November 08, 2012

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We are Issuing Automatic Service Credits to Customers Affected by Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy knocked out power and cable for a lot of our customers – and it’s only natural to wonder if you’re going to be billed for the days you couldn’t use our service.

The short answer is: you’re not. We’re issuing service credits automatically. Here’s the rest:

In response to the sustained, widespread impact of Hurricane Sandy on the greater New York City area, Time Warner Cable will announce automatic credits for many local residential and commercial customers whose services were interrupted for an extended period of time.

TWC will automatically apply credits for residential and commercial customers, including applicable equipment, in areas where the vast majority of customers experienced or continue to experience an extended outage.  For those customers who still do not have power, we will continue to issue additional credits every 3 days until their outages are over.

This credit will automatically appear on customers’ statements, labeled “Hurricane Sandy Credit.”

The credit will start appearing in the 11/8 billing cycle (customers will see the bill in their home in about 7 to 10 days).

We are continuing to work closely with Engineering and Operations and we will implement the necessary outage credits for impacted customers on an ongoing basis.

If you are experiencing trouble with your bill, or want to discuss this directly, please either call custoemr service or e-mail As always, please bear in mind that we’re experiencing very heavy call and email volume and this may take a while.

And thank you again for your patience.


  1. John's reply


    I appreciate the fact that your posting and providing even tiny bits of information, but what I really don’t understand is TWC customer service can be so far off. Just about every post you have published has inaccuracies. I have been without cable, telephnone & Internet for 10 days, recieved my bill very promptly for the 11/8 billing cycle and there are no credits there. Isn’t there someone responsible for actually fact checking before you post anything?

  2. Ric's reply

    I DON’T CARE ABOUT THE STUPID CREDITS !!! I WANT MY SERVICE BACK !!! WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING ?? ConEd can get the power back, verizon can get phone service back, but TWC can’t get the cable back. if there was any reasonable alterative to you people i would switch now. how can you guys be so incompatent ? i see ConEd trucks, i see verizon trucks, never seen a TWC cable in my neighborhood. GET IT FIXED !!!!!!

  3. jn's reply

    I am in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, 11201. I have had to use a Verizon access card as a replacement for my Time Warner service. I want to get reimbursed for this because I would not have to use the card if my cable service is running properly.

  4. Cris's reply

    You guys suck… communication

  5. John M.'s reply

    Lower Manhattan got their power back Friday, Nov. 2. Customers on Montgomery St who have RCN or Verizon got their cable back the same time. So…it’s not the apt. buildings with the problem it’s TWC. it’s 2 weeks since the storm. Where are the TWC trucks?? On vacation??? Credit on customer’s statements is a cop-out. Shame on you TWC. Giving customers credits on their statements really means service charges will be raised down the line to recoup TWC losses. No wonder your customers are leaving for other vendors!!!

  6. Janet Cappeli's reply

    Question: Is there any company worse that TWC? Answer: NO!

    The blackout was 2 weeks ago!!! Power was restored to the East Village on Nov 2…it’s now Nov 11 THAT’S 10 DAYS!!!. What are you doing? Obviously nothing. I can’t imagine a worse company. It’s as though you want all your customers to go to Verizon which is exactly what I’m doing tomorrow.

    I have seen Verizon trucks everywhere in lower manhattan since power was restored, and not even 1 TWC truck. I think that says it all.

    I looked on yelp and your company has a rating of 1 out of 5-the lowest possible rating. Now I know why!!!!!


  7. Tony's reply

    What about the seaport area? Some have service some don’t How about setting up more local wifi spots so that those of us without laptops can still sign on. PLEASE don’t forget about this very hard hit are of Manhattan which seems to be never mentioned and left on it’s own.

  8. Cathy W's reply

    We’re in Manhattan-Upper East Side. Getting the message on our boxes that they’re not authorized for service. We’ve left several messages and now our phone calls are not going through to TW.

  9. se's reply

    I don’t care about credits. I am no paying this bill, sue me. My internet is off again for 2 days after being on for 3 days. Before thar my internet was off for 8 days.

