September 21, 2012

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We Have An Agreement to Carry The NFL Network

A lot of die-hard football fans are going to be very happy to read this, I imagine: We have reached an agreement with the NFL Network to carry the NFL Network and NFL RedZone. You can see the full text of our press release here, relevant clip below:

NFL Network and NFL RedZone will debut in Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks homes beginning this Sunday September 23, with full launch before Thursday, September 27.

“We’re delighted to have reached an agreement for NFL Network and NFL RedZone that provides a good value to our customers,” said Melinda Witmer, Executive Vice President and Chief Video and Content Officer for Time Warner Cable. “The additional games this year and the proven appeal of NFL RedZone will certainly prove to be a draw for our customers. We look forward to a long and productive relationship with the NFL.”

For Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks, NFL Network will be available on the Digital Basic and Sports Pass tiers, and NFL RedZone will be available to Sports Pass customers.

For further information about the NFL Network and NFL RedZone, visit and


  1. Mark Bloss's reply

    Congratulations on finally getting NFL Network and RedZone on Time Warner Cable. My only question is: What took you so long?

  2. Jonathan S's reply

    Congratulations on not losing me to uvserse by literally a couple of days.

  3. Bob's reply

    Thank you!

  4. motorola870's reply

    Will the NFL Network be available in all areas with digital cable by 9/27 so the 9/23 date is only for areas that had SDV or bandwidth ready to go before sunday?

    This list is missing a lot of TWC systems especially the Midwest-National systems along with:

    Gunnison-Telluride Colorado
    Grundy-Keene Mountain Virgina
    Richlands-Tazewell Virgina
    Dothan Alabama
    Enterprise Alabama
    Texas systems that do not have SDV
    Systems that were purchased from New Wave Communications

  5. Barry's reply

    Its incredibly awesome that I can finally stop regretting leaving satellite…TWC is superior to DISH (especially since the roll of the new DVR interface), but the lack of NFLNet made me constantly unhappy. I kept on top of any changes to the situation, but it seemed like the two sides weren’t even talking.
    Then, all of a sudden, there was the announcement! SO GOOD!!

    While I would normally not look a gift horse in the mouth, is there any chance NFLNet will be available on the iPad app, so I can watch in bed? (No TV in the bedroom).

    Thanks so much for getting this worked out.

  6. Ben's reply

    That’s great. Now put that same effort into getting us DVR software that is usable, user friendly and works. A new GUI would be great!

  7. Patrick's reply

    Was excited, but then found out that NFL Network was NOT available on Digital Basic, but Digital Variety Package which is a $6.00 upgrade, even though every thing I have read says that it would be available on BASIC. Loyal TWC customer not happy about this !!!!!

  8. Jeff's reply

    NFL Network one week followed by a new $3.95 cable modem lease fee the next week. Why not post new outrageous fees as well?

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