December 17, 2012

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We Are Boosting Download Speeds by 50 Percent for Standard Internet Customers

This month, we’re boosting the maximum download speed for our Standard Internet service by 50 percent – taking it from 10 to 15mbps across our footprint nationwide.

If you’re a Standard Internet customer, you’ll get the speeds automatically when they are rolled out to your division. However, if you want to upgrade immediately, all you have to do is press the “Reset” button on your modem. If the modem doesn’t have a “Reset” button, simply unplug the power to the modem for 10 seconds, plug it back in and reboot your computer.

If you need even more speed to telecommute, work with huge files or have a household with several power users, we do offer tiers of service with download speeds up to 50 mbps. To learn more, visit us at


  1. David Barry's reply

    Who cares Upload speed still is lowest in industry even DLS upload speeds beat TWC.

  2. Scott's reply

    This is Nationwide?

  3. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    @Scott – yes, it is. Rollouts vary by region, but this is happening nationwide.

  4. Scott's reply

    Any idea when it will be for the Milwaukee, WI area?

  5. Chuck's reply

    Will this rate increase affect bulk accounts?

  6. Steve Mensing's reply

    Would love to see a increase in “Turbo” upload speed.

  7. Jason Schwartz's reply

    I agree with Dave Barry… upload speeds are faster on my iPhone than wired cable from TWC. FiOS and Cablevision are all faster upstream. A 2mbps up minimum would be a start.

  8. Steven D's reply

    This is GREAT news but I would REALLY REALLY love to see a boost in UPLOAD speeds by like 400% or more. 50 Mbps down and 5 Mbps up is just getting out of hand. Make it a new tier if need be I’ll gladly pay.

  9. Alan Flanary's reply

    Nice upgrade, but I am paying for “Turbo” at 15/2, and this standard upgrade to 15/1 does not make Turbo much of a value any longer. Will Turbo speeds be getting a bump also?

  10. Edward's reply

    Man, some people will complain about anything. I’m looking forward to seeing that speed increase hitting the Insight areas.

  11. stan's reply

    The website says standard is 15/1 and turbo is 20/2.

  12. Jason Schwartz's reply

    Ed, I don’t think we are complaining about anything. TWC is playing catch-up and since most customers don’t have much choice, we’re letting our carrier know that the increase is appreciated but they still have a long way to go. To people who don’t know any better, the commercials on TV that say “we’re 100x faster than DSL!” are true but that’s like comparing a bicycle to a car. Sure they both have wheels but the technology is different. Only when there is true competition (such as FiOS or Google Fiber) can you begin to have a meaningful comparison. It’s not only TWC that does this… most cable companies advertise their speed comparisons against “phone company HSI” rather than cable vs. cable. Cablevision goes one step further by mentioning Verizon by name but they compare DSL, not FiOS… Intentionally misleading!!

    TWC actually tried to deflect the issue in KC by saying no one needs the speed that Google Fiber offers. That may be true, but why not allow the consumer to decide. A houseful of multiple devices trying to stream and download music and video would surely tax a 15 mbps connection compared to 1000 mbps.

  13. Mac's reply

    Hi we already have 15 Mbps /turbo subscription and paying extra . Does it mean your gong to rw over he extra payment from our subscription?

  14. Mike Wallace's reply

    Fiber and coax are 2 different ballparks Jason. The bandwidth threshold is like comparing… as you put it, a bike with a car. Coax can only handle so much bandwidth. Fiber, on the other hand can handle 10 folds of that but also the costs of this infrastructure is insane. That is why FIOS, U-Verse and other fiber carriers are limited in areas… meaning a lot of areas cannot get it. It costs to damn much for the carrier. TWC is behind in the infrastructure side but are trying their best to improve it. Yes, it takes time and money to build up that. Google will be no threat as with FIOS. TWC’s infrastructure is much much larger. In ending, upload speeds are what really kill bandwidth. That is why TWC throttles the upload where it is at. They simply cannot satisfy everyone due to the large infrastructure. Do some research before posting.

  15. Elwood's reply

    It’s like America is a 3rd world country or something. Why does this country still have such horrible bandwidth caps? We have the Internet, TWC, we know you are handing us table scraps.

  16. Joe O.'s reply

    Mike Wallace, you do know that for the past decade TWC has been running on a fiber backbone right? Unless you are in the boonies where TWC has chosen not to upgrade the coax is only from the node to our house and in your house. Most of their bandwidth problems come from the Analog channels they carry so people don’t need a box at every TV, but that is changing soon.

  17. Redditor's reply

    Anyone else a little pissed that they just “magically” increased the speed. As if… it had nothing to do with the infrastructure and they were artificially capping the rate just to gouge their customers…

  18. Brett's reply

    it’s simply a monopoly. when fios comes to my area of Brooklyn I will switch in a heartbeat. twc has already shown that they are scared shitless of google fiber. can’t wait to drop this company.

