November 27, 2012

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Getting Down to Business with “The Cloud”

When many of us hear the term Cloud Computing, we look up at the sky and think there’s this invisible bubble of data over our heads.  While it’s kind of a silly image, it isn’t entirely untrue.

Cloud Computing actually refers to using the guts on your computer (hardware and software) and data (files) virtually, online over the internet.  Businesses often use “The Cloud” for managing their email, sharing documents remotely and even running some desktop applications. This technology allows users to share information and be productive from anywhere they can get online, without having to be on their home or office computer. Check out howstuffworks (one of my favorite websites) for a more in depth look at the technology behind Cloud Computing.

As part of its cadre of client services, Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC) is a provider of Cloud Services. Through the management of their hosting partner NaviSite, TWCBC offers small-to-medium sized businesses hosted Microsoft Exchange. This gives clients the ability to have anytime, anywhere access to e-mail, documents, calendars, contacts, and SharePoint. In addition, customers of TWCBC receive additional features, such as 24X7 customer support, online data backup, and e-mail with encryption and archiving. The freedom and flexibility of Cloud Computing is especially invaluable to businesses, because it provides them with continuity and security when the unfortunate may occur, such as natural disasters, power outages or even computer viruses.

Time Warner Cable Business Class’ Cloud Services are ideal for small, medium and new businesses that might not have the capital or infrastructure to invest in in-house data servers and IT professionals to manage them. TWCBC also offers these businesses the opportunity to bundle Cloud Services with their other telecommunications needs, including phone, internet, Ethernet and digital television.

Click on the videos above to watch a TWCBC customer’s testimonial on how their business uses Cloud Services. You can also learn more about Cloud Services and Time Warner Cable Business Class online or inquire about its availability in your area by calling 1-866-TWC-4BIZ (1-866-892-4249).

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