May 16, 2012

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We Are Adding Viacom Programming to Our TWC TV App Lineup

Listen up, people: watching TV in bed instead of communicating with your spouse is about to get a whole, whole lot better. Over the next few weeks we’ll be adding Viacom programming to the app lineup, including favorites like Comedy Central, MTV, VH1 and more.

We are happy to have resolved outstanding issues with Viacom, and we’re excited that the addition of Viacom’s channels will provide a richer, more satisfying TWC TV experience.

This official joint statement sums it up:

Viacom and Time Warner Cable have agreed to resolve their pending litigations. All of Viacom’s programming will now be available to Time Warner Cable subscribers for in-home viewing via internet protocol-enabled devices such as iPads and Time Warner Cable will continue to carry Viacom’s Country Music Television (CMT) programming. In reaching the settlement agreement, Time Warner Cable and Viacom were also able to resolve other unrelated business matters to their mutual satisfaction. Neither side is conceding its original legal position or will have further comment.


  1. Matthew Sciarrino's reply

    How about the Showtime App?

  2. Jeff's reply

    My app doesnt load channels on my ipad 3. Just looks to load then shows a black screen. Happens on every channel. Redownloaded the app and logged in again, same problem.

  3. Donald Bratcher's reply

    Now reach an agreement with the NFL Network.

  4. TWCableJim's reply

    Jeff- If you could please email some account information to I would be happy to take a look?

  5. Jenel's reply

    What is the roll out dates and which channels will be available?

  6. Josh Jones's reply

    I am very excited about this! When are the channels expected to be available?

  7. Michael H.'s reply

    THAT IS GREAT NEWS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Josh Jones's reply

    I am very excited about this! When are the channels expected to be available on the app? Thank you Time Warner Cable for making this available!

  9. David K's reply

    Good move, but it doesn’t address the biggest issue with the app/PC viewer that makes it almost unusable: lack of local broadcast channels. Since the app is only able to be used on our home network anyway (already a serious limitation), there shouldn’t be any advertising conflict to deal with. Give me my local channels, then this app will be useful to me.

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