October 10, 2012

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Enjoy Home Phone Better with VoiceZone™

Amidst all the hype surrounding the iPhone 5, Time Warner Cable has been quietly working to add a slew of new features to your trusty home phone. The centerpiece of this transformation is what we call VoiceZone™, which enables you to get more value from your phone service whether you’re on your computer, watching TV, or on your mobile device. Best of all, VoiceZone is FREE—it’s included with your Home Phone and Voicemail subscription.

VoiceZone™ Connect is a downloadable app that provides easy control over your Home Phone features from your Windows PC or Mac. You can see incoming call notifications with Caller ID; send calls directly to voicemail; forward calls to a different number; or just ignore the calls and make the phone stop ringing!

VoiceZone™ Connect also includes Visual Voicemail, enabling you to view your messages and listen to them in any order; see a list of recent incoming calls and a contacts list for storing names and numbers for frequent contacts; and “Click to Call” so you can initiate a call from your home phone to any number displayed in your call log, visual voicemail, or contacts list.

Another new app is VoiceZone™ on TV, which gives you control over your phone service from your Time Warner Cable TV remote without ever leaving your couch

VoiceZone on TV adds to Caller ID on TV by enabling you to use your remote to send a call to Voicemail or ignore the call. Either action stops the phone from ringing so you can get back to your show. For a particularly engrossing program, you can also turn on “No Calls Now,” which prevents any further phone interruptions by turning off the ringers on all home phones as well as Caller ID prompts until the show ends. At that point, your Home Phone service will return to normal and notify you of any missed calls or new voicemail messages.

Like VoiceZone Connect, for select set-top boxes, VoiceZone on TV also provides Visual Voicemail and allows you to play your messages in any order through the TV and with a press of the remote, return the call.

When you’re on your mobile phone—home or away—VoiceZone will now also be accessible from the My TWC™ app for iPhone® and Android™. The My TWC app will now include access to visual voicemail, a list of incoming calls and the ability to manage call forwarding for your Home Phone.

We hope you’ll give these new apps a try—download the Windows or Mac app, play around with the new Caller ID on TV, and download the My TWC app to your iPhone or Android device. You’ve got nothing to lose—they’re all free with your Home Phone and Voicemail subscription—and they’ll help you Enjoy Home Phone Better.

If you already use Time Warner Cable¹s home phone, you can check out VoiceZone and download VoiceZone Connect here: voicezone.timewarnercable.com.


  1. Edward's reply

    Same question as always, any idea when we’ll see this in the former Insight territories?

  2. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    Edward – I wish I knew the rollout strategy, but I don’t. I’m alerting our product manager to this, who may chime in with an answer.

  3. Edward's reply

    I greatly appreciate it. This is a fantastic feature that I’d love to see implemented here.

  4. John's reply

    I love it!! When would Comcast follow lead?

  5. Ben's reply

    How is it that the phone service is so advanced and good, but the DVR is complete garbage? Please drop the Navigator software. Please help us enjoy TV better!

  6. Ingrid Simunic's reply

    Edward – We’re really excited that you think VoiceZone apps are fantastic. We are working hard to get them to you and all former Insight customers as soon as possible in 2013. In the meantime, keep following us for even more features you can look forward to enjoying.

  7. Mark's reply

    Got an email from TWC to download Voicezone Connect on 10/11/12. Tried to download & install, but got error message every time. Started a chat session with TWC, they said there is an error and it won’t work. No beta testing? Not good customer service.

  8. Don V's reply

    When will the Linux & Android versions of VoiceZone Connect be available?

  9. TT's reply

    There should be an open API for VoiceZone Connect, so that I can write my own programs for accessing voicemail and incoming calls.

  10. Ingrid Simunic's reply

    Mark – I am sorry to hear about your experience. We recognize this as an opportunity for additional agent training.  While extensive testing was conducted prior to product launch, we do understand that some customers encountered issues with the initial download.  We have asked that an agent reach out to you to ensure that you have successfully downloaded VoiceZone Connect.

  11. Ingrid Simunic's reply

    Don V – Time Warner Cable does not currently plan to offer VoiceZone Connect for Linux platforms. We do have an Android app called My TWC available for download at no charge from the Google Play Store. It has a number of VoiceZone features including visual voicemail, a list of incoming calls and the ability to manage call forwarding for your Home Phone. We will be adding additional VoiceZone features to My TWC in the future.

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