September 13, 2012

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Time Warner Cable and CAMM at the DNC in Charlotte

The Democratic National Convention has finally come to a close and it was fabulous for our company to be a part of the global stage.

Despite the weather (thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Isaac – a truly non-partisan weather system), the DNC in Charlotte went really well. Charlotte is home to our largest corporate campus and the DNC was in ‘our house’ (Time Warner Cable Arena), we wanted to help showcase Charlotte in a positive light.

As one of the largest distributors of media content in the country, becoming the Premier Sponsor of the Media Welcome Event was a perfect tie in for our company.

What was also super exciting for us was CarolinaFest, a free family-friendly Labor Day Celebration. Organizers invited Time Warner Cable to show off our Connect a Million Minds initiative to the nearly 100,000 attendees as part of the Legacy Village, designed to inspire festivalgoers to take steps to become involved in their communities. We were proud to be a part of the event and show off what we do in the community to engage kids in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) learning opportunities.

Festival attendees interacted with a lot of the STEM organizations we support. FIRST Robotics teams comprised of local high school students who design and program robots were there to show off their basketball shooting robots and kids learned about the physics of flight with a Charlotte based program called Fly to Learn. Children visiting the booth also got to tell us about their coolest invention ideas by posting them on our Wouldn’t It Be Cool If…wall.

Those attending the convention couldn’t help but see Time Warner Cable during their stay. From Time Warner Cable Arena to our community partnerships on display, we are committed to making the areas we serve successful and hope to inspire the next generation of problem solvers along the way!

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