January 30, 2013

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Check Out a Teaser Image From Our ‘Walking Dead’ Ad, Airing During the Super Bowl

We’re partnering with AMC’s “The Walking Dead” for a really cool TV ad that debuts during the Big Game on Sunday, February 3rd. More on that here.

Here’s a teaser image from the ad.

It makes the undead look like a boring, gross fact of life, doesn’t it? Like the world recovered from the plague, and now they’re just another chore. We’re going to be releasing 15-second teaser videos on our Facebook and Twitter pages this Saturday and Sunday morning, and later next week we’ll be posting some fun “behind the scenes” footage from the ad shoot.

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  1. Jerry's reply

    Even before I saw the bottom left portion of the image I thought “that looked like an enjoy better ad”, that being a good thing. I really do enjoy those ads

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