January 16, 2013

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Take a Look Inside One of Our New Retail Stores

We want our customers and potential customers to be able to touch and experience all that we offer – after all, the easiest way to learn about our products and services is to see them firsthand.

Over the next several years, we’re shedding the central counter floor plan and the traditional wait-in-line service approach of our brick and mortar retail stores and trying something a little sleeker and more open.

The Mayfaire Town Center is a new upscale retail hub in the seaport community of Wilmington, NC, was the first in the nation to show the public the cutting-edge Time Warner Cable concept store during its grand opening event on Jan. 10.

It has a modern interior design with glitzy consoles or “experience bars” that display an array of devices — everything that TWC apps run on to help customers ‘Enjoy Better’ from Android tablets, gaming systems, to iPad minis.

I was there and one customer I chatted with said the new experiential store was so chic she was expecting to see a bouncer at the door. She thought it looked more like a cool night club or high-end salon.

In truth, the new customer experience begins when a concierge greets you at the entrance, assigns you a reservation number (much like an upscale eatery) and encourages you to “Touch. Play. Discover” our products rather than wait in line. There’s no central counter here. When your reservation number is up, one of a handful of associates invites you to one of many modern kiosks stationed around the perimeter of the store.

HD monitors are set up like ornamental wall features that canvas the store, playing eye-popping, animated graphic vignettes with the aesthetics of a modern art exhibit. The dynamic messages invite customers to see the functionality of our products up close.

With a touch of a button, customers can play how-to demos to make their mobile device a remote for any room or take advantage of all the features of the MyTWC™ app. Other flat-screens arranged in triptychs across the wall preview popular On-Demand movie titles or offer virtual tours of our key solutions like SignatureHome and IntelligentHome.

So the next time you stop by one of our more traditional retail stores know that we are working aggressively to replace the central counter with an experiential oasis. Look for new store openings in Texas and California in the coming weeks.


  1. Steven D's reply

    We have one of these in Mentor, Ohio across the street from the Great Lakes Mall.
    I was curious about it, it looks nice and much easier to get to than over in some corporate park.

  2. Anne's reply

    I’ve never been to any of your so called “traditional retail stores” anyway, I do look forward to it very soon.

  3. marilyn chapman's reply

    WOW, Love it!! We have one by Chapel Hill Mall

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