November 08, 2012

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Post-Sandy: Updated List of Known Outages with Approximate Repair ETAs

We now have updated street-level information on many TWC outages in most New York City boroughs. However, we are still working on adding Manhattan to this list. As soon as I have information for Manhattan, I’ll update this post.

This update includes cross-street information, neighborhood, the cause of the outage and our estimated date of restoration. Many of these dates correlate to power companies’ estimated restoration of electricity to an area.

If you are experiencing a loss of services and do not see your address/intersection on these lists, please either call 800-TWCABLE or e-mail your address and a description of the problem to our online care team at Call centers and our online call team are both experiencing very heavy volume right now.

You may not receive an individual email from our team, but they are aggregating all customer addresses and sharing with repair teams. While the online care team occasionally browses the comments on this blog, leaving your address and a problem description is going to be comparatively ineffective.

Our crews are continuing to work nonstop to repair downed cable lines and affected nodes to customers who were affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Power outages throughout the NYC/NJ area are still the cause of many service outages.

If you see a downed cable line in your area, please call (212) 358-0900 or (718) 358-0900 to report this information. Time Warner Cable Business Class Customers should call (877)-227-8711.

We are still sending out multiple vehicles with mobile charging stations and free WiFi access points to help New Yorkers stay connected.

Local residents are welcome to charge devices like smartphones and laptops and access a 4G WiFi connection. In addition, we are offering use of laptops, phones and iPads at the mobile stations and handing out supplies such as trash bags, gloves and dust masks. New Yorkers should follow @TWCable_NYC on Twitter for updates on vehicle locations.

TWC retail store locations in Staten Island and in Queens Center Mall welcome anyone to enter and recharge their devices.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we work to restore your TWC services.


  1. wilhelmina perry's reply

    Why were your customers not informed that land lines were down? Why did I have to hear this from outsiders who were calling to check my safety. You could have notified building managers if not the customers directly. I am using my limited minutes cell phone and I need to know when will service be restored.
    Wilhelmina Perry
    220 Manhattan ave. Apt. 3A
    New York, NY 10025 Manhattan

  2. Mark's reply

    Do you have an estimated time when the Manhattan details might be up?

    Been without cable/internet since storm hit last Monday – but no communication from TWC in terms of when it might be back up. I’m sure restoring the cable/internet lines is a technical and long process – so I am not complaining about that. I would just like to have – even a “worst case scenario” so that I can plan ahead.

    Furthermore, you mentioned answering the “Will I be compensated for lost service?” question. I have not been able to find an answer. I’m guessing at this point I won’t have the service for basically 2 weeks – but I have the strange feeling I’ll be paying for it anyway. If that is the case, there are already RCN sales reps in the lobby of my building, and I’ll have to seriously consider switching to their service.

    Thanks for any response Jeff – I’m sure this has not been a fun two weeks for you or your staff, so appreciate you taking the time to answer people’s questions.

  3. Steve's reply

    Thank you for your response Jeff. This is something that shouldve been posted by the beginning of this week instead of ROBOT responses and responses CS reps at TWC were reading.
    I received 2 calls from my complaints on twitter to @TWCABLE_NYC and the main Time Warner twitter account and read the same response, nothing clear.
    On Monday, I received a call from a Lourdes, 646-398-7200. She kept apologizing for the loss of service, but did not explain why BUT she said that service should be restored within 24-48 hrs. I have that voicemail saved.
    Again, thank you for responding but TWC should offer some incentives in staying as customers because in this day and age in technology, simple things such as giving out vital information to the people that are paying your salary, shouldnt be difficult.

  4. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    Mark – I am not sure when the Manhattan details will be up, I’m afraid. You will be compensated for lost service, however – more on that very soon.

  5. Mark's reply

    Thank you very much for your quick response Jeff. Appreciate it. Will check back tomorrow for updates on Manhattan service. Thanks again

  6. John's reply

    This is fantastic and just what I wanted. Thanks for this! The ETAs are extremely helpful!