  10. Matthew D.'s reply

    Great news to residents living around upper Ditmars St. In Astoria. Just spoke to a Verizon worker pulling fiber. Getting area ready for Fios. Should be about 3 months when completed.

    We can all make the switch.

    Until then…..who knows!

  11. Kevin G.'s reply

    I too am opting out of TWC service for FiOS when available. Telephone support line continues to be a miserable experience. A technician came out when I really needed a utility truck to transfer the entire setup to a new utility pole. When I requested this support, an ill equipped technician arrived. I asked that he contact the main office to request the appropriate truck to come and service the line but the technician responded that he had no way for him to contact his office directly. No communication within the organization! The line was transfered after a week, and now I have to call again and experience a miserable amount of hold time for a technician to come out and service the house.

  12. Martin J.'s reply

    Just got a full bill in the mail…no services (internet/cable/phone) since the storm…and never had a power outage. I understand that things take time – but seriously, I would appreciate if the “Sandy Credits” were actually applied.

  13. fipper's reply

    I saw the credit in my account online today. It’s dated 11-01-12 and the only description is “Hurricane Sandy Credit”, which at this point is beyond Hurricane Sandy. How many days is this for? and since the majority of us still doesn’t have service, will there be another credit?

    I’m definitely not paying my bill until these questions are answered. and if i don’t have an answer within the next few days, i am discontinuing my service.


  14. Jim J's reply

    I am now in the 17th day without service in Whitestone. I never lost power and all my area with Fios never lost service. Customer service is terrible and there is no information other than your posts which were difficult to find in the first place. It is insulting to get your recorded announcement that “Customer service has no firther information.” The lineup of those waiting to switch to VERIZON is growing longer and I will join that line today.

  15. Tony's reply

    Time Warner is not really helping. I live in the seaport area. It has all been pumped. I need the internet in order to send daily medical information that my doctor has requested in Phila. I have to plug the monitor into the internet. It has been down for 3 weeks now. I calles TW and asked why have all of the mobile WIFI that they seem to always roll out when the news cameras are around has now vanished. I was told to be aware that a hurricane had happened. Duh…like I was un aware. I was told that it took time to recover and TW was working around the clock on the problem Yet when I call about updates on the problem the last log in is always about 5 pm . Doesn’t sound like around the clock. Look I get it some people are without homes right now.. I love it when CS reminds me of that…so then why not stop all newinstallations and fix what is broken. Put you money where you big mouths are TW. Recovery has to start somewhere. It is needless to remind others that there are still bigger problems. If that was the case shut cable and all of you get over to the Rockaways and help. So let accept that it is your job and duty as approved in you franchise right to get service working. You’ve ask us as customers to treat you like a real service and to begin to use you to live our daily lives. I have. I NEED to have this link with my MD. But, then when it comes to your end of maintaining the service you drop the ball. Trust me, when many have more choices in this city they will leave you. I am sure none of what I am saying will affect anything going on. I am just as you all call it collateral damage. At the end of the day it is about your image and DOLLARS. Lets see if you really are a service or just a corporation. I suggest you look up the word service. Please excuse the typos as I am using my i pone my only somewhat connection to the net as I took the advice of TW and trusted they so they are my sole provider.

  16. se's reply

    16th day without service here in Sunnyside.

  17. BC's reply

    Then why in heck am I being nagged about an overdue balance, when I call, yet again, for an update (and never receive any real information) when my service has been out for THREE WEEKS and no one has contacted me? That takes a lot of nerve. I will be visiting Verizon today or tomorrow. I have a feeling they may be swamped with new customers, and it may take a while for me to get online again, but at this point I don’t care, because your operation is riciculous.

  18. TWCableJim's reply

    For customers that are experiencing extended outages we would be happy investigate further. Please email some account information as well as a good contact number to

  19. TWCableJim's reply

    Cathy W- It sounds like your cable box is having issues with processing that signal. If you would like to email some account information to I would be happy to take a look?

  20. TWCableJim's reply

    Se- I would be happy to look into your connection issue could you please email some account information to

  21. fipper's reply

    Can someone explain how the credit is calculated? Customer service does not know since they only plug in the dates and the application automatically spits out a number. One would think it’s: total monthly services divided by 30 times number of outage days. It’s not.

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