November 20, 2012

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Now Launching The Global Penny Phone Plan

Time Warner Cable has launched its new Global Penny Phone Plan giving its Home Phone users some of the the cheapest international calling rates available from anyone – and that includes Vonage, Skype and Google Talk.

Our customers can now call the 40 most popular international destinations, which include Mexico, the UK, China and India for only a penny a minute. Our everyday rates are even cheaper than many “special offer” calling cards and there are no hidden charges or rounding up to the next minute. Our users get the benefit of many of the lowest rates available to both landlines and mobile numbers anywhere in the world and we are increasing the number of penny-a-minute destinations we offer every month.
Some budget operators route their calls over low grade data connections to cut costs, sacrificing call clarity and connectivity. Others even connect directly over the internet, risking both your security and your privacy.

We use only secure telephony grade digital connections – so your calls always go through and the connections are clear. Low price doesn’t have to mean low quality. With Time Warner Cable’s new international plans you can forget the frustration of redialing calls over and over to get through, and connections that sound like you are speaking to someone at the other end of a drainpipe!
We can do this because unlike many of our competitors we have our own network and we interconnect only with the highest quality carriers. We can offer very competitive pricing because of our ground-breaking least cost routing technology which acts like a marketplace to get the best connections for our calls.

International carriers who meet our quality standards bid continuously for Time Warner Cable international traffic. That means that only the carriers with the most efficient routes win our business and our customers get the dual benefits of very low prices coupled with high quality connections. We can do this for our customers because of our scale and our our state of the art digital network.
Don’t take our word for it , check out our rates and compare then with our competitors on the links below – then give us a call and get the Global Penny Phone Plan!

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