  19. Colin's reply

    In the monopoly that is high-speed internet, I’ve tried both of my local providers: TW cable and AT&T DSL. AT&T was a disaster. Bad speeds, constant reboots and loss. Customer service was awful. I spent, in the month I was on AT&T, nearly 6 hours total on the phone to get, and then cancel, my service, plus service calls about constant drops. I was transferred to California’s local billing, back to OH, back to CA, and I spent most of almost 2 hours on hold just to cancel.

    When I have a problem, I get a customer rep in seconds with TW, be it chat or phone. When my CMTS was saturated (local schools gave students free laptops), after some complaints, they installed a new one – and I get no slow down at any time of day, now. When my (rental) wiring was giving me noise, a tech redid them. When a problem was traced to a pole box, a tech was up on the garage, rewiring. Every tech has been on time or even early, has walked me through what they are doing, and have been professional, courteous and did good work.

    Yes, I’d love faster speeds for less money – I get consistent 30/5 and I love it, but if Google fiber came to town, I’d jump on that bandwagon.

    But, at least for me for over about a decade, I’ve had consistently amazing customer service from TW.

    In a monopoly where you don’t have a choice in cable providers, I’m glad that I’ve been “stuck” with someone whose customer service has ALWAYS been top notch and who does realize that they need to be competitive (thus upping their standard speeds).

    I know I sound like a fan-boy, but TW has earned it. Steam sale? I got a 14GB download in under 2 hours yesterday. My 2 kid gamers can play online, I can stream Netflix and the girl can watch Youtube in HD at the same time. When I have an issue, it gets fixed. I don’t have a lot of options locally, but I’m a fan of the one I have – yes, I wish prices would go down, and with competition from Google, they may. But, the judgment of a company is not just their service, but how they fix and address problems. While the Consumerist consistently judges TW as a bad company, I’ve had a lot of experiences that have made me happy with them. I can honestly say that, consistently, TW has some of the best customer service I’ve ever had to call. Every problem I’ve had has been fixed. Even issues with Youtube (it’s Google’s peering not TW) were addressed and I spent over an hour with a friendly agent who tried to help.

    So, to the haters: yes, it’s a monopoly; yes, they’re just catching up; yes, your higher tier isn’t getting a facelift. But, at least for some of us, you’re with a company who has good customer service and who, at least in my area, doesn’t cap their data limits. And they’re responding to trends. This is positive. It’s the start of competition in a monopolistic market. Rather than bitching, let’s applaud them and push for more evolution. Let’s let them know we appreciate their forward movement, and that it’s going to be the ONLY thing that saves them as Google Fiber becomes more common.

  20. twc client's reply

    according to the rep i chatted with earlier this morning, those of us already paying for the so-called “turbo” package will not see a price decrease or a service upgrade.

    this is why nobody likes TWC, comcast, or any of the other ISPs.

    looking forward to google fiber or another true alternative, and cheering the demise of TWC

  21. Gustav's reply

    I’m paying for RR Turbo and average at 16/2.

    I assume that it is safe to omit the “Turbo” to drop down to 15/1 and save me the extra expense?

  22. Sean Bryant's reply

    I also agree with the upload speeds. I used to have FIOS and moved to a location where FIOS is 3 blocks over because of monopoly regulations or something. Anyhow 5mbps up is pathetic for the 50mb down plan. Additionally if we are already on extreme 30mbps plan, do we get any sort of a bump?

  23. Tim's reply

    Now imagine how much faster your speed would be of TWC had to actually compete with other service providers instead of the monopoly they have in most markets.

  24. Chris's reply

    Might want to upgrade the bandwidth to this server. Seems to be having issues.

  25. Phil's reply

    TWC must be feeling the pressure from FIOS.
    And why hasn’t upload speed seen any change?

  26. Lance's reply

    Is this for RR only or also for Earthlink customers using TW backbone?

  27. Another TWC Customer's reply

    I’ve never gotten more than 2 mbps stable from my time warner connection.

    I’ve downloaded plenty of steam games that started out at 4 mb/s and then quickly get downregulated to 2 and stay that way. Pretty obvious time warner has been artificially capping people’s speeds for a long time.

    How about actually giving us the bandwidth we pay for instead of increasing a number that doesn’t mean a thing?

  28. Eric's reply

    Will this also carry over to Insight customers?

  29. Neil's reply

    This is almost funny. My TWC download speed is about 350 kbps, up from 250 kbps that was the top speed a few months ago. When I call them they test the system and say it works at 1.5 to 2 mbps. Sure.

  30. Oz's reply

    So, what about those of us paying turbo prices for this exact same speed? (15)

    Do we get our rate downgraded to standard, same speed?

  31. Jason's reply

    This good but please increase upload speeds…

  32. Chuck Davis's reply

    I just measured my download speed at 2.96 mbps. The maximum speed is a fairy tale!

  33. David Barry's reply

    My initial comment was about the Standard internet being only 0.5 mbps up. With this update the standard now has 1 mbps up.

    Table of Services offer by TWC Hudson Valley NY.

  34. TWCableJim's reply

    Twc Client- that is incorrect turbo will be increasing to 20/2.

  35. Daniel Kajita's reply

    My internet still doesn’t work from sandy in Queens New York

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