December 11, 2012

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New Version of TWC TV App for iPad Allows You to Watch On Demand Content

Not every app update is a big deal – usually it’s just a few bug fixes, stability upgrades, adding some channels here and there. This one is different.

Today, we’re launching a new version of our TWC TV app for iPad to bring you the breadth and flexibility of our On Demand catalog. Now you can watch over 4,000 TV and movie titles from 91 different providers.

The initial catalog is a mix of HD and standard-def content. We will be adding more stuff on a regular basis, and adding more HD as we are able.

Some networks don’t offer their on demand product in HD, while some offer a mix of SD and HD. We don’t get absolutely everything in HD today, but we will continue to add to the catalog on an ongoing basis.

We’ll be making the same upgrade to the TWC TV app for PC and Android in a near-future release, currently targeted to launch in the first quarter of 2013.

If you’re using our current iPad app, you should be able to use this upgrade, too. You will have access to the VOD programming associated with your subscription package.

Here’s a list of all the major upgrades in this release:

1. On demand – Over 4,000 TV shows and movies from 94 providers

  • FF / REW / Pause using standard iOS player controls (FF disabled where required).
  • Browse by TV Shows, Movies, Kids or network.
  • Search – search the On Demand catalog by title.
  • Parental control – Channel blocking (network based parental control) is enforced for both TWC TV live and on demand content. To block channels, visit

2. Live TV guide – now features “recently viewed channels” button to quickly recall previously viewed live TV channels.

3. Numerous performance enhancements and bug fixes have been implemented to improve the overall user experience.


  1. james adams's reply

    TWC owns Insight but does not permit ipad use

  2. Ben's reply

    Wow! This is awesome. Especially for me since I use a TiVo which kills any On Demand. If you would allow Airplay to an Apple TV it would be unbeatable.

  3. Rodalpho Carmichael's reply

    This sounds great but PLEASE allow airplay. We can only use the app on our home network with time-warner cable, and airplay can only be used on home networks too. It makes no sense to restrict this.

  4. MrC's reply

    Whatever they did seems to have busted the online DVR Manager and

  5. Colin Mann's reply

    91 or 94 different providers?

  6. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    91 Providers.

  7. Artie's reply

    New features are great, but useless if you can’t log in! Log in is so often broken in the evening hours. Does the server take nights off? Please fix the TWC auth servers.

  8. Artie's reply

    Airplay would be an awesome addition.

    With that, my iPad’s interface to TWC’s features would replace the (somewhat challenged) cable box interface.

  9. Vito's reply

    Will the TWCTV app ever be allowed outside of the home network? I understand why iut isnt currently, but would be such a great service if can travel with our tv. Perhaps limit the number of registered devices or limit the number of allowed simultaneous log ins to 1-2. Either way great update, cant wait for it on android and pc!

  10. Mrs. couch's reply

    I like the On Demand, but now I have a tenth of the channels available and no music choice….what happened to those??

  11. Bryan P's reply

    James, at present, Insight customers have not been fully transferred over to our systems; they’re still handling such items. Once fully integrated, access will be available.

    MrC and Artie, if you are experiencing issues loading the page, please try rebooting the modem. Should the issue persist, or is an alternate item, please email your account information, MyServices username (password NOT needed), and details on the issue to

    Bryan P
    TWC Social Media Representative

  12. Travis's reply

    Bryan P,

    Can you provide the timelines for the Insight to TWC conversions? I also am interested in using this app, but it is unavailable to me until the conversion is completed.

  13. ryan c's reply

    2013 for android…..where’s the love….

  14. snooch's reply

    As usual’ iPad users get all the attention first. The android app 1)doesn’t work on rooted devices (why not? It’s my business if I want to invalidate my warranty! Android is open source and there for there is nothing illegal about rooted devices.) 2) does not work for current android ROM Jelly Bean, multiple problems…mine only shows HD content, shows about 4 seconds of program, then app crashes. Come on Time Warner! Giving us another reason to drop you for FiOS? Your customer service has deteriorated exponentially, you jack up the subscription price and then start charging for modems? Better get with it faster than this! There are more android devices on the market than iPads!

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