  7. Jen J's reply

    Thank you for responding. I am still confused as to why my place in Inwood only lost cable service a few days ago, even though it had come through the storm ok. The recorded message is no help, because my outage doesn’t appear to be on the map, and I have heard nothing about an eta for when service will return. This is doubly strange as my internet has been working, and the problem is limited solely to my television.

  8. Rony mandamiento's reply

    Thanks service finally back here in south richmondhill area ! About time Twc came through

  9. Rados's reply

    @ 66 w 38th st, apt 21g, ny , ny 10018; power back since Saturday morning; now Thursday evening; no Internet, phone or cable tv; starting to wish I was back in my “third-world” country I ran away from 16 years ago…simply ridiculous.

  10. Joanne R's reply

    Re: a previous post of mine…I have been out going on 11 days…triple play customer. Several neighbors are also out. We are on Shore Road between 74th and 72nd Street in Bay Ridge Brooklyn. We have all called many times. I don’t see us on the Brooklyn repair list????

  11. PJ's reply

    Most interesting: my phone and internet went out on Tuesday a.m. I went to TW on East 23rd Street this evening (around 5:30) and the customer service guy told me that if I didn’t have services back in 24 hours, to call. Was that a ploy to get people off their backs, giving us false hope? Or was he giving me the head’s up? Time will tell…will report…

  12. Steve Zorn's reply

    You’ve been saying for days you were about to add Manhattan. Why haven’t you? Beyond frustrating for those of us who need Internet to work.

  13. PJ's reply

    Okay, phone/internet back on here on East 14th Street! I only hope it stays on –yes, pessimism is appropriate here.

  14. RH's reply

    I am in East Elmhurst. No service for 8 days. No ETA whatsoever. Your email service, twitter people, customer reps (including supervisors) on the phones are evasive in their response at best. Let me see what you have to say.

  15. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    Did you look on the ETA lists linked in this post and your area wasn’t present? Or are you just commenting here without reading? I don’t mean to seem overly hostile here, but a number of customers do leave comments for me to respond to that are addressed in the body of the blog post.

  16. RH's reply

    I am commenting after reading your blog posts, reading ALL your tweets @TWCableHelp, sending 3 emails to your email help and talking to more than 10 of your reps (and supervisors) on the phone. FYI, there is not a single mention of East Elmhurst in your street level ETA document.

  17. J Trimble's reply

    This is ridiculous, no one knows what is going on and the customer service reps in Thailand,Phillipines and India certainly do not make the situation any better, they are clueless and are adding to the confusion !!!! The best part is TWC has exclusivity in my area (east 29th st Manhattan) so they are holding us hostage,,,as far as a service outage credit,,, I should hope so since I work from home and have not been able to make $$$$ !!!

  18. AJ's reply

    Jeff- Thank you for the updates. The pole on Ditmars and 28th St has been fixed for quite some time now. Have any TWC techs been out there>

  19. Joanne Russo's reply


    I have called TW at least 38 times (I can see all the calls on my cell phone log) and was basically just told (by the “President’s” office advocate) that their is NO open issue for me!!!!!! ALL THREE SERVICES HAVE BEEN OUT 12 DAYS and THERE IS NO OPEN ISSUE. I have spoken to multiple people (Tiffany, John, Mr. Abbott, Jason, Sam, Lourdes, Ms. Rutherford), some very nice folks and some not so nice. In any case I have officially given up on TW and my next stop is a complaint to the BBB and the FCC.

  20. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    AJ – I honestly don’t know. However, if the pole has been fixed, it’s entirely possible that the equipment causing the outage is located somewhere else entirely – and we couldn’t see that until power was fixed at that pole.

  21. AJ's reply

    Jeff- I appreciate your response… hopefully the 11/11 ETA is accurate

  22. Rory's reply


    I know you guys are working hard to restore power to the New York area. I’m wondering if anyone can give me an update on my building. I live in Southbridge Towers in the Financial District. Building 6. We’ve been without cable and Internet since the storm hit. Do you have any update on why we lost service and any idea when it might be restored? Any answer at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  23. SO Frustrating's reply

    TWC PLEASE HELP…there is a TWC pole down on 43rd Avenue and Douglaston Parkway.

