July 02, 2012

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HBO Go Now Available on Almost All Android OS Devices

If you’re an HBO Go fan with an Android device, you’re in luck:

At some point today (Monday, July 2nd) HBO will release the HBOGO app that works on almost all Android operating systems (Ice Cream Sandwich, Honeycomb, most versions of Gingerbread) and screen sizes (3.5” – 11”). This release will also support Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks and Insight subscribers who subscribe to HBO.

I realize that many of you would like to know a specific time, but that could slip during production – and it also takes time for the updated apps to propagate across servers. This is all part of taking apps into a live environment.

Nevertheless, this is awesome. We’re thrilled to be working with our programming partners to help our customers enjoy TV better – stay tuned for more!


  1. Craig Phillips's reply

    awesome been waiting to get this on my xoom, now just need longhorn network and nhl network on in Austin

  2. Matt's reply

    When will it be released for iOS?

  3. Richard's reply

    Funny, as myinsight.com says NOTHING about HBOGO, and HBOGO’s website does not list Insight.

  4. Ed Maples's reply

    Just wondering how an Insight subscriber would go about signing up for this. Time Warner doesn’t recognize my account and HBO Go doesn’t list Insight on the list.

  5. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    It was FIRST released for iOS. Check the Apple store.

  6. Richard's reply

    Classy you delete my remarks asking about Insight in a follow up question.

  7. Richard's reply

    So how about adressing Insight subs as you mrntioned in the post as hbogo.com does not list us.

  8. Burhan's reply

    Great, now please update the apps for JB and Nexus 7

  9. D. A. Fonda's reply

    Too bad that the quality of HBOGO on TWC is ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE, with Game of Thrones wanting to revert to LOL I DREW THIS WITH CRAYONS mode every 90 seconds or so.

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