November 03, 2012

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How We’re Helping Customers on Staten Island

If you ask most people that work here, they pretty much like their jobs. I’m really, genuinely proud to work at Time Warner Cable right now. We’re doing everything that we can to help out on Staten Island, and there’s more to come.

For example, this article from the Staten Island Advance – as always, it’s worth reading the whole thing (linked here), but here’s a key excerpt:

According to spokesperson Eric Mangan, TWC already has mobile device charging and WiFi stations deployed around the South Shore.

“Staten Islanders are using these stations to charge up and stay communicated with friends and loved ones,” said Mangan. “And we’re opening up our store at 2845 Richmond Ave on Sunday so people can watch the NY Giants game and enjoy some pizza and wings.”

Here’s other things Mangan said TWC is doing for Staten Island:

— Equipping our mobile stations with hard-line phone service
— Bringing laptops to the stations so people can do things like file insurance claims
— Deploying street teams to literally walk around neighborhoods to see if they need Customer Care from TWC.

“If they have, for example, damaged equipment, we’ll swap it out for them right on their driveways. Or, for customers with heavily damaged homes, we’ll talk with them and help them suspend their accounts,” explained Mangan.


  1. Judy C's reply

    I haven’t seen one Time Warner truck in Bayside queens since Monday??? Have you forgotten us?

  2. Tony Paterniti's reply

    So glad you’re “proud”. Here in Kew Gardens/ Richmond Hill we never lost power but have had no TWC since 6 pm Monday – before the storm even hit.

    Six days and no meaningful information or communication from TWC and no trace of any TWC vans in the neighborhood. A real “let them eat cake” operation.

    Your competitors will appreciate the droves of customers you are shoveling their way. Feel free to be responsive and responsible any time now.

    One of the Forgotten Neighborhoods.

  3. McCabe family's reply

    We need service in doing an hills. We were blessed to have power all week and would like our cable to be restored.

  4. cariline's reply

    What about TWC’s other customers, who were lucky relatively unaffected by the storm but still do not have any service and no answer as to how long or what the problem might be .. I know the Giants game is important but its my online business that feeds my family …

  5. cariline's reply

    This is not helpful !!! It’s the same BS I’ve heard all wk ! What would be helpful is to have crews out working to repair the problem!!!

  6. David's reply

    I’m in woodside, and thankfully while we survived Sandy, we have been out of TW service since Sat nite. How is that possible? Additionally, there are no customer service personnel who answer the phones. I think its time to give TW the bump, as there are many other providers around at this point!

  7. Nyc family's reply

    No internet or cable tv service on upper east in 70’s since Saturday. Small business and children trying to do homework, no response, no access, no preelection coverage.
    I type this from a phone, as I will on my next email, to FIOS enrollment.

  8. Elizabeth Shilletto's reply

    In Jamaica Estates we’ve had no service since Monday and no one coming to help. No information, nothing. My neighbor has some type of “connection” and a truck pulled up to her home immediately after the storm and did some rewiring. Talk about a shameful and horrible company!!!!! Being proud because the privileged 1% people who own buildings can get you to come and service their private home and not even responding to people coming up to them and asking when we might all have service.

  9. Anthony's reply

    I wish there was, sadly no verizon FiOS in the Woodside area. If I could I would change my service in a heartbeat. Jeff you sound like a good guy, and someone who really does care, sadly your company delivers subpar service. Thank you for posting up that information though.

  10. Michael J's reply

    TWC has displayed an amazingly bad attitude to customers, they’re definitely losing my business & I’m sure droves of other customers in queens who are also outraged that their internet has been down for a week. My next door neighbors’ internet is working fine because they have verizon. TWC, this is unacceptable and you need to work on your customer satisfaction methods cause ‘let them eat cake’ doesn’t ensure future customers. I have no idea why this guy is proud to work for an organization like this.

  11. Joseph's reply

    I am also very unhappy with the slow restoration of service and poor customer relations that TWC has demonstrated post-Sandy. I live in a part of Manhattan that never even lost power, yet I’ve had no cable or internet since Wed evening (although other TWC customers in my bldg never lost service.) TWC CSRs are ill-informed about the status of service restoration … one rep tells me it will be restored in 2-3 hours, another says 2-3 days. Con-Ed and MTA have done a great job getting NYC back up and running … too bad TWC can’t do the same.

  12. TWCableBrienH's reply

    Just a reminder to everyone who’s service is still out, please email the online customer care team at Include your TWC account number, or the name and full address on the account.

    Our team is experiencing very heavy traffic, and may not respond to every customer individually – but we’re collecting all information and affected addresses and regularly updating local repair teams.

  13. Brother Timothy's reply

    Maybe if Time Warner didn’t get their workers coming out of Queens Jail we would have service.