    Two TWC service men came to the site on Friday, November 2nd and confirmed that the pole that was down was in fact a TWC pole and not a Con Ed pole.

    This is a very dangerous situation as there is TWC equipment strewn across Douglaston Parkway.

    I did not see this location on your list so wanted to make sure you are aware.

  24. J.D.'s reply

    Of course you are not going to charge for services not provided. That is a moot point. The issue is, for people in lower Manhattan, when will our service be restored. How is that Con Ed was able to recover after 4 days from a huge explosion but TWC is not only able to recover but is not able to give us an ETA. Furthermore, I have called all other cable companies in NY to find out that you have contracted with them to not provide service in my area. You have created such a monolopy and now we are victim to your inadequacies. I can tell you this, even with the obvious of not charging us for services not rendered no one will forget this terrible customer service, the inability to recover in a timely manner, and the non existent communication of what is going on and what the ETA of our serivce is. None of us will forget that we are dealing with a company that really doesn’t know what they are doing. When Fios arrives, you will have lost this entire bldg and I’m sure most people in lower Manhattan.

  25. CA's reply

    Still without any Time Warner service or ETAs here in the East Village on 6th St, but of course, the bill just came in.

  26. Cris's reply

    Jeff, I live in the west village houses most of my neighbors have cable. I don’t. We have had power for seven days. I have tried to communicate with twc through twitter, Internet chat, Facebook and 7x calls. No response for most but sometimes am asked to send my information but then no response on Internet chat i was told that i will receive a call and that it will be fixed in 24 hrs. Neither happened but know I don’t even see an outage up on your board and it sounds like you don’t know where the outage is. I pay $2400 a year to twc and you don’t have an updated grid of all outages in manhattan. Is this a joke? You need to come together as a company and figure this out ASAP because you will be hit in the wallet for this. There are post all over the place about you. Disgraceful.

  27. BC's reply

    As I told the slick salesman who was trying to sign up new customers on the street the other day — when you can’t serve the ones you already have — Time Warner should be hiring more repair people, not more slick salesmen.

    I don’t see my location on the list you provided. Sent an email to the address you provided. I am not optimistic, and I’m looking for alternatives to Time Warner.

  28. Ryo's reply

    Hi is there any sort of update for time warner service at waterside plaza? Those w fios and rcn seem to be up and running. I would hate to consider switching services but two weeks is a little much. Need Internet for work. Help.

  29. Down and Out in Staten Island's reply

    So, after 11 days without TWC TV, phone, and internet (since 10/30/12-Monday night storm) TWC was finally restored in my area Thursday, 11/8/12… After 11 days ! Now, TWC keeps going in and out of service since 11/8/12. It would be up for 3 hours, then it goes down for 3 hours, then up again for 2 hours, then down for 2 hours…ect…. in the Prince’s Bay area of Staten island. This has been going on non stop, continuously, since Thursday 11/8/12 (It is now Sunday 11/11/12). I call TWC “customer service” every time this happens, and get the same, “Power Outages affecting service BS…” It’s a terrible feeling, even when TWC service comes back on, I rush to internet and TV to get as much in as possible because I know it won’t last long. Is this Staten island or is this Afghanistan? This is unbelievable.

    Also, Jeff, I take offense at your last post showing your irritability in answering that last comment. I’m sorry you’re at the opposite end of this, but there is NO ONE else to talk to to get ANY answers. Do you know what it’s like to be without ANY connection to the outside world for 11 + days?? Then to hear the same automated BS story without any inkling as to what’s going on? When power will be restored? Then wondering IF your TWC will STAY on once it is restored?? It’s torture. It’s unfair, and it shows the incompetence and total bungling of TWC.

  30. Censored comments's reply

    Been without tv for 13 days no support yesterday a time Warner truck was on my street for three hours then the driver sat for several hours in the car doing nothing….no stop to my house. i have only been complaining through facebook, twitter, internet chat, phone and blogs..the whole operation needs a sense of urgency and better supervision.

  31. Stephanie's reply

    I’m on Leonard Street in TriBeCa. My Internet never came back after the storm but my phone and cable did. All my neighbors have service yet I keep being told there is an outage. Every person I speak to at TWC has been useless. I’m getting extremely frustrated and plan on switching providers as it seems the only way to get service back at this point.

