November 03, 2012

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Our Mobile Recharging and Wi-Fi Stations After Sandy

A few days ago, I posted that we would be deploying mobile charging stations to areas without power in the NY/NJ area after Hurricane Sandy.

Yesterday, I biked in from Brooklyn to Lower Manhattan to see some of the stations myself. That’s where I met John Dais, one of our direct sales reps who was pitching in to help out. Here’s the experience in his own words:

People were lined up and huddled around the tables, charging phones, sharing stories, and using the free wi-fi connection:

We are still deploying mobile charging/wi-fi stations for areas of New York and New Jersey without power. The last I heard, trucks were headed to Bergen County, NJ, Staten Island, the Far Rockaways, Red Hook and Sunset Park. However, this could change before I have a chance to update this post – for the latest, best information, follow @TWCable_NYC on Twitter.

I did find yesterday that sometimes the charging stations were not at the precise intersection listed on Twitter – in a few instances the police and other emergency personnel needed us to relocate down the street or around a corner to allow them to do their work. Naturally, we’re going to comply with that. So: if you make it to an intersection and our van’s not there, please look around a little, maybe ask a little.

We’re out there, and we want to help the best that we can.


  1. Alex's reply

    Well, that’s all very lovely – but our complete TW service here in the relatively Sandy-unaffected area of Boerum Hill went out yesterday and is still down (after being down for a day during Sandy – fair enough). You provide no information on what the issue is or even an estimate of when it will be remedied. You can do all the inexpensive PR work you want but until TW invests in some actual customer service, I can’t believe any of your customers are fooled.

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