorry to hear that – however, as a Dish Network customer, you may want to take this issue up with Dish.

  55. jack & Rose Likens's reply

    Have HBO, how do I get HBOGo to work for movies on my desktop

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