  32. se's reply

    3 days ago my internet finally came back after 8 days of no service, but it went off again today in the morning. Unbelievable. I called twc and they said they have power problems in area, again (?) I live in Sunnyside/Woodside. They don’t know exactly what the problem is , and no eta as well. Way to go twc.

  33. brendon's reply

    I have had the same response as Stephanie. I live in Williamsburg. My neighbors have internet service, yet I am repeatedly told there is an outage in the area. At this point, the internet works, then randomly shuts off all throughout the day. It is frustrating. Nobody can answer directly. One operator told me I had an outage, when in fact, my service was working for at that moment. This makes me believe that “there is an outage in your area” is a blanket term. It essentially means “we don’t care enough to really find out what the issue is, so stop calling us or we’ll continue to tell you there is an outage.”

  34. Bernard's reply

    To everyone who complains:
    – if you can have FiOS, just go for it
    – if you cannot, then there is no point saying that you’ll switch, since you don’t have a choice. TWC had most of its equipment downtown under salt water for a few hours, which means that all electronics have to be changed. And unlike ConEd or MTA who have a lot of spare parts for routine changes, TWC doesn’t. This means it’ll probably take months and that right now there is no ETA because TWC doesn’t have a clue. So no point in being upset: switch or wait.

  35. Frustrated Customer in Howard Beach's reply

    I’m in Howard Beach (Jamaica) 153rd ave between 78 st & 79 st, the cables are hanging on the trees on the street here, I don’t see my street on your list. I called twc, and because of incompetent management of twc, nobody tells me anything, can please someone tell me when is my cable tv and internet will be fixed? I don’t have my service since the hurricane, I’m so close to changing my service to a different provider!

  36. Elaina's reply

    At what point if ever is my service going to be restored? Currently I’m in the Queens area and it’s been 2 weeks plus since I’ve lost service. I’m sick of this. If I find a better option I’m done with TWC.

  37. Sydney S.'s reply

    After 14 days my building was finally restored with electricity last night so TWC should now be able to come and inspect their equipment. 12st avenue C Lower East Side Manhattan, Even though some of the other buildings in the community got power a few days before me. Most of us are wondering if Time Warner knows of our situation since several buildings haven’t got cable but had power for over a week now. The East River did flood the lobby, basement and garbage of my building so any eta on service repair.

  38. Jones's reply

    We have been without Internet and Cable TV service since Tuesday, October 30th as a result of Hurricane Sandy. I only learned about this blog and the link to the outage list today. (incidentally, due to no service, we had to purchase a mobile hotspot, just to get access to internet) This information should be given to all Time Warner Cable customers the moment the customer inform the TW Rep that service was disupted due to the storm. Before coming to this blog, we would call (using our “non-bundled TWC service” Verizon landline) and tell the TWC we have no service due to hurricane sandy. The TW rep will start with, “what message are you seeing on your cable box?” Then they will instruct us to unplug the cable box, plug it in and wait for the reboot. When the same message appears, the TW rep will ask us to hold, after which, return and say we are in one of the affected areas without service and don’t know when it will be restored. The link with the outage list was very helpful as my neighborhood was on the list and hopefully we will have service by this Friday. However, after a customer explains to the TW rep that they have been without service due to the hurricane, shouldn’t the TW rep check the outage list first to see if the customer lives in one of the affected areas before having the customer unplug their cable? Checking the list first and giving the ETA listed on the outage list will provide some comfort to time warner cable customers who has been without service since the storm.

  39. Drew's reply

    I am now on day 16 without cable/phone/internet. I can look out the front window of my house and see the cable line hanging disconnected from the pole preventing me and my neighbors from having service. I am not on the outage maps although me and my neighbors have called and reported it. We have had electricity back for over a week and the fallen tree branches are long since cut and stacked on the curb. Being in Queens Village, we are on “high ground” and did not have any flooding during or after the storm. It is inexcusable that we still don’t have service. Being told that we will be getting credit for the days we didn’t have service is not an accommodation. I WOULD NOT PAY YOU for the days I don’t have service. Besides you aren’t ALLOWED to charge us anyway, so you aren’t doing us any favors. I notice no offer of a month of free cable on top of the non service credit for the inconvenience of your not being ready for this storm. Meanwhile, I still don’t have service, and am still not on the list of outages.