  14. mad as heck's reply

    What about downtown Brooklyn? We still have no service. Not a truck in sight so who’s doing repairs. NO ONE!!! Time warner sucks and hasn’t fixed our service. Customer service reps know nothing when u call. Im calling Verizon asap!

  15. Anna's reply

    We have been without cable since before the storm hit last week. At least with Con Ed, you can find an outage map with an expected time of service back. THis is like a black hole! I’ve called up numerous times already to be told they can’t tell me anything! We’ve had power since Thursday…what is wrong with this picture? The future of TWC isn’t looking too good.

  16. NOT HAPPY's reply

    I had service during the storm and two days after and then nothing at all no cable nor internet I live in Queens Village and I have not seen one TWC van or truck I cant even get local channels meanwhile my friends who have direct TV have their cable and internet and so do my verizon friends. So quite frankly, I am not happy at all. I am thinking of switching companies

  17. Larry's reply

    We do not have internet service on the Upper West Side. I called last night and spoke with customer service in Costa Rica. The response was that there are problems with service in my area and no prediction as to when the problems will be fixed. It was a useless conversation.

    I asked the customer service agent to email me an update and he said that he is unable to do that. How can the company that provides my internet connection not be capable of sending me an email?

    All of my other providers; banks, credit card companies, etc. have been in touch after the storm, but not Time Warner.

    I do not like being taken for granted and will also be looking for other options.

  18. Liz's reply

    My business has been down for almost a week now ONLY because of Time Warner being unable to do their job properly. Nobody gives any updates on WHEN they expect service back, or what is happening. The customer support is beyond rude- to the extent when they just hang up on you. You can’t get to a supervisor. Ever. They promise to call back, and, of course, never do. Nobody cares if things work or not. Total junk.
    I am in Midtown Manhattan, btw, not even in a terrible disaster area.
    And, oh, there have been outages and crappy internet signal on a regular basis before the hurricane. Guess what- they lied about applying some compensation (just got a bill for the “service” despite all promises), the problems never got fixed, can’t get to talk to a live person, who doesn’t hang up on you.
    Nothing to be proud of. Horrible, horrible company and service.

  19. Bernadette's reply

    I have not had TWC for 10 days. 7 since my power came back on. I don’t understand what is going on.I am so sick of that message that “sorry we are still reporting outage in your area ” As much as they charge this is ridiculous. Being a Signature customer , doesnt mean much at all. When you spk to someone, although they may be nice, they are in Charlotte, NC. what do they know about what’s going on in NY

  20. Joanne R's reply

    No Triple Play Service in Bay Ridge Brooklyn since 10/28/12….it happened before the storm actually hit. I can’t get an answer from ANYONE at TW. Must have made 40 calls since. We are without phone cable and TV for 11 days!!!! Rep in “President’s Office” was extremely rude. We never lost power here and thankfully our damage was minimal. However, it would be nice to just have an ETA. Are you guys waiting for equipment, staff, specialists??? How many people are actually out (especially those of us with of all 3 services!!) in this “outage.” The rep in the Presidents office told me that “we will not give you this information.” CON EDISON does!!!! What is so hard about letting us know how many costumers are out and when they expect it to be repaired!!! I am sorry but TW’s service is horrible. Not sure how many businesses could run with this type of service and still succeed.

  21. Liberty Ave's reply

    I have been calling TWC every day since the Monday the storm hit and my internet and cable went down. As of today my service is not working and no one at TWC can tell me when or why it is taking this long to be fixed. I am fed up and dissppointed in the service. Shame on TWC.

  22. Michael H's reply

    I have been without triple play since Monday the 29th -16 days no service. Found their website update chart on my iPad (for which I have spent upwards of $120 on cell data USEAGE with no wifi access). They listed the work in my neighborhood as complete – installation of new poles etc… With an est completion date of nov 9. Suddenly the work was marked as incomplete and a date of nov 14th was now supplied. Guess what? No surprise… as midnight approaches and nov 15 th, no sign of cable current entering my home. I am a full time student and Internet is no longer considered a household luxury, but an unspoken necessity.
    Don’t see any trucks or work men around.
    What irks me the most is I have been a customer of TWC since 1994. Triple play for probably 12 years. They continue to offer this service for $99 for new customers yet each year I am charged more and service gets worse and worse. Gotta open this market up to competition. TWC has to be taught a lesson.

    Lets get it together people.

  23. Brklyn's reply

    We weren’t even affected by the storm yet we have been without internet since Nov 3! This is an outrage! TWC is a disgrace! We call there everyday and get the same line of crap from customer svce. Get it fixed or we will be switching providers along with the rest of the city!

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