December 04, 2012

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Learn How To Fix Common Cable Issues At Home With Self-Care Videos

We’ve pulled together a playlist on our YouTube page that I’d like to highlight here – the ‘Enjoy Your Services Better’ playlist. This is a compilation of short (two minutes or less) instructional videos that we produce to help our customers get the most out of our services.

For example, if you’ve just bought a new modem, or want to set up a home wi-fi network, we’ve got videos in here to help with that, as well as help accessing StartOver, LookBack, and other services.

Here’s a sample video that shows how to connect an internet modem:

We produce new videos pretty frequently and add them to the playlist. So if there’s something about your service that you’re pretty sure is an easy fix for someone – but you don’t know how to fix it yourself – check in here. There might be a tutorial in here that could help.

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