  40. Oleg's reply

    Time Warner does not care about its customers and it shows. Nothing gets done, this list ( has not changed except for the ESTIMATED REPAIR DATE column. My service was going to get restored on the Nov 9th and now it is telling me Nov 16th. When I check back on Nov 16th, I guaranty it will change to 20th or something. The main reason they don’t care to get our service up, is TWC knows that it has monopoly in certain areas on service. So no matter how bad the service is you will stay with them. I would like to know what is the infrastructure of TWC is made of paper and straw? That would explain a lot. Even the train system is up and its 100 years old.

  41. Sal's reply

    The approximate repair ETAs on that outage list is unfortunately not accurate. I am checking the approximate repair ETA in my area from that outage list for the last couple days. First the repair date in my area was November 12th, then they changed it to the 14th, now I’m checking, it shows the November 16th in my area. So nothing is accurate on that outage list. I don’t think TWC is trying to repair the lost services as fast as they should!

  42. Rachel's reply

    I’m on 24th st between 2nd and 3rd ave in manhattan. My Internet service was fine until Saturday, nov. 10th, and then it suddenly stopped working and I haven’t had service for 5 days. I have a friend who also has time warner and lives on 23rd and 2nd. So what gives? What caused my service to stop when it had been fine for two weeks after the storm? Why aren’t buildings less than a block away affected? And, most importantly, why is no one trying to fix it or provide manhattan customers with any information?

  43. Jim J's reply

    17th day without service. Is there an end in sight? Noone at twc seems to know anything and it is
    Truly insulting to be told repeatedly by an automated recording that “customer service has no additional information.”
    I am in Whitestone and never lost power. Verizon customers have had continuous service. I have called Verizon to move my service. Is twc hiding something by giving NO information at all? These posts seem to be the only communication from twc and they give minimal information.

  44. Fulison Ho's reply

    This is ridiculous. According to you guys, there is no outage in Flushing, BUT THEN WHY IS MY INTERNET SLOW? WHY DOES IT TIME OUT RANDOMLY? WHY HAS IT BEEN THIS WAY FOR 2 WEEKS?

    And no, there is nothing wrong with the cable lines; the line test conducted by the moronic tech support comes back as good. IF IT IS GOOD, THEN THERE IS NO REASON TO SEND A TECH OUT TO CHECK THE WIRING AROUND MY HOUSE. The line test shows the signal to be good, which means there cannot be any faulty wiring. And all the techs are booked up for a solid week, so by that time, you guys might actually catch the fault on your end and fix it.


  45. JC's reply

    this ETA thing is a joke seriously, so my friend in flushing had been out of internet service for 3 weeks, and i’m out for 3 days in utopia, we both saw this ETA listed as 11/18 on the list. we called TWC customer service, they said it’ll get fixed within 2 days without explaining anything, i think it’s just the standard bs answer they give customers. so we both got pissed and making the switch verizon fios, guess what? they’re installing it today 11/16, before the TWC ETA on fixing their stuff. i don’t get how’s a down pole gonna take more than 3 weeks to fix while verizon fios guy can install a new service within 2 days. i hope TWC takes their customers more seriously not just giving them credits for the outage OCCASIONALLY.

  46. Aw's reply

    14th day without Internet. Last night I had to use my Verizon hotspot (it works great) to do some work. However i have no words to describe how unpleasant is this experience with twc. Customer representatives are clueless and rude, I can’t believe that in New York I have no Internet service for 2 weeks.

