October 28, 2012

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To All Customers Affected By Hurricane Sandy In NYC and the Northeast

Time Warner Cable prepares well in advance when severe weather threatens our area. We have deployed a variety of technical resources: generators, fuel, fiber-optic cable and specialized tools to strategic locations near the potential path of the storm, so we can respond immediately to any damage. We have also deployed specialized business recovery vehicles with food, water, supplies and tents for our technicians in strategic locations along the East Coast. The safety of our employees and customers is our primary concern as we prepare for this storm.

If you lose your Time Warner Cable services:

If you call Time Warner Cable, our automated phone system will be able to tell you if we are aware of service interruptions in your area. If you call and hear that message, no further action is necessary. If your service is out and you don’t hear a message, you can report it through the system or by speaking with a representative at 1-800-TWC-HELP.

In severe weather situations, the first priority is to restore electric power. Time Warner Cable crews may not be able to access a repair site because of downed electrical wires or other unsafe conditions. As a result, customers’ electricity is often restored before their Time Warner Cable services.

Stay informed on breaking news by listening to your local radio station, watching TV bulletins and visiting our website regularly. You can also access our mobile site at m.timewarnercable.com in the event of a power outage. If you need assistance with your Time Warner Cable account during the storm visit us online at www.twc.com/help.

We encourage you to follow us on Twitter (@TWCable_NYC and @TWCable_Neast where will be tweeting live updates about the storm and related outages.


  1. Kirk's reply

    Keep up the Good Work Time Warner!

  2. Priscilla Chakwin's reply

    We’ve got electric. My brothers’ Fios never stopped working. Our Verizon internet works, so in theory we could catch TW cable on the internet. But the app doesn’t work. I called your office, and was told that I would have to have another TW modem attached to my internet modem, you wouldn’t allow me to do it myself, and I would have to pay for a service call. How is THAT free? The commercials don’t say “free for subscribers of Time Warner Cable and internet only”. And perhaps you could tell me how I can receive HBO Go app can run on our wireless, why can’t the TW app? I’ve been a customer of yours for over 15 years. I’m entitled to respect and no doubletalk, as well as service

  3. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    Priscilla – The TWC TV app only works if you are a Time Warner Cable broadband and video subscriber. It’s been that way since the day the app launched. I’m sorry for your frustration, but that’s the way this has always worked. We have to be able to guarantee our programming partners a degree of security that we can only offer over our own privately managed network in order to prevent theft, piracy, you name it. HBO is making their own business decision to offer their app on more networks, and is not a part of the agreements that operate behind the TWC TV app.

  4. M. Neger's reply

    Jeff — We never lost power here on the Upper East Side, but our building has been without TW cable — TV and Internet — since Monday afternoon. I know it’s not a top priority, but any idea when it might be restored?
    We can get a few odd channels, like Nick and SpikeTV … What’s with that? Don’t they all travel over the same wires? Thanks for your help and good luck out there.

  5. E H Solo's reply

    Woodbrooke, Rossville, Staten Island. Fully powered, without cable/phone/internet since Monday, yet every neighbor with FiOs had service the whole time. Really?!?
    Maybe it’s time to switch after 10 years. How did you expect people to call with NO PHONE SERVICE and internet and cell phones down?!?

  6. Kim N.'s reply

    Ok it is now Nov 2…When is the cable going to be back on? We now, thankfully have power, phone, and the internet…put we all can’t huddle around one laptop and watch t.v..esp when three people want to watch three different show..lol 🙂 Really, I think that the customers of Time Warner should get an estimate of when the cable service will be restored… I don’t think that is too much to ask.. Thank you… & be safe 🙂

  7. jack's reply

    This TWC is a crap service. They are writing nice articles but on the ground level no one is working on the downed lines in Queens area. There are 4 apartment buildings that are affected, but who cares. We are coming..coming..coming..oh we are very sorry it’s 2013.

  8. kristel's reply

    No cable, no internet, no tv yet in the Upper East Side despite several calls, emails from my ‘office’ in Starbucks almost for 2 weeks now !

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