  47. Craig's reply

    I don’t have my cable tv and internet service since the storm (which I’m paying around unnecessary expensive amount of around $200 monthly cause I have most of the channels that I don’t watch, and I should cancel most of them.) I’m in howard beach queens, because the wires are down we had no service since the twc guys came and fixed the wires in the building here this week. But when they fixed the wires, they cut mine like on purpose, my neighbor told me if he weren’t here when the cable guys were fixing, they wouldn’t even plug his cable, if he wouldn’t told the guys to hook his cables outside of the building that are going to his apartment. And he said they were very unprofessional and even left the old broken cables here with hanging over the new cables that is ridiculous. Now I’m calling the customer service (which is nonsense cause nobody on the phone knows what’s going on out there) and they tell me that there’s still an outage in my area, which there’s no outage here cause I know everyone in my building got their service back. And I can not have a technician schedule and sent to me to fix my service, cause it shows that there’s still an outage in my area on their stupid not updated incorrect list. So now I have to wait that the outage must be gone first at their stupid list. Then I can schedule a technician to come and fix my service. And there’s no estimate when the outage in my area will gone. I have never seen such a bad uncoordinated company in my life, not even in the third world countries that I’ve lived before. Maybe they are this much careless because they don’t have competition here in this building (except direct tv and verizon dsl internet, I mean not another cable company like verizon fios or cablevision). Hopefully verizon fios will come to my building in couple of months as I know, and I don’t have to deal with this company anymore. Unnecessary expensive service if you compare with the other cable companies with the lack of their service and their stupid uneducated rude call center operators!!!

  48. Twc customer's reply

    TWC is obviously hiding something they do not want the customers to know. Too many faulty deceiving answers from customer service reps. I am not the only one who experienced this. I hope Gov Cuomo will do a complete investigation of TWC and false information. Every customer should be privileged to know what is going on with the servie they are paying. TWC unfortunately has monopoly over Queens, NYC. Most consumers would end up staying with TWC like it or not. Even EarthLink ISP which provides cable Internet services is powered by TWC. EarthLink’s power lines are shared with TWC. So if you would like to switch companies TWC will still bill you, even though you have a different ISP. The days are adding up and adding up. Second largest company in the U.S. who provides Internet t.v. and phone failed so miserably to restore service. How can they be so unprepared? Natural disasters were never taken into consideration when TWC was manufactured?

  49. ray's reply

    No internet/phone/tv for 21 days. People with verizon next door never lost their service. I see many verizon trucks in the area and no time warner trucks. There was a down pole, but the pole was fixed and electric lines replaced a week ago. No time warner trucks since. My town was not listed on the outage eta board. But all the eta times for queens have now past. This is crazy. I need internet for work and school. 21 days! And no answers. From day one all I here is 24 to 48 hrs.

    For the record, I’ve had twc for 9 years and this is my first time have my service out. I don’t know whether to be ok because this is the first time, or be outraged for the length of this outage and the fact that there is no end in sight.

  50. West village's reply

    Day 20 without service and without information as to WHY this is happening and WHEN will this be restored. You guys have the worst customer relationships. A supervisor called me twice in one day with no information. REALLY….YOU CALL THAT A SUPORVISOR!!!!!! You guys suck!!!!!! NO COMMUNICATION AND NO ORGANIZATION!!!
    West village

  51. Jay's reply

    12 days without internet, that outage ETA sheet is just a smokebomb to make customers feel better, i live on the chelsea st. and somerset rd. block in Utopia queens, it sais it’s supposed to be fixed before 11/18, i haven’t seen 1 time warner truck for the entire week. and it says it’s caused by a down pole, the pole had been back up for like 2 weeks already. called the customer service daily, just like every TWC customer said, those support guys had no clue what’s going on, told me that they don’t have an update and not sure what was wrong with it.

    guys, if you can switch to other service providers, do it now, don’t need the fios, even verizon dsl is better than this, at least their customer service is better. Seriously, with all the angry customers on TWC’s blog, twitter and facebook page, they still don’t seem to care

  52. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    I wouldn’t call it a smokebomb, but you do have a point. However – the E in ETA stands for “estimate.”

    This is a case of damned-if-you-do, damnded-if-you-don’t. If we don’t put up ETAs because we’re worried that the dates will slip and customers will be angry, we’re accused of hiding information. We put up an ETA and the dates slip, and people get mad.

  53. TWCableJim's reply

    Customers still experiencing extended issues with service can email for further investigation.

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